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    2000 Points Warriors Of Chaos Vs Dwarves

    Warriors Of Chaos

    Sorcerer Lord (LVL 4 shadow, Necrotic Phylactry, infernal puppet, charmed shield, conjoined homonucleus)
    Spells: Miasma, Withering, Pit Of Shades, Mindrazor

    Exaulted Hero ( tzeentch, disc, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Dragonhelm, biting blade, shield, stream of corruption)

    Exaulted Hero (tzeentch, Battle Standard Bearer, book of secrets, great weapon)
    Spells: Miasma

    17 Warriors (halberds, mark of nurgle, standard, musician, banner of rage)

    16 warriors (shields, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician, blasted standard)

    40 marauders (shields, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician)

    5 Knights (khorne)

    5 warhounds

    5 warhounds

    5 warhounds


    ruenlord with protective items, dispel runes, rune to steal power dice

    Thane with great weapon, gromril armour, 2x rune of extra attack)

    Thane with standard of balance

    30 warriors with great weapons (+runelord) full command

    20 ironbreakers (+thane and BS full command

    30 warriors with handweapon and shield full command

    10 thunderers

    10 quarrelers

    grudge thrower

    cannon with rune of forging

    Cannon with rune of forging

    bolt thrower with rune of accuracy

    organ gun


    Organ gun, one cannon and the quarrelers guarded the left flank. In the centre sat the ironbreakers and shield warriors, on the right were the great weapon warriors and the rest of his artillery battery on a hill. I deployed my knights and disc rider to mow down the left flank and make their way back into the centre. The rest of my force was all clustered in the centre, with the dogs providing a meat shield.

    Turn 1: Chaos

    Looking at this army I thought "ouch" - this is a gunline that could pumel my forces considerably before they ever even reached combat. The hounds were only a minor preservation, as the majority of his war machines had line of sight to anything they wanted to hit. With this in mind, a full steam ahead advance was unleashed - the disc rider marking the organ gun as his first prey.
    Magic was uneventful, with a low winds roll and the standard of balance I tried one dice miasmas on his bolt thrower (the only war machine that had to roll to hit) to try and stunt its balistic skill but the feeble magic was easily countered.

    Turn 1: Dwarfs

    The only movement was his great weapon warriors moving towards a large tower on the middle of the right flank. I began the shooting phase with gritted teeth, expecting to lose 10-20% of my army to a barrage of high powered attacks. The organ gun, wanting to destroy the greatest threat to their survival, opened fire on the disc rider.... unfortunately something jammed and the machine was unable to fire this turn or the next. The cannon was next to try its luck and misfired. Of course, the good old dwarvern engineers would not send such shoddy contrations as the lesser races and had incsribed this one with a rune of forging (giving it a reroll), but the runesmith must have been hitting the ale a bit hard when he made this one and another misfire reared its ugly head, the cannon unable to fire for a turn. The thunderes and quarrelers were next to add to the tally of 'devastation' managing to kill three warhounds between them, this did actually manage to panic them and cause panic tests on the tzeentch warriors and marauders which could have been slightly embarrasing if these two major blocks were to run. Fortunately they did not, with the will of chaos coming to the rescue in both cases. The bolt thrower and second cannon picked on the generals unit, with a single marauder killed by a bolt and a cannonball landing directly on the sorcerer lords head.... right before he shoved a hapless marauder in the way of the shot to take his place. Finally, the stone thrower sought to punch another hole in the khorne warriors but it too had caught the misfire bug that was running rampant.

    Turn 2: Chaos

    With a major reprive granted by the foul gods, the forces of chaos sought to make the best of their luck and surged forward. The disc rider picked the organ gun crew as his first victims, charging them, while the hounds made a further nusence of themselves, getting in the line of sight of the crossbows and thunderers. Magic was slightly better, and a pit of shades kicked off the phase, intending to drop a few hammerers to their doom, and hopefully the thane into the bargain. This, predictably, drew out a dispel rune and then meant that the remaining dispel dice mopped up the other spell attempts. As expected, the dics rider dealt out two wounds and took none in return but the last crewman held, ready to protect his beloved machine to the last.

