High Elves Vs Skaven, 1600 pts. First Game of Fantasy! - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    High Elves Vs Skaven, 1600 pts. First Game of Fantasy!

    Aside from a practice game against a friend who started Fantasy at the exact same time I did, this is my first ever game of fantasy. In the practice game, we neither of us really knew the rules and if we were in doubt just treating it like 40k, so it really doesn't count. My opponent for this game is a seasoned Fantasy player who has decided to put me through boot camp. I had to borrow several models, but was able to make a 1600 point list to take him on. As an Eldar player, High Elves seemed like a natural fit for me. My opponent warned me ahead of time that Skaven is a bad match-up for Elves, but they'd give him a chance to showcase more of the rules of Fantasy than his Warriors of Chaos would.

    My List:
    Lvl 4 Archmage with Silver Wand and Talisman of Preservation (Lore of Life)
    BSB with Armor of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix, and Greatsword
    29 Spearmen with Full Command (6x5, Archmage here)
    10 Archers with Hawkeye and Musician
    18 Phoenix Guard with Full Command and Banner of Sorcery (5x4, BSB here)
    12 Swordmasters
    2 RBTs

    His list had a Greyseer in a unit of storm vermin, a Warlock Engineer win a unit of clanrats, a plague priest in a unit of clanrats, 2 25-strong units of slaves.

    Rolling for magic on the Lore of Life, I ended up with Flesh to Stone, Throne of Vines, Shield of Thorns, Regrowth, and Dwellers Below. He rolled several Skaven spells that I'm not too familiar with , but I know he ended up with Plague, wither, and the 13th spell.

    My deployment had my PGs on my left flank, followed by my spearmen and archers, with the Swordmasters as far forward as they can go, and my RBTs on my right flank on a hill next to my archers. He had his Abom in th emiddle, flanked by his Greyseer and Plague Priest and their units, with the Warlock Engineer and his unit on his left Flank. The 2 units of slaves were deployed fairly centrally.

    Turn 1
    Turn 1 saw both of us moving forward. I marched my swordmasters and PGs, while my Spearmen hung back next to the archers. In the magic phase, my attempt to cast Throne of Vines was dispelled, but I was able to get Flesh to stone off on my Swordmasters, though I rolled a miscast, which drained the rest of my power dice. My archers and were able to kill a couple of the warlock's clanrats while my bolt throwers put a wound on the Abom.

    In his turn he marched his slaves forward, and advanced the rest of his army. He now had 2 waves, the first consisting of the Abom in the middle flanked by slaves, with the storm vermin and 2 units of clanrats behind. In the magic phase he hit my swordmasters with Warp Lightning, killing one, and Wither, which I failed to dispel, though I was able to dispel Plague irresistably, and he didn't have enough dice left to cast the 13th.

    Turn 2
    My swordmasters and PGs charge his slaves, and that's all my movement. I manage to achieve a whole lot of nothing in my magic phase, and my shooting accounted for another couple of clanrats and another wound on the Abom. In close combat, both my units are able to nuke the slaves. Now I'm faced with a choice: do I reform to recieve the storm vermin's charge, or do I overrun to take me out of their LoS? I opt to overrun. And I rolled a 3. Not good at all..... The Swordmasters have some better luck, and their overrun roll takes them into contact with the plague priest and his clanrats.

    In his turn, his Storm Vermin charge my PG's flank, while the Abom gets their rear. The Warlock engineer and his clanrats continue their advance. His magic phase is also uneventful. In close combat, I make a mistake, since I wasn't really sure of the rules for attacking characters in CC, I didn't think my BSB would be able to attack him, so I issued a challenge. It turns out that the corners of bases count as base-to-base, so he could have attacked him anyway. But anyway, the greyseer declines and moves to the back rank. I manage to kill many storm vermin, but the return attacks, coupled with the Abom, and the flank and rear charge, are just too much for me and my PGs run for it. They are rundown. Meanwhile, the Swordmasters manage to kill a great deal of clanrats, but they are reduced to 4, and combat eventually stays locked.

    Turn 3
    Well, ouch. There isn't really an movement, but in the magic phase I am able to cast regrowth on the Swordmasters, bringing them up to 7 models, but I fail to cast Dwellers on the unit they are fighting. All my shooting targets the clanrats with the Warlock, and I am able to slay many, but they hold firm. My Swordmasters kill more rats, but now they are reduced to 1 man.

    His army, aside from the clanrats engaged in melee, advances towards my backline. His magic manages to fry a few spearmen, but his greyseer is sort of out of position right now. He attempts to cast the 13th but it fails to go off. In close combat, my final swordmaster kills 2 clanrats before he is brought down.

    Turn 4
    I have very few options left here. My spearmen ready themselves for a charge, but it doesn't look like that will be happening on this turn. My magic phase is a total bust, and my shooting manages to bring the Warlock's unit down to 4 models.

    As I predicted, there are no charges yet, but everything does move closer. The magic phase sees more spearmen fried by warp lightning, and wither dispelled while 13th fails.

    Turn 5
    I attempt to cast dwellers on the storm vermin, but at this point my opponent pops his dispell scroll. My shooting manages to finish off the Warlock and his unit, as well as kill a couple more clanrats in his Plague priest's unit.

    Now the Abom gets to rip things open again, but the storm vermin and clanrats fail their charges. He rolls low for winds of maginc and attempts to cast plague, but it is dispelled. In combat, the spearmen are able to clip anohter wound from the Abom, but he kills many in return. For now, they hold though.

    Turn 6
    I manage to maim the clanrats a bit more, but this turn proves more costly to me as the Abom kills more spearmen. They still hold out, but their days are numbered.

    In his turn, he finally gets the 13th spell off an dturns my archers into clanrats. The Abom then finishes off my spearmen, and with the end of his turn, the game ends.

    I managed to kill something like 700 points worth of his army, while he killed 1400 of mine. Now, I'm pretty used to winning consistently at 40k, so thinking in terms of "yay I still have models on the board" is something that I'm really not used to feeling.

    Learning Points
    - I really had no answer for the Abom. In hind sight I probably should have charged it with my swordmasters instead of the slaves, it was a bit further away, but I think I could have made it. I think odds were pretty good that they could have done some real damage to it.

    - Wither must be stopped at all costs. My swordmasters would have done so much better if they weren't spending the whole game at toughness 2.

    - Never Challenge a wizard. i could have netted myself a more respectable VP count if I didn't, since both the BSB and 2 PGs would have been able to allocate attacks to the greyseer.

    So there you have it. First game of fantasy and I wasn't even tabled. Hopefully we can build on this...

    The enemy's gate is down

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    I haven't got much experience against Skaven either. Seems like you played alright.

    I always try to have the Banner of Eternal Flame for stupid regen things that we otherwise struggle with, especially on Archers or Seagaurd when combined with Shadow Toughness debuff you make fairly short work of most regen things, especially if after using the fire arrows you use your Bolt Throwers. You can also take the Ruby Ring, that gives you flaming attacks in the magic phase so can negate regen on any other spells cast on it that phase.

    Your bad roll to overrun was unfortunate, reforming would probably have been the better option with the Abomination's ability to charge in whatever diretion it wants. A tough call to make though either way, I have had the same thing happen to me alot as well.

    Hope you enjoyed your first game and good luck in any further games that you play.
    Cheers Allonairre

    WIP Thread

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    Great battle report there Der_Kaiser, enjoyed reading that thanks and hang in there with fantasy mate.

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