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    Adepticon Size Matters - 2,999 Pts - R1: Daemons vs. Mannfred Vamps (pics)

    So on Friday at Adepticon, I participated in the WHFB Size Matters tournament. It's a 2,999 point event with no comp. Similar in concept to the gladiator event, but without all the crazy units you see from apoc. There still is painting and sportsmanship as separate awards, but the primary are the "biggest hammer" awards that only factor in the battle points.

    Battle points were scored off of the VP difference each game, with the breakdown as follows:
    1-250: 11-9
    251-500: 12-8
    501-750: 13-7
    751-1000: 14-6
    1001-1250: 15-5
    1251-1500: 16-4
    1501-1750: 17-3
    1751-2000: 18-2
    2001-2400: 19-1
    2401+: 20-0

    So you'd have to win by a significant amount to get a full 20 points.

    I ended up bringing daemons, since my fighting vampires don't expand to 2,999 from 2,250 very well - I've already used the good magic items and maxed heroes there, without many useful slots left available. Daemons, on the other hand, can expand pretty well. They do just about everything well, I guess.

    With a few varieties to choose from, I went for a casting heavy list that has some fighting elements to it.

    Kairos Fateweaver
    Tzeentch Herald - BSB, Standard of Sundering, Power Vortex, Winged Horror
    Tzeentch Herald - Chariot of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Spell Breaker

    35 Pink Horrors - Changeling, Standard, Icon of Sorcery
    10 Pink Horrors
    10 Pink Horrors

    4 Screamers of Tzeentch
    6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
    6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

    6 Flamers of Tzeentch
    6 Flamers of Tzeentch

    I would have liked to get the big pink horror block up to 36+ to be a level 4, but I just don't have the models to do it.

    In the end, I was happy with the list. Depending on what the opponent had, if they were likely to try and close the distance wanting to fight, I'd stick Skulltaker in with the pink horrors for some protection on my big expensive block. If they didn't (a gunline type list), I'd stick him with some flesh hounds and run across the board to fight right away.

    Kairos and the heralds + big horror unit would support by blasting away as appropriate.

    Just before the tournament, I walked around and saw about as expected in this type of event:
    - Lots of Daemons, Vampires, Dark Elves, Lizards
    - Decent amount of Warriors of Chaos, High Elves

    Dark Elves would probably be the hardest match for me, with their Ring of Hotek potentially shutting down my magic phase. Depending on how it is set up, and what other magic defense they have, I could potentially get around it, but it's not a great thing to go up against.


    Round 1:

    I get to my table and see a casty vampire list. A pretty good match-up for me.

    Mannfred (on foot) - dispel scroll, black periapt
    Vampire - flayed hauberk, talisman of lycni, avatar of death, dark acolyte
    Vampire - avatar of death, dark acolyte
    Wight King - BSB (plain)

    20 Skeletons - FC
    20 Skeletons - FC
    21 Ghouls
    Corpse Cart - Balefire
    5 Dire Wolves

    20 Grave Guard - FC, HW/S
    20 Grave Guard - FC, HW/S
    5 Black Knights - FC, Barding
    3 Fell Bats

    Black Coach
    5 Blood Knights - FC, Flag of the Blood Keep

    It's a closed list tournament, so I don't know the magic item layout at this point. Whenever I see vampires, especially in no comp events, I figure the BSB is a drakenhoff. Thankfully I have lots of flaming attacks. I also figure that all vamp lists have the book of arkhan, or at least hold dice for it just in case. I was surprised that he had neither.

    One L2 gets Curse of Years and Magic Missile
    Another L2 gets Curse of Years and Raise Dead

    My BSB gets Flickering Fire and Tzeentch's Firestorm
    My Herald picks lore of light
    Kairos takes...
    Left: Spirit of the Forge (metal), Cleansing Flare (light), Burning Gaze (light), Distillation of Molten Silver (metal)
    Right: Unseen Lurker (shadow), Fiery Blast (fire), Wind of Undeath (death), Crow's Feast (beasts)

    All missions are victory point based, with some objectives to score more. In this scenario, you each place an objective anywhere on the board that is >6" from an edge and >12" from the other person's objective. You receive +100 VP's for each objective controlled. You also receive +150 VP's for each hill controlled (there are 2 per table, one on each side).

    Assessment: I'm confident in this match. I have 10 dispel dice, which is pretty nice, with him holding 12 casting dice. No L2's get VHD. Needless to say the standard of sundering chose the lore of vampires. Too bad it doesn't work on invocation of nehek.

