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    Karak Grimholdt versus Night Goblins 1500 pts

    (Hopefully this is readable...the formatted word version of this did not come out with a quick copy/paste)

    First things first: I'm very new to Warhammer Fantasy Battles and I've only played seven battles currently, this first battle report of mine is the latest one. So far, this looks like one of the best hobbies I've come across and so *raises glass* To the future!

    This latest battle was the conflict between my dwarf army and my friend's Night Goblins at 1500 points with a 5 point allowance. I didn't take down statistics as we were on the clock, so this will be a particularly broad recollection of the hatred-filled encounter.
    Before we start with the fun here are the army lists.

    Night Goblins (A rough estimate of the roughest memory)

    10 Spider Riders w/full command
    8 Night Goblin Squig Riders (not sure about full command)
    One 42-goblin horde of Night Goblins w/Skarsnik, Warlock of Eight Peaks, full command, and BSB
    4 river trolls
    One 40-strong horde of Night Goblin archers w/full command.


    Runesmith w/MRoBalance
    20 Warriors w/GW, Full command, and BSB Thane with Strollaz rune and oath stone
    12 Longbeard Rangers w/shields, full command, throwing axes, and banner w/MRoGrungni
    16 Thunderers w/shields and full command
    Cannon w/ RoForging
    Bolt Thrower w/ RoPenetrating, Stalwart rune, and RoBurning+Master Engineer w/Dwarf handgun
    10 Miners w/ full command and Steam drill.

    Map: 8x4 table. From my side: Left flank corner has a Settlment of Order: two normal buildings, length of wall, and a dwarfen brewhouse.
    Center left: Elven waypoint thingy
    Dead Center: Acropolis of Heroes
    Center right: Wizard's tower
    Between the Acropolis and tower, there's an 18'' length of fencing
    Night Goblin's side center: Venom thicket forest.

    Deployment campaign is the breaking point scenario. Dwarfs have 7 points, Night Goblins have 6, and breaking point is 2.

    Night Goblin deployment:
    Spider riders deploy furthest on my left (his right flank),
    Squig Riders next to them,
    the elven waypoint lies just forward and between the Squigs and the lead horde of Night Goblins with Skarsnik,
    the four trolls deployed right next to them,
    and the other horde deployed a ways down so that their apparent path would be through the fence between the Acropolis and Wizard's Tower.

    Dwarf deployment:
    Warriors deploy to catch the horde and trolls to the right of the settlement.
    Thunderers deploy near the edge a foot or so from the Acropolis
    Runesmith deploys just behind the unit of Thunderers
    Cannon and Bolt Thrower deploy on the thunderer's flanks to cover encroachment.
    Longbeards deploy last to the left of the warrior's in front of the wall of the settlement, three inches out of my deployment with the scout rule, ha.
    Miners off the field of course.

    Let it begin:

    Bronnir Vicehammer looked at the ranger's report with a sullen grimace. The rumor's of Skarsnik leading a small army on a collision course with the upper settlements of Karak Grimholdt were now confirmed. His own stronghold's book of grudges held open on a table in front of him next to his tome of runes, being almost as thick. "Then it's settled." the gruff runesmith spoke after a chug of ale from an elegant, gem encrusted stein. "We'll muster what defense we can and hold them off easily." he said confidently as he slammed both books, picking up his rune tome and setting off to arm himself, "Warn Holrin and Drantz to prepare for war against the greenskins."

    The battlements were prepared. Bronnir wasn't sure which way the goblins would come from and so posted the Grimholdt Thunderers and the siege weapons together to cover all their bases, as more and more reports came in from the dwarfen gyrocopter, which would be only playing the part of reporter just in case the dwarfs didn't win out, the general began to realize the bulk of the forces would come at their left flank. It was a good thing, the wise runesmith had the brewhouse emptied of ale and boarded up before the combat. He had the warriors march out further, just behind the veteran longbeards. Already the scowling noises of angry goblins could be heard over the air.

    They came all at once, the goblin spider riders, hellbent on climbing over the walls of the settlements. Ready for war, the warriors and longbeards met the same motion with the help of the might rune of Strollaz, marching forward to meet the forces of goblins.

    -The Longbeards, grumbling as they marched across the field, noticed the squig riders bouncing on their mounts around an old elven waypoint, rumored to be of magical importance. More than a few of the veterans spat on the thing as they prepared to be charged by both the goblin squig and spider riders. "These Squigs'd be on our arses already back in the old days." one muttered.