    Turn 2: Dwarves

    The two big combat blocks in the centre decided that now was the time to make their move, declaring charges into the marauders and khorne warriors. The ground must have been a little boggy, however, as the ironbreakers found themslves stuck in the mud and not able to move very far at all. The shield warriors did complete their charge and slammed into the marauders.
    Shooting wise, the thunderers and quarrelers annhialated the warhound units, but this did cost them the chance to shoot at the much jucier targets behind them. The bolt thrower skewered the knights in the flank and it was only the natrual toughness of the hardy chaos warriors that kept more than two of them from dying. The two cannons ripped into the nurgle warriors, killing the whole back rank of the unit. The stone thrower also found its form and landed a big rock on the marauders, but as it was not an upgraded version it did fairly minimal damage to the unit.
    Disc rider chopped down the last crewman, and set his eyes on the nearby cannon as the next target.
    In the centre, the dwarf warriors did not fare well, after the sorcerer lord and BSB dished out some heavy punishment and the marauders absorbed most attacks with minimal losses, but held their resolve to fight another turn.

    Turn 3: Chaos

    The disc rider hurtled forward to rid the battlefield of the nearby cannon crew, while the knights and nurgle warriors saw the opportunity to double team the ironbreakers and.... surely, defeat these notoriously difficult defenders. The Tzeentch warriors also got in on the flank action and smashed in hard on the hapless dwarves in combat with the marauders. Magic was relatively uneventful, with the spells fizzling out and nothing going off.
    The cannon crew took a pasting, but the survivor put a cheeky wound on my star pupil which was definately not in the script!
    The big combat full of frenzied warriors was lost due to two major mistakes I made - I forgot to lower the weapon skill of his thane and BSB, which would have seen them hitting on fours and not dealing out as many wounds but even more criminal of me, I forgot to make any attacks for the chaos steeds (that will teach me for neglecting my knights for so long, I forget how they even work!). All told, I only lost combat by one point but it was enough to see the knights flee and my warriors chopped down to just 9 brave men (at least they were still frenzied, due to the banner). The other combat was a resounding win, and the battered survivors were unceremoniously run down by the tzeentchian butchers, the marauders choosing to hold to deal with the remaining two big enemy units.

    Turn 3: Dwarf.

    Garrisoned safely in the tower, the great weaponers realised that I had no intention of trying to go after them with more lucrative targets available elsewhere, so popped out to get into position to attack the sorcerers unit. The cannon, thunderers, and bolt thrower all tried in vain to hurt the warriors but the seething magics of the blasted standard warded away all but one wounding blow from the unit. The stone thrower had a shot at the knights, but it was a very small target to hit now and the stone scattered away harmlessly. The quarrelers, who missed the chance to chase the knights right off the board (if they had declared a charge the knights would have had to flee, and were close to the edge), tried to shoot over the heads of their fellows and hit the marauders. This proved to be quite an overly ambitious trick shot, and yielded only one casualty (the other two were ward saved!).
    The remaining nurgle warriors lashed out, splitting some attacks to try and kill the BSB thane, but the tough armoured foes were simply too hard to hurt and when the thane single handedly claimed three more of their number (even with my now remembering the -1WS he suffered) they fled, only to trip along the way and get their heads caved in forever... the price the chaos gods claim for faliure is high indeed. Another war machine met its end to the keen blade of the tzeentchian hero.

    Turn 4: Chaos

    The disc rider and tzeentch warriors saw a couple of juicy targets and charged the cannon and thunderers respectively. The marauders, with their sorcerous leaders in tow, reformed to face the oncoming warriors and more importantly out of charge range of the ironbreakers who would have to spend another turn reforming to get at them. The knights also rallied and faced off against the remaining quarrelers.
    Spellwise, it was another relatively unventful round, with a pit of shades failing to meet its casting value (damn you homonucleus.....) and a miasma snuffed out.
    The combats were predictable, with the tzeentch warriors taking no losses in their butchery of the thunderers, no need to persue now as they could only rally on a double 1. Disky, put another solid performance and rolled exactly as the odds would have it - two wounds given with none in return - and the crew did just what they do best, hang around for one last turn until they are all dead!

