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    Warriors Of Chaos Vs High Elves 2000 Points

    2000 Points Warriors Of Chaos Vs High Elves

    Warriors Of Chaos

    Sorcerer Lord (LVL 4 shadow, Necrotic Phylactry, infernal puppet, charmed shield, conjoined homonucleus)
    Spells: Miasma, Enfeebling, Perumbral pendulum, Mindrazor

    Exaulted Hero ( tzeentch, disc, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Dragonhelm, biting blade, shield, stream of corruption)

    Exaulted Hero (tzeentch, Battle Standard Bearer, book of secrets, great weapon)
    Spells: Miasma

    17 Warriors (halberds, mark of nurgle, standard, musician, banner of rage)

    16 warriors (shields, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician, blasted standard)

    40 marauders (shields, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician)

    5 Knights (khorne)

    5 warhounds

    5 warhounds

    High Elves

    Archmage Lvl4, unknown items

    Spells: Shield of saphery, wrath of khaine, flames of the pheonix, drain magic, vauls unmaking, curse of arrow attraction

    Dragon Mage (not sure if level 2 or 3 - he got three spells from the lore of fire) on sun dragon
    Spells: fireball, piercing bolts of burning, cascading flame cloak.

    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    20 Seaguard (full command)

    10 archers (full command)

    10 seaguard (full command)

    16 Swordmasters (full command)

    10 Swordmasters (full command)

    I thought that it was perhaps a slightly small high elf army, and with so many little units I felt as though my disc rider and knights would run rampant up the flanks while the warriors formed a strong centre. My spells were quite a good selection for facing high elves. I felt that with two miasmas and an enfeebling that gave me three thingsthat could debilitate the swordmasters and prevent them from wreaking havoc against my warriors.
    However.... his magic phase looked to be quite scary - I was pleased to see him not take the lore of life but still was slightly worried about vauls unmaking destroying my useful magic items and making my units or characters more vulnerable, but he never thought to use that and was concentrating purely on damaging me so that his two swordmaster units could finish off the remnants of my forces when they eventually arrived. The dragon was something I knew I had nothing to deal with and had to hope that it chose to hang around my flanks and not attack my small units which might have struggled against it (although the rider would have got minced)

    Anyway, development saw him placing the bolt thrower and archers on the left flank, the big unit of seaguard (with mage) in the centre with his two swordmaster units as bodyguards. The right flank had the dragon and the smaller unit of seaguard.
    I put a unit of hounds to screen my knights on the left flank, all the warriors and marauders in the centre with a hound screen and my disc rider guarding the right flank.

    Turn 1: Chaos

    All units advanced at full speed, the disc rider hid behind a building out of sight of the dragon but in sight of the seaguard. The magic phase (like almost every one in this battle) saw a strong gust of magic wind and 10 power dice (though, throughout the entire game, neither of our four mages combined managed to channel a dice). I kicked off with miasma from the BSB onto the bolt thrower but he dispelled it. I then threw it a second time and got it off, lowering their balistic skill, the enfeebling foe was dispelled on his swordmasters therefore ending the first turn.

    Turn 1: High elves.

    The units shuffled slightly, but no charges were declared. The dragon swooped over the head of my disc rider and landed behind him to start battering my marauders. He had a strong winds of magic too, and began with piercing bolts of burning on the marauders. Although I knew this was going to hurt, as they were in ranks of 5, I felt that it was better to allow this through and concentrate on dispelling the even nastier flames of the pheonix, which could do far more damage to them. The magical bolts slew 8 of the barbarians, but it could have been worse. Next spell up was flames of the pheonix as expected, but on the tzeentch warriors. I tried to dispel anyway but the high magic was too strong and two warriors fell to the magical fires. Lastly a single dice drain magic was cast, leaving me with an awkward magic phase the next turn.
    The repeater bolt thrower opened fire on the warhounds but the effects of the miasma must have caused the crew to load the bolts the wrong way round, as only two actually wounded. The hounds, amazingly, passed their panic test and held firm. The archers, now with a clean shot at the chaos knights, opened fire but their shafts bounced feebly off the knights deamonic armour.
    The seaguard turned their full attention to the warhounds in the centre, and completely obliterated them (though I felt a bit of a waste of shots that could have been better placed against the warriors or marauders), while the small seaguard on the flank tried their best to hurt the disc rider but their arrows were also deflected by the powerful wards of tzeentch.

