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    A crash course in 8th ed

    Hi all

    Just had my first game of 8th edition today (my club broke up for a long time over the Christmas break and we were finishing our ladder in 7th ed last year). I brought along my Dark Elves and Tomb Kings (hoping that I would not have to use the latter) and managed to get into a 3 way game of about 1k each player.

    The teams...

    Green team:

    My Dark Elves:

    Dreadlord Celathis Sauhain, Cold One, Lance, Ring of Hotek, heavy armour and shield.

    Sorceress Antheail, Level 2 with Tome of Furion

    Syx's harrowed company, 20 warriors with shields, full command and banner of murder

    Tanmolx's cursed company, 15 Corsairs with Full Command, Sea Serpent Standard

    Ykeran's hexbourne company, 5 Cold One Knights with Full Command

    (Yes my army is so fluffy you can stroke it...with great risk to your soul).

    I was allied with a Night Goblin army which was something like this:

    Night Goblin Wizard Lord, level 4, staff of sneaky stealin', dispell scroll

    2 Night Goblin heroes, 1 with battle standard and spider banner (I think), 1 with 6 strength 5 attacks and a thing that copies armour saves.

    40 Night Goblins with full command, spears and fanatics (2 heroes here)

    5 Boar Boyz with full command...not sure what they're doing here.

    Our oppoents were Ogres and Daemons they had somethign like this:

    Bruiser with Cathayan longsword and mundane armour of some description

    12-15 Bulls with a standard and musician

    43 Gnoblars

    6 Ironguts with standard and musician

    Blue Scribe

    2 units of 15 Bloodletters

    5 flesh hounds

    3 Bloodcrushers with full command

    I was pleased to note that our armies could probably overpower our foes magic-wise but was scared of the massive unit of Ogres they fielded along with enough bloodletters to stain the table red.

    We rolled the capture the standards mission (this is my first game of 8th ed so I can't really remember the names of the missions). We each had 5 points of fortitude and a breaking point of 1 (we decided that since each army was 1k it would be easier that way).
    The battlefield was set out with a forest on either of the short edges hills on the left and an edifice and barricades on the right. The centre was clear. I would detail the terrain effects but no units entered their effect spheres during the game.

    Deployment: Our opponents deployed first, placing the bloodletters on the right and gnoblars, ironguts and Bull Swarm and attendant bruiser in the centre with the bloodcrushers taking the left along with the flesh hounds. I deployed my Sorceress and Knights on the right along with my Corsairs and my warriors on the left flank. The large unit of Night Goblins took the centre with the Shaman hiding behind it whilst the Boar Boyz faced off against the Flesh Hounds. We won the roll to go first.

    Dark/Night Alliance, turn 1:

    D/N: 5
    C/O: 5

    Celathis and his entourage of knights padded forwards to engage the Bloodletters, making sure to keep 12" away from Anthaeil and a barricade between him and the Daemons. My Spearmen advanced to the leewards side of a hill, confident that they were out of charge range whilst the corsairs began to rush towards the Gnoblars, clashing blades and laughing maniacly as the Sea Serpent Standard coursed violent vigour through their veins. The Night Goblin Horde attempted to charge the Bulls and Bruiser but were foiled in their attempt by a hill. Our oppoenets laughed at our ludicrous attempts, until the Goblins stopped within 6" of the Ogres and Fanatics spun out killing 3 Ogres and wounding another (although 2 fanatics died in the process). The Shaman them moved up, ready to cause pandemonium. The Boar Boyz also moved, edging around a forest that looked decidedly unfriendly.

    For my magic my sorceress rolled Bladewind, Doombolt and Black Horror, my favourite repetoire of spells, whilst the Shaman rolled Brainbuster, Foot of Mork, Gork wants 'ya and hand of Gork.

    We rolled 11 for the winds of magic, granting our foes 6 dispell dice. My sorceress kicked off with Power of Darkness, which beat the dispell attempt by 1. I generated 3 dice and used them to cast Bladewind on one of the units of Bloodletters, which was dispelled. Next the Shaman cast Foot on the Jugganaughts, killing one despite their 4+ wards against magic. He followed up with Gork Wants 'Ya hurling his Night Goblins 10" forwards into combat with the Ogres.

