I had the opportunity to play the brand new ogres this weekend with my high elves and man I have to say that they have improved alot! It literally came down to only a handful of victory points. Here are the lists remembered to the best of my ability:

Lvl 4 Archamge, silver wand, folariath robe (life, everything but shield of thorns and dwellers)
HE Noble with BSB, armour of caledor, guardian phoenix, GW
Lvl 2 mage, anulian crystal (shadow, withering, miasma)

39 LSG with f/c (Lvl 2)

15 swordmasters (bsb) banner of sorcery
15 swordmasters (Lvl 4) Banner of arcane protection
15 white lions banner of eternal flame

BSB with ASF sword
lvl 1 fire belly (fire, fireball)
lvl 4 caster (slaughtermaster I think, had spells 3, 4, 5, 6 from the lore of the great maw)

12 bulls, slauthermaster
9 ironguts BSB here, fire belly
2x twenty gnoblar units with trappers
2x one sabertusks
3 lead belchers

Ok, the table was straight forward, nothing that really impeded LOS and movement in the middle of the field. The deployment for the ogres is as follows from my left to right. Giant, lead belchers, sabertusk, gnoblars in front of bulls, gnoblars in front of ironguts, sabertusk. My deployment is as follows from left to right. White lions, swordmasters, LSG, Swordmasters.

I lost the roll for first turn.

Ogres turn 1
Movement. He moved everything forward, the lead belchers into range, the giant marched forward but just out of charge range from the white lions, the bulls and iron guts were hampered by his slower gnoblars and his sabertusks flanked out wide right and left preparing for mage assassinations. He makes his firebelly leave his ironguts to move around the gnoblars to throw a fireball.
Magic: Was never really effective for either of us all game. With my annulian crystal I had almost as many dice as he did the whole game. He attempted to buff his ogres and I dispelled it, then he attempted to panic my units, and I dispelled that as well. He then cast a fireball at my SG with banner of arcane protection and he kills 2.
Shooting: His lead belchers and gnoblars have really improved as far as shooting. He hit me with 15 shots from the lead belchers and killed two white lions.
Combat: none

HE turn 1
Movement: I move my WLs towards his giant, I move my SM1 towards his bulls, my SG stay put, and my other SM2 march forward towards his ironguts. His whole idea is to have me charge his gnoblars head on because his trappers cause me to take a difficult terrain test with every model in the unit if they take a frontal charge.
Magic: I get a high amount, I cast ToV, and then flesh to stone on my White lions, and earthblood on my swordmaster unit with my lvl 4 archmage. I then cast withering on his ironguts, but he dispells it, and finish my turn with casting miasma on his led belchers, but again he dispells it.
Shooting: I pin cushion his fire belly with my LSG and kill him causing 6 wounds out of 25 shots.
Combat: none

Ogre turn 2
Movement: He moves his giant beyond the WLs sight radius right next to them in the flank, he moves his lead belchers to 18 inches away from the WL, he moves his sabertusk to behind the WLs, he moves everything else forward, hoping I will charge the gnoblars and then he can kill my flanks with his ogres. The other sabertusk gets behind my SM2 unit.
Magic: Again, nothing significant happens here. He gets brain gobler off but my unit passes its panic test. I dispell the rest.
Shooting: He manages a measly nine shots from the lead belchers and kills another two WLs. His gnoblars throw a ton of S3 throwing weapons at my SMs and kill 4 in one unit and none in the other thanks to a 4 up regen.
Comabt: none, he is afraid...

HE Turn 2
Movement: I move my WLs back 5 in to take the giants charge in the front, my SM1 unit tests for march block and marches past the gnoblars and sets up for a flank charge on the bull unit, the LSG stay put, the SM2 unit tests for march block and lines up for a charge on the ironguts flank.
Magic: I roll a three...Derp! I cast flesh to stone and it is dispelled.
Shooting: I pincushion the sabertusk on the left because shooting the gnoblars is useless since I can't kill them all off for a while.
Combat: Not yet but soon!

