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    Adepticon Size Matters - 2,999 Pts - R2: Daemons vs. more Mannfred Vamps (pics)

    So on Friday at Adepticon, I participated in the WHFB Size Matters tournament. It's a 2,999 point event with no comp. Similar in concept to the gladiator event, but without all the crazy units you see from apoc. There still is painting and sportsmanship as separate awards, but the primary are the "biggest hammer" awards that only factor in the battle points.

    Battle points were scored off of the VP difference each game, with the breakdown as follows:
    1-250: 11-9
    251-500: 12-8
    501-750: 13-7
    751-1000: 14-6
    1001-1250: 15-5
    1251-1500: 16-4
    1501-1750: 17-3
    1751-2000: 18-2
    2001-2400: 19-1
    2401+: 20-0

    So you'd have to win by a significant amount to get a full 20 points.

    I ended up bringing daemons, since my fighting vampires don't expand to 2,999 from 2,250 very well - I've already used the good magic items and maxed heroes there, without many useful slots left available. Daemons, on the other hand, can expand pretty well. They do just about everything well, I guess.

    With a few varieties to choose from, I went for a casting heavy list that has some fighting elements to it.

    Kairos Fateweaver
    Tzeentch Herald - BSB, Standard of Sundering, Power Vortex, Winged Horror
    Tzeentch Herald - Chariot of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery, Spell Breaker

    35 Pink Horrors - Changeling, Standard, Icon of Sorcery
    10 Pink Horrors
    10 Pink Horrors

    4 Screamers of Tzeentch
    6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
    6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

    6 Flamers of Tzeentch
    6 Flamers of Tzeentch

    I would have liked to get the big pink horror block up to 36+ to be a level 4, but I just don't have the models to do it.

    In the end, I was happy with the list. Depending on what the opponent had, if they were likely to try and close the distance wanting to fight, I'd stick Skulltaker in with the pink horrors for some protection on my big expensive block. If they didn't (a gunline type list), I'd stick him with some flesh hounds and run across the board to fight right away.

    Kairos and the heralds + big horror unit would support by blasting away as appropriate.

    Just before the tournament, I walked around and saw about as expected in this type of event:
    - Lots of Daemons, Vampires, Dark Elves, Lizards
    - Decent amount of Warriors of Chaos, High Elves

    Dark Elves would probably be the hardest match for me, with their Ring of Hotek potentially shutting down my magic phase. Depending on how it is set up, and what other magic defense they have, I could potentially get around it, but it's not a great thing to go up against.


    Round 2:

    I get paired up against another Mannfred vampire list. Odd, but I'm not complaining by any stretch. Unfortunately, I didn't get a copy of his list so I might be a bit off on what he had.

    Sorry, no copy of his list, so not sure on all the item layouts.

    Mannfred (on barded steed) - Arcane staff (the +1 cast/dispel), Staff of Damnation
    Vampire - BSB, Dread knight, Walking Death. Not sure on magic items.
    Vampire - Dread knight. Not sure on magic items / gifts.
    Wight King - Skeletal Steed, lance, 5+ ward save item.

    Between the two vampires, there were at least one scroll and the black periapt.

    11 Skeletons - FC
    11 Skeletons - FC
    12 Ghouls
    Corpse Cart - Balefire
    Corpse Cart - Loadstone

    18 Grave Guard - FC, GW, Warbanner
    9 Black Knights - FC, Barding, Banner of the Barrows
    3 Fell Bats
    3 Fell Bats

    7 Wraiths - Banshee

    Again, I see vamps with a BSB and I assume incorrectly that he had the Drakenhoff banner. Not that it matters much, since I have so many flaming attacks. I also thought he'd have the book of arkhan, but if he did he didn't use it. Don't have a copy of his list to check.

    Both L1's take Raise Dead

    My BSB gets Flickering Fire and Bolt of Change
    My Herald picks lore of light
    Kairos takes...
    Left: Spirit of the Forge (metal), Cleansing Flare (light), Burning Gaze (light), Distillation of Molten Silver (metal)
    Right: Unseen Lurker (shadow), Fiery Blast (fire), Wind of Undeath (death), Beast Cowers (beasts)

    Basically the same setup as last time, except adding Beast Cowers for the mounted vampires and the varghulf, if the situation arises.