    The warriors, led by Holrin Bronzebrow, marched forward as well shouting obscene insults to the massive horde of night goblins, intent on holding the forces of greenskins in hopes that the local miners could break out behind the enemy line.

    The Thunderers, talking about what dinner will be served tonight through their soot-covered beards, eyed the goblins with utter disgust, but given their distance there wasn't much to do but save their insult-carved bullets for later.

    Drantz Sureswitch fumbled with the oculars on his faceplate, magnifying the already focused view of his telescope. If the warriors were to have any change holding, those bumbling trolls would have to go down first. With a quick signal to the cannon across from his prized bolt thrower, he ordered a shot fired at the river beasts. The crew nodded and with a little maneuvering, they predicted the ball would hit the ground just short of the trolls. To their great disappointment though, the tilt on the long barrel was far too high, the ball sailing just over one now very confused looking troll. "Tha' din'do'well..." the frustrated engineer spoke as he aimed his own, custom-runed ballista thrower to compensate for the fence between him and the second horde of night goblins, launching the bolt...only scaring the group as the tree-sized bolt also flew off towards the horizon. "Gimme'wun'em'ales. M'aim's off."


    -Skarsnik eyed his spider riders, keeping Gobbla's ravenous nature in check, and rolled his eyes as already the forest spider riders were bickering between themselves, moving forward towards the longbeards instead of moving around to snag the so far useless dwarfen machinery. No matter, it was only a matter of time before dwarf blood would feed Gobbla. He pointed a gnarled finger at the squig riders who, at his word charged headlong into the Longbeards, the squigs and goblin riders removing four proud veterans from this mortal coil in exchage for four of their own.

    Skarsnik's own horde of night goblins trundled forward, keeping a keen eye on the terribly unfocused trolls who, with the help of some malicious glares from the warlock, trundled forward with the horde all the while eyeing the stunty prey ahead of them.

    The second horde peered over to the main force and saw their quickest course of action was to march quickly to the fence, from there they would be able to march toward the weaker flank of the dwarfs. A couple incantations and curses designed to slow the already short-legged dwarfs were easily disaptched of with a defensive runic chant from Bronnir


    -The ground grumbled nearly as loud as a Longbeard as a whirring steam drill punctured the earth and ten miners, dirtied standard and blaring trumpet and all, climbed out into the sun, "Oi. Made it on time and right as planned."

    The longbeards complained more about how their axes could have cut down more goblins and how goblins could actually hit back in the day, despite their fallen comrades. The squig riders and longbeards exchanged feverish blows, once again matching each other in brutality, removing three of each others fighters leaving one rider and the musician, standard bearer, and veteran of veterans of longbeards to fight.

    Holrin led his warriors, standard in hand, to tactically move forward and around the trolls, that way it'd would be harder for them to wheel in a charge and even if they did, the warriors would stand their ground once the oathstone was placed. Their manuevering, however caused a distinct detail that was overlooked:

    As the warriors marched closer to Skarsnik's unit, the mad cackling of goblins pierced the din of marching and battle. Three cloaked greenskins, long, chained, spiked balls swinging in their hands shot out from the unit, two aimed at the warriors, one choosing to take the fight to the miners. One fanatic spun forward just slightly, while the other whirled directly into the warriors, slaying four outright before ending up on the other side. The rear fanatic, spinning toward the miners, also fell short.

    The cannoneers looked to their engineer for a repeat order to fire on the trolls as they trundled in view of both thunderers and bolt thrower around the proud Hero Acropolis. With a bit of tinkering, the cannon fired and the ball actually bounced right around the estimated spot...directly into the ground. "Damn soft soil..." Drantz grumbled again as he pointed to the Thunderers, who fired all their guns at the trolls...barely knicking the thick skin of the river brutes.

    "Ye'cannae hope fer things't'go yer way less ye doitcherself..." the engineer muttered as he swigged a brisk gulp of ale aiming the large crossbow at the open flank of the trolls, the huge flaming bolt skewering deep into the first troll, killing it on the spot and sticking into another surprised beast's arm, its screams heralding its failed regeneration. The furthest troll nudged its comrade on the shoulder with a warty elbow, pointing to the melting troll and their wounded mate...and with a couple seconds of worried thought, not even Skarsnik could keep them from saving their own hides, fleeing as fast as their webbed feet could carry them.


