What follows is a battle report written by my opponent and friend from last nights DoC Vs WoC 1k battle (story board in blue):

Greetings. Here follows an account of a battle just fought. I am starting a Mono-Khorne deamon army, and decided to field them for the first time last night against my friends WoC.
Kral the Demented called out his praise to the Tzeench as his blade sheared through the sword arm of the pitiful human general that faced him. The fall of their leader finally shattered the beleaguered defenders of the empire and almost as one, the imperial battle line collapsed.
There was no mercy.
The Frenzied warriors of Khorne accompanying his force relentlessly pursued their fleeing opponents. The screams of the dying echoed around the valley, proclaiming the slaughter in all its horror. Heads rolled, limbs fell, and bodies were sundered in a whirling maelstrom of death. Crimson mist filled the air, and the once green grass of the meadow was stained red by the blood of hundreds. The din of battle slowly gave way to the cheers and praise of victory. And too late, Kral realised what was happening.
Such slaughter,
Such bloodshed,
Such wanton destruction,

The blood lord’s attention had fixed upon this corner of reality, and the low hum in the air began to drown out the cheers of the champion’s warriors.
“Reform the lines! Now!” roared Kral. All too aware of what was about to happen. Rivers of blood began to flow up into the air. The gore of the battle and following slaughter coalesced before the eyes of the assembled chaos warriors. Red lightning split the darkening sky and the thunder crack that accompanied it split reality itself in a cascade of chaotic energy.
Echoing laughter pealed across the wind whipped valley, and from out of the haze something emerged. Blood red, and riding a vast brass beast, its malevolent eyes looked directly at the chaos champion. The living engine of death ground to a halt with a deep snort, and the Deamon atop raised its aetheric hell blade in salute.
“Kral the Demented” It began in the dark tongue. Its voice barely containing the very rage it embodied. “To your kind, I am known as Gore-Drinker. Such glorious slaughter you have made today. Your homage to my master is noted, and we come now to aid you.”
Kral chose his words carefully whilst silently cursing the warriors of the blood god and their battle rage… “The offer is welcomed Herald of Khorne. But the slaughter is over, the enemy is vanquished. And we now march on to the next battle”
The Deamon nodded and then turned its mount and rode slowly back towards the crimson ranks of its cohort. When it reached the line, it took its place amongst the legion.
“Kral the Demented” It shouted across the valley. “My master demands the blood tribute continue this day, in the absence of other worthy foes… yours is the honour. Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows”
The Herald raised its hell blade high and called out.
As one the deamonic legion responded.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle
1000 points
Battle line Scenario.

Deamons of chaos

Herald of Khorne, juggernaught, Firestorm blade, armour of Khorne
16 Blood letters, Command
10 blood letters
10 blood letters
5 Flesh hounds
5 flesh hounds

Warriors of chaos
Exalted, Mark of Tzeench, Talisman of preservation, Favour of the gods, Halberd
35 Marauders, Command, Shields, Mark of Tzeench.
12 Chaos warriors, Standard, Musician, Mark of Khorne, Halberds
12 Chaos warriors, Standard, Musician, Mark of Khorne, Halberds
War shrine

Far west flank had a small building across the centreline.
Middle West flank had two forests one either side of the centre line.
Entire right flank was covered in a range of small hills.
Hill nearest centre of table had a watchtower on it.
Parallel intermittent broken stone walls ran SE to NW across the centre of the table, marking an old disused track.
All terrain was declared “Normal”

The deamons army deployed on the south side.
Flesh hounds far west,
Flesh hounds Middle West
16 blood letters with herald in centre
10 blood letters just west of centre
10 blood letters just east of centre
The warriors deployed on the north side
All were deployed centrally, with the Marauders containing the Exalted flanked by the warrior units
War shrine behind the line.