    All missions are victory point based, with some objectives to score more. In this scenario, if your unit that has stolen the hammer (one you place in their DZ) is still alive at the end of the game, you receive +300 VP's. If your general is alive, you receive +100 VP's.

    Assessment: He has weaker magic than my last opponent (L1's instead of L2's), but some better / faster fighting. The wraith unit fights pretty darn hard, but if a unit of dogs ever gets to charge it, they will be over (barring a boxcar stand and shoot). Still, I'm pretty sure I can take this for another big win.

    Then I read the deployment and get a little concerned. Someone has broken into your camp and stolen your hammer (missions / awards are based on having the biggest hammer), and you have to get it back. What they didn't really mention is that the person is STILL in your camp! :p

    This translates to the enemy being able to deploy one unit in your DZ after all other deployment has finished. There are restrictions:
    - No characters (not even joined to units)
    - No large targets
    - No warmachines
    - Nothing that causes terror
    - Unit must be < 400 points

    Well, this concerns me a bit. Kairos REALLY doesn't want to be turn 1 rear charged by anything, especially a unit with static res. I'll need to be extra careful with deployment to avoid something like this from being possible.

    Deployment: We place terrain per the mission rules. I make VERY sure to place one of the two buildings we have between us. I grab one and place it on the very left edge of the board, with the furthest point being 9" off the board edge. Everything else I spread around the table to avoid clogging up the center of the board.

    During deployment, I put a unit of flesh hounds blocking off the far left corner between the building and the edge of my DZ so that Kairos will be safe on turn 1 from a charge. Even overrun paths, if he can manage to get one, won't hit kairos before it touches the building.

    The rest of my DZ shows, from left to right (after the hounds), screamers, 10 horrors, big horror block (with BSB + Skulltaker in there), hounds, flamers, 10 horrors, and on the very far right is the herald on a chariot. If he goes for that guy instead, he'll put a unit out of the fight.

    He puts, from left to right (with everything centered up):
    Ghouls facing left, balefire cart, black knights + wight king, manfred + vamp + skeletons (he originally placed two vamps on the left, but swapped them just after picture), wraiths in building, loadstone cart, vamp + skeletons, and varghulf facing right. Bats in the back.

    For my hammer thief, I put a unit of flamers to the left of his DZ (out of charge range of the ghouls). I figured they have a good chance of staying alive for +300 points, and I might need the hounds for counter charges.

    He put the grave guard in my DZ, on the left of the big horror unit facing it for a Turn 1 charge.

    I get the +1 to go first, win and take the first turn.

    DoC 1:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: I'm not afraid of the GG unit in my DZ, as long as they don't get some lucky killing blow attacks on my characters when they charge the horror block. In this phase, I'm hoping to draw his scrolls and then any extra damage I do on top is just a bonus.

    I turn my horror block to the left to face the threat of the grave guard. The hounds that were protecting him move to charge the grave guard next turn. The rest of the line moves forward a bit. Kairos moves to throw spirit of the forge on the black knights. Flamers on the right move into the forrest just out of my DZ.

    Spirit eats a scroll, big horror block miscasts trying for bolt of change and lose 5. Burning gaze on the varghulf gets blocked from the right herald, though the big unit and the herald also throw flickering fire at the grave guard and kill 7.

    Flamers in his DZ kill some ghouls.

    Vamp 1:
    Ghouls reform and start to advance, but fall way behind the line. Black knights surge forward, as does the varghulf. Infantry shuffle, with the wraiths leaving the building and hiding behind stuff.

    He chose not to charge the horror unit in the front with the grave guard, and then must have forgot to move them or something? I don't know, but they pretty much stayed put.

    Magic saw VHD get cast on IF on the varghulf to charge some flesh hounds. Glad that wasn't on the black knights to charge the big horror block in the flank. Could have killed a bunch.

