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    warriors of chaos vs orcs and goblins 2750 points

    Had a very tough but fun game against orcs and goblins today
    It was a 2750 point game (was meant to be 3000 but I didnít have my movement trays for my marauders). It was very close throughout with the tide turning in every turn

    His list
    Arachnid with goblin shaman (and a slinger I think)
    Black orc war boss
    Goblin BSB
    Arachnid with slinger
    2 doom divers
    1 giant unit of about 100-150 goblins
    1 unit of 20-25 savage orcs
    1 unit of 20-25 black orcs
    2 units of squig hoppers

    My list
    Lvl 4 death sorcerer
    Exulted hero with rune sword
    Exulted hero with glave of purification
    Exulted hero BSB with axe of khorne

    1 unit of khorne chaos warriors with extra weapon (sorcerer and exulted hero with runes word)
    1 unit of slaanesh chaos warriors with halberds (exulted with glave of purification)
    1 unit of slaanesh marauder cav
    1 unit of chaos knights (BS

    Hell cannon

    My marauder cav vanguard

    Turn 1
    He took 1st turn
    His night goblins move up to face my marauder cav, releasing two fanatics. 1 goes through my cav killing 1 and the other falls short
    His spider with shaman moved up into the middle of the bored into a forest which turned into a blood forest. The savage orcs moved up to the right of the spider while the other spider (deployed on his far right) moved up his flank.
    His magic was pretty horrible with +6 to cast and getting one of my dice on 5+ but I only took 3 wounds on my chaos warriors, the rest were either dispelled or buffs/defensive spells. What was funny was that his spider took a wound from the forest
    His shooting didnít do much, 1 doom diver misfired and the other killed 1 chaos warrior

    My marauder cav charged his spider in the flank (loosing 5 to dangerous terrain and shooting) while everything else moves up
    My sorcerer casts the -1 to toughness and strength spell on his spider
    My hell cannon shoots at his spider on my flank, hitting it but rolling a 1 to wound (typical). I had hoped to shoot at his orcs and use doom and darkness to cause a panic check but only his goblins were subject to phycology and out of range of doom and darkness so with his general and bsb nearby I thought it was kind of pointless to shoot at them.
    Combat went ok, my marauders managed to win comabt but the general was close by so it passed its break test

    Turn 2
    His goblins charged my knights and savage orcs charge my warriors but fail
    His shooting take 4 wounds of my hell cannon and 1 off my warshrine and put the warriors with halbers to always strike last from the spider
    My knights predictably win combat but do take some wounds and the remaining marauder cav are killed.

    My exulted hero with glave of purification takes his potion of strength and charges in with the rest of his unit. The khorne warriors charge his savage orcs
    I forget to shoot the hell cannon and I cast the -1 to toughness and strength on its larger level

    The spider with goblin is killed with ease by my warriors (my exauled hitting in 3ís and wounding on 2ís with the rest wounding on 4ís is pretty horrible to a poor spider). I win combat and his goblin shaman runs but is caught by the warriors setting them up tp be charged by the black orcs. Knights win combat but take 1 wound while the khorne warriors kill about 24 savage orcs (I laugh at ur 6+ ward save) which but take 6 wounds back and so making the savage orcs stubborn (aww if only they didnít have a 6+ ward save).

    Turn 3
    His black orcs charge my chaos warriors and his other spider charge my khorne warriors
    His shooting finished off the hell cannon
    The khorne warriors direct all there attacks against the savage orcs to build up combat res and manage to win but the savage orcs hold while the giant spider runs away.
    His black orcs decimate my chaos warriors with something like 20 S7 attacks (ouch). I run from combat and manage to get away.

    At this point thing are looking very bad for the forces of chaos. I have 3 khorne warriors, 5 slaanesh warriors, 3 knights, an exulted, bsb, war shrine and a sorcerer left to face 2 units of squigs, about 80 or so more goblins, a big unit of black orcs a giant spider, 2 doom divers and the rest of his savage orcs. However I notice that while pursuing my slaanesh warriors he made a very nice line of chaos sorcerer-black orcs-goblins-squigs. So I rally my slaanesh warriors and pray to the chaos gods for a good magic phase. My prayers are answered with a roll of 7 power vs 5 dispel. I roll 6 dice at purple sun and he fails to dispel. I roll an 8 on the artillery dice and the purple sun goes 24Ē down his lines, turning what was seeming going to be a certain defeat into a possible victory. His goblins are reduced to about 30 and his orcs go down to around 10. The look on his face was priceless. My warriors finish off his savage orcs but loose the remaining 3 chaos warriors and my knights and war shrine continue to hack their way through the goblins.

