Hi all.

With a tournament coming up in 3 weeks or so I've started my playtesting and practice games for the Tomb King army (1250 points) I intend to bring. Having played the army since '05 I'm still getting to grips with the new rules so comments on any mistakes would be really great.

At the tournament there would be 3 games, Battleline, Meeting Engagement and Blood and Glory.

So, for the first of my practice matches I found myself paired against an Ogre Kingdoms player in a Meeting Engagement scenario.

The Forces:

Tomb Kings

High Priestess Askeltha Straltveld*
Level 4 High Priest, Hierophant, Lore of Nehekhara

Prince Nyhramus of Lahmia, Vessel of Pha'a
Tomb Prince with Talisman of Endurance, Great Weapon

The Broken Legion
40 Skeleton Warriors with Standard, Musician and Spears

The Vanguards
4 Charriots, Standard and Musician

The Embittered Legion
14 Tomb Guard with Full Command and Halberds

Eternity's Edge
3 Ushabti with Great Weapons

Desert's Due
2 Tomb Swarms

*Fluff-wise my Hierophant is actually a Vampire.

Ogre Kingdoms
(Not entirely sure of most of his wargear)
Tyrant with some kind of great weapon...

Butcher, Level 2

8 Bulls with Standard, Musician
(accompany butcher)

8 Ironguts with Standard, Musician
(accompany tyrant)


The centre of his side of the board was dominated by an arcane ruins (left) and alter of khaine (right). I had a normal building on my right flank and a charnel pit on my left.


The only unit to roll a 1 for reserves were his Butcher's Bulls, a bit of bad luck for him, giving me an early start magic-wise.

I started by deploying my charriots on my right, with a clear run of the board between the Alter and the Arcane Ruins. He then deployed his Ironguts facing them this was his only unit as the Gorger and Bulls were in reserve.
My Tomb Guard were next, further forwards along my diagonal arc, ready to support the charriots if the Ironguts were too much for them. On their left was my skeleton horde, hiding my hierophant, mostly in the charnel pit whilst on the far left my 3 Ushabti also claimed the bonus regeneration whilst covering flank from any possible gorger attack.

We rolled off and he won, choosing that I go first.
Spells: Desert Wind, Protection, Righteous Smiting, Dessication

Tomb Kings Turn 1
My army shambled forwards, the charriots edging themselves into the Alter of Khaine field.
I rolled a 7 for the winds of magic, awarding my opponent 6 dispel dice and failing to channel for an 8th.
First of all I cast Dessication on the Ironguts with 3 dice, refraining from boosting the spell until necessary. It passed and he failed to dispel. Bouyed by this I attempted to cast a boosted Righteous Smiting on my last 3 dice but only got 14.
My charriots failed to damage the weakened ironguts with their bows, finishing my turn.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 1
The Ironguts declared a charge on my charriots but failed to make the distance, leaving them grossly out of position for a charriot counterattack. With the rest of his army finishing a snack behind the lines he ended his turn.

Tomb Kings Turn 2
My Charriots charged in, easily making the distance to his ironguts whilst the rest of my army continued its slow advance.
Magic saw me get 4 dice and him 3, again I failed to channel.
With so little to cast with I used all four of them on a boosted Dessication, just making the required 22 without a miscast (yes!), then rolling a 1 for the strength/toughness reduction (damn!). Still, I'd be wounding him o 3s with my impact hits and spears.
After 13 impact hits 2 Ogres were ridden down before my now frenzied charioteers accounted for another 2 and the steeds for one more. In return I lost 2 charriots and had my musician reduced to 1 wound but broke the Ironguts who fled just to the edge of the board with my Charriots pursuing just as far and catching up.

Well that was half his army gone, just another half left to go...the more resilient magical half.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 2

His Bulls didn't arrive but the Gorger did, promptly charging my Ushabti in the flank. It managed to inflict a wound and caused 1 more from resolution as I failed to do any damage in return, I then failed my reform test by 1 (if only I'd been within Inspiring Presence range) and have to stick it out another turn.