Turn 1 Warriors
The battle line marches forwards to meet the deamons.
The western warriors angle slightly towards the two units of flesh hounds over on the west flank.
With no magic at all, I will skip the phase entirely for both sides.
The warshine calls its blessing down on the Marauders granting them +1 to their armour save. No other shooting means I will skip the phase entirely for both sides.

Turn 1 Deamons
Blood letters centre west advance far enough to tempt desperate charges from the frenzied Khorne warriors opposite.
Blood letters centre east angle in towards the centre and advance to tempt warriors there, this puts them in between the warriors and blood letters with herald, though unfortunately, after a miscalculation by the deamon general the unit ended up little too close to the warriors for comfort.
The western most flesh hounds advance quickly and wheel to face the centre in order to take advantage of the possible failed charge by the warriors over there. Or even catch them in a combined charge if they hold position
The other flesh hounds march towards the centre, towards the big block of marauders, hoping to get into position delay them for a turn so the deamons could deal with the warriors first.
The larger unit of blood letters with the herald wheels out to the east to go around the smaller blood letters now in between them and the warriors there, hoping to counter charge the warriors should they hit the smaller unit.

Kral glanced around. The battle line was solid for now, but the deamon horde was fast approaching. The rhythmic rumble of the ground gathered tempo as the juggernaught the herald was riding gathered speed. The champion roared his defiance and his host answered with there own war cries as the two forces closed on each other.

Turn 2 Warriors
The western warriors succeed in restraining themselves and hold position ready to receive a charge from the blood letters next turn. The eastern warriors charge headlong into the over extended blood letters in front of them. The marauders move up, hoping to join in next turn, supported by the shrine.
The first bout of combat is brutal. The frenzied warriors unleash their pent up fury on the deamons before them, sending a full rank back to the aether. In return, the remaining deamons strike back, a couple of warriors fall and a further one has his head removed in one deft stroke. The deamons shimmer under the assault, but a few remain to continue the fight.

Turn 2 Deamons
The blood letters with herald counter charge into the warriors engaged with the blood letters on the east.
The western most flesh hounds realise they wont get to hit the flank of the warriors there and so march on passed them and behind the warriors line.
The other flesh hounds try to charge the marauders, but roll poorly and grind to a halt quite short of there target.
The blood letters on the west, charge the warriors there. Hoping to at least pin them in place for a turn or two.
The small fight does not go well for the deamons; once again the frenzied warriors of khorne reap a huge toll on the deamons facing them. And when the dust settles, only 2 blood letters remain for the loss of only 2 warriors.
The large melee on the east goes very differently though. The smaller unit of blood letters is wiped out, but the herald rips into the warriors and quickly dispatches several. His blood letters loose a coupe of deamons before they also take there toll on the warriors. With the juggernaught finishing the carnage of, only 2 warriors remain, it proves too much for them and they turn to flee. The herald and his unit pursue, but are not quite quick enough to catch the warriors, though they do careen into the block of marauders.

[I]Kral watched with grim satisfaction as the chosen of Khorne tore into his deamonic servants. The warriors faired well, but could not dispatch the deamons entirely. Straight away he realised how it would unfold. The herald and his unit counter charged, and it was devastating. The juggernaught ground through the mortals effortlessly and the gifted hell blade of the herald rose and fell with dark purpose, hacking apart the best of the warriors like matchwood. The few survivors lost their bloodlust to thoughts of self preservation and fled with the deamons giving chase hungrily. Kral gave the order to stand fast as the Juggernaught thundered directly towards him.[/I]

Turn 3 Warriors
The shrine charges into the melee between the two big blocks to lend support to the marauders.
The two surviving warriors rally and turn to face the flesh hounds that are behind the warriors lines.
The shrine changes its blessing and grants the marauders an extra attack.
The warriors on the west, dispatch the remaining blood letters they are fighting and reform to face the flesh hounds that failed to charge the marauders.
In the large combat, Exalted declares a challenge, and the Herald is happy to accept. Around them the units hack at each other as the two unit champions also face each other in the battle line and trade blows. The marauder champion is hit by a killing blow, and several others fall to the deamons. The return attacks also dispatch several deamons with the war shine adding its worth to the fight also. In the challenge, the herald simply steps forth and lands two killing blows and a wound on the Exalted. His armour saves the wound, but not even Tzeench’s ward can save him from both killing blows and he falls easily. Despite loosing there leader, champion and several marauders, the warriors win, and a couple more deamons disappear as there hold on reality starts to fail.

