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    1480 (x8)

    Captain's 3-week Tournament Log! [completed]

    Recently my LGS decided to hold a tournament for all of it's loyal Fantasy players. Because many of us work service, it's rare that we can take a Saturday off to attend a big, 12 hour tournament. Instead, we're playing 1 round every Wednesday night, for 3 weeks. It's a standard tournament in all respects, it's just stretched out over 3 weeks.

    In attendance we have:

    2 Warriors of Chaos
    1 Empire (gunline- boo! hiss!)
    1 Skaven
    1 Vampire Counts
    1 Wood Elves
    1 Chaos Dwarfs
    1 High Elf
    1 Dwarf
    -- there are an odd number of players. Usually we have a manager or another hobbyist fill in. It has been decided that these "extras" can continue in subsequent rounds if they want, and still be eligible to win.
    The list that I'm using: HERE (2500pt Tournament List- tear it apart!)

    So, on to round 1!

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    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    1480 (x8)

    Rnd1: Thing Don't Just Fall Out Of The Sky

    Your army has been smashing into enemy forces with gusto, and the affects are beginning to show. Both sides have taken heavy casualties and are cut off from supply lines. Unspoken truce is accepted, and the troops lick their wounds. During the night, the watch guards spot eerie lights emanating from the cloud covered sky. Soon the first impact is felt, and others follow in it's destructive wake. You feel embarrassed to have trusted your opponent to a puase in the fighting, but you will not let this foul trickery go unpunished... this battle ends tonight!

    Deployment is standard 12", mission type is 'Blood and Glory'
    Every force has a fortitude of 2, plus 1 for every banner, and 2 for the general. That is your fortitude. When your Fortitude reaces 2, the battle ends.
    (the organizer actually misinterpreted the Blood and Glory mission. It should have stated that the 'Break Point' was 2. When questioned, he said to keep it as written, because several of the armies present would have broken immediately if we played "official")

    Mission special rule: Incoming!
    After setup but before deployment, an official will place 4-5 markers representing "celestial crystals" onto the battlefield. These are impassable terrain. Furthermore, at the beginning of every turn, if you are near (approx 7inches) one of the crystals, turn it over and look for a number on the bottom. If that number corresponds to the turn you are on, the crystal explodes. Every unit within 2D6 inches takes 2D6 S2 hits. As these crystals are actually part of a larger Warpstone Meteor that hit further north, no armor saves are allowed- nothing can withstand it's destructive power.

    Terrain- setup on a Realm of Battle table with hills in the corners. From left to right:
    A small copse of trees just over the friendly side of the mid-line
    Another copse of trees in the center-front of the enemy deployment zone
    A stone plinth to the right of the trees, slightly forward
    A hill, on my right flank, slightly forward of my deployment zone.

    Deployment- I won the roll and let him deploy first.
    His deployment, from my left to right:
    8 Glade Riders on the far flank, riding with the L4 SpellWeaver w/ Dispel Scroll
    10 Gladeguard Bowmen
    8 Treekin
    Treeman - facing backwards, anticipating Wulfrik
    12 Gladeguard Bowmen
    20 Gladeguard Bowmen w/ Banner
    his scouts deployed on my left flank, 12" away.

    My deployment, from my left to right:
    I centered my deployment around the hill, to block LoS and give me a highground should I get the opportunity for early charges.

    Knights in the middle of my DZ, forming the left flank
    15 Warriors of Tzeentch
    16 Warriors of Khorne w/ BSB and Festus - behind the hill, with a view of my left flank
    Hellcannon - on the RoB hill behind the placed terrain, overlooking the field
    14 Warriors of Tzeentch w/ L4 Sorc Lord - behind the hill, looking at his 20 Gladeguard
    Wulfrik&Co. deploy into reserve
    He Vanguards his FastCav and Spell Weaver into range to cast spells at my Knights
    I win the roll for first turn

    Turn 1:
    My whole army advances slowly, the Knights move off to run down his Fast Cav while they're still pinned to the board edge. Wulfrik doesn't show, and my Hellcannon rampages forward 14" towards his bowmen. The Sorc Lord and Warriors advance to support the cannon (may as well make the most of the situation and press the attack).
    My magic phase flops with only 3 Power Dice vs. 2 Dispel. The Warshrine provides my Knights +1Ld.

    The WoodElves advance their scouts to envelope my Knights, push their Treekin into the trees, and advance their entire line slowly to get their bowmen into range. The Treeman advances to threaten my Hellcannon.
    The Fast Cav retreat from the oncoming Knights, falling back to his corner of the board (nowhere to run now, I'm pressing with the Knights!)
    He generates a massive 12 Dice in the magic phase, against my 7 (channeled 1). He throws 6 dice at Dwellers against my Knights at a value of 27. I scroll it rather than waste dice to halt it. His next cast is 'Flesh to Stone' on his Treekin, with 6 dice. He rolls a Miscast, scores a 6 on the table, I Puppet it down to a 3- Dimensional Cascade. The template obliterates 75% of his Fast Cav regiment, and wounds his SpellWeaver, but doesn't pull her from the table. However, the Fast Cav Panic and flee, carrying her and her 2 Fortitude points from the board.
    The shooting phase sees off 1 of my Knights, and puts 2 wounds onto my Hellcannon. Everything else was bounced from my armor and wards.

