Lord on pegasus (unknown equipment, likely stuff for monster killing)

Prophetess, lvl4 (Heavens), steed, MR(2) item, item to give free ladys

Damsel Lvl 2 (life), MR1, steed

Damsel Lvl 2 (beasts), steed.

12 knights (full command)

9 knights (full command)

9 knights (full command)



50 Men at arms

30 Archers

20 Archers

Tomb King Pact:


3 Chariots

3 Snake Cavalry

Warriors Of Chaos

Sorcerer Lord (LVL 4 tzeentch, Necrotic Phylactry, infernal puppet,
charmed shield, conjoined homonucleus)
Spells: Miasma, Enfeebling, Pit Of shades, Mindrazor

Exaulted Hero ( tzeentch, bsb, sword of swift slaying, shield, collar of khorne)

Sorcerer (lvl1 death)

Sorcerer (lvl1 fire, fury of the blood god)

20 Warriors ( mark of tzeentch, shields, standard, musician, blasted standard)

40 marauders (shields, mark of tzeentch, standard, musician)

40 Marauders (mark of khorne, flails, standard, musician)

5 Knights (khorne)

5 Knights (khorne)

5 Marauder Horsemen (flails, mark of khorne)

Monsters and Magic:

Black Book Of Ibn Nagazzar

Manticore (iron hard skin)



Fulcrums were both placed at the front of the bretonian line, I placed
one in the centre
and one in the far corne out of range of most spells except fireball barrage)
He had two powerful knight units (one with the beasts damsel), the
heirophant on a fulcrum,
both archers and his general on the right flank. I placed a unit of
khorne knights, the
manticore, the zoat and my block of tzeentch marauders with the black
book sorcerer.
In the centre went my level 4, the hellcannon and the marauder
horsemen. His central forces consisted
of the big block of men at arms (led by his level 4 ), the two
trebuchets and the heirotitan.
On the left flank went my knorne marauders, my tzentch warriors (led
by the BS, the second
knight unit and the fire mage sitting safely out of range on his
fulcrum. he put down his chariots and
the final unit of knights (with the life damsel)

Turn 1 (chaos):

A few units moved up slightly, the zoat made a beeline for the nearby
wood (to gain +2 to his casting rolls
and also make it extra dangerous for any knights wishing to charge
him as they failed dangerous terrain on 5+), the manticore and both knights offered themselves
for the bretonians to make a long attempt to charge them.
Magic was a healthy 21 power dice (with two channels) and the pahse
kicked off with my shadow loremaster (with the book)
casting ribaulds retroactive illusion to drag his heirophants fulcrum
onto the left flank, with the 8 sacficed marauders
boosting its power it went off on a spectacular casting roll of 40
and, as it was a cataclysm spell, could not be dispelled by
any other means than throwing the entire dispel pool so it was allowed
to go off but also with a big sting of a feedback scroll.
As it had been cast with 10 power dice, I am sure you can imagine the
sorcerers doom was then sealed.
In revenge, my fire sorcerer unleashed a fireball barrage on his
heirophant, reducing him to nothing more then a pile of ashes.
The resulting miscast was a pleasent roll of a 7, leaving him
unharmed, but the fulcrum miscast was then a 3 - big trouble!
Quickly reaching for his infernal puppet, the sorcerer lord rescued
his minion from destruction, and producing a magical eclipse
with a visibility of only 13 inches.
The zoat then cast thrown of vines, taking advantage of the ascendant
lore of life, which was allowed to pass. He also kicked out
a storm of revival (a vortex which regrows any unit it touches)
towards the depleated marauders but it failed to reach them.
With no other spell in range, and not overly keen to teleport any of
my mages onto the fulcrums inside his lines, I called an end
to the phase (though, with hindsight, if I had taken over one of those
fulcrums with my level 4, he would have been pretty damn
hard to shift and prevented his wizards from taking them next turn)
The hellcannon was unable to fire through the magical eclipse
which ended my turn.

Fulcrums: Chaos (2) Bretonians (0)

Turn 1 (Bretonia)

No units were lost to the crumble, but the snake rider knights were
forgotten about (they had been underground) and never got to make
their appearance (we discoverd them on a table behind the battle later)
The eclipse had a severe effect on him here, preventing any unit from
making a charge (and making me wish I had moved the knights on
the left flank a little further) so he made no movement other then the
heirotitan getting near the fulcrum in the centre
and his damsel of life jumping on the nearby fulcrum on the left
flank. This flank was now more or less shut off, with the impassable
fulcrum blocking any unit from getting through.
Magic was pretty good again (not sure exactly how many, but I'll guess
at 20 power dice,) A double was rolled too, lifting the eclipse.
He kicked off with some small damage spells which I allowed to pass,
as they were not directed against my sorcerers, and left 4 marauder
horsemen to die from it. Next came the comet of cassandora which, on 6
dice at its boosted power, was irresistably cast but resulted in the
prophetess losing 3 magic levels from the miscast and becoming the
weakest mage on the battlefield.
This was enough to end the magic phase, as the final spell was dispelled.
The trebuchets made their mark next, landing one rock directly on the
manticores head and killing him outright.
The archers took a few pot shots at the knights but their arrows
bounced off effortlessly.

