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    5k- High Elves & Lizardmen vs. Daemons & Warriors w/ Fluff!

    Yesterday I teamed up with a friend for a 2v2 battle of Good versus Evil. He and I chose High Elves and Lizardmen, while our opponents paid homage to the Blood God and fielded Daemons and Warriors. We each took 2500pts for our armies, a total of 5k on each side.

    For dramatic effect, here’s their list first:

    Daemons, 2500pts
    Blood Thirster, Greater Daemon of Khorne

    Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut, +1A, Flaming
    2x Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut
    [all heralds deployed as a unit]

    20 BloodLetters, full command, Blood Fury icon (+D6 charge range)
    2x 20 BloodLetters, full command

    6 Blood Crushers
    Warriors, 2500pts
    Lord of Khorne w/ 4+ ward, Juggernaut
    Exalted of Khorne w/ 4+ ward, Juggernaut
    Exalted of Khorne w/ 5+ ward, Juggernaut
    [fielded as a unit]

    2x 50 Khorne Marauders w/ full command, great weapons
    24 Khorne Warriors w/ Halberds, full command

    6 Khorne Ogres
    10 Khorne Knights
    Lizardmen, 2500pts
    Slann w/ +1dice per cast, Loremaster, Lore of Life
    2x Skink Priest w/ Lore of Heavens
    Skink Warchief BSB w/ Stegadon, Stegadon Warspear (+D6+1 impact hits)

    2x 18 Saurus Warriors w/ Full Command, Spears
    24 Skinks w/ 4 Kroxigors

    20 Templeguard w/ Full Command

    2 Salamander Hunting Teams
    High Elves, 2500pts

    L2 w/ Silver Wand – Lore of Shadow
    L2 w/ Seerstaff – Lore of Light (Banishment, Speed of Light)
    Noble BSB w/ Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, Greatweapon

    2x 29 Seaguard w/ Shields, banner, musician

    2x 10 Swordmasters
    18 Phoenix Guard w/ banner, musician, Banner of Sorcery

    Scenario- Pitched Battle
    Terrain- scattered trees across the battle field, none in the deployment zones. A rocky hill juts from the left short board edge, along the center line. It’s craggy slopes are deemed impenetrable.

    Deployment- from Order’s left to right
    In a last minute decisions, the Lizardmen and Elves switch sides, so that the Elves can deploy their missile weapons against a target they can actually hurt.

    -- 29 LSG plus the Shadow mage deploy at an angle behind the impassable terrain
    -- 10 Swordmasters deploy to their right
    -- 29 LSG deploy on the other side of the Swordmasters, with the Light mage
    -- 10 Swordmasters deploy to the right of the LSG
    -- Teclis and BSB join the PhoenixGuard, who deploy behind the rightmost Swordmasters
    -- The Stegadon deploys to the right of the PG
    -- Templeguard and Slann deploy to the right of the Steg, with Salamanders in front
    -- 18 Saurus Warriors to the right of the TG
    -- 18 Saurus Warriors to the right of the SWs, with a Priest in between
    -- Skinks and Kroxies deploy on the right flank, joined by a priest.

    -- Regiment of Icon’d Letters deploys on the DZ edge, with another regiment of Letters trailing behind
    -- 6 Blood Crushers deploy to the left of the lead Letters, with the Heralds behind
    -- 20 Letters deploy right behind a forest, with the Thirster following behind.
    -- 50 Maruaders deploy to the right of the forest
    -- 50 Marauders deploy to the right of the forest, with the Juggernauts behind
    -- 24 Warriors deploy to the right of the Maruaders, with the Knights behind
    -- 6 Ogres hold the right flank

    Chaos wins the roll to go first...

    Turn 1:
    Insects chirped as Elthayan wiped the sweat from his brow. Even in the early morning, the heat and humidity on the tide-plains of Lustria was sweltering. The reptilian defenders of this land croaked and bellowed to one another along the right flank. Ahead of them, a force of pure destruction had amassed- fanatical followers of the blood god Khorne had called a powerful legion of Daemons to the world and to their bidding. It fell to the ancient wardens of this earth to meet the threat early, and stem the tide of blood before the whole world was bled dry. And so Ethayan had come to guard Teclis, warden of the White Tower where he lived, and to carry his banner.