Ogres turn 3
Movement: He tries to run his giant away from my WLs, why take a giant and then not use him I have no idea but whatever, his lead belchers stay put, but he has now lined his giant up with his lead belchers! He reforms both his bull unit and ironguts to face the swordmasters. he moves both gnoblar units towards the LSG to throw stuff at them. The sabertusk on the right moves to the rear of the SM2 unit.
Magic: He rolls a 2... Nothing happens since I have 2 dice and he has 1 since I have my annulian crystal.
Shooting: He kills one WL and four LSG from the 40 gnoblar thrown weapons
Combat: None

HE turn 3
Movement. I charge everything. The giant flees from the WLs and I catch him and chase him down but I just miss the lead belchers my SM1 units charges the bulls, my LSG charge the gnoblar unit, they flee, I catch them. My SM2 charge the ironguts.
Magic: I roll a five, and only get one dice from my banner of sorcery so I have 6 and he has four dice. I get withering off on his irongut unit and drop his toughness to 2! So his bsb is T2 as well! Everything else he dispells.
Shooting: What shooting, I charged Everything
Combat: Finally! Who would've thought that I got the charges off...but hey im not complaining. He challenges slaughtermaster challenges my BSB and I accept. I deal 2 wounds to his slaughtermaster to none in return. My swormasters then kill off four bulls and 1 more extra wound, but they loose 7 of their number. I win, but he rolls a three and is ok because he has a rank and is using his generals leadership. My other swordmaster unit deals 11 wounds and kills three ironguts and do 2 extra wounds to annother. 4 of those wounds however killed his BSB. They then killed 8 of the swordmasters and flee since they lost combat. I rolled a 6 to pursue to their 7.

Ogres turn 4
Movement: he charges his leadbelchers into my flank of WLs, they only have like five left. He turns his only gnoblar unit towards my LSG, he rallies his ironguts, and his sabertusk prepares to try and assassinate my Lvl 4 mage, but he doesn't know that only magical attacks can hit him...
Magic: This was bad for me. he gets two ogre spells off. He gets regen on his bull unit, and brain gobler off. I passed my panic test, but failed to dispell his regen spell. because of that his slaughtermaster gained back his two lost wounds.
Shooting: His gnoblars kill four LSG.
Combat. My BSB again does 2 wounds to his slaughtermaster even with regen and he fails to wounds my bsb, my swordmasters do an amazing 11 wounds but only two ogres die because of regen. The ogres kill off the remaining sm. My BSB rolls double ones and stays put, trying his best to kill the salughtermaster. He doesn't want to leave without finishing his business. My single WL champion does two wounds to the leadbelchers, and the lead belchers amazing only kill three of the five WLs, they pass their test and then pass their reform test so its to WL against three lead belchers. Stay tuned for my next turn!

HE turn 4
Movement: I Charge my seaguard into his bull unit, I charge my second unit of SM, who are very small now into the remaining ironguts, my archmage leaves the unit and just dares the sabertusk to come get him.
Magic: Awesome! I rolled a ten. I get ToVs off, regrow five swordmasters, flesh to stone my BSB so he lives, wither his bulls to toughness 2 and his salughtermaster to T3! He fails his dispells and I get everything off!
Shooting: None
Combat: I do one wound on his slaughtermaster, and my spearmen kill off his remaining bulls with sheer number of attacks and they are T2 hehehe My LSG fail to run down the slaughtermaster. My WLs have exactly 3 attacks, all hit, all wound, and the leadbelchers fail to hit at all and roll 2 1s for their stomps! I win and chase them down with 2 WLs! My newly regrowthed sm2 unit fails to wipe out the ironguts, they have 2 left and those two manage to kill a cripling six SM. The combat is a draw.

Ogres turn 5
Movement: His gnoblars move to throw weapons at the LSG, his sabertusk charges the archmage. His slaughtermaster fails to reform and continues to flee in front of my LSG
Magic: None
Shooting: He kills another six LSG and cause a panic check. I pass
Combat: I win the irongut combat and chase them down, I have three SM2s left. The sabertusk can't hurt my archmage because I have my folariath's robe and I wound the sabertusk and then over run him with my archmage!

He Turn 5
Comabt: None
Magic: None
Shooting: I pin cushion his toughness 3 slautermaster and kill him. End Game

As you can see it was very close. The dice gods favored me on saturday. I had 2 WLs left, my BSB, both mages, half of my LSG, 3 SMs and that was it. He had one full unit of gnoblars left. If he had not hobbled his bulls and ironguts with his gnoblars and gotten the charge with them I probably would have lost. Also, I think his giant probably would have survived the first round of combat with the WLs and done alot of damage, but I was very confused when he just kept dancing around with the giant.