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    40 (x2)

    Local 2500 point tourney

    Ok, here's my recollection of this years Cheddar Bowl in Green Bay Wisconsin. Sorry if I get some thing wrong but I will attempt to remember most of it. However I must warn that I didn't take notes so I will stick to highlights. I didn't have a 2500 point list painted and with no time to paint I took my 2250 list WoC list and added magic items, champions and more expensive marks to get to 2500 points.

    Sorcerer lord of Tzeench - Lvl4 - Barded Steed - Chaos Deamon Sword - Enchanted Shield - Favour of the gods - Conjoined Homunculus - 429 points
    Sorcerer of Nurgle - Lvl 2 - Infernal puppet - 175 points
    Exalted Hero of Slaanesh - BSB - Banner of Rage - Flail - shield - steed of slaanesh 209 points
    Exalted Hero of Slaanesh - Steed of slaanesh - flail - shield - the black tongue - bloodcurdling roar - 219 points
    10 marauders of slaanesh - flails - 60 points
    10 marauders of slaanesh - flails - 60 points
    10 warriors of slaanesh - FC - shields - extra handweapons - banner of wrath - 255 points
    5 Chaos Warhounds - poisoned attacks - 45 points
    chariot of slaanesh - 130 points
    chariot of slaanesh - 130 points
    5 knights of slaanesh - FC - 260 points
    5 knights of slaanesh - FC - 260 points
    Giant of slaanesh - 265 points

    Game one:
    Ben with his Orcs and Goblins
    No gateway in this game. I don't have your standard gateway build anyway (the sorcerer lord has the mark of Tzeenth more to protect him from his own sword.

    Ben has:
    Orc warboss on wyvern
    Orc BSB on boar
    2 shamans
    2 blocks night gobbo's with 2 fanatics each
    big unit of orcs
    Squig herd
    2 spear chukkas
    2 units of 5 wolf riders
    big unit of orc arrer boyz
    4 stone trolls
    Boar chariot

    Turn 1
    Ben gets the first turn and move forward. The wyvern moves to the flank out of the charge arc of the giant. In the magic phase I make one of his shamans miscast and take a wound and shooting sees him missfiring with the rock lobber and it being destroyed.

    In my turn I move forward a bit too, my exalted here charges the chariot and he elects to flee and rund of the table. In my magic phase I use my nurgle wizard to buboes to take the second wound of the shaman that misscasted last turn and kill him.

    Turn 2 sees him moving forward again and releasing his fanatics in mu knights and killing 2 I think.Trolls go stuppid sitting right in front of my giant. The bolt thrower and orc archers puts 3 wounds on the giant. And I think the wyvern takes care of a chariot.

    My Knights charge his squigs and blow the unit up. My exalted that had charged the chariot the last turn The giant charges trolls and chomps. He kills a troll and regains his 3 wounds and runs down the trolls.

    From here on I am foggy.

    I end up panicing a unit of gobbos and they run between a unit of orc and a piece of terrain. The giant terrors the unit of orcs and they leapfrog through the gobbo's and into the terrain.

    The wyvern and giant kill my sorcerers and their unit. The wyvern charged the flank and the giant in the front. I actually wanted the wyvern charge the flank so I could challenge with the sorcerer lord. Which I did and he doesn't get any wounds on my lord and I think I score 2 on his wyvern. However his giant kills 5 warriors and I lose by 2 ish and break and get run down.

    I decide not to charge the gobbos with the giant to make them run into the terrain (I figure they might do that on their own by not rallying. However they did rally and pass their terror check). The giant is needed where a unit of 3 knights is in combat with the other gobbo's and his turning 6's into 1's spell will prevent me from winning that combat. The wyvern charges the flank of the knights and since I lucked out las turn his gobbo champ and my knight champ are in a challenge. All he can do is to attack my exalted with the wyvern and kills him for 2 wounds. I lose the combat by 1 and stay and charge my giant in the rear of the gobbos. Kill 5 gobbo's and his wyvern kills all 3 knights. I win by 3 and he has 2 ld 6 break test to take. and passes them both. That was for a 1000 point swing. The game ends there. Ben won 17-3 with neither getting any objectives. Very fun game. The main highlight was Ben passing 4 straigth LD 6 leadership tests. If he would have failed one of the first 2 that would have been a 300 points swing (table quarter and 200 points for the unit of gobbos). And the last 2 break tests saved his lord on wyvern (500 points) who had 2 of my banners (200 points) and the gobbos (200 points) and their banner (100 points) and the gobbo shaman (130 ish points) and a table quarter (100 points). So that was in fact a 1230 point swing. That would have made it into a draw or maybe even a win for me. Damn gobbo's! The fact is that Ben out played me and I shouldn't have let it come down to those last 4 LD checks. All I had left was and exalted with one wound, 2 chaos knights in one unit and the giant. It came down to about 500ish points.