    With no shooting we allowed the Gobos to get stuck in. The non-standard chieftan accepted the bruiser's challenge, taking a wound but reducing his adversary to 1. The Goblins' poisoned attacks then struck, killing another 2 Ogres. However with stomp attacks the Ogres managed to kill 12 Goblins and it was only the BSB that kept them in the fight (and steadfast).

    Chaos/Ogre turn 1.

    The Bloodcrushers, Flesh Hounds and Bloodletters moved forwards, the latter advancing on my Cold One Knights and General whilst the others converged on my warriors. The Gnoblars marched forwards along with the ironguts behind them, looking nervously at the raving Corsairs advancing on them. The Blue Scribe also bustled forwards, summoning the power of Tzeentch.

    The magic phase was short, the scribe choosing Lore of Beasts in a hope to turn itself into a Dragon, however it rolled a 3 and promptly fired an amber spear off at the Boar Boyz, hitting them in the flank and killing all save the champion, who panicked and fled.

    In combat the Ogres took another beating, loosing three more of their number to poisoned spears. The challenge ground on, the goblin taking another wound for no gain. This time the Goblins lost only 10 of their number, steadfast holding them firm.

    Dark/Night turn 2.

    D/N Fortitude: 4

    C/O Fortitude: 5

    With a warcry, Celathis and his knights ploughed into the Bloodletters, heedless of the second unit bearing down on them. Anthaeil moved back slightly, giving the Dreadlord some space whilst summoning her power. Tanmolx's Corsairs also charged, losing three of their number to sharp stuff but reaching the worried gnoblars. The warriros stayed put whilst the Boar Boy rallied, turning his mount to face the flesh hounds once again.

    Magic saw a paltry 6 power dice enter our pool, granting the opponents five to dispell. Still, with Power of Darkness and chanelling I generated 4 more for the cost of 2 and then watched in horror as the unengaged bloodletters shrugged of Black Horror and the enemy dispelled Bladewind. With only 3 dice left the Shaman managed a Brainbuster on the Bloodcrushers, felling another and reducing the foe's fortitude by 1.

    Combat was brutal as nine Gnoblars lost their lives, slaying naught but one Corsair. They broke and despite our slavers rule the Gnoblars got away, leaving my Durchii to stagger 3" after them. Celathis and his knights slew an impressive seven bloodletters but lost three of their number. Another three daemons fell to instability, leaving only the front rank in the fight.

    In the battle of hordes in the centre the Bruiser finally fell, giving us three overkill wounds. Another three Ogres died whilst only seven Goblins fell, however the brutes refused to budge, passing their leadership test with ease. We were close to capturing another standard.

    Chaos/Ogre turn 2.

    The support unit of Bloodletters failed to reach the Knights whilst the Gnoblars rallied and Bloodcrusher Herald charged into the Night Goblin flank, hoping that his prowess would turn the tide in the Ogres' favour. The Flesh hounds failed a charge at my warriors due to the hill they were behind.

    Magic saw the scribe generate a flock of doom and then roll two ones for the hits he'd get against my warriors and two further ones to wound.

    Combat went badly for the foe as the knights slew another three bloodletters to one loss whilst in the centre the Ogres were left with only their standard bearer. Only five night Goblins fell this turn, however both the herald and standard passed their leadership tests.

    Dark/Night turn 3.

    D/N fortitude: 4

    C/O fortitude: 4

    We were equal on fortutide (each team needing 3 to loose) but slowly gaining an upper hand in combat. I had hoped to break the Bloodletters last turn, but it seemed that the Chaos Gods had other ideas.

    Seeing the Flesh hounds fall short of their charge, the Boar Boy Champion hurled himself at them, determined to avenge his men whilst my Warriors surged over the hill but failed to make it down the other side. My Sorceress moved to the centre, hoping to snipe the Blue Scribe with a doombolt and his Shaman moved up to get some spells in range of his Ironguts. My Corsairs once again charged, losing another two to sharp stuff.

    Magic saw the first miscast of the game as my Sorceress blew herself into the realm of Chaos with irresistable force on a doombolt. To add insult to injury I rolled three 1s to wound his Blue Scribes of the five dice I rolled, inflicting only one wound. The Shaman had no better luck, casting Hand on the Scribe with all his dice but failing to wound.

    Combat had mixed results as the Ogre standard and the herald finally sucumbbed to the seemingly indomitable Night Goblins whilst my Corsairs mauled and were mauled by the Gnoblars, the four survivors overunning into the Ironguts behind the vertically challenged green minions. On the right flank my Knights slew all but the Bloodletter Champion, losing all the knights but Celathis from hellblades. Predictably, the Boar Boy Champion was ripped apart by Flesh Hounds, leaving Celathis the last cavalry model on the board.

