Hello people. I decided recently that I would have a go at playing a battle in the games workshop (usually my battles are conducted at houses or at gaming clubs) so went along not really knowing what sort of army I might face or how strong it was likely to be so I took what I consider to be quite a strong 1500 point force 'just in case'.
Also, I have no form of spellchecking on my computer (the license on word expired) so make no apoligies for any mistakes that you might find in this.


ruenlord with protective items, dispel runes, rune to steal power dice

Combat thane

40 longbeards with great weapons (+runelord) full command

20 ironbreakers (+thane) full command

30 warriors with handweapon and shield full command

grudge thrower (2x rune of penetration, rune of accuracy, engineer)

organ gun


Sorcerer Lord (lore of shadow, talisman of preservation, infernal puppet, charmed shield, cojoined homonucleus)
(Spells: Miasma, Withering, Pit Of Shades, Mindrazor)

Exaulted Hero ( tzeentch, disc, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Dragonhelm, biting blade, shield)

15 Warriors (halberds, mark of nurgle, standard, musician, banner of rage)

15 warriors (shields, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician, blasted standard)

40 marauders (shields, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician)

5 warhounds

5 warhounds

Deployment: Stone thrower on a hill, away from the main battle, organ gun in the middle of a wall of troops. All three dwarf units marched forward in a relatively streight line.
Chaos hounds to the front, tzeentch marauders carried the wizard towards his big unit of longbeards and iron breakers flanked by tzeentch warriors. Nurgle warriors went solo against his outlying unit of warriors, and the disc rider took up a central position to get to the warmachines as quickly as possible.

Turn 1 (dwarf).
Everything moved forward the maximum distance in the movement phase. In the shooting phase the stone thrower targets the nurgle warriors and lands a direct hit on 9 of them. "That's not so bad" I thought "I often have people blast at my warriors with warmachines and they emerge relatively unscathed". In this instance, however, I was quite wrong, and it was revealed that the contraption was now hitting me at strength 5 which would kill the poor warriors on 3+. A tense moment, as the dice were cast, but as luck would have it only 4 died and I breathed a sigh of relief.
The organ gun was out of range, and with no magic phase it was up to me to start my advance.

Turn 1 (chaos)
The hounds sprinted up their full movement, I reasoned that without any regular missile weaponry by my opponent their shielding would be unecessary for the warriors and I did not want them in the way by turn 3 when I intended to start the charges. All the infantry moved their full 8 inches. In the magic phase, I the dreaded 6-1 roll and with my opponent stealing a dice as well I deemed it best to simply throw 6 dice at pit of shades, with the safety of the infernal puppet to keep him from blowing up should I miscast. It did go off, but a rule of dispelling was immediately produced.

Turn 2 (dwarf)

The 'iron wall' of infantry continued its march forwards. Perhaps unhappy at the lack of success the previous turn, my opponent chose to stone the marauders, squishing 6. I was quite pleased to see this change in target, as I felt the powerful nurgle warrior unit was a much better choice to try and finish off. The organ gun crew, sensing the threat the fast moving disc posed to them, blasted him with both barrels (and then some). Of course, old disky (I havent through of a good chaos name for him yet) is made of pretty stern stuff when it comes to shooting and shrugged off all the hits with his chaos armour, the wardsave not needed on this occasion, and spelling the doom of the crew who were now directly in his charge arc.

Turn 2 (Chaos)

The Disc rider declared a charge on the organ gun, neither hound unit managed to rally and the rest of the army pushed forth. In the magic phase, an excelent 11 was rolled, followed by a channel (the wizard determined to put his dark powers to full use). Miasma was cast at the ironbreakers, but sensing the threat posed by the pit of shades combo my opponent dispelled it.
This meant another 6 dice pit of shades was attempted, and this time it found its way through and was very much on target (only scattering minimally). Two of the armour laiden dwarfs were quick enough to jump clear, but 6 others fell to their doom. Next came the thanes turn, but his attempt at the high jump was very much below par and he too was swallowed up by the dark energies.
A final crack at casting withering on the organ gun crew failed to cast, leaving my hero needing to win the fight on his own merit which he spectacularly failed to do (all rolls to hit missing, even the disc!). Fortunately, it was also handbags at dawn for the crews counterattacks, and only the impetus of the charge won the combat for the rider - the high dwarf leadership allowing an easy pass of the break test.

Turn 3 (dwarf)

Charges were declared by both the ironbreakers and the great weapon wielding warriors against the most mighty element of my force.... the warhounds. They, natrually, chose to preserve their lives (no point giving away 60 free victory points, I reasoned) and fled. The stone thrower fired another deadly payload onto the marauders, making bloodied pancakes out of 6 of them (it was around this point I started to wish I had taken the ironcurse icon on my wizard..). The organ gun combat came to an abrupt finish as the disc rider, who had obviously been merely toying with his prey, lopped all three dwarvern heads off in one fell stroke, eyes now fixated on the rock throwing device which had caused so much carnage among his leser bretheren.