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    40 (x2)

    Game 2: Gregg with VC

    Scenario: save the VIP's

    His list:
    Vampire Lord with Flying horror, Infinite Hatred, Avatar of Death: GW, Carstein Ring, Cadaverous Cuirass (no poison/K
    Wigth king BSB , mounted
    Vampire, Dreadknight, Balefire Lance, Black Periapt, Infinite Hatred

    20 Ghouls & Ghast
    20 Zombies
    20 Skeletons, Full Command, Warbanner
    3 bat swarms
    3 x 7 dire wolves including a doom wolf
    2 corpse cart with balefire

    6 barded Black Knights with champion, standard, Banner of Dead Legion (Double Unit Strength)
    3 fell bats

    1 Vargulf
    4 Blood knights with standard, Royal Banner of Strigos (hatred).

    This was a pretty good match up for me. I have all the multi attack models and don't have to worry much about shooting. He is also not nearly as magic heavy as most lists are. However I am worried about his Blood knights and black knights as they have the Strength and KB to negate the armor on the knights.

    Nothing too interresting about the deployment. We both setup pretty much in the middle to square off. Only notable is that a unit of my marauders deploy in the coveted orc hut and hang out in there the whole game doing whatever Slaanesh marauders do amoungs themselves....I really do not want to know.

    My knights are the VIP guard and I lose a knight before the game starts. (one unit was the guard and could deploy 4" out of the deployment zone. All units out of the deployment zone take D6 STR4 hits). So much for a 1+ AS.

    I do get the gateway for this battle which helps a lot. But with the 2 corpse carts I am at -2 to cast.

    Turn 1:
    He gets the first turn and moves forward but wisely stays back far enough with the blood knights so I can't send my exalted in to charge them. The magic phase sees him increase the size of the zombie unit by 10 and cast wind of undead. Almost every unit of mine takes a wound with the exception of the giant and the marauders in the hut (they were oblivious to the battle going on outside). This caused a unit of 2 spirit hosts to be created on my flank out of charge arc of the knights. Damn, I have nothing there to take them on. He also gets a movement spell of on the ghouls.

    On my turn I move around a bit and put my giant where he blocks the black knights from charging my knights. My other knights charge the ghouls and start chopping away. In my magic phase I cast gateway on the black knights and drop 3 while puting a wound on the BSB.

    Turn 2:
    Some more moving around. He tries to heal the black knights with his lord. I dispel the first attempt and he fails to cast the second attempt which I turn into a miscast with the black tongue. He ends up losing the Invocation of Nehek on his lord (so he only has that spell left on his level 1 vampire).

    Turn 3:
    On his turn he moves forward more and the vampire lord charges one of my chariots (crap the dude flies). The charoit is not to nuts about this and flees....4 inch and gets cut down. In his magic phase he gets the dance off on the vampire lord and he charges my other chariot which can't flee because it would flee into the spirit host and I lose my second chariot. Very though to take.

    On my turn the sorcerer lord moves out of his unit to the far back edge of the board. Hoping this will get me out of range of the corpse carts so I can cast gateway on the lone vampire lord. Also if I would fail I hope his lord would charge me. I think my sorcerer lord should be able to survive the vampires attacks with a 0+ AS and a 6+ ward. Then the chaos deamon sword could take him out. The knights charge the vargulf. In the magic phase I gateway the crap out of the vampire lord causing 8 STR10 hits (or was it 10 STR8 hits? forgot) either way he is very dead. WOOT the vampire is dead, let the crumbling begin! The knight finally finish the ghould. The vargulf and the knight have a slap fest and the vargulf takes a wound and loses combat but saves all his crumble wounds. Time for the crumble tests....not. The vampire has the carstein ring and he comes back to life back into his unit of skellies he started in.

