Good day everybody.

It's been a long time, but I finally have some (little) time to write a mostly "text-based-digest" type of report. You'll have to excuse the lack of "graphic detail", and apologies if it is too long.

I played my brother's Ogre Kingdoms, at a 2000 point level. I think this is an appropriate level to try some stuff with the new greenskins, and also gives the ULTRA expensive ogre army some degree of flexibility. We played on a weekday (Thursday) and started kinda late, so we weren't unable to finish the game (my brother quit the game at about 01: 00 - that's one-o-clock in the MORNING for you 12-hour types)

The Ogre army had a "big-ish" unit of Maneaters; a unit of the improved (hits/wounds with minus FOUR to Armour Saves!) and always killer Ironguts; two lvl-2 Butchers and a one-ogre-army Tyrant that reminded me of a mutant-steroid-abusing-angry bulldozer LOL

For my part, I tried my usual warmachines (go Doom Diver!); a big (36-orc) unit of Big'Uns with the Spirit Totem and Dual-choppas; and the almost-obligatory two lvl-2 Orc Shamans (for WAAAGH! - which I got). For support I had my usual NG-netter units, a boar chariot, two trolls in a line, and two units of 14-orc Savage boyz. Nothing fancy as you can see (no, I don't have Squigs )

First turn was of course a turn of positioning. I also had my one-every-year shot of luck when my Lobba crew of "gobbo-Davids" put a huge stone in the middle of the eyes of the Goliath-Tyrant, and failed to kill the monster for only ONE WOUND. That made my brother forcefully switch to a more aggressive stance (something I always recommend to him and his ogres). Apart from that, one of my shamans was crushed by a foot of Gork (or possibly Mork) during his warpath, so it was a very forgettable magic phase. No fancy stuff for the ogres.

On the second turn, the Butchers buffed their army with only a meager FOUR power dice. It's amazing that he got to cast two successful spells with that, and in the previous turn I only killed my shaman with TEN power dice. Anyway we cautiously kept getting closer although two of my support units squabbled out of the main battle line. Another funny highlight was the misfire of the Scraplauncher - I got it under my control and got ANOTHER misfire on the roll ! This is only possible with ogres (I think...)

The third turn I pushed my Trolls against the super-tyrant but had no luck killing him (only one wound left!). The killing-machine took revenge on the indignity of the vomit by breaking them. I got a good flee-roll and my single wound troll got away (panic was endured). My boar chariot charged the ironguts and was reduced to splinters in the process (damn Ironguts!)

On the fourth turn, the ogre bulldozer obliterated one of the NG blocks (despite getting hit by the fanatic). Those Maneater are really good: they put about 15 - 20 casualties (!) in a single round even without the bull charge ! A block of Gnoblars got into the killing too, so there was NO steadfast stand for me after that beating...

The fifth (and final) turn saw the revenge of the Big'uns and General against the gnoblars, as expected the little ones were run down on the spot, and I got a favorable position for my next charge against the Ogre general and his maneaters (didn't got to think if it was or not a good idea). Also, my group of 13 savages killed the Irongut unit by a good placed flank charge (and some luck on the dice). The game had to end as my brother was half-asleep and had to work the next day.

I think I was in a good position against the enemy. I cannot (obviously) guarantee that victory would have been mine, but with a little bit of luck (and another round of WAAAGH!-ing), I think the match of Big'Uns vs. Maneaters would have been favorable to the greenskins (even considering stubborn...)

It was a good game. I taught my brother some new 8th stuff and helped me got the hang of my army a little bit more. I hope I can try something A LITTLE bit different the next game. I'm liking 8th edition much more than 7th !

Thanks for reading this.

WAAAGH! for everybody