    Turn 2: Chaos

    The warhounds, disc rider and knights (because he had claimed line of sight to them with the archers, I was able to claim the right to charge, even with the hounds in the way) declared charges. The disc rider easily made into the seaguard, wading through a second hail of arrows unscathed, and the hounds also made it to the bolt thrower. The knights, perhaps weighed down by all that heavy armour, were a bit sluggish and failed the charge by a full three inches - to add insult to injury one also died to the stand and shoot of the archers!
    The rest of the army continued to trudge gredually forward, the tzeentch warriors getting worryingly within charge range of the big swordmaster unit.
    Another good winds of magic had to be used sparingly, as dispelling flames of the pheonix was the first port of call. Once that was successful, I threw a small miasma onto the swordmasters with my BSB, declaring it to be against their initiative. This was not dispelled, as my opponent did not feel it any sort of a threat and that it was a wasted spell as he always struck first regardless of initiative. After dropping his initiative to 4 I then revealed the implications of this were that he would not be getting re rolls to hit now, as he was lower then my warriors initiative of 5.
    A second miasma, from my sorcerer lord, targeted the smaller swordmaster unit but this time he was wise to the subtle ways of the shadow mage and chose to dispel it.
    In combat, a hound was slain by the bolt thrower crew, but the impetus of the charge carried the day even where their slavering jaws could not and the combat was a draw - preventing the machine from firing next turn. The disc rider butchered the unit champion of the seaguard in a challenge and the remaining warriors could not penetrate his thick armour, instead fleeing the rampaging chaos hero but not getting far before he ran them down like the cowards they were.

    Turn 2: High Elves.

    Concerned that the swordmasters had lost effectiveness, my opponent chose to hold them for another turn until the effects of the spell wore off. No other movement was made, other then the dragonmage who landed behind my marauders with destructive intentions...
    Magic blew stronger then ever - a whopping 12 dice- and I decided that this was really going to be the make or break phase for me as I could not hope to stop every spell, only limit the damage done.
    Piercing bolts of burning was cast into the marauders, but on a relatively low casting value so I decided to risk three dice at preventing it and the gamble was rewarded. Next was curse of arrow attraction, again on the tzeentch warriors, who I felt could handle the weak shooting so I let the spell pass. Shield of saphery was then put onto the big swordmaster unit, making them even more dangerous (as they now had a chance to save as well as dish out pain) but I still had to keep dice for flames of the pheonix so had to let it through. Then came the flames, as predicted on my marauders, but like the bolts of burning it did not cast especially highly and I threw the dice to stop this dangerous spell from causing any more harm. A burning head then cut a path of destruction through the centre of my army (though the warriors took it well).
    Lastly, another drain magic went off on one dice.
    The archers loosed another volley into the chaos knights but went unrewarded. Curse of arrow attraction saw a huge number of shots on target, but the changer of the ways blessed his warriors and only a single one lay dead after it was all over. The dragon unleashed its firey payload onto the marauders, but only two actually perished, the fickle wards of tzeentch protecting them.
    The hounds managed to chomp another crew man on the bolt thrower but the break test was passed and they held firm.

    Turn 3: Chaos

    A big opportunity had presented itself, after the failed charge of the knights, and they could now see the flank of the big swordmaster block which they duely changed, supported by the warriors who also fancied a bit of action. The warriors of nurgle slipped in their own filth, missing out on a charge against the smaller swordmaster block, while the disk rider and marauders repositioned themselves ready to charge next turn.
    The magic phase was a bit lacklustre, with a 5 and 1 coming up, and therefore I decided that I would throw all 6 dice into a miasma on the swordmasters in combat - I got an 18, not the highest roll and my opponent threw his dice....and got 17. The spell went off, lowering the stats of the swordmasters by 2. The subsequent combat went extremely badly for them, with only a single warrior falling to their blades. The knights and warriors visited terrible retribution on the unit, and the few survivors were run down by the frenzied knights, the more sensible warriors reforming to eye up the seaguard with the archmage as their next target.