    Turn 4:
    The skellies move forward. Magic sees me stopping IoN from the vampire and I don't care too much about the rest. The knights and the vargulf keep at it.

    The knights with exalted charge the blood knights and destroy them. The sorcerer lord charges the spirit hosts and the chaos deamon sword kicks in and destroys them. In the magic phase I gateway the black knights again and they die including the BSB. The Nurgle sorcerer casts Buboes on the vampire lord and he dies for the second time. He has to take crumble tests at the end of the turn and immediately at the start of his turn. This sees all 3 units of 7 direwolfs disapear into nothing. Everything else is fine. The zombies take 5 or so crumble tests during the game and lost 5 or 6 models total ?!?!?

    Turn 5:
    The skellies with the remaining vampire charge the warriors and finish them off and overrun into the hut with the marauders who are still partying. However they can't go into combat as the vampire is mounted. So they keep partying.

    I'm a little foggy on the end game. The zombies end up taking a charge from the knights whom blow through 20+ zombies in 1 round of combat. The marauders never leave their hut.

    I win 16-4 but don't get any objective points as I can't seem to get the VIP's of the table.

    Again some things might be out of sequence as I am doing this from memory. Gregg was a great opponent and as usual a joy to play against. I felt bad for him as I guess after the second game his vampire lord died 4 times in 2 games.

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    40 (x2)

    Game 3: Matt with mixed Deamons

    Scenario: At the start of your turn you roll a D6 for all of your units and on a 6 they are frozen. Frozen units do not do anything until your next turn. They don't fight, shoot or contribute to magic or dispel. Their magic items don't work and they can't transfer LD or BSB abilities. They can also not be the target of magic or shooting and cannot be charged. If the unit was already in combat then all the units in the same combat are frozen too. They also count as impassable terrain, so you die if you flee into them. If you get your VIP withing 3" of the center of the table you can make one unit immune to being frozen every turn and you can choose one enemy unit to be frozen on a 5+ instead of a 6+.

    Objective points for having your VIP in the center of the table and for capturing your opponents VIP and for having your opponents VIP in the center of the table. The VIP's are markers with no stats and cannot be killed and are captured like banners.

    His list:
    Daemon Prince- Nurgle, Lvl 2, Trappings of Nurgle, Immortal Fury
    Herald of Khorne: Armour of Khorne, Firestorm Blade
    Herald of Slaanesh: Lvl 1, Siren Song, Soporific Musk
    Herald of Tzeentch: Lvl 2, Spell Breaker, Flames of Tzeentch

    Bloodletters: 18, FC, Skull Totem
    Daemonettes:11, FC, Siren Standard
    Pink Horrors:15(Lvl 1), FC, Icon of Sorcery
    Furies: 7

    Flesh Hounds: 6, Karanak
    Nurglings: 6

    1 Bloodcrusher
    2 Beasts of Nurgle

    His deamon prince gets rancid visitation and plague wind
    The Herald of slaanesh gets the stupidity spell
    and the herald of Tzeench gets flickering fire and bolt of change

    I deploy from left to right:
    10 marauders
    5 knights with exalted champion
    warriors with both sorcerers and the VIP
    5 knights

    The BSB goes with the other marauders hiding behind the warriors so he can't be frenzy baited. (you have to watch those frenzy 20" move characters).

    His deployment starting on my left

    Fleshhounds with karanak
    Deamonettes with herald
    Deamon prince in woods
    blood letters with herald
    horrors with herald and the VIP
    beasts of nurgle
    blood chrusher

    Nurglings hide in front or nurglings behind a hedge

    My tzeench wizard gets flikering fire, Baleful Transmogrification, Pandamonium, Infernal gate way
    My level 2 of nurgle takes magnificent buboes and rot glorious rot

    I get the first turn.