    Combat saw the varghulf cause a wound, I do nothing but have mass for a draw.

    DoC 2:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: The grave guard should be dead by my next turn after this charge, so now I need to focus on the things rushing across the field. I figure the hounds will eventually take down the varghulf, it shouldn't need help. Black knights are the new priority, while the stuff on the right will focus on his BSB's unit since the wraiths are out of sight.

    Hounds hit the grave guard in the flank. Horror unit turns forward again and moves up 3" towards the black knights. Everything else kind of shuffles. Flamers on the right move up to forest edge to shoot out.

    Magic sees spirit blocked, bolt of change roll an 11 on 4d6 - I have icon of sorcery, but it's blocked by the balefire. On the right, though, between a pink horror unit, the chariot herald, and the shooting of some flamers, I completely wipe out the skeletons that a vampire was hanging out with.

    On to combat! 3 flesh hounds get to attack needing 3's to hit and 3's to wound with no save and kill 1, the lone grave guard on the flank causes a wound in return. I have flank and mass, he has banner, warbanner, and musician. I lost by 1? Er, not what I was expecting? He turns to face me, but is 2 wide by X deep.

    With the varghulf, I cause a wound and he causes 2. Draw again.

    Vamp 2:
    I had seen it immediately after I finished moving the unit, but it was too late to go back. The black knights were never going to charge the big horror unit in the front... and I gave them a perfect place to go instead. The 10 horrors on the left would be their target, and overrun into the GG/Hound. Thankfully I made sure not to have Kairos in the overrun path.

    Sure enough, that's the charge he makes (the 10 horrors). The bats on the right charge the flamers (one had gotten out of the woods), and he also charges in the vampire on horse who lost his skeleton unit. Bats went in to avoid a stand and shoot.... but I don't think he realizes just what he's done there.

    With no more screen, the wraiths rush forward.

    Magic sees little happen, the wraiths put a wound on the heralds chariot with the banshee wail. Combats! Varghulf is knocked down to 1 wound, but causes 1 more to have killed 3 dogs total.

    The vampire causes a wound to the flamers, and the flamers then kill all of the bats. He has 1 wound, BSB, Walking death (3) to my mass and 6 wounds to the bats (7). He loses by 4, counts as 3, and he dies. Saw that coming, even if he didn't..

    On the left, the horrors explode and he hits the flank of the hounds. I thankfully roll better against the grave guard and make it so that I only lose combat by 3-4, and still have 3 dogs in the combat, with one being wounded. His winning the combat allows the grave guard to add ranks to the front.

    DoC 3:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: With the black knights past me, I'm no longer really concerned about the blocks to my front. His skeletons are nothing, and if he throws them in combat with his characters against my horror block, Skulltaker will cut all of their heads off. The units that can do damage are both on my left again. Need to handle that and the game will be all but over, with the exception of the wraiths who can still do some damage.

    The big horror unit yet again has to change directions. This seems like poor planning on my part, heh. It turns to the flank of the black knights, hoping that Kairos can throw unseen lurker on it to get the charge.

    My herald on chariot flies away from the wraiths and lands near Kairos and the big horror block. Magic sees the herald get off cleansing flare, killing a few grave guard. He blocks some other random spells which lets Kairos throw 4 dice at Unseen Lurker. It goes off on an 11, he gets a +2 but is in range of the balefire's -1.

    Roll the dice: 3, 2, 2, 2. That's a 9, with modifiers goes to a 10... Damn. Wait! I have my D6 reroll per turn, I reroll a 2 and get another 2. Doesn't go off. This means I'll probably lose all the dogs and then his units can reform to face me, and it will be a longer process involving him potentially getting a counter flank, etc. Disappointing.

    Combat sees the dogs finally drag down the varghulf. My dogs kill some grave guard, and then take 6 wounds from the remaining guys. I pass 4 of my 5+ ward saves, then roll low enough to stick around. Awesome. Makes up for the failed unseen lurker.