    Turn 2-
    The game is over if I can just bring Festus to bear on those last few Gladeguard with the Banner. Unfortunately, he doesn't show. I hold fast with the Hellcannon, pivoting on the spot to face the Treeman without losing sight of the Gladeguard. I'm using the monster to protect the flank of my Warriors as they rush towards the bowmen.
    With their quarry fled from the table, my Knights circle around the wood to stay clear of the Treekin and some of the bowfire. My Khorne Halberdiers march fowards to set a flank against the TreeKin who are likely to charge my Tzeentchians. The Warshrine advances to cover the Khorn unit's flank and hold up his advancing Treeman.
    My magic phase sees my BSB cast the only destructive spell of the game- throwing a maxed-out Fireball into the Treekin and immolating 2 of them. The rest of my magic fails to cast.
    My Hellcannon lobs a round at the Gladeguard in hopes of breaking them from the board, but the shot scatters wide. The Warshrine attempts to boost the Tzeentchians, but rolls 'The Eye is Closed'.

    The Woodelves are hurting, having to defend just 1 banner or lose. The Treeman charges my Hellcannon, as expected, and I hold. The Treekin attempt to charge my Tzeentchians and fall short. Before I can blast through the Treekin and run off with my BSB and a Banner, the Treeman charges the flank of my Halberdiers, running right past the Shrine.
    The rest of his army Quick Reforms or moves to get into range of either my Knights or Lord and Tzeentchians.
    His shooting kills another Knight, and one of the Tzeentchians.
    In combat, my BSB makes-way to the Treeman, using his S5 to throw a Poisoned, Flaming wound onto the giant Oak. The 6 attacks from the two Warriors on the flank manage to carve another 2 wounds from the tree, leaving him with just 2 wounds remaining. He swings and stomps, and kills 4 of my Warriors despite Festus providing a 5+ regen. Combat is now drawn, but my Musician carries the day. The Stubborn Treeman holds his ground, while my regiment reforms to face him directly.
    Against the Hellcannon, the other Treeman does much better. He hacks a total of 3 wounds- enough to kill the Cannon- but one of them falls to the crew. In retaliation I manage just 1 wound on the Tree, but the Unbreakable Hellcannon holds it's ground.

    Turn 3-
    Wulfrik finally arrives, deploying on the flank of the Bowmen. With him on the field, I'm now safe to pursue other goals. My Shrine is out of range to charge anything, so I move it just far enough to still buff my Tzeentchians who have charged the Treekin. My Knights continue to seek shelter from the hail of arrows that are slowly whittling them down. The Lord and Tzeentchians, seeing Wulfrik on the hill, turn from their pursuit of the last banner and try to bail out my Hellcannon for a perfect victory, charging the Treeman.
    In the magic phase, I fail to cast Okkam's Mindrazor on my Tzeentchians fighting the treeman. I have no more dice.
    Shooting sees my Warshrine grant the Tzeentchians +1 toughness.
    In combat, I hack down the Treeman with my Flaming attacks. The Tzeentchians do well enough against the Treekin, killing another base and wounding one more, while only losing 3 of their own. Combat is won, but the Treekin hold fast. The mess between my Sorc Lord, Tzeentchians, Hellcannon and Treeman is a bitter victory- he survives enough to slay the Cannon, but my regiment breaks him from the fight and fails to run him down. He runs into the back of my lines, by the BSB and Khorne regiment.

    It's do-or-die for the WoodElves. Everything that can get into range reforms to fire on Wulfrik. Unfortunately, the regiment of 12 fails their Quick Reform and is left unable to fire. The scouts move to keep shooting at my Knights, in hopes of finishing them off for VPs.
    The shooting is ineffective, whittling my Knights down to just 2, and barely forcing a Panic check on Wulfrik's men. Luckily, the Will of Chaos and Wulfrik's higher leadership barely keep the men from fleeing the battle.

    Turn 4-
    Never expecting an easy victory, I reform my Halberdiers to face his fleeing Treeman while the Tzeentchians and Lord charge him again, routing him further into my backfield. The Warshrine charges into the flank of his 12 Bowmen while Wulfrik and his Marauders rush the last Standard. The Stand-and-Shoot nearly forces another panic, but falls just 1 wound short.
    Magic sees a return to Turn1, with me only scraping together 3 dice. I toss a Fireball at the wounded Treeman but fail to bring him down.
    In combat, my Tzeentchians nearly rout the Treekin they are facing. My Warshrine breaks and runs down the 12 Bowmen. Festus and his men manage to drive off the Bowmen, but fail to catch them. Still, their Standard is captured and the game comes to a close.

    I win the battle with a solid massacre, scoring 1294pts while only losing 205pts of my own. This places me into the top half of the tournament so far.
    Scoring will be worked out by wins, and in the event of a tie, it will go down to VPs. This means that I'm most likely hanging around 4th or 5th, since many of the other battles were well fought and bloody affairs.
    Unfortunately, this also means that I've practically crippled the Wood Elf player, who is a friend and excellent gamer. I gave him high marks on all of his "soft scores", but coming away with only 205pts is almost certainly going to keep him out of the top-5.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    115 (x3)

    Great stuff.

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    1480 (x8)

    Rnd2: Glory and Riches!