    My Turn 1:
    The left most chariot and the left knights with exalted hero are frozen.
    The left marauders and the non frozen chariot move forward.
    The warriors move forward to get the VIP to the center of the table (not 4" away).
    The marauders stay close behind the warriors.
    The knights move forward and the BSB joins them.
    The giant also moves forward straight for the horrors. (If I can get the giant into the horrors he won't be able to cast with both his horrors and his herald of tzeentch)

    Magic pulls the spell breaker to stop the gateway cast on a 18 on his prince. And the banner of Wrath puts a wound on the beasts of nurgle.

    All my shooting kills 15 blood letters

    His turn1:

    His blood chrusher is frozen.

    The fleshhounds move forward to threaten to flank charge the chariot while not exposing the flank to the frozen chariot. They completely ignore the marauders.
    The deamonettes move forward an inch or 2 not wanting to get charged by the chariot.
    The blood letters move forward a few inches and the prince comes out of the forrest.
    The horrors move 1" forward (I do a happy dance inside as that will bring them in range of the giant to charge).
    The beast of nurgle move forward to meet the knights.
    The furies fly to my far right
    Nurglins move between knights and furies.

    Magic: First he puts 3 wounds on my giant with flickering fire from the horrors. I am starting to doubt my giant will live to charge the horrors and he still needs to survive the rest of the magic phase, then shooting from the herald of tzeenchwho has flames of tzeench and then a stand and shoot.
    He put 2 wounds on the chariot with rancid visitation and then he makes the chariot supid with the herald of slaanesh. I am able to hold the rest of his magic.

    His herald shoots 5 shoots at my giant and hits with 3 or 4 but fails to wound (Phew)

    My turn 2:
    Frozen really does a number on me in this round. I am still 4" away with the VIP from the center of the table so no immunity yet and I can't move closer to get immunity. The left most knights with the exalted are frozen again but worse the warriors with both my sorcerers are frozen and the right knights with the BSB are frozen too. So in his turn I will only have 2 dispel dice to defend against his magic and I can't even use the black tongue.

    The chariot that was frozen last turn now goes stupid and the left most marauders either puts around or were frozen too. I the chariot that was frozen the first time just tried to stay out of the charge arch of the fleshhounds.

    The left maruaders move to treaten the fleshhounds with a rear charge but that isn't too scary.
    The giant charges the horrors and stand and shoot does no wounds.

    I don't have magic since my warriors are frozen and my shooting kills 25 blood letters this turn.

    In combat the giant swings with club and kills 2 horrors. The the horrors put a wound on the giant and I lose combat. I hold but fall over and kill 6 horrors but now I only have 1 wound left on the giant.

    His Turn2:
    Now frozen starts to plague Matt too. His deamonettes are frozen (that reduces his magic more, I was worried about the magic phase with only 2 dice but now the giant is preventing the herald of tzeench and the horrors from casting and the Slaanesh herald is frozen. The blood crusher is also frozen and so are the nurglings.

    The fleshhounds charge the stupid chariot who can't flee. Blood letters do not want to charge the giant in the flank as it would expose their flank to the warriors. With all my knights frozen he doesn't have anything to charge with the beasts of nurgle and the prince (which he doesn't want in combat anyway). So the only other charge is the furies in the flank of the marauders behind the warriors.

    Magic sees him cast rancid visitation on my non-stupid chariot and I fail to dispel and it does a wound.

    The fleshhounds kill the chariot and decide not to overrun. If he doesn't overrun he can be flank charged by the chariot and rear charged by the marauders (which is just free combat res) and if he does overrun he can be flank charged by the knights. The giant can't attack since he is still on the ground but the horrors don't do any wounds to him and he holds. The furies kill a marauder and the marauders do nothing. He has a kill and a flank. I have numbers and a rank. Drawn combat.

    My Turn3:
    This is where the frozen rule is starting to bug me less. However it starts off really bad. The chariot that is about to charge the fleshhounds in the flank is frozen and the marauders in combat with the furies are frozen too (not that big of a deal, at least I won't have to worry about that) but everything else is ok.

