2000 points - O&G vs. Daemons - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 points - O&G vs. Daemons

    Good day to you all. After a bit of a hiatus on my gaming season this year, I've been able to return to a regular kind of play recently. Our community got together a few weeks ago and I finally got the chance to play against a regular (but still a newbie) Daemon player. This is a small report (with pics) that I hope you like.

    Our lists were approximately like this: (no magic items, sorry)

      NG1  38 NG footmen
      NGA  25 NG Archers
      OBU  30 Orc Big'Uns
      SB   12 Savage Boyz
      RL1  Rock Lobba 1
      RL2  Rock Lobba 2
      DD   Doom Diver
      BC   Boar Chariot
      WC   Wolf Chariot
      T    3 Trolls
    Plus my General (a BO Lord), the BSB (a BO Hero), and two lvl. 2 Orc Shamans.

      B1  20 Bloodletters
      B2  20 Bloodletters
      B3  15 Bloodletters (not pictured, I forgot about them until recently :-P )
      N1  20 Plaguebearers
      N2  20 Plaguebearers
      F1   3 Flamers 1
      F2   3 Flamers 2
    Plus a Nurgle herald General, a Nurgle herald BSB, and a herald of Tzeentch (with Lore of Death)

    Terrain placement

    Terrain was unusual (as always). We got two forests very close to each other, two hills, a building and a swamp. The placement created a "funnel" on the center of the board and I wasn't looking forward to deploy on the north side of the table, as my multiple units will get very crowded and it'll be hard to maneuver. For some reason, my mind was dead set on the 7th edition rule for the forests, and I thought they were still difficult terrain for everybody (no march, half movement). As my opponent pointed out later, forests are now just LOS blockers (and surprises, with the terrain table).


    I got to pick sides. I placed my "standard" formation with the BSB on the NG and the general and a Shaman on the Big'uns. Trolls in range of both models and warmachines with as much LOS as possible. I placed the savages with the Boar chariot and left the mobile wolf chariot on the other side, with hopes of moving around the swamp.

    My opponent placed his flamers on the woods and deployed his general on one of the plaguebearer units (#1). The BSB was placed on the other plaguebearer unit and his mage was on the Flamer #1 unit. The third unit of bloodletters (not pictured, sorry) was deployed on the left side, by the plaguebearer unit. I was worried because he picked the awful lore of death so I was expecting the purple sun of cheese. Things looked pretty awful from that moment.

    Turn 1 - Greenskins

    Standard movement for everybody. No animosity for any of my units.

    I moved my non visible shaman (sorry, I forgot to place him) and casted the beautiful Rampage of Mork (or Gork?). Three of his units took a hit, and on the fourth roll, my opponent chose my own shaman as the target for the big green god. Tough luck, but it was really fun. I completed my magic phase by casting a fireball on the regenerating plaguebearer. Very productive !

    Shooting phase saw my lobbas hitting both plaguebearer units in the hopes of taking the general or the BSB with a direct hit, but no luck. Still, I got a couple of models in the process. The diver shot at the blood letter unit indirectly and got a couple of casualties from them.

    Turn 1 - Daemons

    Everything moved forward, as my opponent said: he won't wait for me to pepper him with my warmachines so he got moving.

    I was getting ready my scroll as I was expecting the awful purple sun on the magic phase... alas, he got a sneak-eyes roll for the winds of magic so he was upset about that. I knew I should do something about the mage next round so I was thinking about the options.

    Shooting phase was totally fruitless, as the flamers did nothing, except take away one single Big'un. Good times for me for a change...

    Turn 2 - Greenskins

    Obviously, I WAAAGH! - ed my way to the mage. Both the NG archers and the general's unit benefited from that, but it was what I needed. The NG1 unit ended squabbling and losing a couple of models in the process, thanks to the BSB. Trolls failed the charge on the plaguebearers and I completely forgot to move my wolf chariot, but charged with the boar one to the bloodletters too. Fanatics were launched from the archer unit but didn't get close enough to get to the targets (represented by the skulls on the map)

    Magic phase saw me cast WAAAGH! but getting it dispelled by the enemy. Also, I casted the fists of gork in close combat, even though I wasn't really sure I could (we rolled it off).

    Shooting was not good this time, as everybody missed or misfired.

    Close combat saw the end of the mage in a bloody challenge. I chose to reform my big'un unit after combat to prevent flank charges from the nurgs and the B2. In the other side of the map, the whole bloodletter B1 unit was decimated but one guy decided to HOLD my savages in place... Not good.

    Turn 2 - Daemons

    Plaguebearers plus BSB charged the big'uns. The other flamer unit flank-charged me (the picture doesn't help, but they were able to). Bloodletters charged through one of the fanatics and took a lot of casualties in the process (and failed the charge lol). On the other side of the forests, the general, his plaguebearer unit and the bloodletter unit #3 (not pictured) charged my chariot and my savages.

    We proceeded directly to close combat, which saw a REALLY close victory (one wound!) for my Big'uns on one side; and the evident defeat of my chariots on the other side of the board. The order he picked for the combats didn't help him, because although he got a charge on the flank for my savages (and their obvious destruction), it didn't happen on this turn.

    Turn 3 - Greenskins

    I countercharged with my trolls into his flank, and the NGobbos proceeded to charge the much better bloodletters. The other NG unit advanced forward and repositioned to face the unit with the general. The wolf chariot finally moved forward. Fanatics were released without casualties.

    On the left side of the forest, my savages were torn to pieces by all the units (despite having the WAAAGH! spell going on this round). He didn't restrain the pursuit and overran the few savage boyz that were left.

    As I mentioned, I casted WAAAGH! successfully this round and won all other combats easily. The fanatics that were still on the board moved with the spell and caused havoc on the enemy. The spell is really a game-turner.

    I restrained pursuit with the big'uns (as there was nothing left to pursue), and reformed the unit to face towards the forest.

    Turn 3 - Daemons

    The plaguebearers tried to charge but failed to roll high enough. The other combat continued and the goblins tied the result with the bloodletters.

    After this, my opponent decided to concede the game in my favor. It really wasn't much he could do except watch his final two units get killed by the overwhelming green tide.

    It was a really interesting game with poor rolls from my opponent, and some good choices (and dumb mistakes) from my part.

    Thanks for reading the report !

    "Look Mr. Bubbles... Adam!"
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    Good stuff!
    Nice read, thanks for sharing

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