Tomb Kings Turn 3

I continue to advance, my Charriots reforming to face the left of the long edge (the most likley place his Bulls will enter from). Magic sees me roll 3 and fail desert wind. Finally, my Ushabti put a wound on the Gorger to none in return and reform to face it preparing to teach the Land Shark lesson 1 for survival in Nehekhara: Don't try to eat giant undead statues with huge cleavers.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 3
The Bulls and Butcher arrive as predicted on his left, deployed in such a way that I have to march my Prince and his Tomb Guard around the Arcane Ruins to get to them. The Butcher rolls 11 power dice and channels 1 more before giving the Bulls +1 Strength and Regeneration thanks to some appaling dispell attempts, before trying to cast Braingobbler on my Skeleton Hrode...I pointed out to him that it wouldn't work but he wouldn't listen.
Combat saw the Gorger topple the crippled Ushabti whilst his two comrades put 2 wounds on the Gorger, leaving it with 1.

Tomb Kings Turn 4
I began to move my horde through the Arcane Ruins, the Tomb Guard around them, and the Charriots to threaten the flank of the Bulls. Magic went disasterously as after rolling 4 dice and chanelling none my Hierophant proceeded to roll irresistable force for a boosted Desert Wind and a Dimensional Cascade (in 8th ed I have yet to roll anything but a Cascade for my miscasts). The explosion was spectacular, taking out 3 skeletons along with the Priest. On the bright side I got a free move...however I forgot to put 1 wound back on my Ushabti.
My Charriots' bows put a wound on an Ogre and my Ushabti shrug off the Gorger's attacks to finish it off.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 4
The Bulls turn to confront my charriots, the butcher rolling 8 dice and chanelling for a 9th. He then proceeds to cast a +1 toughness augment and 3 bonecrackers, decimating the charriots before they even have a chance to charge (I didn't realise that thing ignored armour saves). He would have tried a fourth but my Tomb Guard were mercifully out of his front arc.

Tomb Kings Turn 5
My Warriors stride out of the ruins whilst the Ushabti move to threaten a flank charge if he charges the warriors. The Tomb Guard round the building's corner, with a good roll I might be able to get a charge in with them as well. With no magic, shooting or combat, I can only brace for impact.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 5
Taking me for my word his Bulls smash into me, reducing the horde from 37 to 5 in a single combat round for no casualties in return (ouch!). I fail to dispel any augments, leaving me with a big, overweight, pale green problem...things are definetly going downhill from here.

Tomb Kings Turn 6
My Ushabti hurl themselves into his flank whilst my Tomb Guard roll a mighty 10 for their charge distance, slamming into the other flank and negating his rank bonus. My Prince declares a challenge, which his Butcher accepts (probably attracted by the scent of enbalming oils). However the whetted edge of a Nehekharan blade proves to be superior to the whetted appetite of the Ogre as I cause 1 wound for none in return. Meanwhile the last of the Skeletons are trampled whilst my Ushabti take a wound and my Tomb Guard loose a rank. In return I do 8 wounds, taking out his rear rank, I loose combat by 1 and along with it my Tomb Guards' rank bonus and disruption. However the Ogres reform to face the guard, conceeding their rear to do more damage to my weaker unit.

Ogre Kingdoms Turn 6
The Butcher casts Bloodgruel with the 3 dice he rolled, returning himself to full wounds, whilst I manage to dispel the regeneration and toughness augments. Combat sees a further 4 Tomb Guard trampled whilst my Tomb Prince takes a wound, however in his immortal ire, Nyhramus strikes out with the will of Pha'a, causing two wounds in return to the Ogre mage. My Guard then take down an Ogre whilst my Ushabti take out another. I win combat and break him, his swiftstride seeing him leave the board before I can pursue.

It is then I realise that I've forgotten to use my Tomb Swarms.

Result: Tomb King Victory!

Post Game:
Ogre Kingdoms are an army I struggle against, I can't get KB with my Tomb Guard and my Ushabti can't Stomp. However with Incantation of Dessication I can level the field for my hard hitters to even the odds.
I was pleased with my priest's brief performance, had he survived any longer then I might have been able to neutrelise those Gut Magic augments and get Incantation of Protection or another Dessication. The Ushabti were brilliant as was my Tomb Prince. The Tomb Guard didn't do as well as I'd have liked, but with so much magical defence to deal with strengt and weapon skill 5 can only do so much...
Next game, however, I'm definetly swapping the Tomb Swarms for some upgrades to my High Priest...