    At least we had managed to remove two banners at the cost of one...although my Corsair's survival relied upon the ironguts rolling many, many ones.

    Ogre/Chaos turn 3.

    The flesh hounds charged my Warriors, confident that their superior toughness and fear would see them through. The second Bloodletter squad charged into Celathis who laughed at the tide of red and black, swinging his blade in arcs in anticipation of the slaughter to come.

    Magic saw the scribe finally got the dragon morph spell...and cursed as our dispell scroll robbed him of his triumph.

    On the right Celathis held out bravely, hacking apart a bloodletter before being overwhelmed by the fifteen remaining Daemons. Howver his life had not been sold in vain as the majority of the enemy's infantry was sorley out of position and too far away to influence the fight in the next turn. The flesh hounds slew two warriors before losing two of their number to massed spears. Instability killed a third, tipping the combat in the Dark Elves favour. Surprisingly my Corsairs killed two ironguts before being pumelled into the ground for their troubles, handing the foe another banner.

    Night/Dark turn 4.

    N/D fortitude: 2

    O/C fortitude: 2

    With each one banner left to loose this turn would decide the winner. The Night Goblins marched towards the ironguts whilst the Shaman trailed them, readying himself to cast.

    A roll of two threes for the winds of magic and a failure to channel left us with very little to do save attempt first Hand on the Irongut standard bearer. Despite an impressive 5 hits only 2 got through and of them only 1 wounded. The Shaman then cast Mork Wants 'Ya, charging the Night Goblins into the ironguts. In the resulting melee, the standard bearer and bellower were left standing whilst the goblins lost another five to stomps and great weapons.
    The flesh hounds dragged another elf down before being wiped out by the spearmen, who found themselves too far away to intervene.

    O/C turn 4.

    With 2 fortitude each and the enemy ironguts almost down the bloodletters could only march into charge range for next turn as their attack on the knights left them disconnected from the fray.

    The scribe's magic resulted in another flock of doom, killing 2 Night Goblins but not breaking them.

    Finally things came to a head as the Goblins cut down the last of the ironguts, bringing their fortitude down to one and winning us the game.

    All in all I was surprised at the results I got against Daemons. This was my first time playing them and they aren't the 'deadly army' I expected them to be. With toughnes 3 my Corsairs can take on Bloodletters and my Cold One Knights wiped out two thirds of a unit on a charge. Ring of Hotek was a waste of points with the one enemy character that could cast not suffering from miscast results. My sorceress did little against so much magic resistance, those points could probably have gone to an assassin instead. Still, she put enough pressure on to soak up a few dispel dice, leaving the Shaman to his own nefarious ends.

    "Take their gold, burn their homes, kill their familes and enslave their souls. Show them no mercy...oh and could you post these letters while you're out?"
    -Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth.

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    Sounds like a fun game. So what are your initial thoughts on 8th ed? I still haven't gotten around to playing it yet, what little gaming I have done in the last 12 months has been all 40k.

    He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man- S. Johnson

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    I wont say I favour 7th or 8th ed over the other but the current edition is a refreshing change with some new ways of playing. Striking in initiative order is interesting, especially as a Dark Elf player when I can usually inflict quite a few casualties on units charging me. Magic is more tense and, in some ways, better. I was actually laughing when my sorceress blew herself up (although I got no award for being the first person at my club to roll a dimensional cascade) and being able to bombard the foe with a salvo of spells opens up many different army builds. Shooting really hasn't changed that much at all, except that you're getting quite a few more shots off. Movement requires a lot more thought (especially when I've got 18 or so frenzied corsairs running around looking for violence) however the ability to measure whatever distances you want goes a way to offestting that.

    Really? I preffered many of the more logical rules 7th ed had (such as measuring distances for siege weapons) but 8th ed is much better in a game point of view. You have a reason for fielding large units rather than a few small ones and now, after having played the new edition for a while, I can't comprehend combat without 2 or 3 ranks fighting.
    "Take their gold, burn their homes, kill their familes and enslave their souls. Show them no mercy...oh and could you post these letters while you're out?"
    -Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth.

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    Awesome battle report. I still have yet to play my first 8th ed game but am looking forward to it.

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