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    The walls of the city shook. Middenheim trembled under the power of the hellcannons, but the troops on the
    battlements stood firm. The vast hordes of chaos were like a dark tide below the cliffs, surging to assault the walls
    before being beaten back after a costly and terrible battle. But the darkness could not be held completely at bay.
    Already breaches had been made and enemy forces had surged into the city before the gaps had been plugged once
    again. The men of Middenheim fighting on the walls could not divert their forces to hunt down these invaders, yet if
    the foul chaos worshippers were not purged from the city the carnage they might cause would be horrific. But if the
    Ulric-chosen could not afford to hunt the invaders, others would answer the call...


    Teclis stood in meditation, his keen magical perception tracking the beastmen within the city. His spirit,
    detached from his body, looked down upon the horde of beasts with disgust as they rushed from the walls, reasoning
    with their feral cunning that the breach could not stay open for long. They were correct, he observed with
    satisfaction. But unchecked they could cause horrific damage. As he watched them flood into the great park lands of
    the Ulricsberg the master mage almost smiled. Unchecked they could cause horrific damage... but these beasts would
    not go unchecked. As the beasts poured into the greenery Teclis’ spirit rushed down to the mage lying in wait,
    concealed in the groves by Teclis’ spells and told him all before returning to his body, and he opening his eyes, the
    aura of power within his pupils crackling for a moment before fading, as if hinting at the power he possessed. He
    turned to the venerated Archmage, experienced and very powerful, yet commanding not even near the power that
    Teclis controlled by instinct, and valiant Elven Prince Aerus beside him, and told them of what his soul-eyes saw.
    Then the archmage urged his great eagle upwards and the prince turned to his army and spoke, passion in his voice.
    ‘The foul beasts come, but they are equal in number with to us, yet nowhere near as well trained, wise or skilled
    as even the lowliest of us. They will despoil this city of earth if we do not butcher them, and destroy every last one.
    We strike now, against the foe cornered and defeated, and although there is no honour for us, or chance for them, in
    this uneven contest, we will not let our allies in Mankind down. No! Middenheim will survive, and the true light of
    the Asur will never fade! Elves of Ulthuan, attack!’


    Beastlord Wyrdkin bellowed as he detected a surge in the winds of magic, his mark of Tzeentch burning against
    his skin. He looked around and saw his three Shaman-councilors disturbed too, braying in alarm, their eyes rolling at
    the force of the surge. Looking around he tried to spot the effect of the spell. Then he saw it. Thick woodland ahead
    and behind them had vanished, revealing elven forces. Wyrdkin began to grin at the smoothskin’s arrogance, but then
    their numbers sank in. The pansies matched them in numbers. The pansies far surpassed them in skill. The pansies
    had at least one very powerful mage. As the herds brayed in alarm and looked around wildly the elven forces started
    to advance. They were doomed. The realization came to Wyrdkin, but the beast did not turn to flee like some
    weakling human. He roared. He roared in fury that it should come to this, that Tzeentch would lead him here! But as
    he roared the Mark tattooed to his chest burned and he felt power surging through him, power like never before. He
    roared at his mastery of the winds of magic, and at the fury to kill in the name of change that consumed him! A
    blinding multicoloured halo adorned the beastlord for a few seconds and the herds turned to stare at him in awe.
    ‘ATTACK!’ He bellowed, appearing like the Beast itself, yet the Beast without was nothing to the Beast within.



    Beasts of Chaos (me) - 2000pts.

    Lords & Heroes:

    Beastlord Wyrdkin - 272
    MOT, Goretooth, gr8 axe, hvy. armour

    Bray-shaman Tombhoof - 135
    lv.2, dispel scroll - lore of death

    Bray-shaman Rendtooth - 110
    lv.2 - lore of death

    Bray-shaman Wyrmhorn - 110
    lv.2 - lore of shadows


    Beastherd Hoof - 155
    12 gors (2 hand weapons), 9 ungors (spears), full command

    Beastherd Horn - 155
    12 gors (2 hand weapons), 9 ungors (spears), full command

    Beastherd Tooth - 155
    12 gors (2 hand weapons), 9 ungors (spears), full command

    Beastherd Claw - 155
    12 gors (2 hand weapons), 9 ungors (spears), full command

    Tuskgor Chariot - 85


    10 Centigor - Northern Beast

    10 Centigor - Eastern Beast

    10 Centigor - Southern Beast

    10 Centigor - Western Beast

    = 2000pts.