    I decide to charge the fleshhounds in the rear with the marauders. I know that Karanak has hatered and so if one marauder can survive he has to pursue and that will pull them out of position and give me a couple of turns of not worrying about them. Knights move forward a little bit not wanting to expose a flank if the marauders should fail pulling the fleshhounds away and just to be safe the exalted hero leaves the unit to provide a speedbumb for them. They would have to charge him instead of the knights. The warriors move forward 1.5" so they are within 3" of the middle and the right knights with the BSB charge the beasts of nurgle. I am worried about that since the chance of his blood chrusher freezing 3 times in a row are slim and I am not looking forward to that charging my knights but I have to do something. The giant stands up so he can fight again.

    Magic sees me casting gateway on the prince. I do 11 STR8 hits. Result is 9 wounds. I do a quick calculation in my head and on average it should not kill him. He should save 3 on the ward save and 3 on the regen. That would make 3 wounds but one can hope. Alas of the 9 wounds he saves 8. Gateway does a whole 1 wound! The rest of my magic is insignificant.

    In shooting I kill his dragon.

    The marauders actually do a wound on karanak and a wound on a fleshhound. He does 9 in return and 1 marauder survives. I break and he has to pursue putting him almost off my left table edge. Marauder mission accomplished. This was really big. Right knights with BSB put 3 wounds on the beasts of nurgle and he saves nothing (must have used all up his saves on the prince). One beast dies and the other rolls 2 hits and does nothing and poppes due to instability. I hold. The giant rolls pick up and.... I pick the herald and the herald misses his attack. Then I roll on the table and the giant eats herald (giving him bad indigestion in the next game). The horrors don't do any wounds. I still lose combat and hold and for once don't fall over.

    His turn3:
    The deamonettes move forward. I choose the prince to be frozen on a 5+ but nothing happens. The fleshhounds turn around and move towards the chariot. The blood letters move forward a little and the blood chrusher is setting up close to the horrors to keep the knights at bay. The furies are still forzen and the nurglings just stay out of the way of the knights.

    Magic: he makes the warriors with the sorcerers stupid and Rancid visitation puts another wound on my chariot.

    No combat this turn.

    My Turn4:
    I make the warriors immune to freezing and only the chariot freezes (which is good because now nobody can charge it and it is blocking the fleshhounds from joining the center of the table where all the action is. The knights with BSB charge the horrors. My warriors with both sorcerers go stupid but stay within 3" of the center. The left knights move forward to take flanks in any combat that might happen in the middle. The lone exalted comes back to the middle to see if he can assist anywhere.

    There is no magic since all my casters are stupid.

    Shooting kills Paul's warmammoth on the other table.

    Combat sees the marauders kill a furie and the furies kill a marauder. Tie combat again. The knights kill most of the remaining horrors and he is at -2 for his instability and they go poof. The knights overrun into the blood chrusher.

    His 4th turn:
    I elect the fleshounds to be frozen on a 5+ but alas. However they are blocked by the frozen chariot and just move closer to it. His blood letters charge my stupid warriors but are a 1/4" short. And his prince charges the left knights to protect the flank of the blood letters. I hold with the knights. The deamonettes move forward.

    Magic sees my other chariot going stupid now and he fails to cast with his prince which I change to a miscast with the black tongue. He rolls that the caster and everyone in BtB takes a STR6 hit with no AS which I can adjust by 1 with the puppet. I don't like that result since he is in BtB with 3 of my knights so I adjust it to me being able to cast a spell but the result was insignificant.

    Combat sees the furies and marauders killing nothing and being tied again and the knights and BSB kill the blood chrusher. The Prince challenges and fails to kill my knight champion. The champion fials to do anything to the prince and I win combat by 2. He rolls a 9 for instability and takes 3 wounds which is exactly enough to kill him. Now my knights have a perfect flank charge on the blood letters.

    My turn5:
    The chariot is frozen again I think. Nothing else though. The warriors charge the blood letters in the front and the left knights in the flank. The lone exalted charges the furies to help out the marauders. The BSB moves with the captured BSB to the center of the table and the knight turn around.

    In magic I miscast on the gateway and take the result that he can cast a spell but I dispel it with my 3 remaining dice.