    The jungle fell silent, and keen elven ears could hear the plodding of cloven hooves, the hisses of the oncoming Daemons, and the shrieks of mortal horses lorded by their masters. Eyes strained to the early morning haze as dark shapes began to emerge from the veil of fog. The morning quiet was shattered by a roar as a Blood Thirster broke through the mists on wings of pure flame. He landed in the center of the plain, casting his massive canine head about, sniffing the air for worthy opponents to sacrifice to his dark master.

    With a silent word, the Seaguard in front of Elthayan reformed into a fighting block and fell back from the approaching Daemons, the disciplined marines unleashing a volley of dark fletched arrows into the fog as the Swordmasters stepped into the gap. The missiles were met with screeches as a handful of Daemons were sent back to the warp. The mages prepared their dazzling spells as the Lizardmen awaited the battle with cold-blooded patience. With an unspoken command, the Skink Chief goaded his Stegadon towards the Bloodthrister, willing to meet it’s challenge with coldblooded determination.
    The horns of the Stegadon tore through chest of the Bloodthirster as the Chieftain lodged his spear into it’s eye. The greater daemon flickered for a moment, before sweeping with his sword and ripping a great furrow in the scaly flesh of the Stegadon. The beast bellowed in pain, but the chieftain kept control and continued the battle under the emotionless eyes of the Slann lord.

    -- The lead bloodletters, bloodcrushers, and Thirster advance to charge range, with the rest of the army following behind. The LSG fall back and reform, pulling Swordmasters to cover their front. The stegadon charges to cover the Swordmasters flank, but fails. Teclis and the Slann cast Throne of Vines, Teclis puts ‘Flesh to Stone’ on the rightmost Swordmasters for +4T, the Shadow mage throws Miasma at the BloodCrushers for -3WS, swaps places with the Light mage (who fails a spell) and then casts Steed of Shadows on the Stegadon, giving it a fly move to finish the charge. The Steg flops its attacks in combat, scoring just 2 wounds on the Thirster.

    Turn 2:
    With a roar, the Bloodletters charged into leftmost Swordmasters. Their mounted kin surged ahead and slammed into the second regiment of Swordmasters, glowing from the power of Teclis’s spell. Blood arced high into the air as the children of Asuryan duelled with the Daemonic hordes. Three swordmasters were dragged down by the shrieking daemons, but not before they could slice apart half of the Bloodletter brood. Fighting against the disoriented Blood Crushers, the Elves fared far better- ripping apart all but 2 of the beasts at the cost of just 2 of their own. The Daemons flickered for a moment, but held their ground. The Swordmasters redoubled their efforts, hacking through the last of the fould daemons in a flurry of flashing silver and steaming gore. The Elves let out a cheer, but their triumph was brought to a halt by a sputtering bellow. The massive Stegadon failed in it’s duel against the Bloodthirster. It fell to the earth amid a fountain of gore, and the bloodcrusher stamped out it’s rider with it’s own roar of victory. Elthayan moved Teclis into the grimfaced Seaguard, and unfurled the glittering banner of their host. This battle had only just begun...

    -- Letters charge the left Swordmasters, Crushers charge the right. Both units are damaged, and the Elves batter the remainder in their own turn. Teclis and the Slann both cast Throne of Vines again, and cast Regrowth on the right side swordmasters. The Light mage casts Banishment on the encroaching second wave of Bloodletters amidst a hail of arrows from his unit.

    Turn 3:
    Before they had a chance to breathe, Elthayan watched helplessly as the swordmasters were plunged into battle again. This time a group of Heralds charged into their midst, followed by a second regiment of blood-letters. The battle raged as the exhausted Swordmasters fought for their lives. The warriors of the white tower held out against the Bloodletters, but the Heralds tore through the other regiment, rushing onwards towards Teclis and the Seaguard. Roaring his victory, the BloodThirster leapt into the Phoenix Guard, seeking out Teclis but the wizard was nowhere to be found. The greater daemon raged amongst the guardians of the flame, who stood resolutely and pushed another wound onto the beast. There was to be no respite for any of the elves, as the second wave of Bloodletters charged onto the Seaguard holding the right flank. The disciplined elves rained arrows down on their foes before impaling them upon their spears.

