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    WoC Vs HE [2500pts]

    Ok so I played a 2500 pts game against a staff member the other day and at about the start of turn 4 things started to go wayyy down hill. Apologise for spelling: I seem to have misplaced my Microsoft Office and wrote this in "Notepad"!

    My List:

    Chaos Lord, Jugger, Runesword, Dawnstone

    Exalted, BSB, Enchanted Shield, Bloodcurdling Roar, Halberd

    Tz Sorc, Feedback Scroll, Lvl 2

    18 Warriors, MoK, Add hnd Wep, FC

    18 Chosen, FC, Book of Secrets, Halberds, Shields

    30 Marauders, FC, MoK, GW -Horde formation.

    2x5 Warhounds

    5 Knights, Blasted Standard, MoT, Ensorc Weps


    Chariot, MoK


    His List from memory:


    2 mages lvl2

    30 spearmen, horde

    5 Elliran reavers

    15-20 seaguard

    20 Archers

    3 Bolt throwers

    3 Chariots, one of which was thrace.

    14 Swordmasters, FC

    20 Swordmasters, FC

    The Battle

    We roll to see what we get, ends up the 2 sided Valley (So length ways and can only flee to your inital deployment
    one with Impassable terrain to either side). Deploy 12" back from the centre.

    +I was susceptible to this as I had a predominate foot-slogging army, I try to counter this with my warhounds,
    knights and chariots movement but in the confined space it makes there flexibility useless.

    Turn 1:
    Elf goes first, he moves the reaver's with Vanguard towards my Marauders on his left flank. Move's the three chariots
    forward on his right flank, keeps all infantry back aside from a 14man sword master unit marching forward in the
    centre of his line.
    Following this his magic does not do alot as he rolls a 5 and a 1 for his pool and no channels.
    I use my Feedback scroll instantly on flames of the phoenix against his 4 D6 to cast it.I roll 3 5's Owsum!
    but he saves 2 on his 5+ ward >_<.
    Then comes a little bit of pain with his shooting phase. His bolt throwers and 20 archers cause 5 casualties
    in my Warrior unit reducing them to 13.. meh their hard they can deal.
    And this remaining bolt thrower fluffs at my chosen.

    My turn. March March March. I declare a charge with my Marauder unit into his reavers, he flees and I move 4".
    (In hindsight I should have just marched the buggers and restricted his movement with the garuntee'd 8") meh.
    Everything else moves up as far as it will go in a fairly steady battle line.
    Magic. Now im a fluff Khonre player that due to 8th Ed has to take a "captured" Tz sorc to atleast protect my
    bloodthurstie boys, after all the more left standing the more Skulls for the Skull Throne. My sorc gets a double 4
    for spells so I drop one to Pandemonium to spank on his magic phase. I use pandemonium first and he lets it go by
    have no idea why but im happy!! I then cast Treason of Tz at his Swordmaster unit moving up in the middle of his
    line. He attempts a dispel and fails, woot 5-7 swordmasters hit themselves in the face. This ends my magic as my
    shadow Chosen takes MMM to reduce his stat line but im out of range.
    Shooting, Hellcannon passes LD test and spanks his 2" template right in the front of his horde missing by 1",meh.
    My Chosen gain MR from the EoTG, and my warrior unit gain a +1 to thier AS from my warshirne.

    End of Turn 1

    Turn 2:

    His reavers move slightly more central to avoid my marauders on my right flank. Everything else remains where it
    is essentialy >_< Aside from his middle swordmasters moving forward to deny marching on my lord and warshrine
    Magic phase: (Heres hoping he forgets about Pandemonium) and Woot he does!! he rolls for a 5+ ward on his larger
    swordmaster unit which I let through. His next spell however he rolls a double 5 and this counts as a Misscast,
    sweet S10 hit, takes a wound. (Now I believe even if that spell was effectively cast on the dice roll, pande forcing
    a misscast means the spell is cancelled, and the caster can then no longer cast spells that turb. (My opponent believed the
    spell still went through dispite this) I said NO but let him 4+ it anyway, of course he gets the 4+ and his remaining
    spells keep coming.
    Shooting again hurts a wee bit, I take a few wounds on my marauders and warriors, and 4 chosen snuff it.

