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    Slaanesh Horde of Chi-An

    I have decided to right up my batreps for people to read and comment on any mistakes that iv made
    My army is all Slaanesh apart from my sorcerer lord, who is unmarked and uses lore of havens but sometime I swap for a different lore I want to try out, and a unit of warriors who have the banner of rage and so don't need it.

    1st Game was against a very nice opponent who used high elves
    Scenario was random setup and the bored we were using was smaller than most so it was very confined

    I put my warshrine on my left flank with my sorcerer lord behind him in a unit of 10 dogs.
    10 knights in the centre with 40 marauders behind them
    Then had 18 Warriors with Extra Hand Weapon and Banner of Rage deployed on the centre right with 17 Warriors with Halberds and BSB on the right flank

    He had 2 RBT's on a hill on his right with a unit of LSG (I think) in front of them
    5 dragon knights in his centre right
    Lion Chariot in centre
    Sword masters in centre left with Korhil
    More LSG in left flank with 20 arches behind them
    Mage in a unit somewhere

    Turn 1
    He goes 1st
    His Army moves up a bit
    magic kills a knight and does nothing else
    shooting targets my knights but fails to do anything

    I Move forward
    and here is where I make a stupid mistake, I put my warshrine infront of my sorcerer lord thinking it will protect him from being shot by the RBT's.
    Magic goes okay dropping a comet right in the middle of his army and manage to kill 2 dragon knights
    My warshrine blesses my knights giving them +1 Ld

    Turn 2
    His spearmen charged my warshrine (which in hindsight should have fled). He had 3 ranks, a banner and a charge = combat res of 5 against my 2 kills, I failed my break test and fled and he overran into my sorcerer lord which was killed next turn

    I had my 10 knights declare a charge against his chariot hoping to break threw and go after his RBT's. However the dice had other ideas and I roll a double 1 and so failed
    My warriors (on my right) declare a charge against his other unit of spear-men which failed and they chose to stand and shoot

    My marauders were now in a predicament
    They were standing right behind my knights which were facing a charge by those dragon knights, the sword masters and a chariot. And they had the spear-men which had killed my sorcerer on their left flank. I had no real choice but to reform my marauders to face the spear-men and to have my knights flee against their charge and reform next turn

    Turn 3
    So he charged my knights which fled and shot at my warriors again with everything (2 bolt thrower, sea guard and some arches)

    My knights failed to rally on a 9 and fled of the table
    Marauders charged his spear-men which hacked them to pieces
    Warriors charged his spear-guard with only 7 + BSB of the original 17 making it into combat
    The other unit warriors again failed to make it to combat which eventually got hacked to bits by his sword masters without killing a single thing

    The warriors that made it into combat eventually got killed with just the BSB left which turned out to be hilarious
    The guy refused to die or run so he sent in korhill. I challenged and he accepted with korhill
    korhill strikes 1st and rolls a 6 for his to wound roll
    Now we both have ASF so we attack at the same time and I manage to take him down with me

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    33 (x2)

    The 2nd game was against Skaven
    10 knights in a long line in the centre
    40 marauders on left flank
    18 warriors with extra weapon to the right of the knights
    5 dogs to the right of the warriors
    17 warriors with halberds + bsb to the right of the dogs

    huge horde of clanrats in centre with 2 smaller units on each flank of it
    doomwheel on his right
    his general and his retinue of clan rats (I think) to the left of his horde
    rat ogres to his left of his general
    warp fire cannon's and other guns scatted about

    My knights move up ready to charge his horde next turn
    marauders move up to protect the right flank of the knights against his doomwheel
    All the warriors move up
    I drop a comet right next to his horde of clan rats but I forget about it and it never goes off
    I cast chain lightning which zaps 1 clan rat in his huge horde. Oh well, 1 down 59 more to go.
    Warshrine puts MR3 on my knights

    The doomwheel, rat ogres and general's unit move up.
    Magic does nothing
    His warpfire thrower kills 3 dogs which funnily pass their Ld test
    His Gatling gun fires 6 shots at my knights before misfiring and kills nothing
    His other Gatling gun misfires after 2 rolls and rolls a 1

    Turn 2
    My knights charged straight into his centre of clan rats, my warriors with extra hand weapon and banner of rage charged his general, my warriors with halberds charged his rat-ogres but failed

    My 40 marauders move to face his doom-wheel
    My knights got to re-roll all's and the big unit of clan rats and to re-roll all 6's due to lore of havens.
    Warshrine gave my knights +1 strength – pointless

    The knights were awesome and just hacked there way threw everything
    His general was beaten in combat and fled but was caught and destroyed

    He charged my knights with his clanrats on ether side of his horde unit
    His rat ogres charged my warriors with halberds
    His doomwheel moved up to my marauders
    His wizard rat jumped out of combat with his magic spell
    He then cast that 13th spell on my marauders killing 7
    Knights hacked at his guys again, killing a lot
    Warriors slaughtered his rat ogres who fled but escaped by 1”

    Turn 3
    Marauders Charged his doomwheel and the warriors chased after his fleeing ogres

    Turn 4-6
    Eventually I killed his doomwheel and his horde of clanrats ran off the table and my knights chased after another

    I lost 10 dogs
    He lost everything part from 1 unit of clan rats and a unit of rat swarms

    so, so far 1 lose – massacre and 1 win, also a massacre

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