    High Elves (my friend who wishes to remain anonymous - sorry I didn’t get the exact list) - 4000pts.


    Teclis, lore of heavens (alone)

    Archmage on an eagle, dispel scroll, magic staff, lore of heavens (alone)

    Mage, nasty magic gizmos, high magic (alone)

    Prince, armour of gods, blade of leaping gold (swordsmasters)

    Commander Inglisson, some enchanted sword (silver helms)

    BSB, battle banner (swordsmasters)

    (My mate likes his characters too much...)

    12 Swordmasters

    17 Phoenix Guard

    20 Sea Guard, banner of sorcery

    16 Sea Guard

    8 Silver helms A
    8 Silver Helms B

    16 Archers

    4 RBTs

    Tiranoc Chariot

    6 Shadow Warriors

    = 4000pts.



    HE left army - top to bottom, teclis, silver helms, archers, archmage, chariot, 2 RBTs, swordmasters killer unit
    (prince & BS

    BoC - right division, top to bottom, Beastherd inc. Wyrmhorn, Centigor, Beastherd inc. Tombhoof, Centigor,
    Beastherd inc. Rendtooth

    BoC - left division, top to bottom, Beastherd, Centigor, Wyrdkin the Beastlord, Tuskgor chariot, Centigor.

    HE right army, top to bottom, Silver Helms inc. commander, Sea Guard, Sea Guard, 2 RBTs, Phoenix Guard, Mage

    BoC Turn 1

    Wyrdkin roared, and the Herd mustered, dashing into their positions, terrified of his wrath should they fail. One
    unit of Centigor turned and trotted towards the Elven cavalry, placing themselves in front of the Silver Helms, while
    another staggered overladen with the strong ale they had plundered from the nearby tavern, and stumbled forward in
    a drunken stupor, right through the woods, while another became frenzied and rushed towards the elite regiment of
    Swordmasters, yet they were facing the wrong direction and couldn’t charge. The prince grinned. The smile faded
    from his face however, as another unit thundered into the Lothern Sea Guard on the other side of the battlefield,
    while to their right Wyrdkin and the lone chariot barreled into the Phoenix Guard. The rest of the Wild Herd took up
    positions to support the combatants or to charge on the next turn.
    The winds of magic blew strong for the vile creatures, and the elves were hard pressed to stop their attempts.
    Bray-shaman Rendtooth traced dark runes in the air, summoning a fell wind that swept across the battlefield, chilling
    the combatants as it gathered power, hurtling towards the elven archers. With a wave of his ringed hand, Teclis
    dissipated the Wind of Death however, and the Bray-Shaman jumped up and down in frustration. Then his rival
    Tombhoof unleashed the same unearthly gust in an effort to out-do him, but it was dispelled by Archmage Durrilian,
    a smirk befouling his delicate features. Then Wyrmhorn called upon the shadow-lore, attempting to summon the
    Unseen Lurker tocompel the drunken Centigor forwards, but the Archmage Durillian read the runes enscribed upon
    the scroll in his hand, and stopped the dark magic. Lastly, Wyrdkin seemed to grow as the Beast within took over, his
    muscles bulging and his eyes filling with hatred of all that would oppose him, filling with The Bear’s Anger.
    The champion of the Phoenix Guard stepped forward to face the monster, but was easily ripped apart and
    shredded by it’s claws, before being devoured by the beast (FULL OVERKILL BONUS&#33. The chariot hit hard,
    crushing four of the Phoenix Guard beneath its crude wheels, and the Tuskgor pulling the construction added another
    to the dead count. This carnage was too much for even the Phoenix Guard to handle, and they broke ranks and fled,
    duty forgotten, but they were all crushed by the bulk of the pursuers, or scattered beyond recovery. The beastlord and
    chariot each cannoned into a repeater bolt thrower, and the crew stepped up bravely to face their doom. The centigor
    facing the Sea Guard hacked and trampled viciously, killing five of the determined soldiers in exchange for two
    casualties of their own. Thanks mostly to the Sea Guard’s unwieldy battle formation (a two-deep archer line, now
    devoid of rank bonus), the centigor won, and chased down their opponents as their morale failed, harrying them off
    the table and avoiding the charge of the Silver Helms supporting the Sea Guard.
    Wyrdkin bellowed in triumph - if this was all the Pansies had to offer then he would take many enemies with him
    to the Warp-realm!