    The humans of the North had also reached the battle- their Marauders sweeping away the Salamander packs in their rush to battle against the Templguard. The Skink Priest led a countercharge in hopes of turning the flank, leading his Skinks and Kroxigors against the Ogres. The massive brutes showed no mercy however, and their ferocious bulk was enough to rout the Skinks from the field.

    -- Letters charge from the woods to fight the right-hand swordmasters, while the Heralds charge those on the left. The Heralds destroy them and overrun onto the Seaguard. The last of the Letters charge the seaguard on the right flank, who’s 20 Stand-and-Shoot, plus 30 Spear attacks proved to be more than enough to remove the unit from the field. Teclis casts Flesh to Stone on his seaguard but it is dispelled.

    Turn 4:
    Spears flashed all around Ethayan, struggling to fend off the bloodthristy Heralds as they decapitated several elves. When one of the Daemons leveled his blade at Teclis, Elthayan stepped up in his place, and in a flurry of blows, reduced the challenging Herald to a headless pile at his feet. Holding the grisly trophy aloft, he inspired the Elves to keep fighting, no matter how fearsome their foe may be. The Elves surged forward and cut down the last of the Daemon officers. Elthayan took a deep breath, freed from the onslaught.

    A roar of hatred and frustration sounded over the battlefield, and Teclis was washed with a shockwave of heat and energy as the greater Daemon was repelled by the Phoenix Guard. The officer caught Elthayan’s eye, bloodstained and weary- he had broken his oath of silence to shout the ritual that would banish the creature from the realm. He nodded to his general and motioned to say something but was cut off as panicked Swordmasters rushed between the two. The officer quickly whirled to face the threat at hand, his regiment covering the retreat of the Swordmasters and stepping forward to cut down the onrushing Bloodletters. Teclis bolstered their attempts with a spell of his own.
    Another regiment had fled the field- croaking Lizards stampeded through the orderly ranks, reaching the Elves before turning and fleeing from the battle. Elthayan noticed that their crudely hewn banner denoted them as the unit tasked with defending the right flank. The army was being corralled around its generals, even now the Northmen were cutting their way towards the Slann. Another hastily cast spell healed many of the ancient Temple Guard, who didn’t pause to question their revitalized bodies, and instead leapt back into the bloody melee around their leader.
    “We should retreat- the Daemons are nearly banished but this battle is lost. My duty is to save you, and our duty is to fight another day.”
    Teclis looked at him, the man was wounded, both of them and the elves around them were exhausted. The field stank of mud and death, and the heat was almost as threatening as the weapons around them. Teclis wiped his forehead with a grimy hand,
    “No- we cannot retreat. That Slann will serve as a much a role in the coming war as any of the Asur present on this field. He at least must live.”
    Elthayan sighed, and lifted his banner aloft as Teclis ordered the charge into the ranks of enemy warriors. Spear and halberds flashed together as the Elves cut down the final Daemons, but Elthayan could not rest. He was at the head of the regiment, ordering the flagging Seaguard to charge into the Marauders assailing the Slann. One startled mob of Northmen broke away from the combat, and he watched as the Slann turned to guard the retreat...

    -- Eventful turn. Warriors and Ogres charge the rightmost regiment of Saurus who break through the entire battleline. Teclis and the Seaguard kill the Heralds. The Phoenix Guard kill the Bloodthirster in combat. The Swordmasters break from the field and the pursuing Bloodletters hit the Phoenix Guard.
    -- Teclis and the Seaguard flank the Bloodletters, kill them and overrun into the Marauders, where they fight again with the Templeguard. One of the hordes of Marauders breaks, but the other rolls Insane Heroism, keeping the Seaguard locked in combat while allowing the Templeguard to go free.