    Vamp 3:
    He was disheartened by the dogs surviving, I could tell. He ends up charging the wraiths into the flank of the flesh hounds that killed the varghulf, and the loadstone cart into the front. Mannfred + Vamp + Skel's move to threaten the flank of the big horror unit, with the three ghouls that have been see-sawing up and down from the flamer shooting (from the unit I put in his DZ) and invocations moves forward, too.

    Immediately after the picture, he asked if he could put Mannfred and the vamp in the ghouls, I allowed it, so they are there instead of with the Skel's. I imagine he didn't want to risk his vamps to skulltaker if/when they charge the horror blocks front, but he was a nice guy so I didn't say no.

    Combat sees the black knights and grave guard finish off the dogs on the left.

    His wraights whiffed badly, doing only 1 wound to the dogs while the cart did nothing. I put a wound to the wraiths and a wound to the cart. I lost by 1 and passed instability.

    DoC 4:
    Pre-Turn Thoughts: This turn should break his army's back. The skulltaker/horror unit charge should end his black knights, while the grave guard should be finished off by magic. The wraiths are now in trouble since I have things to counter charge to add in static res. I expect all three units to pop.

    The tzeentch herald chariot charges into the wraiths (not something often done!), along with a unit of 10 horrors in the flank. Skulltaker and unit hit the flank of the black knights. I'm unsure how this should be handled, since Kairos is partially blocking the align move. He states that they'll slide (adepticon plays sliding) to the right until as many make base as possible. Sounds reasonable, which shunts my unit to the right some. Kairos then clears a bit of room (as shown in picture).

    Magic sees cleansing flare from the herald blocked, but Kairos throws one and kills off the ghouls the vamps were with, along with some black knights. Kairos then aims at Mannfred with a spirit of the forge, but rolls it right on the nose - wait, fails to cast because of balefire. Damn that thing, how is it not dead?! :p

    Flamers from his DZ do end up killing it that turn, but it definitely made its points back in messing up my casting several times.

    Combat sees the skulltaker chop the head off the wight king with a KB, and between my large static res explode the unit. Overrun hits Mannfred.

    On the right, chariot causes 4 wounds with impact hits. I challenge with the BSB and he gets stuck fighting it with the banshee so I'll be safe from his attacks. I then swing and after combat kill both the corpse cart and the wraiths completely.

    Vamp 4:
    He has very little left - his vampire that used to be in the ghouls with Mannfred and has avoided the horror/skulltaker block charges the chariot herald. The block of skeletons Mannfred left counters into the horror block's flank.

    Mannfred gets VHD on himself with IF for ASF and rerolls to hit. He also gets off a ton of invocations, raising up a bunch.

    Vamp wounds the tzeentch herald, draws because I have mass.

    In the main combat, Skulltaker issues a challenge. The changeling is not in base to swap his stats, so he accepts this round since it will just happen next (with swapped stats) if he uses his skeletal champ instead.

    He has 4 attacks, rerolling 4's to hit, then needing 3's to wound, but unfortunately not lowering my save enough that I don't get 2+ armor and 5+ ward, he predictably doesn't hurt me.

    My return attacks get 2 killing blows for max combat res of 10. The skeletons on the flank really didn't like that and a significant amount explode from combat res. More die to crumble checks. I turn to face the skeletons.

    DoC 5:
    I use cleansing flare to kill the vampire and some skeletons. Skeletons die in the ensuing combat and he's tabled.

    Very surprisingly, all of the 6 games that involved the 12 people with full 20 points all ended in 20 point massacres. I guess people were conceeding when they started to lose? Not sure (conceeding automatically awards opponent max points and you a 0).

    So going into the last round, there would be 3 tables with people all having the full 40 points.

    They post the pairings, and the top battle points were at the top tables. They paired the winners from #1 and #2 together, paired me (#3) with the winner from #4, and the winners from #5 and #6 together. These would be the top 3 tables going into the last round.

    I looked at table #4 and saw two armies - dark elves and warriors of chaos. I was prayed for warriors of chaos over dark elves. I'd rather risk a black tongue + infernal puppet combo than an all game ring of hotek.

    We'll see!

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