An incredibly short game, I'm not even going to post pictures! He threw his list together last minute, so I'm not sure what items he had or what all the units were called.

My list-

Grey Seer - power scroll, Talisman of Preservation

Chieftain - BSB, Great weapon, Shield, Worlds edge Armor, Dawnstone

Warlock Engineer - Level 2, Dispel scroll

20x Stormvermin - Banner of the under empire, Fangleader,
Warpfire Thrower

30x Clanrats - Spears, Shields, Musician
Poison Wind Mortar

50x Skavenslaves - Spears, Shields, Musician

20x Plague Monks - Plague Banner

6x Gutter Runners - Slings, Poisoned attacks

His List -

Deamon Prince


15x Deamonettes

15x Deamonettes

5x Seekers

3x mutated...thingies....spawns?

We rolled 10 pieces of terrain (ugh) and the middle of the table ended up litered with forests. Straight battle line scenario. He deployed very spread out. Seekers and spawns to the left, Daemonettes in the middle with the prince beside them. The masque took the far right.

I tried to deploy defensively, as i wasn't really sure what to expect from this army. The skaves anchored the middle, With the grey seer in the clanrats sitting to the right, and the Chieftain and stormvermin to their right. On the left of the slaves were the monks. I deployed the runners behind the masque, as it seemed the best target for them.

He rolled first turn and took it.

Daemons Turn 1

Everything flies up into my face. Wonderful. the masque runs forward. Holy crap this army can move! The seekers and spawns run across the board and around to face my flank. Prince and daemonettes get ready to charge my line. No magic or shooting

Skaven Turn 1

Things start going sour for him here. I shuffle my lines up, Namely the monks, who shuffle up beside a house just enough to break LOS from the seekers and spawns. I'm still playing defensively here, I'm holding to recieve his charge. My Runners move up to just in range of the masque.

Magic saw my seer scorch several daemonettes, followed by my warlock zapping a few more.

Shooting saw the mortar reduce the magic ruined unit of deamonettes down to 5 models. My gutters are just within range of the masque after marching. i'm hitting on 5's here, as shes in a forest. I roll... three 6's. Three poisoned shots! He threw his ward saves and wound. Masque = dead turn one. WOO!

Daemons Turn 2

He charged his full unit of daemonettes into my slaves, as well as hitting the front of my monks with his Prince.

No magic, No shooting

Combat- He whiffed his daemonettes rolls. He killed one slave. I whiffed mine as well, i killed none in return! The slaves held thanks to ranks and BSB.
His Prince Kills three monks, and i deal one wound to it in return.

Skaven Turn 2

I move my stormvermin into position to get into combat with his seekers and spawns.
Everything else just shuffles to get better LOS. Gutters run up to find something to shoot.

Magic saw me cast the Dreaded Thirteenth spell on the Daemonettes in combat with my slaves. I used my power scroll to force a miscast. I roll 14 wounds, leaving one model in combat. Warlock attempts warp lighting at spawns but its dispelled

Shooting saw me blast the last daemonette in combat with my runners. The mortar attempts to shoot the spawns...and misfires. The thing Blows up, With nothing under the large round templet but my Warlock, who takes a wound.

Combat saw his prince slaughter three more monks, at which point i activated the plague banner. I dealt out four wounds, (i think, he had one wound left so however many that is.) With one wound remaining, he lost combat, and rolled 9 for his break test, failing it by one. His last wound is lost, and his prince crumbles.

At this point, he called the game. I totally understand as well, I had two units who didn't even get to see combat, and had only lost 8 models, (unheard of for skaven!)
The dice really went my way at some points, but at others they did not. (Not killing any daemonettes, rolling the worst result on miscast chart AND misfire chart)
Overall it was a fun game, but i sorta felt bad. He did throw his list together very last minute. But we still had a good time. Rematch this week at 2000 points! I do not expect to do as well this time around!