    Turns 5-6:
    Once more, Elthayan found himself surrounded by death. His warriors were exhausted, pushed on by the sole hope that perhaps they might win themselves enough time to retreat back to their ships. A sudden impact marked a charge to their flank. He raced to bolster the defenses there, finding a group of three knights mounted on snorting juggernauts. Their leader cut down the Shadow mage that had come along with them from the tower.
    There were shouts and curses as the Northmen renewed their charge, catching the last regiment of Saurus in a massive melee. Elthayan grasped his blade tightly. He could see the second regiment of Seaguard hurrying to the battle, but knew they would never reach the fight in time, they were doomed to be intercepted by the block of onrushing Chaos Knights. Phoenix Guard had charged into the battle against the Marauders, cutting them down. The Elves turned to face the knights on their Juggernauts. They were corralled, surrounded on two sides by a raging battle.
    There was nothing left to do. Elthayan grasped his worn and pitted blade, and stared into the blazing eyes of the Chaos general. He handed his banner to a nearby warrior, and stepped into the clearing between the shieldwall and rampaging Juggernauts.

    “Fight me, you soulless bastard. I’ll send you to meet your gods.”
    The Chaos Lord hardly paused, surging forward to attack. Elthayan parried the blow, the force of the impact driving him backwards into the ranks of Elves. Seeing their champion so hard pressed, many recoiled. One raced forward to help him to his feet. Elthayan looked the man in the eyes despite his swimming vision.
    “Get the master, take the men, and retreat from the field. I’ve got these three under control.”
    Elthayan picked his tired body up from the bloody earth and staggered back towards the Chaos Lord. The man had been laughing, thinking the smaller Elf was already dead- but seeing Elthayan limping back towards him, determination set in his face, his laughter died. For a brief moment, Elthayan shut out the stink of the battlefield, the screams of the wounded and dying and the clash of arms. He left behind the pain in his bones, and the overwhelming weight of his duty. For a moment, he was back in the cool, marble-walled chambers of the White Tower. And then everything went dark.

    -- The JuggerKnights charge the Seaguard flank, issue a challenge and I answer with my Shadow mage. Warriors and Ogres tag-up on the last Saurus regiment. Both the LSG and Saurus hold. PG join the battle against the Marauders and wipe them out. Knights charge the untested unit of LSG, which holds fast. The Chaos Lord issues another challenge, I answer with the BSB in hopes of killing him before I break and certainly lose the BSB anyways. The BSB is cut down, the unit breaks, and the Juggerknights fail to catch them. The Saurus hold, PGs hold, and the battle ends with the Slann and Teclis&LSG out of combat.

    I say that I won a moral victory, at least for myself. My Elves beat down one of the nastiest Daemon armies that I’ve seen, with relative ease, and almost without help. I know that the enemy not having a magic phase was a big boost, but they used those points to field downright nasty combat characters.
    We could have won the game- I know the Lizardmen player and he’s quite used to playing against Chaos Warriors. What threw him off was the joint deployment- he’s used to deploying his BSB in the center, but he forgot that he should’ve deployed in the center of his own army. It would have been good to help fight the Thirster but he fluffed, and he needed the LD rerolls throughout the rest of his battleline. The number of units he lost from failed Leadership checks was astonishing, his rolls were dismal.
    By the time I’d finished off the Daemons, I didn’t have time to turn my High Elves around to get an effective line set against the Warriors, especially since his flank folded. A feigned fold would have been the best option, consolidating our troops to one short board edge away from the Warriors, but when you’re being corralled like that, it’s a different story. I’ve never been surrounded so completely- breaking out simply wasn’t an option. We knew we were doomed around turn 4, and made a “mini-objective” to just keep our generals alive.
    It was definitely a great game, I wish I’d taken pictures or even notes to have kept things a bit more clear. I do hope that you all enjoyed the report however.

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    That was a great battle report.

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    Yeah that was an AWESOME battle report.

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    In the first turn are you saying that you used steed of shadows to charge the bloodthirster? Steed of shadows allows you to make a move as in the remaining moves and can't be used to charge. Otherwise great report!
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    Good read Captain!
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