    -The Warlord of Eight Peaks scowled as his biggest muscle was suddenly beyond his control, fleeing with their massive clubs directly into the dense forest of venomous creatures. Despite the danger, they made it easily through the hazardous woods without a scratch, ne'er to be seen again.

    The last squig rider met his fate quickly at the hands of the Longbeard's. The dwarf's meager unit reforming to assist the warriors in their coming fight with Skarsnik's horde.
    The spider riders, reminded of their original purpose, reformed and moved as fast as possible towards the cannons.

    Skarsnik grimaced as one fanatic, in the heat of spinning, managed to wrap his own chain around his neck, dying quickly as the spiked ball crushed his skull. The other fanatic up front traveled out to no man's land where the trolls would have been had they not fled. The third fanatic only caused a roaring laughter from the miners behind as it gave them a front-row show of a fancy maneuver that only ended with it's own goblin groin being bashed in by the ball and chain. With his fanatics failing, Skarsnik simply cut his losses and charged the Warriors, easily meeting their hold...but with no flanking threats, the Thane did not drop his oath stone.

    With combat engaged, Skarsnik called the bravest dwarf to face him in single combat. Holrin smirked, "The greenskin thinks himself a match for me." he boldy stated, standing forward. He knew if he backed down, the dwarfs may flee in his example. Still holding his standard, the Thane held his defense, ready for the warlord's strikes.

    He didn't expect Gobbla...

    In one flurry of blows, Skarsnik, alongside his furious squig, dispatched the Thane with almost inhuman ease. Combat ensued soon after and the warriors, losing five of their number, took six goblins in their frantic retaliation...despite it, the number could not be denied. Already halved against the impossible number, and with their Thane hanging from Gobbla's mouth, the warriors fled only so far as to be cut down by the night goblin horde.

    The second horde awaited behind the fence, worried about the dwarf artillery without assistance from their greater parent unit, their magic once again rerouted into the aether by the runesmith.


    -Bronnir grimaced as his friend Holrin and his unit of warriors were mowed down by goblin spears. Looking to the cannon crew, he could only hope they could see another shot before the spiders were upon them, seeing as how the riflemen wouldn't have time to wheel and assist them before the spiders would be too close to the crew to fire a shot.

    The Longbeards and Miners, now hopelessly far away from the combat, could only hope to catch up before all was lost; marching as fast as they could to close the distance between the large horde.

    The cannon fired its last and for once successful shot at the spider riders, the lead ball blowing through two spiders and their goblin riders with a rousing cheer from the crew. The Thunderers, unable to fire on anything but the second horde, unleashed a hail of lead, stealing only three goblins of their lives. Not to be outdone, Drantz aimed the bolt thrower and skewered through all four ranks. "That'lldo."


    -The final fanatic, in its mad rampage, managed to haul in a straight line...directly in front of the Longbeard's, their grumblings mentioned how fanatics were crazier back in the day, mowing down whole human settlements in a single day.

    The spider riders, easily close enough to charge, closed the distance between them and the crew, wiping the dwarfen cannoneers out in one fell combat. With little trouble climbing over the cannon, the spiders overran directly into the Thunderer's flank.

    This conquest was off to a good start, to Skarsnik's great amusement. The crunching and clanging of dwarf body and armor was music to his ears as they marched forward, covering the spider riders in their flank sweeping.

    The second horde decided the risks of marching over the fence were worth closing the distance. They quickly covered some distance, losing three of their numbers in the rush. The night goblin warlock shouted another incantation to no effect thanks to Bronnir's Master Rune of Balance.


    The Longbeard's and Miner's short legs sped them across the field, but it was obvious the distance couldn't be covered in time.

    Bronnir finally entered the fray, flanking the spider riders. The combat between the Thunderers, Spider riders, and the runesmith general raged on ending with two thunderers falling and three riders being sliced by the general and his riflemen's axes. Despite their general fighting alongside them, the thunderers fled; their retreat being covered by the brave Bronnir.

    Drantz had no viable lines of fire without hitting his dwindling allies, instead firing into the second horde again, the bolt making shiskegoblins out of another four unfortunate night goblins.


    -Unbelievably, the frantic fanatic whirled back around almost 180 degrees, spinning a full circle around the Longbeards, this time behind the veterans. The grumbling longbeards were scheming to clothesline the deranged goblin on its return orbit.