    Turn 4
    He rallies his spider and his squigs which have been squabbling all game finally charge into combat, one against my war shine and 1 against my sorcerer and exulted which fails. The remaining black orcs charge my slaanesh warriors, finishing them off. The goblins are finaly killed leaving just 1 goblin out of about 150 which runs away, which I find rather amusing. My knights donít bother to pursue the 1 goblin and instead reform to face the black orcs. Stupidly I donít reform my war shrine to face the squigs which have charged it in the flank

    My exulted charges his squigs while the sorcerer moves out of harmís way. However he fluffs his attacks completely not getting 1 wound with 6 attacks and is heroically cut down defending the sorcerer
    I declare a charge in his black orcs but as they are only 5 strong now and I will issue a challenge with my bsb he flees in hope that they can rally next turn to fight my sorcerer then gang up on my knights with the help of the spider. It was a sensible plan but I personally wld have held and used great weapons on the knights. Ok you wld have lost some orcs but striking back against what was now 2 maybe 3 knights and a bsb with S7 attacks would probably have killed them. As it happens his plan fails as my knights catch and kill him. I did say that he can instead choose to hold as I wanted to see who wld win but he declined. My war shrine fluffs it attacks rolling triple 1 to wound, loses combat, flees but manages to get away.

    Turn 5
    His squigs charge my sorcerer which manages to kill 2 while only taking 1 wound and so draw combat
    His other squig unit charges my war shrine which manages to get away.
    He shoots the crap out of my knights but luckily with the blasted standard I only lose my champion. And his spider shoots at my knights making them ASL

    The war shrine rallies
    My bsb and 1 knight charge into combat to help save the sorcerer, finishing off the squigs but unfortunately they explode in my face taking a wound of the bsb and killing the standard bearer
    The killing of that knight however ment that my bsb could now over run to face the spider which I hoped wld charge me so I wlndt have to face to doom divers.

    Turn 6
    His spider charges my BSB and his shooting takes the war shrine down to 1 wound.
    Combat results in a draw thanks to soul blight. Tbh I think I won with having a BSB but I forgot he was a BSB.

    My war shine charges into help with the bsb, I cast soul blight again and manage to win combat. He fails his Ld check rolls 10 for his flee roll. My war shrine rolls an 8 but the bsb rolls double 6 catching and killing it. This takes the number of his killed to 1 giant, 1 steagadon, 2 hydras (in 1 game), fateweaver, countless lords and heroís and now a giant spider.

    The game ends with me probably winning as I have my BSB, general and a warshrine with him having 2 doom divers and a unit of squigs. All in all I think I played fairly well against what l think is a very tough orcs and goblin list, I cld deal with 1 spider no problem but 2 is just insane. The black orcs with S7 attacks on the 1st round of combat will eat armour and I donít even know how I wld deal with them without using magic. I probably shld have been more careful not to have got my knights stuck in combat with the goblins but then again, looking at my list they were probably the best thing to deal with them other than just ignoring them all together. I think I will be playing this guy next week so if u guy have any tips it wld be very much appricated. I think I will play 3000 points, drop the marauder cav and take wulfrik with a unit of marauders to come up behind his lines to deal with his doom divers and to get a rear charge on his black orcs and so try squash his army. Other than that I donít know how I wld deal with his army list as I doubt I will get so lucky again with purple sun.

    I think that the new codex for orc and goblins is pretty stupid tbh. The whole point of them is to have low ld and to panic pretty easily but then have lots of units that tey donít mind things running away, but with generals having a LD of 9 (the same as a chaos general, which u wld think wld be much higher than an orc) and most things now immune to psychology this has been pretty much ignored. Ok goblins have low LD but then most people put them next to their general and BSB and so this low LD is pretty useless. Honestly what is the point of terror, fear and panic now, nearly everything is immune to phycology.

    a document with pictures showing the lay out etc will be uploaded later

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    33 (x2)

    Had another game against the orcs and goblins player
    I love playing this guy, his list is so much fun and it is always an uphill battle to win

    His list:
    Night goblin shaman on arachnarok
    Black ork warboss
    Savage orc shaman
    Night goblin bsb
    Night goblin hero
    ( I cant rember what all these guys were equipped with but I think the bsb had the bad moon standard)
    80 Night Goblins with 2 fanatics
    50 Savage Orc Big Un’s
    10 Goblin wolf riders

    Doom diver
    Another arachnarok

    My List
    Sorcerer lord (in slaanesh unit)
    BSB on juggernaught (in knights)
    Exulted hero (in khorne unit)

    20 slaanesh chaos warriors with halberds (5 wide 4 deep)
    18 khorne chaos warriors with extra weapon (6 wide 3 deep)
    10 marauder cav with throwing spears and flail

    8 Chaos knights

    War shrine
    Hell cannon

    His deployment
    From right to left:
    Wolf riders, Doom diver, savage orcs (with lord), arachnarok (with shaman), night goblins, arachnarok (on his far left).

    My deployment:
    From left to right
    Chaos knights, Hell cannon, khorne unit, war shrine, slaanesh unit, marauder cav (on my far right)

    I take 1st turn and I make my vanguard with my marauder cav.

