Hello All. After a two hour demo at the local games store the club decided to have games all day on Saturday to get used to the new rules. Myself and a VC player decided to start relatively small and play a 1000 pt match. I figured it would be nice to put up a battle report so others can learn from our game and mistakes. So here goes.

My army:

Herald of Tzeentch
Spell Breaker
Master of Sorcery (Lore of Shadows)

Blue Scribes of Tzeentch

30 Pink Horrors
Standard Bearer
Banner of Change

5 Flesh Hounds

4 Flamers of Tzeentch

His Army: (Sorry I donít have his list but hereís what I remember)

Vampire Lord
Hand Weapon
Lvl 2 Sorcerer
All the Spells he could buy.
3+ ward against shooting and magic

Lvl 1
All the spells
Corpse Cart
-1 to my casting

Wight King


30 Skeletons
Hand Weapons and Shields
Full Command

30 Zombies

15 Ghouls

First off the terrain went like so. We played on a 4X4 table. We didnít use the terrain chart we simply placed terrain. We ended up with a hill with rocky outcroppings on either end in the center of the table. On the sides were forests and a couple of ruins that didnít play a part in the battle.

We played a Battleline mission so no interesting rules.

I deployed with the Pink Horrors in the center with the Herald in the unit. They were arranged 10 by 3 so they counted as a Horde. The Flesh Hounds went to the right and the Flamers went to the left. The Blue Scribes went to the far left and deployed behind one of the woods. He deployed with his Skeletons on the right opposite my Flesh Hounds. The Ghouls went in the center flanked by the Vampire and the Wight King. The Corpse Cart went to the left of the Wight King and the Zombies went on the far left opposite my Blue Scribes. The Zombies were also in Horde formation

He won the roll off but allowed me to go first.

1st turn Daemons:
I moved my Hounds and Horrors up slowly and angled my Hounds slightly towards the center. The Flamers marched up to be in range of the Zombies for shooting. The Blue Scribes moved up to be just out of sure thing charge range of the Zombies. In the magic phase I rolled a 9 with him getting 5 dice. I got an extra 1 for my Herald. The Blue Scribes chose lore of fire and scored the Cascading Fire Cloak. Seeing that the Zombies would be at extreme range to charge and I had a dispel if they tried to dance there, I decided not to cast it. The Horrors cast Bolt of Change on the Ghouls but were dispelled. They then cast Flickering Fire and roasted 2 of the Ghouls. The Herald then tried to cast Penumbral Pendulum but failed the cast. Next up was shooting. The Flamers took aim and took out 1 Zombie.

1st Vampire Counts Turn:
He advanced his whole army as far as it could go except for the Corpse Cart which hung back behind the Zombies. The Vampire came up in front of the Ghouls. In the magic phase he rolled 11 and didnít get any dice from his mages. I got 6 dice for dispelling. He cast the make more undead spell on his Ghouls and made 2 more. When he cast it he rolled irresistible force. He then turned up 11 for the miscast table and his Vampire Lord lost all his spells and magic levels. Big blow to his magic. The Necromancer then cast the Danse Macabre on his Zombies but I dispelled it using my spell breaker. The Necromancer then cast to make a unit of Zombies but I dispelled it.

2nd Turn Daemons:
The Blue Scribes flew behind the Zombies and then turned to face the Corpse Cart. The Flamers marched up towards the Vampire Lord. The Flesh Hounds moved up to get a countercharge on the Ghouls when they inevitably charge the Flamers. In the magic phase I rolled 6 and he got 3 dispel dice. I got another 1 from a roll of 6 on the Pink Horrors and 3 more for the Blue Scribes special ability. The Blue Scribes chose the lore of heavens and rolled Urannonís Thunderbolt. They cast it on the Corpse Cart but he dispelled it. I then cast Flickering Fire on the Vampire Lord with the Pink Horrors and scored a wound. Then the Pink Horrors cast Bolt of Change and failed the roll to cast. In the shooting phase the Flamers unloaded on the Vampire Lord and caused another wound.