    Skarsnik marched forward once more, unable to reach the dwarf general and out of range of the fleeing thunderers. Gobbla was growing restless, having spit the last of Holrin's gromril from its teeth, but the Eight Peaks Warlord reigned it in once more, promising it more dwarf meat before the day was through.

    The five remaining spider riders, now in combat with the runesmith found the general more than a match for the arachnid legs and fangs and goblin spear. Bronnir's armor deflected the blows and he easily felled two riders with his axe.

    The second horde moved forward and launched a storm of volleyed arrows at the bolt thrower crew. Drantz' gromril did more than enough as well to deflect the meager arrows, but the rest of the crew did not fare so well, falling to the night goblins. The engineer, seeing his bolt thrower unmanned and the coming horde growing closer, lost his will and fled away from the battlefield with a quickness.


    -Once again, the Longbeards and Miners marched forward, their goal constantly getting further away.

    The thunderer's champion shouted above the fleeing dwarfs, "Defend Grimholdt to the death!" the rousing cry allowed the unit to rally and reform toward Skarsnik's unit, prepared for one more volley before their deaths.

    Bronnir kept the fight up, unharmed and slaying two of the last three riders, causing the last rider to flee in fear. Unable to keep up, Bronnir held his ground.


    -The fanatic, to the Longbeard's and their outstretched arms' disappointment, spun further in a straight line away from the remnant dwarfs.

    The lone spider rider, seeing the unused Acropolis of Heroes, took he and his spider to inhabit the building, firing a single arrow at an unamused Longbeard.

    Skarsnik had victory in his grasp, charging the Thunderers and passing the general, easily barraging the few, remaining riflemen with spears until nothing remained but a pile of dwarf corpses and shields.

    Closing the last bit of distance between them and the thunderers, the second horde of night goblins only compounded the coming victory.


    -With a final push, the Longbeards and Miners futilely marched forward again.

    Bronnir, moved as far as he can towards the coming units, but could not hope to outrun the next charge.


    Skarsnik easily caught the general and challenged him, feeding Gobbla another bearded meal. With the general dead and half of the banners littering the field, the remaining dwarfs accepted their defeat and fled.

    Pretty crushing defeat for the dwarfs...a line of wrongs written in the book of grudges.

    Post-battle reflection: Well...there we are. My first game vs O&G ended pretty solidly. I think, in my rush to undo the biggest dwarven disadvantage: slowness, I lost my battle by spreading my short-legged army too thin, the miners doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the hilarious self-cockslap by a goblin fanatic.

    I also didn't focus on the right unit with my artillery, but that was affected by a pretty lame deployment on my part as well. I tried to undo the trolls and cavalry when I should have focused on Skarsnik's horde, to hopefully wipe out the general at range...but even then that was a long shot.

    I should have tried for the anvil and hammer routine as well with my warriors and longbeards, but I tried to cover too many bases...too bad I was outnumbered in the first place.

    All in all...I probably should have just fortified around the brewhouse and fought to the last drop of ale.

    In the future, the wrongs done to Karak Grimholdt will be avenged.

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    A nice lil' battle report!
    About your list, I probably would have gone with bigger units. Especially if you know you're going up against Goblins, 10/12 man units will do very little for you IMHO. If I were you I'd drop the Miners and the Rangers in order to have a big block of Warriors (say 23+character) with shields and an equal block of other Warriors or better Longbeards if you have the points. Just a quick suggestion!
    I agree that you shouldn't have tried to "undo" the slowness of Dwarfs, there's little you can do about that. Just punch them in the face


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    very nice battle report, have you considered buying an anvil of doom? i tried it out for the first time a couple of weeks back and it turned out to be great, miners came on the board near high elf bolt throwers anvil does the movement rune and the miners charge the bolt thrower. sure it eats points up but i have found it to be really useful

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    2 (x1)

    I have indeed gotten my Anvil of Doom and it is a wonder to behold most times. That's the exact tactic I've used several times since this battle report, though it hasn't worked in THAT particular sense where the miners come up behind the battle line since my combats have been against orcs most of the time. I'll deploy my miners on the field in the first round because if they come up behind or on the side it's hard to get over to him since he rushes so fast...but I have RUINED his day several times by Oath and Honouring my miners or otherwise GW toting units into his Savage Orc Boar Boyz cavalry which completely negates all those little charging bonuses he gets. It is a rare day I lose that combat despite the Always Strike Last rule and a rarer day he doesn't call me obscene names for days after *smiles*.

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