    You've heard reports of the giant chunk of Warpstone to the North, and set out to capture it for it's wealth and power (or protect it from others who would do so). As you camp outside of a town along the march, you spot another army of treasure seekers approaching. You can't let them reach the Warpstone before you, and besides- they surely have some nice loot of their own...

    The scenario is a standard 'Pitched Battle'
    Mission Special Rule: Grab the Loot!
    To represent your troops treasure-hungry greed, all captured standards are worth 4x their usual amount (unit: 100pts, BSB: 400pts)

    Terrain- a town set up on a flat table: from my left to right
    Two large buildings connected just outside my opponent's DZ, along the board edge
    A large building just outside my DZ
    A tower just outside my opponent's DZ, dead center.
    A wheat field (difficult terrain, soft cover) center of the board
    A house, just outside of his DZ, on my right flank
    A cathedral, just outside my DZ, on my right flank
    --All buildings can be garrisoned.

    Deployment- I lost the roll, he lets me deploy first
    My deployment, from my Left to Right:
    -24 Marauders in the open space between the joined buildings and the building in my DZ
    -14 Tzeentchians w/ Sorc.Lord behind the building
    -Warshrine next to the building
    -16 MoK Halberds w/ Festus and BSB dead center of my DZ
    -15 Tzeentchians w/ Wulfrik (who marks the Slann for death)
    -5 Knights of Khorne behind the cathedral

    His deployment, from my Left to Right:
    -18 Saurus w/ Spears just to the inside of the joined buildings
    -2 Salamanders in front of the Saurus unit
    -22 Templgaurd w/ Slann just right of the tower
    -Stegadon w/ Cheiftain BSB right of the Slann
    -Skink Priest behind the house on his right flank
    -18 Saurus w/ Spears, just right of the house on his right flank
    -34 Skinks w/ 4 Kroxigor & Skink Priest on extreme right flank
    He wins the roll to go first

    His center advances slowly but his flanks take off as he hopes to get his Salamanders in range. His skinks march up the right side of the board while his Saurus peek through the gap between the house and the cathedral.
    He casts Throne of Vines in his magic phase, and tries to cast Dwellers on my Halberds. I throw all of my dice at stopping it, and succeed.
    His shooting goes poorly, most of his army is out of range.

    My marauders advance towards the joined buildings. My Tzeentchians and Sorc Lord garrison the manor directly in front of them, while the Warshrine advances to threaten the Salamanders. The Halberds and other Tzeentchians advance slightly, waiting for him to move into charge range. The Knights are blocked off so I leave them stay put, waiting to catch his Skinks as they come around, or his Saurus if they cut in for a flank.
    My magic phase fizzles with just 6 dice to his 5 dispel (5,1). I only manage Withering on the left unit of Saurus, dropping their Toughness by 1pt.
    My shooting phase is a disaster. The Warshrine gives the Halberds +1Ld, but the Hellcannon misfires. I roll a 3, causing all Wizards to immediately suffer a miscast.
    I roll my BSB first because his book means that he rolls 1D6+1 on the table. He rolls Dimensional Cascade and I move it to Calamitous Detonation. I lose a handful of Halberdiers. Festus rolls next, and also gets Dimensional Cascade. I roll damage to the Halberdiers first so that they can benefit from his Regen save, and nearly the entire unit is slain. Festus is unwounded, but the Chaos Gods pull him up into the warp. I'm left with 3 halberdiers plus my BSB.
    My general then rolls, and also gets Dimensional Cascade. Luckily, he's in the building so it will only hit D6 models. I lose 2 men from his unit, he takes a wound, and remains on the field.
    On his side of the table, the Priest with his Skinks also suffers Calamitous Detonation, scoring only 1 wound on a Kroxigor and killing 13 skinks, and suffering a wound himself. The unit panics. His other priest rolls and causes S6 hits to every friendly caster, finishing of the Priest in the skink unit and wounding himself. The Slann's Throne of Vines saves him from the miscast and his Ward saves him from any damage.

    Things are looking bad for me already, my main regiment that I had planned on killing his Steg and TG with are now down to hiding to save VPs, and half of my casting strategy is gone.

    Turn 2:
    Pressing the advantage, he moves forwards. His Saurus stay right on the heels of his Salamander pack. His skinks rally and turn around. Everything else simply moves into range with their weapons and spells.
    His magic phase sees him throw Dwellers at me, which I scroll out. He targets Uranon's Thunderbolt at my depleted Halberds, but I stop it with my remaining dice.
    Shooting sees him trying to kill the Halberds with the blowguns on his Stegadon, but he needs 6's to hit and can't pierce their armor.

    Now I need to get some points back. I charge my Warshrine at his Salamanders, and Wulfrik and the Tzeentchians at his Templeguard and Slann. The Lord and Tzeentchians pile out of the building and the BSB runs to join them before his own unit breaks. The Halberdiers move to seek shelter behind the building. The Hellcannon advances alongside Wulfrik, trying to guard his flank from the Stegadon while the Knights hang back and wait to see what happens. The Marauders sneak into the first of the joined buildings.
    My magic phase is a bust yet again, I dispel Throne of Vines and then try to cast Okkams to Wulfrik with my remaining Dice. He dispels it with ease.
    In the Shooting Phase, the Warshrine gives Wulfrik's unit MR3, useless at the moment, when I was hoping for +1 to a stat!
    In combat, Wulfrik forces the Slann to accept his challenge and proceeds to whiff his attacks. The Warriors do well, cutting down a few Templguard but suffering badly at the hands of the incoming attacks and my poor dice rolling. Combat ends up as a draw.
    Against the Salamanders the Shrine kills a skink, and fails to break them.