    Regardless, I have enough dice to stop what I deem will be important while letting the more irrelevant stuff through. He also doesn't have much fighting - the only big threat is the blood knights, they can do serious damage. Thankfully he has a champion in there, so challenge-foo can be used against him if he gets something bad off.

    Deployment sees me place, from left to right:
    Flamers, screamers, 10 horrors, hounds, big horror block, hounds, 10 horrors, flamers. BSB and changeling join the big horror block, Kairos and chariot herald go on the right.

    He puts from left to right:
    Bats, Wolves, skeletons, grave guard, corpse cart, skeletons, grave guard, black coach, blood knights, black knights. Ghouls behind the blood knights. He splits the hero vamps between the skeleton blocks, mannfred in the left grave guard, and the bsb in the middle grave guard.

    I get the +1, win the roll, and take first turn.

    DoC Turn 1:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: I am unafraid of pretty much anything he has with the exception of the blood knights. I've seen how hard they can hit, so I'm a bit leary of them but nothing else gives me pause. I need to move up to get my bigger spells in range, I'm not too concerned about his counter movements.

    I advance everything. The block in front of his line in the center is his objective, the gargoyle thing on the hill in my DZ is my objective. Note that Kairos is actually on the hill, but he's not that stable so I put him off to the side.

    Magic sees his coach steal two of my three pool dice. Between some poor casting rolls, his balefire, 6 dice, and 1 scroll use, I only kill 4 of the 5 black knights with magic. No shooting this turn.

    Vamp Turn 1:
    He advances everything, simultaneously unafraid of me. His magic is blocked for the most part, he just gets off a pair of invocations that raise a few skeletons. The coach stole a third die, though, now gaining MR3. That's unfortunate.

    DoC Turn 2:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: I was hoping to get off a bolt of change, roll a 3+ for its strength, and pop the coach this turn.. but with MR3, it's a bit pointless trying now. Instead I will target other things and just do some damage before combats start.

    I launch my left hounds at his skeletons with a vamp in there to try and assassinate the vampire. It's a casty one, if he doesn't have a good save they might be able to do this on the charge immediately. This would slow some magic down and net me points in the exchange. Additionally, if he counter charges, it would pull his units into odd directions. I wanted to charge the coach with the other dogs, but it were positioned too close to the grave guard that doing so would have brought them into the combat, as well. Not what I wanted, so I held off. Guess I'll be eating its charge, but that's not a big deal as it's not flying yet so can't reach Kairos.

    Screamers fly over his bats, left skeletons, and grave guard, killing several things from each. Notably, they all hit the corpse cart and kill it. Herald on chariot flies behind his line. Skulltaker + horror block move to prepare for the vampire charge.

    Magic sees me stuffed almost completely - lots of failed cast rolls. I do manage to get spirit of the forge off on the blood knights, cause 7 wounds, and kill 2 past the 4+ ward.

    Shooting does very little.

    Combat sees the two dogs who can attack the vamp whiff with 4 attacks, but the other 4 dogs put their 8 attacks into the skeletons and cause 4 wounds. He makes 3 of the 6+ saves, causing a wound back with his vampire. He wins by 5.

    Er, unexpected, there. Thankfully I roll fairly low and only take another 3 wounds, losing 2 dogs total. This is now a bad combat for me!

    Vampire Turn 2:
    He double charges the big horror block with the BSB grave guard + black coach. Blood knights and the single black knight continue to advance on the right, having been out of charge range. On the left, skeletons + other vamp get in the building. Dire wolves + bats move to see my left flank.

    With magic, I shut down VHD by Mannfred (the vlad model in the picture) to avoid his unit hitting the flank of the flesh hounds. He does raise back 1 blood knight, and get off an IF Wind of Undeath that causes 7 wounds to the pink horrors on the left. I fail all ward saves and lose 7. Doh.

    Unfortunately for my opponent, it's now his turn to roll poorly. Between the 5 impact hits, coaches regular attacks, and the grave guard, he kills only 3 regular pink horrors. Skulltaker is in a challenge with the grave guard champ and he kills the poor guy 3 times for a wash on wounds. I have mass to win by 1, but his BSB negates the combat res wounds.

    The other combat continues to be silly. His vamp causes a wound to my hounds, taking one in return. The three other hounds then only kill 2 skeletons. I lose again, but roll low for my instability and am left with 3 hounds, 1 of which is wounded.