    Turn 4: Dwarf

    The great weapon wielders charged the marauders, knowing that they only had to pin them in place for a short time before their more powerful bretheren could reform and really hit them up the rear (and that would have hurt, I can tell you). The quarrelers turned and took a shot at the knights but, as usual , the huge armour saves of these iron clad monsters were no match for the crossbows and all bounced off harmlessly.
    The stone thrower tried one more shot at the knights, but missed again, while the cannon blasted a grapeshot at the tzeentch warriors and even founds its way through the magical warding to kill one. The last cannon fell, to the wayfaring disc rider.
    In the main combat the chaos BSB punched a hole in the warriors, killing three, and the sorcerer and marauders managed another one. Return attacks took down a few marauders, but not quite enough, and the dwarfs were forced to take a break test which they passed by the skin of their teeth.

    Turn 5: Chaos.

    This was now the 'make or break' stage. The flanks were now well under control, and all war machines about to be mopped up, but the bulk of the dwarf army was still intact in the centre and about to mince up my marauders.
    Knights, Disc rider and warriors all charged warmachines (or quarrelers, in the case of the knights).
    The winds of magic blew in a meagre 6 dice but, as luck would have it, both sorcerers made their channeling attempt (for the first time in the game!) and boosted me up.
    Only one spell would do now, and although I knew okkams mindrazor was the key, I wanted to burn some of his dispel dice elsewhere and so threw a cheeky withering foe at the warriors. This, actually, was let through as he realised the danger posed by what I was saving the dice for.
    So.... I throw everything left at it, but with the problem that he had more dispel dice than me, and come up with a double 6! The marauders suddenly turn from zero to hero, as their strength boosted to a mighty 7, and the characters even more so at strength 8. To add insult to injury I modified the miscast to do s10 hits on everything around the sorcerer lord and kill a few more dwarfs into the bargain.
    The combats were all brutal and unforgiving - the remaining gunline was all slaughtered and the tzeentchian warriors reformed to try and get back into the centre for the final turn, the knights chased the quarrelers off the table and were removed as they could not possibly get back into combat now.
    Invigorated by the shadow magic coursing through their blades, the marauder unit cut a swathe of destruction through the warriors, and the remaining 6 hot tailed it out of town, streight into the path of the oncoming tzeentch men. A final reform to face the ironbreakers put an end to a highly successful turn.

    Turn 5: Dwarf

    The fleeing warriors rallied, ready to sell their lived dearly to the hulking monsters bearing down upon them.
    Faced with a certain loss now, the iraonbreakers charged the marauders anyway. The chaos BSB issued a challenge to the thane of pain, his strength 8 hits crunching their way through the finely wrought dwarvern plate, but not without the enemy general dealing him a grevious wound in a final act of spite. The sorcerer lord, having a nice looking target in front of him, used his newfound strength to chop the dwarvern BSB to pieces as well. Lastly, the marauders themselves hacked down a few ironbreakers (it would have been three more still, had it not been for the parry saves... although, as I get parry saves of a 5+, I shouldnt complain too much). The stoic dwarves held their morale, knowing that the spells effects would be wearing off next turn and they might just be able to claw back some retribution if they could overcome the weakened marauders.

    Turn 6: Chaos.

    The Tzeentch warriors declared a charge on the remaining great weapon dwarves. Magic was fairly sparse, and small spells were attemped but countered. The only exepction was a miasma, cast on the ironbreakers to soften up their weapon skill. This was successful and a magic 2 was deducted, meaning the marauders would now be hitting on 3's but, more importantly, they would be hitting me on 4's
    The chaos warriors made short work (get it... 'short work' he he) of the leftover dwarves and killed them on the spot.
    The remaining chaos marauders lacked the punch of the shadow magics that had seen them perform so admirably the previous turns but were still able to prevent any major counter punches from the iron breakers, and the chaos BSB hewed his greatsword through a few more dwarves, enough to finally give them cause to flee and this time they did not escape, thus completing my entire table clearance with only losing two units of warhounds and a unit of warriors.

    N.B. I do have to say, in parting, that he was quite unlucky. If the warmachines had performed just halfway more effeciently I would have had less force to bring to bear agaisnt him, but also the fortuitous timing of mindrazor turned what looked like a doomed combat into a routing of two arguably superior combat units.
    Man of the match, once again, goes to the disc rider who almost single handedly killed the entire warmachine force. An honourable mention should also go to my BSB who not only provided some useful rerolls at critical times, but also swung many combats in my favour with the powerful swings of his great weapon.

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    love the battle reports man! keep them coming! i really like your hero and lord choices.. i just run plain and simple. maybe i should lash out abit! anyways, great read, and keep the glory of chaos coming!

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