    Turn 3:
    He forgets that my Marauders are in the building and doesn't reform his Saurus unit. His Skinks start moving towards me again. His Stegadon flanks Wulfrik's unit, and his Saurus fail a charge against my Hellcannon.
    In his magic phase, he casts Throne of Vines again (Slann can cast out of combat apparently), and then casts Dwellers at my Lord's unit. I lose 6 Warriors and my Sorc Lord. The BSB barely scrapes by unharmed.
    In combat, Wulfrik whiffs again, my Warriors do well enough hacking at his Templgaurd, but the Stegadon is too much for them, causing 2D6+1 S6 Impact Hits and then Stomping me. My unit breaks and flees, his Stegadon pursues and hits my Hellcannon while his Templeguard pursue and fail to catch me, over-extending themselves by several inches.
    Combat is a draw with the Shrine again.

    In my turn, my Warriors fail to rally but don't run far. My Knights charge past them and hit the Templeguard in the face, while my BSB and remaining Tzeentchian's flank him.
    My Marauders hop out of the building in preparation for a charge against his Saurus behind the Sallies. Meanwhile, the wounded Halberdiers take shelter inside the building near my DZ.
    My magic phase is practically gone now, my BSB fails to cast Flaming Sword of Rhuin on the Knights.
    My Warshrine bumps the Marauders with +1A.
    In combat, my BSB issues the mandatory challenge and hacks his Champion apart (sword of -3 to Save on the champ) before he can attack. The Knights and Warriors then go on to drop his TG down to just 3 men. In return, he can do nothing. Luckily for him, his unit is Stubborn and has a BSB nearby, so they hold in spite of the carnage.
    My Hellcannon is dropped to 2 wounds while fighting his Steg, wreaks havoc among the Skinks in the howdah, and then holds thanks to being Unbreakable.
    The Shrine whiffs again, takes a wound, and holds.

    Turn 4:
    He's too close to his Sallies to reform his Saurus to face me. He charges his other Saurus unit into the flank of my Hellcannon. His skinks finally make it around the corner of the cathedral in time to watch the violence unfolding in the center of the table.
    In the magic phase he throws all his dice at Regrowth and brings back 6 of his Templeguard, putting the unit back at 9 strong.
    In combat, he fails to finish the Hellcannon, and I'm left hanging on with just 1 wound to go.
    I hack through his Templguard again, dropping him down to just his Banner and the Slann. Still, the "unit" is stubborn, and doesn't break.
    Once again, I take 2 wounds on my Shrine, but can't budge the combat.

    In my turn I charge his Saurus with my Marauders. The rest of my army is already in combat or hiding from harm in a building. The Tzeentchians and Wulfrik finally rally and take cover behind a building.
    The magic phase is a bust, yet again. I dispel his Throne of Vines and the BSB uses 3rd Eye to try casting it on himself but the Slann dispels it.
    In combat, my Hellcannon finally succumbs to the damage and he reforms his Saurus to face me, leaving his Stegadon stuck behind them.
    I butcher his Slann with ease, and reform both of my units to face his Saurus.
    The Shrine whiffs again and is left with just 1 wound. The Marauders however, pulverize his Saurus with their Greatweapons and +1A from the Shrine, but Cold Blooded keeps the Lizards in the fight.

    Turn 5:
    His Saurus fail their charge against my Knights. The Stegadon is stuck behind them, and his Skinks move towards the action with no hope of getting there in time.
    His magic phase sees his remaining Skink Priest trying to cast Harmonic Convergence onto his Saurus and failing.
    He uses the Steg to try shooting at my Knights, but their armor bounces every dart.
    In combat, the Saurus finally break against my Marauders, and although I capture their banner, the Lizards escape with their lives.
    Combat with the Shrine whiffs yet again.

    In my turn, my Knights charge at his Saurus while the Warriors fail miserably. My Marauders reform to try and finally break the combat around the Shrine.
    My magic phase goes insanely well for once, getting 11 dice. I cast Flaming Sword on my Knights, and then add insult to injury by stealing and casting Harmonic Convergence. I'm now hitting on 3's, wounding on 2's, saving on 2's, and rerolling all 1's. I even tried casting Urannon's Thunderbolt to kill his last Priest.
    In combat, it goes without saying that the boosted Knights rode right through his Saurus like a hot knife through butter, ran them down, and smashed into his Stegadon. That combat would not be fought this turn, and I was glad because kept him from getting his 2D6+1 impacts.

    --The Judge called Time, leaving us to end the game at Turn 5--

    Aftermath- I win the battle with ~1500vps to ~1000vps
    this was easily one of the closest games that I've ever played. If you're wondering how I came to face Lizardmen? My friend missed the first round of the tournament and was coming up to play the manager's spot. We got stuck in traffic and showed up an hour late, and they had already started without us. My opponent, the Skaven player, never showed. My friend took his spot as an alternate and we played this game. I was quite frustrated early on, because I could have taken an automatic win against the Skaven for not showing! Luckily I pulled through and my dice-fortunes changed, allowing me to grab more than just a win.

