The Silver Knights of Tor Adrac - 4000 Points - High Elves vs Dwarfs - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Silver Knights of Tor Adrac - 4000 Points - High Elves vs Dwarfs

    So, since I've got nothing better to do, I thought I'd share the report of my first game in the eights edition -

    His list I can't recall correctly -

    So roughly

    Lords& Heroes

    Runesmith on Anvil (with every spelleating rune ever invented ever)

    King on oathstone

    Couple of machinists


    2x 20 musket fellows

    30 clan warriors with great weapons and throwing axes


    30 Ironbreakers (king in here)

    15 Miners

    Enough Siege Weaponry to defend the entire Maginot-Line


    4x Gyrocopters
    4x Organ Gun

    My list:

    Lords and Heroes

    Teclis (Lore of Life)

    Archmage (Lore of Shadows)

    Noble BsB Great Weapon, Armor of protection


    2x Noble Dragon Armor, Great weapon


    2x 38 Seaguard Musician Standard


    2x 22 Phoenix Guard Musician, Standard, one with Spellbanner

    2x 10 Shadowwarriors
    9 Shaowwarriors

    4x Rbt

    The Battlefield: Chunks of forest keep both of or armies away from the table corners, (and give the shadowwarriors plenty of room to hide). Luckily, a relatively large hill provides cover for most of my army, the rbts hide behind a bit of forest on my left flank, with los to the far left and right of his army, but not the majority of war machines.

    Turn I: High elves

    Lucky me goes first. One block of Seaguard reforms to get 14 wide, and moves up behind the hill, the two blocks of guard with a mage eage move behind it, second seaguard block tries to get into cover as well, but fails to hide itself completely. Shadowwarrios emerge behind enemy lines.
    Winds of magic are meh, somewhat compensated by teclis and the banner. Teclis IR-throne of vines himself, everything else get's banned into oblivion.
    Shadowwarriors fail to hit shit, rbt's down a copter and two Ironbreakers.

    Turn I: Dwarfes

    Two copters move to intercept the shadowwarriors, one andvances to my far left, presumably to get to the rbt's.
    Every siege weapon that can, fires (one of the cannons misfires, but is only hindered for one turn) at the seaguard in sight. 21 Elves die, but an amazing number of 'look out sir' rolls are past. Guards flee, but just so remain on the board.

    Turn II: High elves

    Seaguard rallies, and is now somewhat in cover with the rbts. Shadowwarriors declare charges on the stonethrowers, 2 of 3 succeed. Second Seaguard takes the risk, and moves up on the hill, to serve as cover for the PG coming up behind.
    Winds of magic are hilariously meh, with 2 d6 and 2d3, and two mages trying to channel resulting in a whooping 6 powerdice. (Dwarf laughs his ass off). Teclis at least manages to succesfully flesh to stone the Seaguard thanks to IR.
    Rbts down the copter that tried to sneak up on them, and another two Ironbreakers.
    Shadowwarriors kill a few crewmen, but both fail to overrun into something by a few inches.

    Turn II: Dwarfs

    Both units of thunderes turn around to get between the Sw's and the cannons. Ironbreakes fall back a few inches. Miners show up behind the rbts. Copters wipe out the 10 shadowwarriors on open ground. An unholy amount of shots hails onto the Seaguard formation on the hilltop, but thanks to T7 only take 8 lives.

    Turn III: Elves

    Shadowwarriors charge further guncrews, The rest of the second seaguard unit charges the miners. Main force advances.
    The winds of magic return, still not great, but better. Teclis pulls a lucky earthblood out of his arse, growing a seaguardsmen back in the process, IR pit of shades placed on the king, scatters 12 inches (dwarf laughing) and lands precisely on the runesmith' head, eating him and his guard in the process (my turn laughing).
    Shadowwarriors drive off the other two stone thrower's crews and pursue into the gunmen due to stupid hatred. Noble and his remaining Seaguardsmen kill six miners, loosing 3 of their own in return, dwarfs hold.

    Turn III: Dwarfs

    Gyrocopters charge in the shadowwarriors backs, King and Ironbreakers charge the seaguard in an desperate attempt to halt their advance, Clanwarriors move up in my flank.
    With one of the organ guns now having los, two Pg loose their lives.
    Closecombat get's viceral.
    -Five Miners die, vs 1 dead Guardsmen, Miners hold.
    -Shadowwarrior block A kills 4 Gunmen, before getting utterly annihilated by the retaliation and two copters.
    -SW block B kills 6 Gunmen, loosing 3 of their own. Stalemate.
    -Ironbreakers loose 5 to the stupid amout of attacks that elves with spears put up (well two to the spears and three to the noble really), before inflicting a single wound, plus one from the king on t7 elves, both of which get regenerated.

    Turn IV: Elves
    Pgs charge the clansmen. Other Pg's fail to charge the organ gun.
    Winds of magic try to make up for the utter failure earlier in the game, now that Teclis is occupied in cc. Nonetheless, an IR mindrazor is cast on the pg with teclis in, anything else gets banned, even with the anvil gone.
    -Miners get wiped out.
    -SW block B kills 3, looses 2.
    -SG kills 4 Ironbreakers, loosing none.
    -PG kills 13 Clanwarriors, also loosing 1. Dwarfs roll insane courage.

    Turn IV: Dwarfs
    Organ Guns fire at the pg in sight, killing four. Copters charge into the few SW's left. free Gunmen turn around again.
    -Sw block B kills another Gunman, then get wiped out.
    -Sg Kills six Iron breakers, loosing one to unlucky rolls.
    -Pg tear apart the clansmen, running the few survivors down, and overrunning into the gunmen.

    Turn V: Elves
    Second Sg block marches out of cover. Pg charges the organ guns succesfully.
    -Sg kills another four Ironbreakers, loosing none. Stupid dwarfs are down to four plus king, but still hold onto their oathstone.
    -Pg eat the gunmen, overrunning into the copters
    -Pg B kills off the guncrews and reforms.

    Turn V: Dwarfs
    Gunmen fall back, with nothing to shoot at. Cannons turn in an attempt to fire at the PG facing them.
    -SG Kill the remaining Ironbreakers, wounding the king twice.
    -Pg crush the copters

    The dwarf player wanted to play a sixth turn, but was more or less given up at this point, with the bystanders, the shop owner among them, vote-ending the game.

    At this point, the final scores amount to:

    High Elves: 2942
    Dwarfs: 464

    So far, I like the 8th edition, though I the game was won by lucky IR rolls and the terrain, more than my superior strategy. Also, the new magic is just wonderful for us pointy ears. S9 Pg is just murderous.

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    Sounds like a fun game. I don't think I would have brought that 2nd Archmage, with just the two WoM dice, Teclis would have eaten everything up. Nice job on the HE win though.
    Nights Justice Space Marines
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    46 (x1)

    Thanks. Teclis did eat most of the dice, however with that many guns facing my way (and both mages sitting in my main combat units), I'd rather play save and not loose my magic-advantage to one unlucky cannonball. (Still, dwarfs dispelling is outright ridiculous, I didn't get a single spell off, that wasn't IR, and even with me getting an additional 2d3 powerdice, most of the time he had as much dispell dice, as I had powerdice)

    I'd have expected to receive a bit of stick for fielding 29 shadowwarriors though, I felt they were a bit of a gamble, one that payed off, but still.
    The Silver Knights of Tor Adrac (He): 26/2/4
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