    HE Turn 1

    With a dramatic flick of his sword the Prince gave the command to charge, and the Swordmasters fairly strolled
    an incredible 2? forward into the Centigors, swords humming as they weaved intricate yet deadly patterns in the air.
    The Silver Helms of the Mage’s force trotted forwards in readiness of their charges next turn, trying to catch the
    Centigor off guard, while the other Silver Helms charged, losing momentum as the Centigor fled and outdistanced
    them, heading for the Wyrdkin. Meanwhile, the remaining Sea Guard redressed ranks to best receive a charge from
    the monstrous Beastlord and his chariot next turn.
    Teclis extended his arms, delicately flexing his fingers as he felt the power rise within him. Twisting and weaving
    them in arcane patterns, he then released the power, calling up to the Heavens, but as a dark speck appeared in the
    sky Tombhoof the Bray-shaman read aloud the feral runes enscribed on the tattered piece of parchment he carried
    with him, and the speck turned out to be a mutated chaos bird, not the fabled Comet of Cassandora. Next the great
    elven mage summoned Forked Lightning on Herd Tooth, which the shamans dissipated easily, and traced the Second
    Sign of Amul, which shifted fortune slightly in the elf’s favour. Finally, the old Archmage cast Forked Lightning on
    the Centigor, which failed to harm them and then, conjuring up all his power in an effort to summon the Comet, but
    the winds of magic shifted suddenly and he miscast, losing control of the winds of magic and ending the magic
    The elven bowmen, Eagles Claws and Sea Guard concentrated their fire on Beasherd Hoof, a tempting target
    shielding as it did two shamans, killing just five ungors thanks to the cover of the forests. Luckily this left the Herd to
    just over the 75% casualty rate, and so their nerve held for now.
    The combat phase was not so disappointing for the elves, however, as Prince Aerus struck left, right and centre
    like a thunderbolt, slaying four centigor, while his comrades added another two to the death count. The beasts turned
    and fled, Aerus and his retinue pursuing into Herd Tooth. On the other side of the battlefield, Wyrdkin predictably
    struck down the Eagles Claw crewmen, and the Chariot crushed the others under its bulk. Both overran into the Sea
    Guard, and on this high note for the beasts the turn ended.

    BoC Turn 2

    Spurred on by the Beastlord’s ferocious roars, both units of Centigor rallied and another re-entered the
    battlefield, picking elf flesh out of thir teeth. The Wild Herd charged, Beastherd Horn, complete with shaman,
    catching the Silver helms in the flank, denying them most of their attacks, while the final unit of Centigor charged,
    frenzied, into the elf mage who, being so close to the table edge, held, facing his doom eye to eye and (hopefully)
    sword to intestines. Nearby Beastherd Claw charged out of the woods, into the exposed flank of the other unit of
    Silver Helms. The Foe Render grunted happily, pleased to catch the tricksy elves off guard for once. Beastherd Hoof
    moved into a commanding position for the shamans’ powers to take effect.
    The winds of magic blew strong for the Beasts, and Rendtooth let loose a feral grin, instinctively riding the winds
    of magic and casting the Hand of Death at the bolt thrower on the hill. Teclis waved the spell aside however, and the
    shaman scowled, watching on as his ‘companion’ tried the same trick, only to find it dispelled easily. Next,
    Wyrmhorn tried to soar upon the shadow-winds, to where teclis cowered, but the spell was again dispelled. Then
    Tombhoof summoned the chill Wind of Death yet again, thwarting the feeble attempts of Archmage Durillian to
    dispel it and freezing the very lifeblood of the archers, leaviong them empty husks remaining. Six fell to this horriffic
    assault and the rest fled from the battlefield, trying to put some distance between them and this obviously
    god-marked individual, the Chariot running with them from the horror. Seeing them turn and flee, Durillian tried to
    stop them, inspire them, but it was no use and, to top the woes of Teclis, the Archmage’s eagle saw them flee and
    panicked, the flighty bird swooping from the field of battle despite its master’s protests! Teclis clapped his hands
    over his eyes - what more could go wrong? His question was soon answered as Rendtooth, in a bid to outdo his
    opponent, conjured the same fell wind again, and the great elven mage felt the chill in his bones, as he quickly read
    aloud the Scroll of Hoeth to stop the shaman, temporarily , banishing the spell from his mind. Wyrdkin’s muscles
    bulged as the rage overtook him and the Beast within once again took control.
    Prince Aerus and his companions slaughtered Herd Tooth, yet managed to restrain their pursuit off the table,
    content in the knowledge that the few, demoralised Beast-things left would not last long in the streets of an angry
    Middenheim. Herd Claw struck down the Silver Helm that they faced, but the resolve of the noble elves held, while
    their counterparts in the other unit of Silver Helms showed less bravery, fleeing from the victorious Beastherd Hoof.
    Meanwhile the beastlord ripped through the Sea Guard regiment, killing six in his bloodlust, while the chariot
    crushed a further four under it’s wheels. The ungor spearman skewered a further elf and the Tuskgors gored another.
    The remaining elves struck back and damaged the construct, a spear jamming in its wheel. They (unsurprisingly)
    broke, fleeing in terror at the carnage that they had just witnessed, and the beastlord and chariot trundled on into the
    Silver Helms fighting Herd Claw. The Southern Beast (Centigor) trampled over the elven mage, and rushed of the
    field of battle in their bloodlust. In two turns the Beastmen had reversed the Last Stand into a massacre!