    Next week is a break. I assume that someone is unable to make it to the store that day to play, so we're letting everything go for a week. That means that you'll all get a new report on June 2nd.
    I did manage to get the rough standings of the attendees though before I left. Here it goes:

    Warriors of Chaos - 1st place
    My WoC - 2nd place
    Chaos Dwarfs?!?! - 3rd place
    --- top 3 armies are split by just 100pts each
    [Tomb Kings]
    Wood Elves
    Vampire Counts

    My next game will be against the Chaos Dwarfs!
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    623 (x8)

    Awesome battle reports can't wait for the next one.

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    1480 (x8)

    Rnd3: Final Clash

    After weeks of toil and battle, your army has finally arrived at the Warpstone site. However, your scouts report that a final enemy is marching to the site as well. After two long battles and a forced march, you give the order to make camp and rest up. It seems there is one last battle to be fought in the warpstone crater...
    [this mission was supposed to have several environmental effects to represent the warpstone permeating the area. However, it was deemed to be too off balancing to some armies, so we were granted a reprieve and were told to fight standard pitched battles]

    Terrain- set on a flat table from my left to right
    on the far left flank, along the midline- a wood
    on the left flank, in front of my dz- another wood
    middle of the opponent's dz- a hill
    I placed a building on top of the hill, to deny his Monster/Machines
    middle/right of my dz- a long, narrow hill deployed perpendicular to the midline
    right flank, midline- a second building

    Deployment- I win the roll, and allow him to deploy first, from my left to right:
    -5 Bull Centaurs on the left flank
    -29 Obsidian Guard w/ FC and shields on the left flank, escorting Daemon Smith
    -15 Annihilators (blunderbusses) between the Ob Guard and the hill building
    -Deathrocket behind the Blunderbusses
    -20 Warriors w/ FC and Greatweapons to the right of the hill building, attached Eruption Gun to the right
    -Earthshaker and Deathrocket behind the Eruption Gun
    -15 Annihilators right of the Eruption Gun
    -19 Obsidian Guard w/ FC and Great Weapons, escorting Daemon Smith
    -Earthshaker Cannon right/back of the Ob Guard
    -High Priest (lore of Shadow) on a Lamasu right/back flank

    My deployment, from left to right:
    -5 Chaos Knights to the left of the narrow hill
    -Hellcannon directly behind the Knights
    -16 Halberds escorting Festus and BSB directly behind narrow hill
    -15 Tzeentchians to the right of the hill
    -Warshrine to the right of the Tzeentchians
    -14 Tzeentchians and my SorcLord/General on my right flank
    -Wulfrik and Marauders deploy in reserve
    I win the roll to go first

    Turn 1:
    A general advance from my Warriors, the Knights move forward and angle to charge his units to the right of the hill building, while my Hellcannon moves behind them to counter any flank charges. Wulfrik has a kegger on the boat and doesn't show.
    My magic phase goes poorly, with no spells getting through his defenses.
    My shooting phase sees an "Eye is Closed" result sent to my Knights, nothing good there.

    He advances slightly, and begins firing weapons at me. I lose a few Warriors here and there from Deathrockets and his Anihilators. Both of his Earthshakers misfire and rampage forward, putting the one on the right flank directly next to his Ob Guard, and the other straight into the back of his Warriors (not a charge) and cannot fire next turn. I lose 1 Knight to the left-flank Annihilators.
    His magic phase casts The Withering on my General's regiment, dropping them to T2.

    Turn 2:
    Wulfrik shows up (earliest he has EVER entered the field for me) and I place him and his regiment on the right flank, blocking off the Earthshaker, as I intend to charge his Ob Guard with my general's regiment. Other declared charges:
    - Hellcannon into the Annihilators (they only fire 1 shot per enemy model, monsters are the best way to deal with them)
    - Knights into the Great-weapon Warriors
    -Warshrine into the Annihilators
    Of all of those charges, only the Hellcannon and Knights have the range to successfully complete them. I'm cursing my below-average rolling.

    In the magic phase, I dispel The Withering, and then proceed to cast 'Enfeebling Foe' on his Warriors. The intention is to combo this with Curse of the Leper from Festus and kill the entire regiment before blows are struck, allowing my Knights to overrun into his Earthshaker. He stops the spell with a Dispel scroll.
    I attempt Flaming Sword of Rhuin from my BSB, and he uses his full complement of Dispel Dice to stop it.
    Shooting sees the Warshrine boost my Knights up to (drumroll) MR3. Useless.
    Combat is a mixed bag. My Knights are cut down to a man but pass their Leadership check and hold for this round. My Hellcannon loses two of it's crew but beats the Anihilators in combat, though they fail to break and I'm not exposed to a flank charge from his Obsidian Guard.

    On his turn, he flanks my Cannon with the Ob Guard, charges my general's regiment with the other regiment of Ob Guard, and flies his Lamasu behind my lines. All the while, his Centaurs are working their way around to the back left flank of my army.
    His magic is largely a bust, he tries throwing Okkam's Mindrazor onto his Obsidian Guard facing my general, and fails.
    His shooting phase sees him blazing away at my Halberdiers and Warriors. He manages to hit the Warriors with the Earthshaker and cut their movement in half, but otherwise does little damage. The Deathrocket on his left flank explodes.
    In combat, he finishes off my Knight but can't go anywhere else. My Hellcannon takes 1 wound and loses it's crew. I roll a 6 on the reaction table and gain Frenzy and Hatred that I cannot lose. So I pile 6 attacks at his Daemonsmith and cut it down. Then stomp his Anihilators like insects. I lose combat, but the cannon is Unbreakable.
    In combat against my General, we trade a handful of kills, I win combat, but he is Steadfast.