    My turn. Not particually eventful, once again I march everything as far as It will go with a good 12-15" left
    between any enemy and my infantry.
    Magic, I get Treason of Tz of on his horde of spearmen and Korhil but he saves most of them with ward saves(Again I should have just focussed on his sword masters). Maybe
    looses 5 at best, thats half a rank so slightly less stubborn that'll do. I reduce his WS on his swordmasters
    thinking I'll just charge them with my lord who kicks out 7 S6 A's on his remaining 6 models. Pande remains in play
    as he forgets to dispel.

    Hellcannon semi fluffs its shooting and only kills 2 spear men. He passes his LD test.

    Turn 3:

    His middle swordmaster unit are now very close to my Lord and warshrine and chariot, (I like the look of this...
    finally some combat!!) his reavers are very tricksie and reform through what must have been a 4" gap in my line
    1 model width with 4 running behind and again reform jsut behind my warrior unit. Again everthing thing else pretty
    much stays as it is. Charges: One chariot smacks into my warhounds on my left flank, (don't really care) thier
    there to stop all three chariots hitting my knights.
    The other two chariots smack into my Knights.The knight combat goes my way I use 3 knights attacks to grind one
    chariot into the dirt and cause 2 wounds on the other with my remaining knight. (HOWEVER: I was running these with
    MoT and blasted stndrd. Now the standard applies a 5+ ward in shooting, and I thought with Tz I could combine this
    for a 4+ ward in combat which obviously saved my knights a lot of wounds from his impact hits) The army book states
    MoT can be combined with any other ward save, but im not sure...My bad!!I pursue his chariot killing it.
    My warhounds loose 6/10 and run away his chariot pursues and is in a good position to charge my hellcannon.
    His magic phase sees another misscast and him loosing one mage due to pandemonium. He now casts Dispel magic to get
    rid of it. Along with a few other shapery spells I manage to dispel.
    Shooting gets nasty I loose a few more chosen, and he snipes my chariot with his bolt throwers bleh... I also loose
    3-4 marauders to the reavers shooting me in the arse on my right flank.

    My turn.
    I charge my lord and warshirne (which fails) into his swordmasters and tear him apart entirely. I issue a challenge
    to which he declines minimising his attacks and all my WS 9 S6 7A's hit and wipe out the unit. I choose to overun
    which unfortunatly plonks me in front of his bolt throwers and 20 archers.
    Everything moves forward yet again my 4 knights move close to the left table edge with chosen in support, looking
    to take out his larger swordmaster unit and a boltthrower. My warriors march forward towards his horde unit on my
    right, with the marauder horde in support. Khorne gief me some combat!!
    My magic doesn't go brilliantly with almost everything getting dispelled, aside from the -1 WS on his last
    swordmaster unit which he lets through.
    My Hellcannon fails its LD test and rampages 4" away from his overrunning chariot, this scares him A LOT!

    Turn 4:

    I rally my Marauder unit... and he actually starts to move Horaay! His reavers move up behind my marauder unit, his seaguard start to move towards
    them also. The horde spearelves and Korhil move towards my warriors. This is all on my right flank.
    He charges with the seaguard and reavers into my marauder unit. This combat sees me loose what remains of my back rank but makes
    5 mushy reavers and one or too seaguard. He actually wins combat here due to the amount of wounds I suffer and his
    warbanner and I manage to flee out of the way. There is no other combat.
    With his remaining mage I can't quite remember what he casts, but I loose a shed load of chosen and everything
    else is somewhat uneventful.
    His Shooting sees my Lord take 2 wounds from his combine bolt throwers and 20 archers bummer, but
    I <3 my Dawnstone 1+/1+ to keep him there!
    I charge my 4 knights into his Bolt throwers flank killing the crew and loosing one knight to a stab in the eyeslot!
    These fellas now over-run into the front of his sword master (Although I was certain I had majority flank!!)
    The remaining chosen and warshrine also charge into this combat.
    I also charge my 13 strong warrior unit into his horde along with my exalted and BSB.
    The first combat with the swordmasters sees my knights get torn apart, along with my chosen leavning with nothing
    to hit back aside from my flanking warshrine. (I cry inside a little at this point) My warshrine casues one wound
    and runs away like a girl. (This is the most unfortunate part about it)
    As the warshrine runs directly away from that unit only to lead a 10-12 man strong swordmaster unit smack into my
    Warriors open flank. Brilliant. Why did I choose to do that combat first! Needless to say my warriors get ripped
    to ribbons with his ASF and rerolls + Korhil accepting my exalteds challenge and killing him outright! My warriors
    deal out 7 or so wounds to his spearmen but its not enough and they run-away getting caught in the process, lining
    up the spear horde and swordmasters to assist in the seaguards pursuit of my marauders.
    My lord tears apart one more bolt thrower, panicing the remaning one to run off the board. Then reforms to face
    the 20 archers.
    At this point I have my Lord on 1 wound, 18 marauders, and a hellcannon remaing... what the bloody hell happened!!

    Turn 5:

    He charges his swordmasters and seaguard into my remainging marauders, of whom they butcher outright! Owsum >_<
    He victoriously reforms these units to face my Lord. Not a lot he can now really do as I have sod all models on the

    My lord charges his archers taking 20 arrows of stand and shoot and keeping his last wound. All to get into combat
    with ASF elven archers that poke a dagger through what I can only imagine is the small eye slot of my Lord's
    1+ armour of which I fail. Phew luckliy I have my dawnstone.... I fail this 1+ aswell friggin great! Lord = dead.

    Before I concede the match I get a consiliatory shot off from my hellcannon at his Horde unit. MISSFIRE!!
    However I do roll a 6 which is a S10 hit landing on around 12 models Yippee! 10 more dead elves for Khorne!!


    I should have dropped the marauder unit and the warhounds for an additional 5 knights, or a 12 man unit of warriors,
    The elves ASF and rerolls is a real bugger to deal with even with my Khornate combat army. I could have used
    Wulfrik to appear behind his boltthrower line, but I couldnt spare the points in the end (instead I ended up paying
    for them anyway by my marauders doing nothing and taking major casualties to his shooting). Also AVOID swordmasters
    like the plague, magic or shoot them to death before you go near them no matter how beardy you are feeling!
    A quick question to the chaos players, I know elves have the ASF rule, but If we match them on Initiative do we
    not get to attack at the same time, or does this mean they canno't re'roll to hit?

    Overall I see it as a loss to me ofc, but a great Victory for Khorne as he gets a shed load of new skulls to play with on his throne!

    Last edited by Lord Vearak; October 6th, 2010 at 15:54.

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    Tough luck, but nice report

    If you match them in Inititive, they strike first (they ALWAYS strike first, even if you have Ini 10), and they re-roll if their Ini is EQUAL or greater than yours...yeah...I know...we hates them! xD
    Necrons W0/D0/L0 Dwarfs W10/D2/L6 (8th edition)


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    Quote Originally Posted by *Monsterman* View Post
    Tough luck, but nice report

    If you match them in Inititive, they strike first (they ALWAYS strike first, even if you have Ini 10), and they re-roll if their Ini is EQUAL or greater than yours...yeah...I know...we hates them! xD

    Lesson to be learnt - only engage Swormasters with tough units with lots of attacks and are cheap (Black Orcs, anything S4 with 2 HW) and lots of ranks or else shoot/blast em. Generally SM are teh most dangerous unit in the High Elf army - staying power on their weapons unlike lancers, ASF etc. But you can beat the rest of the army easy enough - the HE player did get quite lucky...

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