2nd Turn Vampire Counts:
He declared a charge against my Flamers with the Wight King, Ghouls, and Vampire Lord. The Flamers chose to stand and shoot against the Vampire Lord. They caused 4 wounds but he saved them all. The Zombies moved up but were still out of range of a charge. While they moved they went through the woods and rolled on the chart. We got spooky woods. Since we both are fear causing and Immune to Psychology we laughed at that. The Skeletons also moved up. In the magic phase he only rolled 7 giving me 4 dice. He tried to cast Danse Macabre on his Zombies but I dispelled it. He then used the Corpse Cartís ability to give his Zombies, Wight King and Ghouls Always Strike First. In the combat The Wight King and Ghouls swung and caused 4 wounds. I saved 2 and lost a model. The Vampire Lord swung and caused another 2 which I saved 1. The Flamers struck back. 2 targeted the Ghouls and killed 3. The other targeted the Vampire and put one wound on him. I found out that the Vampire had no save in H2H and he promptly died. The Flamers lost by 1 and lost another model to instability.

With the Vampire Lord dead the VC army started to crumble. He lost 5 Skeletons, 2 Ghouls, and 4 Zombies.

3rd Turn Daemons:
My Hounds declared a charge against the Ghouls. The rest of the army stayed put. In the Magic Phase I rolled a 10 and got 2 for the Blue Scribes so 12! I started with the Blue Scribes getting Harmonic Convergence from the Lore of Heavens and casting it on the Hounds. He tried to dispel and failed so couldnít dispel anymore. I then cast Pit of Shades on the Skeletons using the normal cast value and killed 8. Last up I cast Flickering Fire on the corpse cast but failed to cast. The Hounds hit the side of the Ghouls who still had ASF so they went first. He directed all of them to hit the hounds and they caused 4 wounds which I failed and lost 2 Hounds. The Wight King caused 1 wound against the Flamer. The Hounds struck back and killed 5 Ghouls and the Flamer killed 2 more. He lost by 2 since he no longer had any ranks and 2 more ghouls died.

3rd Turn Vampire Counts:
Start of the turn he rolled to lose models. He lost 2 Ghouls, 5 Skeletons, and 4 Zombies. The Zombies moved as far as they could towards the Pink Horrors. The Skeletons moved up but were still way out of range. The Corpse Cart moved to get a bead on the combat. In the magic phase he rolled 7 giving me 4 dice and he got 1 from the Necromancer. He tried the ASF ability first but I dispelled it. He then cast Danse Macabre on the Zombies and they charged into combat with the Pink Horrors. With his remaining dice he cast Raise Dead and got 7 Zombies right behind my Hounds. In the combat he no longer had ASF so the Hounds killed off the remaining Ghouls and the Flamer put a wound on the Wight King. He then died from Combat Resolution after being unable to hit my Flamer. The Pink Horrors killed 10 Zombies with their 25 Attacks. The Zombies killed 2 Horrors and lost another 10 to combat resolution. The remaining 2 held up the Horrors in combat.

4th Turn Daemons:
The Hounds charged the Corpse Cart and the Flamer turned to face the new Zombies. The Blue Scribes flew over to magic the Skeletons. In magic I rolled 8 giving him 4 and the Blue Scribes gave me another 3. The Scribes chose Lore of Fire and got Fulminating Flame Cage which they cast and he failed to dispel, burning up 3 more Skeletons. The Horrors cast Gift of Chaos and killed the Zombies in combat with them and 3 of the raised Zombies. The Horrors then Flickering Fired the raised Zombies for an irresistible force which killed off three of the Horrors and the remaining Zombies. He called the game.

He had left:
Necromancer on Corpse Cart
7 Skeletons

I had Left:
25 Horrors
3 Hounds
1 Flamer

Crushing Victory (donít remember the actual points)

Unit Performance:
I think putting the Horrors in a horde worked much better than having three units of 10. With the bonus to the cast they were able to get off almost all of their spells. Maybe next time Iíll give them the banner of +1 casting instead of Change since they now have to roll dice to cast bound spells. The Blue Scribes were totally worth it just because of the extra dice they made in the magic phase. The spells they cast were so so but they added a fun sense of randomness to the game. Hounds, Flamers, and Herald performed exactly as expected except the Flamer holding the center combat for the Hounds and killing the Vampire Lord were nice surprises.

8th Edition thoughts:
The new magic rules make it more necessary to have multiple casters just in case your main one flubs a spell early in their magic phase or gets a miscast that makes them unable to cast later. The rules for rolling magic dice made it so the magic phase was unpredictable and less base on how many mages you have in your list. I think it evens it up nicely and makes it more balanced. Other than that the woods were funny and the Horde rules made my Horrors effective in combat. Something that doesnít happen everyday. I like the new book.

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