    Turn 3:
    I make a blunder that would prove disastrous. I declare a Charge with my Halberdiers that carries my BSB far from the rest of my army, into his Warriors. My own regiment of Tzeentchians with half-movement from the Earthshaker, flank charge his Obsidian Guard. Wulfrik charges the Earthshaker in front of him and the Warshrine finally makes it into combat against his Anihilators.
    My casters are all in combat. The BSB casts Flaming Sword on the Halberdiers and is stopped. My General casts Enfeebling Foe on the Obsidian Guard and is stopped by his final scroll.
    In the shooting phase, my Warshrine gives the Warriors flanking the Obsidian Guard MR3, again. Useless.
    In combat, my Hellcannon actually defeats his Annihilators and sends them running, and then turns to face the Obsidian Guard. My Halberdiers smash his Warriors and run them down, crashing into the Earthshaker directly behind. Wulfrik chops his Earthshaker to pieces and reforms the regiment to face towards the back of the Obsidian Guard.

    At this point, my opponent is thinking all is lost. The bulk of his army is surrounded, and the entire left flank is cut off from providing aid. This had been my intent all along- to keep the fighting localized to the right quarter of the board while keeping much of his force out of range.
    He charges his Lamasu into the rear of my Warriors, and flanks my Halberdiers with his Eruption Gun and Deathrocket. His Bullcentaurs ride hard and will be in long charge range of the combats next turn. The Annihilators flee from the board.
    In the magic phase, he hits my general's regiment with The Withering, cast on Irresistable Force. All that I can mage to do to his miscast roll is cause a S6 hit to all of his casters, which only serves to place a single wound on his Daemonsmith. My toughness is dropped to 2.
    He misses his shooting phase, as all of his guns are in combat.

    In combat, my Halberdiers chop his Eruption Gun to pieces and go on to win combat with no casualties. They reform to be facing his Deathrocket, with the Earthshaker in their flank, so that when I win combat, I'll hopefully be positioned to charge his Annihilators and break combat with my Warshrine. The Warshrine fights and holds against the Annihilators, slowly whittling them down. His Lamasu and Obsidian Guard kill everything in my General's regiment except my general. I cut him down to just 6 Obsidian Guard and his Daemonsmith remaining in the unit, and cannot strike his Lamasu (in hindsight, I should have known I was doomed and tried to kill the general somehow). My flanking regiment fails their break check, and rerolls from the BSB and fails again, breaking. My general is out of range of the BSB thanks to my irrational charge during my turn, and also breaks and flees. The Lamasu pursues the Warriors and runs them down, while the Obsidian Guard catch my general.

    Turn 4:
    Well, things have just been turned around quite harshly. I send Wulfrik charging into combat against the rear of his Obsidian Guard and make it. The rest of my army is already in combat.
    The magic phase goes poorly for me, yet again, and I have nothing useful to cast anyways.
    In the shooting phase, the Warshrine manages to boost Wulfrik's regiment with +1S.
    In combat, Wulrik and his men chop apart the Obsidian Guards, leaving him with just the standard, musician (Wulfrik killed the Champ) and the Daemonsmith. The Dwarfs manage to hold, as they only lost combat by 2 against the unarmored Marauders (he killed TONS of mine, highly unexpected, and his rolls were golden). My Warshrine actually wins combat and breaks his Annihilators, who are run down. Similarly, the Halberdiers tear the Deathrocket apart, and break and catch the Earthshaker Cannon. My Hellcannon continues to thwart the attacks of his Obsidian Guard, while whittling away at the regiment one by one. Unfortunately, I can't break the steadfast Dwarfs.

    In his turn, he flank charges my Marauders with his Centaurs. The Lamasu contemplates charging my Hellcannon but is too far out of range.
    In his magic phase, he achieves nothing- a common theme this game thanks to our poor rolling.
    The shooting phase for his army is now non-existent.
    In combat, I kill 3 of the Centaurs but cannot finish the other 2, he'll get the charge and flanking bonus. I kill off the last of his Obsidian Guard but can't finish off the Daemonsmith, who escapes with just a wound. I lose combat, and break. He runs me down with the Centuars.

    Turn 5:
    I blow for a Swift Reform with my Halberdiers, and start marching back towards the remaining Dwarf survivors while the Warshrine also turns around and moves towards the battle.
    In the magic phase, I cast Magnificent Buboes with all of my dice, am rewarded with a miscast and a handful of S10 hits to my regiment, which only fells 2 men and wounds Festus. In return, I finally kill off the Daemonsmith who survived the battle with the Obsidian Guard.
    In combat, my Hellcannon continues to block up his Ob Guard, but I need to get out of there before his Lamasu comes after me...

    Which it does. He charges with the Lama and casts The Withering on my turn. He gets IF again and rolls Dimensional Cascade. I'm literally bouncing with joy as both the Cannon and the Lamasu take a wound, but unfortunately, the Lamasu is not pulled from the table.
    He finally slaughters my cannon now that he can actually wound it.