Turn 3 (chaos)
Charges were declared by the disc rider (into the stone thrower) and the tzeentch warriors (into the ironbreakers). The nurgle warriors had an irritating unit of hounds in front of them, preventing a charge, and the marauders decided discretion was the better part of valour and held back from charging the big block of longbeards who would surely outclass them. One hound unit rallied, and reformed behind the lines, the other continued their cowardly retreat away from the battle (although, at least they got out of the way of my warriors).
My opponent, seeing a good opportunity, chose to flee the ironbreakers. If they were to escape, it would leave my tzeentch warriors in the charge arc of both dwarvern units and in a bit of a nasty predicament. The dice were cast, and an 11 rolled for the charge, a good start. My opponent, needing only a 6 preceeded to roll 5, thus losing the entire unit but also spoiling his clever plan as my warriors were now out of charge arc for either of his units.
The winds of magic, depleted after last turns supurb high point, only provided 3 dice one of which was then pinched. A feeble attempt at the withering was tried but the dispel dice took care of it promptly.
In combat, the disc rider clove through two warriors but the eingineer managed not only to hit him but also wound! "Still, nobody fails a 1+ armour save in times like this" was my thought. Of course, such thoughts have a habit of being insolently punished by the dice, and a 1 was produced!. In my opponents moment of glee, I attempted a forlorn hope of the 6+ wardsave (he might be quite hard when he is on the wing dodging bullets, but not so well protected in combat) and the dice answered with a reveral of fortune - a 6.

Turn 4 (dwarf)

Eyeing up a fine prize, in the form of my shadow sorcerer in the depleated marauder unit (I was cursing myself at this stage, for not moving him out on his own, where there was nothing to shoot at him) the longbeards made a successful charge. The dwarf warriors decided that they too ought to get charging at my nurgle warriors, lest they face a further -1 to combat resolution next turn when the inescapable counter charge was made.
With no shooting, and obviously no magic, the turn went streight to combat.
My sorcerer attempted to draw out his runesmith in a challenge, but the canny longbeards instead 'volunteered' their champion to be beaten up instead (which was just what happened). The rest of the marauders failed to put a dent in the high toughness of the dwarfs and 5 fell to their great axes. The combat lost, by a large magin, was now taken on a modified leadership as the unit was not big enough to be steadfast anymore, and the short legs of the longbeards broke into a little sprint in the persuit, chopping down the entire unit along with its fell general.
The chaos warriors, on the other hand, unleashed hell on the dwarf warriors and cut down 7 with no losses. The steadfast leadership test was passed, giving them another turn to attempt to survive.

Turn 4 (Chaos)

The warhounds, in an attempt to help out the warriors (who were currently a little out of position in the middle of the battlefield)_made a charge against the longbeards (I had this mad idea that they would lose, but flee and draw the longbeards away, but it occured to me that it is only really my own frenzied chaos troops who HAVE to persue, and that this move had now allowed him to kill the hounds and then instantly reform to face my warriors - even worse then if I had not charged at all!)The tzeentch warriors reformed to face the big unit of longbeards.
In combat the disc rider saw off the insolent engineer, and wrecked his machine for good. The Nurgle warriors continued running their blades at full speed, choppping up another sizable number of dwarfs and only losing one of their number in return - this broke the steadfast bonus and the warriors cut down the fleeing survivors.
The hounds, predictably, died in great number but one lone survivor held the line. Of course, he did need insane courage to actually do this but another miracle roll later and he was still there (a big cheer went up in the shop at this point).

Turn 5 (dwarf)
The last warhound was killed, and the unit reformed to face the rest of the chaos force.

Turn 5 (chaos)

I declared a charge with my tzeentch warriors and disc rider and he resigned - the nurgle warriors were about to swift reform and hit them on the flank which would likely have resulted in a slaughter. We were also running very close to the end of the night and needed to pack the models up before the store closed.

Overall, I thought it was not too bad a game, although I did make a few poor decisions - forgetting the homonucleus failed me a couple of casting rolls that might have gone better but I should have definately got my wizard out of the way of his big unit - he would have survived if he had sat out on the flank, and then been able to fire off another pit of shades/ miasma/ mindrazor/ withering (whatever I had the dice for really) and the unit would have been slaughtered by the tzeentch warriors alone - he definately got about the best possible set of spells to take against dwarfs, but even if I had missed out on pit or mindrazor, the rest of that lore is still pretty horrendous when a spell goes off against a unit in close combat.