    HE Turn 2

    The cowardly Silver Helms were harried off the table by Herd Horn, and Teclis ascended the ruins to escape the
    Beastherds, now a dire threat to him and the RBTs. The swordmasters turned to face the beasts, daring them to
    charge and face their wrath.
    Determined to make the foul beasts pay for what they had done, Teclis summoned the power of his moon-staff of
    Lileath, drawing upon the surge of power it granted him to blast part of Herd Horn from existence with a mighty
    Comet, and then summoning Forked Lightning to smite the foul creatures. The Herd’s resolve broke and they fled,
    leaving Teclis safe once more. Unfortunately for him his efforts to try the same on the other herd were stopped by the
    combined wills of the shamans sheltering in it.
    The Beasts combined attacks against the Silver Helms butchered the noble warriors, and the lone survivor fled off
    the table. The beasts stemmed their blood-greed however, all apart from Wyrdkin who rushed after the fleeing noble,
    determined to feast upon his flesh. The Right Flank well and truly belonged to the beasts.

    BoC Turn 3

    Herd Hoof rallied, while Beastherd Horn rushed forwards, determined to finish the job, but more importantly to
    escape the swordsmasters. The rest of the Wild Herd stampeded full speed in the direction of the action, cavorting
    wildly in their hunger for more elf-flesh, while Wyrdkin emerged, licking elf-bits from his matted fur.
    With a slight incline of their heads, Tombhoof and Rendtooth turned to Teclis and launched the Wind of Death at
    the mage, which he dispelled desperately, before the next spell, Hand of Death, blasted him off his feet.


    Picking himself up unsteadily, the frail young mage lent on the ruins for support, watching as the Beasts burned
    his swordmasters into oblivion, six falling to the magical chill wind. He watched as the beasts closed on his Eagles
    Claws, a hungry look in their eyes. He looked to the other side of the great battlefield, and he saw the corpses of his
    noble elves, arrayed in the sun, part-devoured, and the beasts rushing towards the swordmasters, the solitary breakers
    in a huge tide of darkness. He watched as the foul creatures consumed the corpses of his troops, all fair elves,
    members of a dying race, beautiful creatures, skilled craftsmen, or singers, or poets... Teclis thought of all the odes
    that would never be sung, all the triumphs that would never be, all the lives that had ended like the fair flower that
    freezes in winter’s chill. He thought of all that would never be and a great sadness filled his heart, a sadness at the
    carnage and pointlessness of war, a sadness that filled his very soul... and he could fight no longer.
    ‘Fall back!’ The elf cried, his voice carrying on the breeze.’Fall Back!’
    But as he withdrew from the battle it was not only fear that filled the elf’s heart but hatred, hatred at the beasts for
    causing all this carnage, for causing the loss of all this noble life. He would be revenged upon them, he swore. He
    would make them pay drop by drop for the fair blood that had been spilt this day. And as he stared back at the great
    park, where the beasts were devouring the fallen, as they fled into the streets of Middenheim, he knew only hatred.
    ‘I will make the vile spawn pay for this!’ He swore, ‘I will make them pay for the loss of all this fair life.’
    Prince Aerus turned to him, his eyes showing cold rage, ‘I know,’ He whispered, ‘I will too.’

