So i am quite tired and frustrated with my generalship here of late. seems most games I can't buy a win. In an attempt to fix that i'm posting my latest defeat in the hopes that someone will tell me what the @#$%^ I'm doing wrong.

1500 points

DoC - My army

Skulltaker on jug - General
HoK - BSB (3+ armor and your magic weapon doesn't work)
BSB is -2 to spells
HoK - reroll wounds and +1 str/flame

20 bloodletters Full Command
magic standard + 1 dice to charge
20 bloodletters Full Command
magic standard + 1 dice to charge
3 Bloodcrushers Full Command
magic standard +1 dice to charge
5 Hounds

Enemy - Skaven
Plague Priest on Plague Censor

30 Stormvermin - Quek goes here
30 plague monks
30 clanrats

The match
I win roll off so place first. Place Crushers with 'Taker mid field. One Unit of 'Letters on each side. Seeing that the hounds have no viable targets i place them at the end and hope they can flank something.
He places Monks and Censor mid field. Clan rats across from my 'letters with the doomwheel. The stormvermin go across from the hounds and "letters on the other side of the "crushers.

Turn 1
O.k. So Im looking at a whole of pain at the moment. No way the crushers can hurt the plague monks in any real way. the 'letters facing off with the clanrats don't relish the thought of being flanked by the doomwheel and a single squad of hounds won't hold against 30 stormvermin. The only piece of terrain that matters is a marshland mid field. I move my stuff forward to my side of the marsh and await the charge hoping my opponent goes through the marsh and i get lucky somehow.
Enemy Turn 1
Moves up to his side of the marsh and doesnt charge. Casts withering on the crushers, with 6 dice that I can't stop on 4 so it goes through. Casts a template spell which is his only other spell. I try to dispell but fail. Fortunately, the template is not long enough. Rolls leadership on wheel and passes doesn't shoot his own guys.

Hmmmm, things are not any better than they were last turn, time to bite the bullet and maybe something good will happen. I declare charges on the wheel with my crushers, the clanrats with a squad of letters, the plague monks get charged by the other squad of letters and the hounds. As his charge reactions he flees with both the clanrats and wheel. i try to catch on 3d6 and fail. Crushers move forward about 5 and letters about 4. The second squad of letters get into the plague monks and the hounds fail their charge moving 2. In Hand to Hand I issue a challenge with my heral he declines. So now my HoK is out of the combat. I swing with the 3 guys in base to base with the censor and 3 in support, Plague Priest dies. That leaves me 2 more in the front and 2 in the back. Most of these wound and kill. He does his round of pain. I loss combat rez due to wounds from the toughness test caused by the censor. Roll instability and loss more letters.
Enemy Turn 2
Rallies both the clanrats and wheel. Charges dogs with stormvermin after moving quek to the plaque monk unit. I don't flee them because in hopes of getting stormvermin out of placewith regards to the lines which were further up forward. No casters left so no magic phase. Woot. Rolls leadership and doesnt shoot own squad in face. In Hand to hand Quek issues challenge HoK with offensive gear accepts. Quek kills HoK. PLague Priests finish off squad of letters after the censor took two wounds due to toughness test and instability. Makes leadership to not overrun into marsh. Stormvermin kill dogs due to combat rez and instability.

Well hell that didn't work at all. Glad Khorne is good so good in combat. Sigh. Charge 'crushers across marsh to get into plague squad. "letters try to get into the charge as well but fail on 2d6. Going across marsh causes me to loss a wound. In hand to hand issue skulltakers challenge. Quek accepts. Quek dies. Roll on the the censor get 2 more wounds but it doesn't die. Loss 'crusher squad to toughness tests. Game ends.

So, If anyone can help me figure out how the heck i got tabled in 3 turns or what is so good awful about my list that I'm not competing against my opponents it would be greatly appreciated.