    Turn 6:
    I move to keep him from flanking me, and try to cast Buboes again on his Lamasu, causing 1 wound to his general.
    He passes his 6th turn, deciding to hedge his bets against "the scary stick-men" (my Halberdiers).

    The battle is a draw with him scoring 1543pts to my 1499pts. We hand in the results and get the places, and I'm surprised to see that I've dropped 3 places to 5th, while he claimed second. After talking to the judge I find that he had made a mistake and counted our battle as a loss, which gave me a 2-1 record and dropped me into the ranks of players who had frequently tabled one another. With the battle properly recorded as a Draw, the placings now looked like this:

    1st- Warriors of Chaos
    2nd- My WoC (behind by just under 100pts)
    3rd- Chaos Dwarfs (separated by less than 50pts)
    4th- Empire, despite having been tabled in his second game
    5th- High Elves
    6th- WoodElves, who tabled the empire but were hurt by my first game
    7th- Dwarfs
    8th- Vampire Counts
    Unranked- Lizardmen, Skaven

    Overall lessons-
    Once again, Chaos Warriors are intensely resilient, and the MVP has got to go to Chaos Armor. This tournament was also very laid back, there were several less-than-stellar builds in the mix, that I would never have taken into a tournament setting myself. I think that the low placing of the High Elves is indicative of this, as well as the far-below-average placement of the Vampire Counts.
    My Chaos Knights really underperformed throughout the entire series, and in the future I think I'll be swapping them out for more Warriors or a large regiment of MCav. The Warshrine is a bit up in the air- on one hand, it makes a great "fire and forget" tarpit, but it lacks the destructive might of a Hellcannon, and a lot of the EotG rolls fall on deaf ears.
    The Halberdiers were by far the most brutal regiment at the tournament, bar none. Frenzied, Poisoned, Flaming, S5 attacks was too much for anything that got into combat with them, and I had no qualms about being flanked in most of my games. The only time they were taken out was in my second game, by 2 massive miscasts thanks to my Hellcannon.
    Lore of Shadow is really lacking for me. My magic phases were generally poor, and I rarely manage to cast the Enfeeble/Curse combo. I think that I'm going to start playing with the Lore of Heavens on my L4, just to see if I can possibly make use of my casters.

    I hope you've all enjoyed the reports!
    Pts Values for AoS here!

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    I hope you've all enjoyed the reports!
    Read every word.

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    Bonus Rnd: For Past Transgressions

    You have claimed victory on the battlefield, and your army turns towards home with laurels of victory held firm in it's iron grasp. But you cannot shake pursuing doubts, or forget the close calls of the past weeks. Soon these fears are made manifest, a final foe to face down in the woodlands of the north.
    [This battle was fought to right a few wrongs which occurred during the campaign. The organizer was rather inattentive, and flipped the scores between myself and the woodelf player in Rnd1. This is why I was meant to have played the Skaven, who were tabled in R1, while the Wood Elf player went on to fight against the Empire in 3rd. I wanted to make sure that this game didn't throw my results, as the WE player had tabled the Imperial just as he would have likely defeated the Skaven]

    Scenario: Pitched Battle

    Terrain: placed left to right on a standard Realm of Battle board with the hills in each corner
    - woods along the midline, center of my left flank
    - woods along the front of his DZ, slightly left of the center of the field
    - woods along the front of my DZ, extreme right flank

    Deployment- I win the roll and let him drop his first regiment, from my left to right:
    -14 Inner Circle Knights w/ GWs, Banner behind the center woods (last unit, no other options)
    -28 Halberdiers w/ Banner, Muso, escorting Mage and Archlector (general)
    -24 Greatswords w/ Banner, Muso, escorting BSB
    -20 Handgunners w/ Marksman
    -25 Halberdiers w/ FC
    -30 Flaggellants on extreme right, at the base of the hill
    - 2 Cannons, 1 Mortar, 1 Engineer at the top of the rightside hill

    My deployment, from my left to right:
    -5 Knights just to the right of the center woods
    -14 Tzeentchians w/ Shlds, Banner, Muso escorting L4 Sorc (general) behind the knights
    -Warshrine of Tzeentch to the right of the Warriors
    -16 Warriors of Khorne w/ Banner, Muso, Shlds, Halberds, escorting Festus and BSB
    -15 Warriors of Tzeentch w/ Banner, Muso, Shlds
    -Hellcannon midway up the hill, beside and slightly behind the Tzeentchians
    I win the roll to go first

    Turn 1:
    My army advances from their positions, the Knights moving forward to use the woods to protect their flank from the enemy knights. The rest of the army advances, with the right side woods cutting off the line of advance for my Hellcannon. My Tzeentchians and General advance, using the woods as cover, hoping to take up a sheltered position on his flank.
    Magic phase flops with just 3 dice against his 4 (+2 for Warrior Priests)
    My Hellcannon fires at the 25 Halberds and misses, my Warshrine boosts the Knights to S6.