    *** (my friend resigned)


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    16 (x2)

    Wow, you were very lucky to win that game. I like the fluff as well. I was rooting for you all the way man, good job. ^_^

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    13 (x4)

    Hooray to Chaos!!!!!

    But anyways, next time your "friend" is not going to live. . . . . . nor will he die from Chaos.

    It will be Dark Elves that kill him, as it is our birthright to kill every freaking High Elf there is.

    But anyways, congrats man. That was a really good battle report.
    "And whoever wants to be a creator in good and evil, must first be an annihilator and break values. Thus the highest evil belongs to the greatest goodness: but this is--being creative."

    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

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    13 (x3)

    Nice battle report Bit easy though.. look at his list.. Seaguard? Teclis?

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    43 (x2)

    WOW :huh: Never seen that happen before.

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    1 (x1)

    *steps foward shamefully*

    it was me he beat, however, we are going to have a rematch and this time i have some tricks up my sleeve, and we will post the battle report here

    and wicked rock nice avatar

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    3 (x2)

    Guy,for your own sake,read every tactica on HE's you can get,a 3rd turn win for BM when you outnumbered them 2:1 is beyond sad. Seagaurd and pheonix gaurd are absolute crap,never,i repeat never,use them again. They will fail you 9 out of 10 times. Also,playing tzeetch with 3 normal shamans is sorta ufluffy...

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    Originally posted by Abbadon@Sep 23 2004, 14:21
    Guy,for your own sake,read every tactica on HE's you can get,a 3rd turn win for BM when you outnumbered them 2:1 is beyond sad. Seagaurd and pheonix gaurd are absolute crap,never,i repeat never,use them again. They will fail you 9 out of 10 times. Also,playing tzeetch with 3 normal shamans is sorta ufluffy...

    Yeah i know, seaguard can be devastatinng as in one battle i played, the rampaged through 3 normal beast units, and 2 units of slannesh mounted cavalry and a chariot thanx to their hughe versatility (and a battle banner). Phoenix guard can be good, but when they were charged by the chariot they were killed where they stoo, potentially allowing an overrun into my RBT's and my mage. However if they'd been used against a normal unit, they'dve probally won and if they did they cause fear which' probally send and average unit running.

    The thing is i'm relatively new to these whole online warhammer stuff (as you may see by my post count) and i will read some tacticaas and next time when we have a rematch as i said i have a few tricks up my sleeve.

    also could you put a link up to some good tacticas

    oh and tim is extrodinarily good at passing leadership tests which are BM's main weakness

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    1 (x1)

    OK, in order. Thanks every1 4 commenting on this - it took a coupla long, boring hours 2 write.
    Abaddon - my council of shamans are the 'oracle'of my champion, the favoured one. They fit perfectly into the fluff i wrote 4 my army, so they stay. 4 gud.
    Guy - I AM NOT THAT GUD AT LD TESTS. CERTAINLY NOT AS GUD AS U MAKE OUT. My units were using ld 7-8 and the chariots had a re-roll 2.
    Oh and phoenix guard do suck. Sea guard r ok though.

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    3 (x2)

    Oh my freaking god could you atleast spell for word "GOOD" right?! I swear all this internet speak is getting so idiotic,we might as well revert to kindergarden level writing. Also,seagaurd are NEVER devestating,with the exception of very good luck,which in no case makes a unit any better.

    Finnaly,i could write up a very good fluffy backround for my tzeetch army using 10 chariots and maxed out Characters,maybe an entire tribe was whiped out except for a few chosen champions and troops and now they have to resort to using chariots due to their diminished numbers. Somehow i douht that would make it any less unagreeable to my opponent.

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