    In shooting I kill every model on the other tables.

    In combat the warrior champion challenges because I want to be able to do as many wounds as possible with my lord so I can blow up the unit in one turn. I choose extra hand weapons and his champion accepts and I kill him for 2 wounds. The lord gets 6 extra attacks at STR7 and goes apeshit killing 6 or 7 blood letters. The warriors and knights kill a bunch too and he only has his herald back. The herald puts a wound on the nurgle sorcerer but he lives. The rest of the unit dies to instability and the knights overrun into the nurglings. The exalted chips in with the marauders and kills 3 furies and the marauders another one. I win combat and the furies dissapear.

    His turn 5:

    All he has left are the nurglings and the fleshhounds. I opt to make the fleshhounds freeze on a 5+ and he roles a 5. The deamonettes move forward.

    The deamonettes make the chariot stupid.

    Combat sees me kill a nurgling base and he kills a knight and he passes instability.

    My turn 6:
    Nothing of mine freezes. The warriors back up a bit to be back in the center. The Exalted charges the nurglings to help out. The chariot charges the deamonettes.

    Magic is insignificant since there are no targets in 24" that are not in combat.

    In shooting I misfire and lose all my shooting. Damn I am going to drop all my shooting from this list.

    Combat kills more nurglings and 2 bases are left.

    The chariot kills 2 deamonettes and puts a wound on the herald. He puts a wound on my chariot. I lose by 1 but hold

    His turn 6:
    I try and make the deamonettes frezze on a 5+ to freeze that combat but the fleshhounds pass on a 5 and the deamonettes on a 4.

    The fleshhounds charge the chariot and kill it and the knights finish off the nurglings.

    I have lost 2 charoits 1 unit of marauders, the giant and half points for one exalted hero. He has only the deamonettes and the fleshhounds at full points and the herald of slaanesh at half points. I have 3 quarters and 2 banners and his general and contest the other quarter.

    19-1 win for me with all objective points. I had many lucky rolls and in hind sight the freezing might have helped me. Matt is a great opponent and it was a fun game that didn't get too one sided until the end.

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    40 (x2)

    Game 4: Kevin with Brett's

    The start of round 4 has some changes. I was going to face Koop's woodies on a wooded table.....Not too good. Then the table changed and it was a wide open table with no woods and only a lave river to the side of the table. At first I am a bit worried about 30-40 shots a turn but on a wide open table I think my giant will bite the dust on turn one allowing for the knights to charge in on turn 2. I rolled for spells and got the gateway so his treeman could not hide in the woods and move around with the woods. Then it appeared that 2 of the minnisota players were playing each other. So we switched.....Now I am facing brettonians....auch....now the wide open table does not look so good. Also I don't roll gateway.

    His army:
    Bretonnian Lord on Hippogryph, Virtue of Audacity, Sword of Heroes, enchanted shield, Tress of Isoulde, morning star
    Paladin BSB w Virtue of Duty, Sword of Might, barded warhorse
    Damsel w/horse and 2 dispel scrolls

    KotRx11 w FC
    KotRx9 wFC and Banner of Chalions
    Knight Errantx12 w FC and Errantry Banner
    Knight errantx5
    Knight Errantx5
    Bowmenx10 wbraziers
    Bowmenx10 wbraziers

    Peg Knightsx3 w Musician
    Mounted Yeomenx5 w Musician and shields
    Mounted Yeomenx5 w Musician and shields-

    Grail Knightsx5 w FC and warbanner

    I forgot what spell his damsel has as she never tried to cast anything.

    Scenario was food water and equipment tokens. Each side had 2 of each token distributed along their army. Take as many as possible from the opponent.

    Left to right:
    knights with exalted
    Warriors with both sorcerers chariot
    BSB is hiding behind a unit again.

    His deployment from my left to right:
    peg knights
    bowmen on bridge over lave river
    mounted yeomen
    5 knight errant
    grail knights with damsel
    big unit of realm knights and BSB
    Big unit of realm knights
    lord on hyppogryph
    bowmen on hill
    big unit of knight errant
    5 knight errant
    mounted yeomen

    He prays so I get the first turn.