    Turn 1:
    My marauder cav runs round the flank of his arachnarok
    Everything else moves up as far as possible apart from the hell cannon

    I cast doom and darkness which he lets through and then cast spirit leach on his lord but he dispels it

    Marauders throw there spears at his spider doing 1 wound
    Hell cannon takes a shot at his night goblins trying to cause a panic check at -4 but misses the giant unit of goblins

    Turn 1:
    He moves his wolf riders up out of site of my cavalry
    His arachnarok attempts to march but fails moving only 7”

    He casts a couple of spells but they do nothing to affect the game

    His doom diver misfires killing itself (yay)

    Turn 2:
    My chaos knights who were planning to charge the doom diver now just form up to flank the savage orcs if they move up
    The khorne unit move up to face off against is savage orcs while the slaanesh unit moves to take on his arachnarok with shaman
    The marauder cav move to march block his other spider

    I cast spirit leach on his general doing 1 wound
    I attempt to cast spirit leach on its lager level but fail

    Oh I forgot to mention the hell cannon failed it ld check and ran a mighty 4”
    The marauder cav do a wound on his spider but he passes his armour save

    Turn 2:
    He charges his wolf riders into my hell cannon
    His spider moves up to flank my slaanesh warriors

    His goblin shaman casts the vortex spell and he kills 2 warriors

    His wolf riders do a wound on my hell cannon which does 1 back, killing 1 wolf

    Turn 3:
    Seeing that my slaanesh warrior unit is about to be charged by a aranarok in the front and flank I decide the best thing to do is charge his arachnarok to hopefully break through and be out of line of site from his spider in my flank
    So I declare that my slaanesh warriors will charge his arachnarok, my khorne unit, knight and warshrine will charge his savage orcs
    However this all failed miserably with only the knights making it into combat

    My marauder cav move up to within 8” of his night goblins releasing the fanatics which do nothing

    Magic ; in order to even up the odds for my knights I cast purple sun getting irresistible force and casting it across ĺ of his savage orcs killing most of them (I think we made a mistake here as I thought his savage orcs were initiative 1 and he thought that they had to roll under there initiative so we both thought that a 2+ killed them).

    Shooting; I throw my spears at a fanatic killing it

    The hell cannon takes another wound and kills 2 wolf riders
    The bsb issues a challenge which he accepts with his champion which gets promptly get to pieces
    The rest of the knights do ok with about 10 kills in total
    He strikes back at with an insane amount of S5 attacks wounding 10, of which I make only 5 saves however I then roll 3 6+ ward saves so only 2 die.
    I win combat but he his steadfast and passes his Ld

    Turn 3;
    My slaanesh warriors get charged in the flank by his arachnarok and in the front his night goblins while his aracharok charges my war shrine

    He casts gork will fix it on my knights and then attempts to cast another spell but fails

    My wizard issues a challenge which he accepts with his night goblin hero. I completely fluff my attacks and then get cut down by his goblin which was unbelievable. As it turns out I should have lived as the war shine had given me +1 AS which I forgot about. He also casts his netters making me S4 against his arachnarok. However I somehow manage to draw combat
    The slapping match between his arachnarok and my war shine happens with no one doing any wounds and I pass my break check
    My bsb challenges his lord who getting killing blowed but as that stupid spell was in place I had to re-roll my 6 but still do 3 wounds which he fails 2 of and so dies thanks to the wound earlier from spirit leach. The knights do ok and manage to kill 6/7 but loose 2 and he holds.
    The hell cannon eventually beats the war hounds, killing them all

    Final few turns
    The rest of the game goes on like this until my knights finally kill his orcs and run them down
    My khorne warriors flank the arachnarok with shaman bringing it down to 1 wound but the warshrine finishes it off. My slaanesh warriors eventually break from combat but manage to get away and the spider which is now down to 4 wounds is killed by the hell cannon firing on the last turn of the game. His night goblins charge my marauder cav which hold and actually manage to kill both his bsb and goblin hero but are then all killed

    This was a win for the forces of chaos who only lost their sorcerer lord and a unit of marauder cav while the orcs and goblins are down to just goblins.

    This was a very good game with my luck being very good at the start but then completely fluffing my attacks half way through with at 1 point my slaanesh warriors managing to kill only 3 goblins with 16 attacks (that’s when they broke and ran)
    The new O&G codex is so tough with savage orcs big un’s putting out 50 S5 attacks on the 1st round of combat with a 5+ ward
    Although magic has won me both of these games you really need it against O&G as their numbers just overwhelm your forces, esp of you are chaos who are putting up 20 warrios vs 80 goblins and an arachnarok.
    The one real problem I have with this codex is the fluff, I mean an orc is the same strength as a goblin. A tiny wee goblin should only be S2 but then have netters to make up for it although I still think a orc war boss shld only be Ld 8 max. Other than that I really like this codex as its not over powered with good solid choices which both have upsides and down sides to them, they way its supposed to be. And with 8th ed all about big hordes of guys, seeing giant blocks of infantry really looks cool on the board, its just a shame GW is ripping you off for them (£20 for 10 models erm, im ok il just buy mantic for less than half the price and cooler models).
    Anyway after playing this guy a few times I am really tempted to go for O&G as they have cool rules, look awesome and play very well, im just going to wait and see that TK are like 1st.

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