Hey long time since I have posted here but over the last.....two months I have gotten back into Warhammer Fantasy. I am playing Dark Elves currently because I wanted to avoid any of the big time power armies and do something a little different, which will be seen later.

I am currently involved in a League which places restrictions on army lists, mostly to prevent spam or abusing Magic. It makes the game more fun in my opinion but it might result in some weird looking lists.

Anyways, last week I played in a 500 Point Tournament as The Ringer because I was running it and I thought it would make a nice Report.

Dark Elf List
Lvl 1 Sorceress w/ Tome of Furion (Fire)

20 Spearmen
10 Repeater Crossbowmen w/ Musician
10 Repeater Crossbowmen w/ Musician

Just a basic list for 500, I mostly made it to help people learn the game, since this list plays in all Phases of the game. Nothing to crazy.

Round 1 - Vampire Counts
Vampire w/ Biting Blade and Avatar of Death

20 Zombies
Corpse Cart
10 Dire Wolves
18 Ghouls

Scenario and Table
The Scenario was Battleline, straight out of the book. The table was a 4x4 with a River down the middle, going towards me and him not towards the "short edges". There was also a Building on the left, nothing else came into play.

The Game
He got Turn 1 and just moved up, raising a few Zombies. The Dogs went into the River which turned out to be Dangerous and killed 3.

On my Turn my Wizard throws a 2d6 Fireball at the Dogs, killing all but 1 but losing her Wizard Level in the process. Wooooh! The Crossbowmen finish the unit off and peg a few Zombies.

The next Turn he moves up and makes a big mistake. Because of how the Building is situated, he moves the Zombies into a natural choke that his Ghouls cannot get through, which means it's my army versus Zombies. He doesn't realize it yet though and uses Magic to raise a few more, the unit is now around 40.

On my Turn, everything charges the Zombies. Spearmen go in the front, Crossbowmen on each flank. This kind of ends the game, as every turn I kill a bunch and he makes a bunch while the Ghouls spend a turn moving up to the Building, getting in it, getting out of it, reforming and finally charging. By then I had killed the Zombies for no units lost and his only target was the Spearmen, who broke but were not run down at the bottom of Turn 6.

Result - Draw (He forgot to actually Deploy the Cart, but it probably wouldn't have mattered since I would have Fireballed it and shot the Dogs.)

Round 2 - Vampire Counts
Vampire w/ Ghoulkin

20 Zombies
20 Zombies
14 Ghouls

Cart w/ Lodestone

Scenario and Table
Scenario is King of the Hill, just hold the center hill with only your units and you win!

Table had a Forest in my Deployment and his and a River that was just a bit out of his Deployment.

The Game
He gets Turn 1 and walks through the River, which is a River of Light! It kills 10 Zombies but spares the other units. In Magic his Miscasts his first Invocation, getting 5 Ghouls but losing his Wizard Level, so now I actually have a prayer.

The Forest in my Deployment was a Wildwood, causing the Crossbowmen with my Wizard to Panic and stop 1" from the table edge. Chaos for both armies! My other Crossbowmen shot a few Ghouls down and that was that.

His army continued to move through the River, this time without incident. His turns were very fast since he had no Magic, couldn't March (River) and didn't do anything else.

My Wizard Rallied and made a mental note to not randomly go in Forests just for fun in Tournament games. :p Over the next few turns I Magic and Shoot his army down hard. He gets to combat with his Zombie units but one is defeated by Crossbowmen, the other Spearmen. The Vampire makes it to the Spearmen after losing all the Ghouls and dies to CR, as does the Cart next turn and I take the Hill unopposed.

Result - Win

Round 3 - Wood Elves

10 Dryads
10 Dryads
3 Treekin

Scenario and Table
Scenario is called Fickle Winds. Winds are rolled as 3d6, the Casting player keeps the 2 lowest and the Dispelling player gets the highest. Also ANY Hero Choice can Channel and it happens on a 1 or 6.

The Table had a Temple of Skulls, few Forests and a Banestone, so a few fun things.

The Game
He got first Turn, and came running right at me as you would expect. His Branchwraiths unit was right by the Banestone, so I unloaded on them. My Magic was stopped but Shooting killed a handful of Dryads.

Next turn he moves up again, getting into Charge range. I wheel my Spearmen to fend off the Dryads on my right and jump the Wizard out of the Crossbowmen on my left, as they're staring down Treekin and Dryads + Character. Magic is better and I kill the Branchwraiths whole unit minus her, Shooting naps a few Dryads from the other unit.

On his Turn charges go out. The Branchwraith takes a wound from Stand and Shoot but makes it to the Crossbowmen as do the Treekin. The other Dryads fail their Charge and take another loss or two from Stand and Shoot. The Crossbowmen are obliterated for no return as the Treekin fail their Leadership and run off the table but the Branchwraith stays on.

I kill the rest of the Dryads and Branchwraith with Magic and Shooting just in time for the Treekin to come back and stare at the Crossbowmen. 3d6 Fireball kills 2 of them before the last one Charges in and is poked to death by Spears by some miracle of dice.

Result - Win

Next time I hope to do pictures, I wasn't thinking about it the day of. Overall Brettonians got first place by beating all 3 Vampire Counts, Vampire Counts got second and Chaos got third. Was a fun little event and I look forward to the next one at 1000.

Thanks for reading!