    Turn 1:

    I move forward with everything making sure I stay out of range of the lances. BSB joins the left knight unit with the other exalted. The giant moves all the way forward exposing his flank to the knights on my right flank.

    Magic: I put a wound on both the hyppogryph and the lord with flickering fire I think. And Buboes puts a wound on his BSB.

    I dropped my shooting from the list as it did nothing last game.

    His turn1:
    The lord charge the giant. The peg knights charge the marauders on the left. The left mounted yeomen move in front of knight and try and make them expose their flanks if they charge or just sit there.

    Shooting. He guesses perfect on the knights and misfires but it can shoot again next turn. The bowmen don't do anything.

    Combat: The peg knight kill the marauders and run them down. The giant thumps with club on the hyppogryph and the hyppogryph fails his initiative check and takes 8 wounds and dies (he only had 3 wounds left). The lord has a setup that makes him hit on 2's and wound on 4's that both can be rerolled. He wounds 3 times and at D3 wounds each I get lucky and only take 5 wounds and am still alive. He wins by 1 and hold.

    My turn 2:
    one exalted charges the yeoman and the BSB charges the trebuchet who flee. I move forward a little again but try and stay out of charge arcs.

    Magic sees me kill the BSB with Buboes and nothing else spectacular happens.

    The giant whiffs his attacks and the lord kills the giant. The giant falls on the lord and fails to wound him. (bad indigestion from the Tzeench herald he ate last game). The Exalted kills 4 yeomen and restrains pursuit.

    His turn2:
    His peg knights charge the left chariot which flees and knights on the right charge the other chariot which also flees. He then setsup all of flank charges and blocks the other knights with the small errant knight unit. The small errant unit on the left charges the BSB who has to hold.

    The errant on the left kill my BSB and overrun into the knights.

    My turn3:
    My knights on the right charge the small errant unit (Else they would just sit there waiting to be charged next turn).The exalted charges the bowmen. One chariot fails to rally and runs off the table, the other rallies but is not in a good position anywhere.

    Magic doesn't do much.

    The exalted kills 2 bowmen and the combat is drawn. The knights win combat against the errant and fail restrain so pursue and in prime position to be charged in the flank by the 9 knight errant.

    His turn 3:
    The 2 big units of knights of the realm charge the warriors whom can't flee because they would run into the peg knights and die. I take one in the front and one on the flank. and the knight errant charge my knights in the flank.

    Combat: The knight errant don't do anything on my knights but the horses kill the knight on the end and I don't get attacks back and lose by 5 and break and get rundown. The warrior champion issues a challenge which he accepts with a champion. The challenge is a standoff but it makes him put 75% of all the other knight attacks on my sorcererlord. so 10 knights put their attacks on the sorcerer lord and he takes no wounds. The other knights kill a warrior or 2. The warriors can't do anything in return and the sorcerer lord kills a knight but does a wound to him self. So he gets 2 wounds, banner, outnumber, flank, and 3 ranks I get 1 wound, and a banner I lose by 6 and need snakeeyes which I don't get and I get rundown. The other knights die somehow too but I forgot how and we don't even fight the rest of the battle as all I have left is the exalted fighting the bowmen and the chariot that just rallied.

    Kevin totally out played me. It was a up hill battle anyway since he has more knight units then me that all move 8 vs my 7 and my STR5 attacks are not enough to penetrate the armor to make up for the lack of combat res that his knight have. He was very good and clearly deserved the overall championship and a fun player to boot. I had really crappy spells but did not roll bad. In hind sight the only thing I should have done different was attack the lord instead of the hyppogryph with the giant in the first round of combat but that wouldn't have made much of a difference. My only regret was that I wish I could have given Kevin a better game. Sorry, man!

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    i really really like the lists you played against. Very nice summary aswell. 4 matches mustve been a long weekend

    have some rep. Hope you'l make more reports :p
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    Yes, I liked the lists too. It was a very soft score heavy tourney so good comp. I'll make some more report when I get a chance too. Working on getting my Ogres ready and will hopefully get some tourneys in with them.

    BTW, altijd leuk om wat rep van een mede-Nederlander te krijgen!

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