2500 battle High Elves vs Chaos Daemons - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2500 battle High Elves vs Chaos Daemons

    High Elves Army list
    Lords (possible 625 pts)
    Arch Mage with lore of life and book of hoeth (will go in the phoenix guard) 360

    Heroes (possible 625 pts)
    Level 2 Mage with lore of shadow and the seer staff of saphery 165 (going into the spearmen)
    Noble on a barded elven steed with dragon armour, helm of fortune, shield, and sword of might (will go in the DPs) 144
    Noble with BSB great weapon, armour of caledor, guardian phoenix (going to be in 2nd unit of sword masters) 160

    Core (minimum 625 pts)
    45 Lothern Sea Guard with full command and lion standard 635

    specials (maximum of 1250 pts)
    15 sword masters with full command 255
    15 sword masters with full command 255
    16 phoenix guard with full command and banner of sorcery 320.
    5 Dragon Princes with musician and standard bearer with Banner of Ellyrion 195

    Total 2489

    Chaos Daemons army list Approximated
    Keeper of Secrets with the regeneration ability based on kills
    2 heralds of tzeech or slannesh (not sure which)
    very large unit of horrors
    large unit of daemonetes
    6 Juggernauts with bloodletter riders
    large horde of blood letters

    Set Up: I had lore of life for my lvl 4 and he got dwellers, throne of vines, flesh to stone, and regrowth (could not have asked for better) and my lvl2 with shadow got to choose his spells and chose mystifying miasma and okkams mind razor. He had his tzeechy chaos spells, 2 magic missiles, and some spells that reduced my leadership chances ect...

    I deployed my units from left to right as follows: Dragon princes with noble, phoenix guard, LSG, Sword Masters with bsb, and Sword Masters. He deployed from my left to right: Juggernauts, horrors, daemonettes, keeper of secrets, blood letters.

    He won first turn
    Movement: He marched his juggernaughts forward, marched his daemonettes forward, moved his keeper of secrets forward 10, moved his bloodletters forward.
    Magic: I dispelled everything with my level 4 (+5 to dispell!)
    Shooting: None
    Combat: None

    My turn one
    Movement: I could not charge any of his units so I moved my dps just out of his juggernauts charge range, moved my phoenix gaurd forward in support of the DPs so they could get a flank charge next turn if the dps get charged. The LSG stay put to shoot at the daemonettes. Swordmasters with bsb move forward to where they might get charged next turn and set up the seccond block of swordmasters sets up for a flank charge on the bloodletters next turn.
    Magic: I roll a ten for winds of magic, channel one, and gain three from my banner of sorcery, but max is 12! So the first thing I do is cast throne of vines and because of the book of hoeth it goes off with an irresistible cast! Then I cast flesh to stone on my swordmasters unit preparing to take the bloodletter charge. It goes off succesfully and my opponent fails to dispel it with 4 dice! (he has one left) I then cast dwellers on to his horror unit and kill a mighty 18 horrors, enough to make his lvl 3 or 4 wizzard unit down to a lvl 2! Then I cast mystifying miasma on his bloodletters and drop their stats down by 2 across the board.
    Shooting: I kill 5 daemonettes with my LSG
    Combat: None

    Opponents turn 2
    Movement: He charges with his juggernauts and fails and moves forward 4 in. His daemonettes fail to charge to my phoenix guard and move forward a giant 2 in. His keeper of secrets could barely see my swordmasters (I thought I had moved them enough out of the way but I failed) and charged their flank. The bloodletters also charge the first swordmasters unit.
    Magic: I dispell everything with 6 dispell dice to his 9 power dice.
    Shooting: None
    Combat: His keeper of secrets and my swordmasters always strike first so they go at the same time. I manage to get two wounds on him but he kills two swordmasters in return even though they are toughness seven On the bloodletters though my swordmasters and bsb dole out an impressive 15 wounds and kill 12 bloodletters. He attacks back with his downgraded weapon skill and my toughness and manage to kill another two swordmasters. So his keeper of secrets regains his two wounds because he killed two people, but the bloodletters loose another 4 models because of phasing after his failed leadership and lost combat.

    My turn 2
    Movement: My DPs successfully charge the juggernauts, my phoenix guard move forward again to line up a perfect flank charge on the juggernauts next turn. My LSG successfully charge the keeper of secrets and my second swordmasters successfully hit the flank of the bloodletters.
    Magic: I roll a mighty 11 and channel one so I get my maximum of 12 dice. I irresistibly cast okkams mind razor on my lsg so they are now s8, I cast regrowth on my swordmasters and due to throne of vines I get all four back, and then I cast miasma again, but this time on the keeper of secrets and it goes off and brings his stats down by three so my LSG now only need 4s to hit in CC and not 5s!
    Shooting: none
    Combat: My dragon princes and my noble dish out an impressive 14 attacks, all of which hit with the initiative re-rolls! I then would on 2s with my DPs and 3s with my noble. I dish out 10 wounds and he saves 4 on his 5+ ward save so three juggernauts die. He strikes back and kills a single dragon prince and also fails to hit with every single juggernaut! My LSG deal 4 wounds to the keeper of secrets with their augmented s8, the swordmasters deal no wounds back and the keeper kills two sowrdmasters and gains back two wounds. My swordmasters then both units of swordmasters attack the bloodletters and cause an amazing 23 wounds and killing 17 of them. He in turn kills three swordmasters with his herald and his remaining bloodletters. The rest of the unit then fails their leadership test and the resulting roll phases out all but two bloodletters and his herald (he rolled an 11 for his leadership test).

    Opponents turn three
    Movement: His daemonettes attempt to charge the phoenix guard again and again fail and move a mighty one in this turn. His horrors move up beside the daemonettes.
    Magic: He successfully casts his leadership spell that causes me to take leadership tests on 3 d6 subtract lowest one I think.
    Shooting: None
    Combat: My DPs and Noble manage to cause another 3 wounds on the juggernauts. They turn around and kill 2 dps. My LSG deal the keeper of secrets 8 wounds and my swordmasters another wound for a total of nine. The keeper kills three of my swordmasters and does not regenerate enough wounds to stay alive and is killed! My remaining swordmasters and the other unit of swordmasters make short work of the last three bloodletters. They all reform facing towards the daemonettes.

    My turn three
    Movement: My phoenix guard succesfully charge the flank of the juggernauts, both swordmaster units move towards the daemonettes and horrors.
    Magic: I get 10 power dice and succesfully cast regrowth on my swordmasters and getting another 4 back, he fails to dispell. I Irresistibly cast mind razor on my phoenix guard (overkill I know).
    Shooting: My LSG kill another 5 daemonettes
    Combat: My phoenix guard and DPs wipe out the juggernauts

    My opponent capitulates with two units of swordmasters bearing down on the daemonettes rear and the dps and PG coming after his horrors. High elves win with a massacre! I was really lucky and I passed every single fear test throughout the game which was really key and my opponent just could not roll dice for anything this game. Elves are just straight nasty with ASF, great weapons, and initiative re-rolls.

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    The dice gods were clearly on your side for that game. It was one of those games for your opponent that no matter what he did it wouldn't have mattered, it just wasn't going to be his day.

    Good report.
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