Battle report 2400 pts Lizardmen vs Orc & Goblins

I played one of my regular opponents who this time took his Orcs & Goblins to the field. I’m usually facing Dwarfs or Empire against him, so this was an interesting and welcome change of pace.

So, without further ado, the armylists:


Slann BSB
· Rumination, Cogitation, Mystery (life)
· Feedback Scroll, Banehead
· Standard of Discipline
· Undeserved sense of accomplishment

28 Saurii, FC
31 Skink Cohort, FC, 3 Kroxigor

4 Terradons
2 x 6 Chameleons
21 Temple Guard, FC, flaming, ironcurse icon
1 x Baby Stegadon, with stuffed teddy bear

1 x salamander, extra handler
1 x Ancient Stegadon

The Orc & Goblin list consisted of something like this:

Orc Lord
· Crown of Command, 4+ ward, gw
Savage Orc lvl4
· Shrunken Head, stuff, bad body odour
Night Goblin Lord
· Giant cave squig, Potion of Strenght, charmed shield, Opal Amulet, la

Night Goblin Hero
· Gw
Night Goblin lvl 2
· Scroll
· Boar, 5+ward, single minded bloody determination

24 Orc Boyz, FC, xhw
28 Savage orc Big Uns, FC, xhw
40 Night Goblins, FC, nets, sp
50 Night Goblins, FC, nets, sp
5 Wolf riders, sh, sp

1 Boar chariot
5 Savage boar boyz, sp ,sh

6 River Trolls
1 Pumpwagon, +1 Str

I will try and describe the battle, both in turns and in sections of the battle field.

On the left side of the field, my Chameleons and Salamander where facing off against a unit of Wolfriders with the big unit of Savages and hopper lord near by. On my side, the Temple Guard where on that same left flank, but more towards the centre to provide leadership and spells.

In the Centre I had deployed, from left to right, my Temple Guard with Slann, baby steg, Saurus Warriors, Ancient, Skrox. Behind these I deployed my terradons to give them the option of supporting both flanks. I had a few drops less, so my opponent basically got to pick most of the fights deployment-wise. My units where facing off against, from my left to right, the already mentioned Savages and hopper lord followed by the 40 man Night goblins, Orcs with Orc lord, Night goblin horde, Trolls and boar boyz.

On the right of the board I had nothing, while my opponent deployed his Chariot and a pumpwagon here.

Let the battle begin!

My opponent started and rolled terribly for his animosity and stupidity. On the left flank, he moved up his Wolfriders within shooting distance of both the Chameleons and Salamander. I countered them by moving the chameleons to their left and the Salamander in their front, hoping I could kill 2 and force a panic test (ld6). This however failed miserably and I only managed 1 kill with the chameleons. The wolfriders subsequently charged and killed the chameleons and overran slightly in front of the Savages.

In the centre the Orcs moved up everything that wasn’t stupid or squabbled, the Lizards advanced cautiously, uncertain about engaging with multiple units who on paper where better in fighting and more numerous. Magic resulted in the Orc shaman casting nothing thanks to becalming, but the night goblin lvl2 managed to get a big Curse of the Bad Moon trough, which resulted in 2 dead Saurii and a wound on the Ancient, after which the template left the table in the Lizard magic phase. The Slann started off with irresistibly casting Dwellers on the Savage Big Uns. This resulted in 6 kills on the big uns, which was a bit disappointing, and to make things worse, the slann lost 3 spells, including Dwellers, and was reduced to a lowly level 1 wizzard. On the right flank the chariot was fried by the Sorcerous Portal’s fire ball, which resulted in some laughs and giggles from the lizards and orcs alike.

In the following turns, the Lizards made the descision that they could not possibly fight all the orc units at once. So I decided to turn my entire battle line towards the right, fully abandoning the left, with my Temple Guard anchoring my flank. I then proceeded to block up the Savage orcs and made sure they never saw any significant combats, feeding them support units. Expenisve, but necessary. I started off with flying the Terradons over the wolfriders, dropping a whopping total of 10 rocks on them resulting in their demise. After that, the terradons parked in front of the Savages, ready to flee and rally the next turn, to repeat the action. The other chameleons stayed close by, as did the Salamander, ready to be sacrificed.