    Daemon Turn 3:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: I need my magic to start performing to its potential, or else this will be a tougher game than I anticipated. I also need to deal with those blood knights this turn, and with a ward to ranged, I can't risk just hitting them with magic missiles... gonna have to fight them. Should have taken Beast Cowers, would have made them much easier to deal with. I normally do take it against lists with cavalry, but figured I'd overpower their magic defense pretty quickly and be able to drop them fast enough that I wouldn't need it.

    This is where everything turned around. My dice stopped teasing me in the magic phase (and balefire was gone).

    I charged 4 blood knights with my flesh hounds and landed Kairos behind the hounds, figuring with what the knights were going to take with magic, and then combat, the hounds would still be there to keep me safe. I did make one stupid mistake in that I put all my wizards next to the black coach, though. Very silly, but this is my first time playing against it.

    Anyway, I moved Kairos and the Chariot Herald into the center of his army. On the left (out of picture), the flamers moved right up next to the bats and in front of the dire wolves so that they couldn't charge anything in the flank without hitting the flamers, which would explode them.

    Magic phase begins and I get lucky to lose no dice to the coach. I cast gift of chaos from the big horror block, gift of chaos from kairos, cleansing flare from kairos, and cleansing flare from the tzeentch herald. Everything hits the casting values, and only one gift of chaos is blocked, the rest gets through his 6 dice with no more scrolls.

    In the end, the kill tally is 12 ghouls, the black knight, 3 blood knights, 3 wounds on the black coach, 5 grave guard, and get the skeletons + vamp fighting the dogs down to 15 models left. A productive phase.

    Shooting has the flamers kill the bats down to 1 wounded bat. Ones on the right kill a couple more ghouls.

    Then combat, skulltaker challenges again and he accepts it with his BSB. Dunno why, but skulltaker proceeds to lop his head off twice plus a regular wound for 7 combat res + killing the BSB.

    He kills one in return, while my horrors (well, the changeling at S4 after swapping with a GG) kills another of his. I win combat by 7 extra wounds, 1 extra rank, BSB, and mass. 10 combat res later, the coach is dead with the grave guard down to 5.

    The other combat sees my dogs killed by the skeleton + vamps, still not having been able to get the vampire.

    On the right, the last blood knight is killed, with the dogs overrunning into the ghouls.

    Vamp Turn 3:
    Things are grim for him now... The wolves + bat charge the flamers. His diminished skeleton block + mannfred grave guard form up together facing towards the skulltaker horror unit. Left-most skeletons get out of the building facing my backfield. He tries to raise some grave guard but doesn't get enough to stop the entire unit from crumbling to combat res in his turn.

    Flamers pound on the wolves and crumble the last bat. Flesh hounds that overran into the ghouls kill them all.

    Daemons Turn 4:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: Just clean-up at this point.

    Sorry picture is a little blurry.. skulltaker + horrors charge the skeleton block with the vampire in it. Screamers continue to harass and march block. Herald flies behind mannfred block. Flesh hounds that killed the ghouls come racing over.

    In the magic phase, cleansing flare kills a few more all around, and Kairos throws Unseen Lurker on the flesh hounds having them hit the flank. They're exploded, and the horror unit overruns because Skulltaker's hatred.

    Vamp Turn 4:
    He's able to get the skulltaker unit in the flank with mannfred's unit. The only other thing he has is a basic skeleton unit with the naked vamp who charges my 3 man horror unit, killing it and overrunning towards my hill / objective.

    Combat with Mannfred's unit sees him win by a few, a few horrors die.

    Daemon Turn 5:
    I shuffle my characters around in the combat with Mannfred. Skulltaker moves into the fight, while the Changeling moves up next to Mannfred. I fly my mages behind the last skeleton block and blast it with magic missiles, using some cleansing flares that hit mannfred's unit, too. In the end, most of mannfred's unit is killed, as are a dozen or so from the skeleton unit.

    Combat sees the changeling stat-swap mannfred, skulltaker challenges and is accepted by a champ. He kills the champ several times, while the changeling slaps at Mannfred for 3 wounds. Mannfred's measly 1 attack at WS3 S3 does nothing back. I win by a significant amount, exploding mannfred and his unit.

    He has only one skeleton unit with a few models left + one vampire, so he conceeds and I get full points.

    There were actually 12 people who get a full 20-point massacre, so it's still a wide open field.

    Last edited by moob; April 2nd, 2010 at 07:31.

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    havent read it yet, but the pics are very small, any chance you could just post a link to the actual sized ones?
    2010 WoC Cav W/L/D - 7/3/1

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    Odd - not sure why the thumbnails weren't linking to the full sized photos. They're not very big, so I put the regular images in.

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