    Turn 3: High Elves

    There was talk of calling the game at this point, as he felt that my army was now too strong to defeat, but the store manager was convinced that the swordmasters could still destroy the nurgle warriors and probably the marauders (which would have made things very close. I did agree with him as well, even though the nurgle warriors had slightly better then average chance they were statistically doomed to fail most combats against an unharmed swordmaster block. After this pep talk, we did continue and the dragon charged the rear of my marauders while the swordmasters took on my warriors. The seaguard also reformed to better absorb the incoming warriors.
    Magic saw a big flames of the pheonix unleashed on the marauders, too highly cast for me to realistically stop, so I was forced to sit and watch another 8 burn. However, my saving of the dispel dice was at least rewarded when I was able to stop the cascading fire cloak. Drain magic, once again, went off on one dice.
    The seaguard loosed a few arrows at the tzeentchians, but their thick armour withstood them easily.
    In combat, the swordmasters proceeded to butcher the nurgle warriors - killing a mighty 8 - with the return attacks less successful, only killing half of the masters. The break test looked pretty unlikely to pass, even with the bsb nearby, but its influence buoyed the warriors on to fight another day and they managed to scrape through.
    In the marauder/dragon combat, the BSB once again proved his worth, pushing his way through the ranks to force the wizard into an ill fated challenge. The wizard, as anticipated, did no harm but the dragon was a slight concern until it missed all but one attack and then failed to wound that.
    The BSB, seeing a nice squishy target, clove the wizard in two with a mighty stroke of his great weapon (gaining +1 strength on the eye of the gods table and meaning I could wound that wretched dragon on a 2+ as well) but the dragon did not take well to the demise of his master and became unbreakable, meaning I was going to have a long fight on my hands trying to chop him down.

    Turn 4: Chaos

    The tzeentch warriors rampaged into the seaguard, taking no casualties from stand and shoot, supported by a rear charge from their freindly disc rider who just happed to be in the neighbourhood. The knights reformed , giving themselves a choice of targets - either the seaguard if they survived the combat, the archers if they didnt, or possibly even the swordmasters if they succeeded in wiping out my chaos warriors.
    Magic was back on track once again, with two miasmas dispelled but leaving me with free reign to push through the enfeebling foe on the swordmasters, rendering them almost useless against the warriors. The disc rider and co completed another successful masacre and wiped out a large number of seaguard, the rider chasing the survivors down. At this point he resigned, before the swordmaster or dragon combat could be fought, as it was now clear that it was going to be a major victory even with a bit of bad dice for me - the dragon could not persue even if it comehow managed to win the combat, so my marauders would escape and reform, while the swordmasters were not likely to put a dent in the remaining chaos warriors who would surely cut them down in response.

    All in all, quite a successful battle. I forgot the stream of corruption again, which was a really big mistake as it is my only shooting attack and could have put down either a few swordmasters or seaguard and reduced their effectiveness- especially in that turn after he chanrged and was doing nothing much while getting back into position. I also forgot to use the homonucleus again, which might have tipped the odd spell in my favour, forcing him to commit more dispel dice to the attempt. The knights did what they do best - took alot of punishment without dying, and dished it out in return.
    The tzeentch warriors really shone, with the blasted standard protecting them they absorbed more firepower then any other unit in my army and shrugged most of it off, only to prove near invulnerable in combat as well. The disc rider did not do as much damage as normal, but still put in a good workman performance, but this battles star player has got to be my sorcerer lord - the miasma spell is just so effective against high elves, reducing their to hit and rerolls - his castings definately made the difference between life and death against an army which looked pretty fearsome at the start of play. The bit of luck in the swordmaster break test was a real turning point, as it handed me back the initiative in a turn where he should really have won combat, chased the warriors down, then reformed to start killing my marauders.

    I think his man of the match would have to be the dragon mage, who singlehandedly decimated my marauders, but was goaded into making the charge at the end of the game, which he had said throughout that he would not do as the mage always dies whenever he gets into combat. The swordmasters once again showed how deadly they are, even against upgraded chaos warriors, and it was only my creating of favourable fights that kept them from running amok.

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    I like your batlle report and the way you write good to see another chaos army win the day!

    One question, isnt it illegal to dispell remains in play spells and cast spells after that? I always thought that when dispell dice were rolled from the power pool, no more could be used to accually cast. but I might be well wrong with this

    All in all, another elf down! good job

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    Great stuff.

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