    He advances slightly, moving his knights infront of the trees and angling for a flank charge if my Knights round the woods. The rest of his line steps forward, with the Flaggies coming around to set up some encirclement.
    His magic phase sees him throw 'Fulminating Flame Cage' at my General's unit. D6 S4 hits fail to kill any Warriors. Although he's 14" away, he thinks that this might also help to deter me from moving to flank him...
    His shooting puts 2 cannonballs into my Hellcannon, killing the beast instantly. His mortar and handgunners target Festus's unit and nearly remove the back 6 models.

    Turn 2:
    Wulfrik appears behind his lines, and reforms to face the artillery train. Disregarding the flame cage, my General and Tzeentchians make a fool's charge into the flank of his Knights. If I succeed, I could start the game off with a serious advantage- if I fail, I end up in the trees like I had wanted. I roll 10", just make it to his unit, losing 1 man to Flame Cage and 1 man to the Difficult Terrain in the trees.
    The rest of my army advances, with the 15 Tzeentchians angling to receive possible charges from the 25 Halberds and/or Flaggies.
    My magic phase gives me 11 dice. I throw 5 at Flame Cage on his Flaggies (from the BS, which he dispels, then I throw 6 at Okkam's on my General's regiment facing the Knights. It goes off with IF, resulting in S6 hits wounding each of my casters.
    I pass my shooting phase, liking the Strength buff to my knights.
    In combat, my Okkams'd General and Warriors wipes his Knights off the map in a single round, overrunning and catching the flank of his Halberdier horde.

    He's panicking at this point. He tries to reform his Halberds during the movement but I tell him that it's illegal, and he'll have to wait until after the first round of fighting. He declares a charge with his Flaggies at my Warriors, and fails. He declares with his 25 Halberds at Festus's regiment and also fails. He pits his Greatswords against my Knights and makes it to combat.
    His magic phase drops Conflagration of Doom on Festus' regiment in a bid to remove their Regen save. I scroll it out.
    Shooting has his Handgunners targeting the 15 Tzeentchians who have closed to half range. He kills 3 of them. He fires both cannons at my Warshrine, the first gun misfires and explodes, while the second fails to pierce the 3+ wardsave. His Mortar drops a round on Wulfrik's regiment and kills 6 of them, forcing a Panic check which I barely pass.
    In combat, my General challenges his and both take a wound. My Warriors strip all but 5 of the back rank of his Halberds off. His strikes back, failing to kill anyone. Luckily he's Steadfast and holds his position. He blows a Combat Reform and turns to face my Warriors. My Warriors reform to expand their frontage into 2 ranks.
    2 of my Knights focus their attacks on his BSB and lay him low, while the rest of them carve through the heavily armored Greatswords with ease, though the return blows drag 2 Knights from their horses. Although they're stubborn, the regiment flees and my Knights run them down.

    Turn 3:
    At this point, I'm only fighting a mopping-up action against his army. My only fear is that our General's are staring eachother down with 1 wound remaining and my Okkam's will drop off this round. My Knights declare a charge at the rear of his Halberd horde, Festus and the Khornates charge his 25 Halberdiers, the 15 Tzeentchians swing in against his Flagellants to protect the flank, and Wulfrik and his men charge into the gunline- reaching his Engineer first.
    In my magic phase, I try throwing Okkam's again but he hits me with a Destroy Spell scroll and removes the spell from the game.
    In the shooting phase, I try boosting the General with my Warshrine but roll an 'Eye Is Closed' result.
    In combat, my General scores another wound against his General, and survives the return while my Warriors slash through his Halberds. He fails his fear check against my Knights and they cut him apart. The regiment deals plenty of punishment forwards at my Warriors, but can't get through their thick armor and wardsave, and can't land a blow on the Knights. He breaks and flees, and my regiments run him down with ease.
    Festus and his regiment slaughter the Halberdiers, losing just 1 model and breaking the enemy. They catch them in the pursuit, and move into the unfought combat against the Flaggies. The BSB 'Makes Way' to where Festus is standing, pushing the caster out of combat and saving him from harm. In combat, the Flaggies are ripped apart, but they still kill 2 warriors from each regiment. Being unbreakable, they hold fast.
    Wulfrik reduces the Engineer to a bloody smear and overruns into the Mortar.

    At this point, my Empire opponent scoops, noting that if at Turn 3 I have effectively killed every regiment he has except his 20 Handgunners, that in 3 more turns he will have nothing left on the board.

    I had a feeling that this would be the result of the game when I realized that contrary to my predictions, the Empire player actually lightened up his blackpowder weapons and wanted to move on the battlefield. After years of propping up his skills with superior firepower, it was easy to outmaneuver him, and bring my superior troops to bear. The only thing which he could chalk up to luck was the destruction of the Knights and the fact that his Greatswords broke after just the first round.
    I can rest assured that had this fight been recorded instead of the fight with the Lizardmen, the Empire player would likely have placed far lower, and I would certainly have kept my 2nd place standing if not been bumped to 1st.
    One thing that I have discovered is that deployment for Warriors is nowhere near as tactically challenging as I once thought. Their best strategy is to field a very tough regiment (Cannon or Shrine) at the center of the DZ, and then deploy the rest of the army in one half. This leaves your enemy very little room to maneuver, letting your numerically inferior force deal with their regiments one at a time rather than worrying about being flanked. I also usually strands a large portion of their force on one flank. So, if you're fighting against Warriors, bring cavalry and deploy them last, so that you can deploy on the empty flank and still get into combat.
    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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