Turn 3 Deamons
The flesh hounds behind the lines charge the two rallied warriors.
The Other flesh hounds move to receive the charge of the reformed warriors. Hoping to stall them for a turn or two.
One of the warriors facing the flesh hounds is brought down, but not before he and his companion send one of the demonic dogs back to the realm of chaos. The fight ends in a stalemate.
The marauders fight on without there leaders helped by the shrine. Casualties are high on both sides, and even more daemons begin to disappear as the energy sustaining them begins to fail. Only the herald and a handful of blood letters now remain.

“Gore-Drinker! Come face me Deamon!” Roared Kral above the din of war. All around him his marauders were falling to the hideous daemonic weapons of the scions of Khorne, out of the corner of his eye he saw the marauder champion sink to his knees as his head rolled slowly to the feet of the leering blood letter champion that had taken it. Grimly Kral advanced on the hulking form of the Herald atop his unholy mount. The Deamon urged his steed forwards through the swirling melee towards the mortal champion. The two met, and Kral barley had time to raise his weapon before the blows rained down from Khorne’s herald. All thoughts of offence went from Kral’s mind. It was all he could do to defend against such furious skill. Gore drinker poured the hatred of aeons into his assault, and slowly the champions’ defences cracked. A glancing blow that rung from his armour knocked him to his knees, and the last thing Kral saw was the burning blade arcing down towards his head.
“Blood for the blood god!” Roared Gore-Drinker, As he held the head of the exalted high.
“Skulls for the throne of Khorne” came the reply from his host.

Turn 4 Warriors
The reformed warriors charge the flesh hounds waiting for them.
The last warrior that rallied is finally bought down by the hound pack.
The other warriors carve through the flesh hounds they charged and take a huge toll. The resulting instability wipes the unit out totally, and they overrun into the last few recently victorious flesh hounds.
Gore-Drinker once again reaps a large tally, but shear weight of numbers finally takes the last of the blood letters, and breaks the bonds keeping him in the mortal world.
With only two hounds left on the table, we call it.

Win to Warriors of chaos, Deamons are Tabled.

Oh My! Khorne warriors with halberds hurt!
My first mistake was the blood letter bait on the east. I was far too close, no idea what was going through my head!
In hindsight, I should probably have just piled the hounds straight into the warriors from the get go to pin them down, with T4 the hounds are a little more durable than letters and might have been able to hold on until letters could get to the flanks of the warriors.
The herald was sterling. Every bit the scion of the blood god! I just wish I could fit a bigger unit around him. Deamons are surprisingly fragile and 35 ‘rauders puts out a lot of attacks especially with +1 attack… that’s a lot of 5+ wards to make!
Bring on the next battle… Blood for the Blood god!

Vraak strode purposely to where the body of his former master lay. His gore drenched armour testament to his skill and fury in combat. The battle had been glorious. Blood and skulls had been offered in plenty to his lord. The red mark of Khorne upon his forehead burned with an ice cold flame as he reached down and tore the icon of leadership from the headless corpse of Kral. He had seen this day in his dreams. Khorne had offered it to him decades ago. The slaughter of the pitiful humans was all it had taken to trigger the summoning and Khorne had answered the call. Vraak raised the icon high and the remaining host all dropped to one knee. Fear, respect, or simply by virtue that he was now the best of them. It didn’t matter, Vraak had been chosen by the blood god, and now, finally he had an army to do his bidding.