In the centre, the Orcs charged the Savage Boar boyz in my Ancient, which had to hold ofcourse. They did 2 wounds on it and then I had to take a fairly shaky breaktest on my stubborn Ld6 without reroll since the slann was just out of range. Thankfully I made it and was able to charge both my Saurii and my Skrox into the combat. What I was hoping for here was to not only save and free up the Ancient (who was down to 2 wounds left), but also to overrun/pursue with both combat blocks to block the Trolls and Night goblin horde. This is exactly what happened. The boar boyz got caught and botht he saurii and skrox ended up in front of their respective targets. The ancient did not pursue as now it was able to counter charge after my untis got charged by the Trolls and Goblins. On the left centre my Temple Guard moved more towards the centre to lend leadership and support. The Orcs with Orc lord attempted a charge at them but failed, after which it was my turn to declare a charge on them, only to find out that the where stubborn. I had deliberately not charged my baby steg in this combat because I was unsure if they would be stubborn and still had to deal with the other nightgoblin unit and Hopper lord and, mayb, the savages if they got trough all my chaff.
Magic kept going strong for the Lizards, even tho the slann was reduced to a level 1. I got off Throne of vines and managed to make the Temple Guard Toughness 8. This also resulted in the Ancient regaining its losts wounds. The Orc magicphase resulted in poision on the Night goblin horde.

On the left flank, the Savages caught the Terradons who rolled 2,2,1 for their flee move. After that they where fed a unit of Chameleon skinks and the salamander. Sufficient to say, they where kept out of the game successfully and would not return to the fray.

In the centre, the combat between the Temple Guard and Orcs with lord went on since both sides where stubborn. The Saurii versus Night Goblin combat went unexpectedly well, they netted themselves and did not manage to get more then 1 kill with all those attacks. In return, the Saurii killed about 7 goblins which resulted in them breaking, the Saurii overrunning and catching them. The trolls faired even worse and they barely managed to kill 7 or 8 skinks. In return, the skinks did a wound to a troll and the Kroxigor managed to kill the Orc BSB to everyone’s surprise. (failed 5+ ward, and the Magic portal had reduced his armor save with Plaque of Rust), both held.

The running away of the Night goblin horde freed up the Ancient to turn its attention to the Orcs & Temple guard combat, ready to charge them in the flank. The Saurii reformed and stared down the rear of the River Trolls, but with a pumpwagon in their flank. In the next few turns, the Trolls managed to kill all the skinks and a kroxigor, resulting in them breaking from combat, but escaping. The saurii then should have rearcharged the trolls but the pumpwagon held them up, refusing to die on its last remaning wound. Eventually the Saurii killed off the snotlings and managed to rear-charge the Trolls, who had failed their stupidity without their BSB guardian. A speed of light from the Sorcerous portal came in handy, giving the saurii Ws and I 10.

The TG combat was joined by the Night goblins (40) and Hopper lord, resulting in about 6 dead Temple guard in exchange for some dead goblins and orcs. The Temple Guard held. Now it was the turn of the Ancient to join combat, which resulted in a total of 11 (!!) impacthits & thunderstomps after all was said and done, no orcs but the Orc Warboss where left standing. The hopper broke from combat, but the stubborn lord and steadfast Goblins stuck around. The now freed-up ancient had the choise of charging either the nightgoblins or the Lord in the flank. I decided to go for the more juicyer (and more fun) target and charged the lord. In the ensuing combat, my ancient managed to do 1(2) impact hits and 1 stomp, and miss with all its attacks, including the skinks, doing 0 wounds to the lord. The Temple Guard killed a reasonable number of Goblins without any losses thanks to another +2/4 toughness on them from the Slann.

The Baby steg, who had been lurking behind the TG to charge the Nightgoblins, now charged and killed the hopper lord, who, even with his potion of strength, failed to hurt the baby stegadon.

With this, we ended the battle as time was running out;

- Victory to the Lizardmen!

After battle thoughts:
- This army greatly relies on its magic, healing up the steg and making the Temple Guard T8 was vital in this battle.
- The army could use some more and cheaper support units. Keeping the savages out of the game was vital, but cost me about 300 pts
- Skink Kroxigor are better then I thought, holding up the river trolls for a long time
- And, on that same points, Trolls are ridiculously good for their points
- Orcs can be awesome and fun, but when you roll a couple of double 1’s in animosity, it can greatly **** up your plans ( as happened with my opponent in his first turn)
- Random magic terrain blows. I really don’t like the random elements it adds to the game as it has nothing to do with tactics. The destroyed chariot might have turned the Troll/Skrox combat, freeing up the trolls earlier.

Tnx for reading, feel free to comment!