Hi all, just came over my notes for an old batrep I didn't find the time to post up.

This was part a 1.25K tourney final just after the new TK had been released so I figured that I'd take them along, in short it was a great learning experience as I really got to grips with the new army and how they operated in competetive play (although I would rather have brought my Dark Elves...)

The scenario was Dawn Attack (I think) and my opponent WoC.
Terrain was fairly even, in the centre of my side of the board there was a tower whilst he had an acropolis of Heroes in his back left, forests and hills made up the right whilst the centre was an open field...oh joy.

My list
Liche High Priest with a Dispell Scroll, Lore of Nehekhara, Hierophant (spells 2, 3, sig, 6)

Tomb Prince with Endurance and Great Weapon

39 Skeletons with spears and full command

20 Tomb Guard with Halberds, Banner of the Undying Legion, Full Command

3 Ushabti

4 Charriots with a standard

His List
Chaos Hero in a Charriot (I didn't get down his equipment at the time)

Sorcerer Lord, level 3 Lore of Shadow, 3rd Eye, maybe MoT (spells sig, 3 and 5)

15 Chaos Warriors with Shields, full command, Mark of Tzeentch.

5 Chaos Knights, Full Command, Mark of Khorne, Enscorelled Blades, frenzy.

50 Marauders, Mark of Khorne, Great Weapons

Chaos Spawn

5 Hounds

I set up my Skeletons (with priest) and ushabti on the far right of the diagonal, leaving them near the acropolis and tower whilst my Tomb Guard decided to come in in reserve, leaving my Prince stranded in the middle of nowhere, my Charriots took the far right flank. He faced off my Ushabti with his Tzeentch Warriors and Sorcerer Lord (in the unit) whilst his Charriot refused to come on. His Marauder Horde and Knights faced my Skeletons whilst his spawn and hounds faced my charriots.

I won first turn and promptly moved out.

Tomb Kings Turn 1.
My Ushabti took the acropolis, hoping to fend off the oncoming Tzeentchians for a turn or two whilst my High Priest ad his skeleton retinue pivoted to face the oncoming marauders and knights. My guard stumbled forwards whilst my Prince tried to reach them, no dobut cursing in Nehekharan on the way. My charriots began to roll around his flank, smashing into a unit of hounds, which stood their ground.
Magic was a small disaster with only 5 power dice to his 5 (he channeled) I failed to get off a boosted protection, denying my Ushabti a valuable 5+ ward...
As was expected, the charriots ripped apart the hounds before overruning into his spawn with a lucky roll of an 11. If my luck continued I could take that down as well and then have my hammer poised to strike.

WoC Turn 1.
My Ushabti were charged by his sorcerer and Tzeentch Warriors whilst his knights failed their frenzy test and charged into my skeletons by rolling 3 6s... The Marauders kept going, ready to charge next turn.
Magic saw my Ushabti loose 1 point of toughness before he failed to cast anything else and was forced to move into combat.
Whilst I managed to down a Knight, my skeletons lost around 10 of their number whilst my Priest wisley slunk away from his champion. My Ushabti were completley smashed, however I did manage to take down his sorcerer with my str 6 attacks, giving me magical superiority as long as my priest survived...which didn't look like it would be long.
My Charriots crashed through his spawn with impact hits, leaving me almost in charge range of his marauders next turn.

TK Turn 2.
My Prince, through some miracle, was in charge range of the Knights and threw himself at them whilst my Charriots prepared to engage the Marauders. My Guard were still ambling towards the battle, slowed without any magical direction.
I finally got Protection off on my Warriors, raising 3, but failed to cast Righteous Smiting with my few power dice.
Combat was brutal as another Knight fell to my Prince whilst his Knights took me down another 10 skeletons...I needed my Tomb Guard there fast, especially since I had potentially 2 charges on me next turn.

WoC Turn 2.
His Marauders charged in whilst the Tzeentch warriors reformed so they could flank me next turn. Until now he had forgotten about his lord and, still exited by all the charges continued to do so until his next turn. Combat was slightly better, with my Ward save combined with his Marauder's failed Fear test keeping me in the fight with around 12 Skeletons although my Prince took a wound.

TK Turn 3.
My Charriots charged his Marauders whilst My Tomb Guard finally got into charge range for next turn. Magic saw me attempt another boosted Protection which saw me cause a Dimensional Cascade and blow aparrt most of his Marauders and all his remaining knights along with about 5 skeletons (thank you 5+ wards). This combined with my Charriots' charge was able to break him, leaving me with 3 turns to get my Tomb Guard accross the field to deal with his warriors and lord (whenever he arrived). Thanks to my Prince, I pass all of my crumble tests.

WoC Turn 3.
His Charriot arrives whilst the Warriors entrench themselves further in the Acropolis, nothing much more he can do...

TK Turn 4.
My Charriots charge his Lord whilst my Prince and Guard finally meet, I am left with 2 Skeletons after an appaling crumble test. Combat sees his charriot destroyed, again by impact hits. At this point he concedes, realising that unless I fail 3 LD 9 tests on a 12 he won't be able to win (and even then I have Undying Legion).

All in all this game showed me that regardless of how tough WoC appear to be you still need to be a half-decent general to win with them. Letting my Charriots around his flanks unchallenged was a massive mistake, even if my Priest hadn't blown most of his infantry up they would still have easily broken his Marauders. This was also a learning experience for me as I was forced to play the game without my Tomb Guard, which are usually a key unit in my list.

So, what do you think? Could either of us have played better? Did we use our units to the best of our ability, or was this just a slogging match tipped slightly in my favour by magic?