Fulcrums: Chaos (2) Bretonians (1)

Turn 2 (Chaos)
The knights on the right flank charged the peasent bowmen, the lone
marauder horsemen was able to slip through the gap in the centre and
the heirotitan and the knights on the left flank failed their charge
against the chariots.
Infantry moved forward a little more, trying to get out of the way of
the impending comet (which failed to come down again).
Magic was reasonable (I think about 15 dice) with the lore of fire
ascendant this time.
The level 4 began the phase by casting the dwellers below on the
prophetesses unit (thanks to stealing the lore of life) but this was
Next was the fire sorcerer, who got another fireball barrage off
against the damsel on the fulcrum and was allowed to roll hi damages.
The hits
were a little under average but with plenty of wounds I thought her 3+
wardsave would not protect her from the inferno which engulfed her -
she passed four 6+ armour saves and then survived the wardsaves with 1
wound remaining - not good enough!
The zoat tried dwellers below, but it was dispelled, and the last
dispel dice went into removing his throne of vines.
The hellcannon tried a shot on the beast damsels head, but missed its
target completely.
In combat, the knights must have been somewhat disheartened by the
pikes arrayed against them, as they only killed 4 of the peasents.
Their steeds,
obviously unimpressed by the ineptitude of their riders, showed how
things should be done and killed another 5. The return attacks bounced
off the knight armour but thanks to the general and BSB they passed
their break test (on the second attempt). My suicidal assault on the
with the marauder horsemen yielded a wound before he was
unceremoniously crushed by the giant undead construct.

Fulcrums: Chaos (2) Bretonians (1)

Turn 2 (Bretonia)
This was to be a really breaking turn for the bretonians. Charges were
declared on both knight units, the left flank was attacked by the
(after they had lost a few wounds to crumble) and the knights, while
my knights in combat with the peasents were charged on the flank by
another big knight
block. The third knight unit (containing the BS tore accross the
field into my tzeentch marauders in an impressive 18" charge. The
Heirotitan climbed atop the nearby
fulcrum, returning them to equilibrium.
In the magic phase, things started to turn sour - he rolled 22 power
dice against my 14 (I channeled 2) but managed to get off fantastic
forsight (an extremely potent
spell in storm of magic which allows all failed casting and dispel
attempts to be rerolled) and I messed up the dispel attempt with alot
of dice thrown at it. This gave him
a bit of a free reign (I was thankful that the lore of metal was now
ascendant, keeping him from getting further bonusses) and cast hunters
moon (giving his
entire army +1 strength, toughness and also the swiftstride rule until
his next phase) I didnt really like the implications of this, but had
to let it go to avoid any damages to
my sorcerers with other spells. He tried spirit leach against my level
4, but I was willing to let that pass and his 2+ wardsave came good. I
think a curse of the lady was also
attempted but this dangerous spell was one I definately wanted to stop
and did so.
Shootingwise, the trebuchets missed the zoat but killed 12 khorne
marauders. The archers on the far right loosed a few arrows at the
zoat as well but 6's followed by 6's didnt do any damage to the
tough creature.
In combat, the extra strength was really telling. My knights on the
right flank hacked wildy into the weak bowmen and killed 11. The
charging bretonian knights lances hit hard at
strength 6, but left a single knight alive who actually won the combat
by +2 against all the odds (though I made a serious error in not
reforming him to face the flanking knights).
On the other side of the board, the impact hits from the chariot were
high (12 hits) and the knights got very lucky that only two of them
died. They returned the favour, putting 5
wounds onto the chairots and completely wiping them out. The charging
bretonians lances turned out to be very blunt and failed to kill
anymore knights. The combat was won, nevertheless,
but with my BSB nearby they managed to pass the break test and then
another test to reform into a more favourable position.
The big unit of knights against my marauders killed many men and won
by a large margin, but the extra ranks were telling and the steadfast
marauders held for another round.

Fulcrums: Chaos (2) Bretonians (2)

Turn 3: (Chaos)

I wanted to charge the left knights in the flank with my warriors but
my earlier scheme of moving the fulcrum had blocked my path so instead
I sent the BSB in to do the job and reformed the unit to be able to
get in next turn.
My khorne marauders had been steadily edging backwards out of the
comets range, and continued to do so.
In the magic phase the storm of revival finally collapsed on itself
(after several turns of total inactivity) but the comet again failed
to materialise (it was now at strength 10). My roll was not brilliant
(I think I got about 15 power vs 12 dispel) and the fireball barrage
was dispelled, throne of vines allowed to cast and also regrowth on my
knights (it was at this point I realised my error in not reforming, as
his guys were still on the flank) I tried a magical duel on the
heirotitan but this was dispelled, and I got rid of fantastic forsight
with my last dice.
The hellcannon took a pop at landing a glob of soul enery on his
general but this missed.
In the combat on the left flank, my BSB landed his full number of
attacks thanks to the rerolls from always strikes first and two
bretonians were slain. The chaos knights also killed a couple more,
but lost one of their number to the counter attacks, and them having
more ranks meant he could test steadfastly and pass.
On the other flank, my knight did his best to singlehandedly win but
to no avail and the combat was lost by the flank, standard and rank
bonus of the bretonians - the three of them fleeing but escaping.
The knights fighting my marauders (still under the influence of
hunters moon) killed several more but lost one of their number to a
lucky blow, and the marauders were still steadfast.

Turn 3 (Bretonia)

His Beast damsel, in an ultimate show of impudence, personally charged
out of the unit to run down my fleeing chaos knights. The rest of the
unit reformed towards the centre. The fleeing peasants, from earlier,
ran off the table. His general tried to charge my hellcannon but
failed his terror test, however we looked it up in the rulebook and it
appears that you only have to flee if you fail a terror test while the
beastie is charging you so he could complete the charge regardless
(although he rolled badly and failed anyway). In the magic phase, the
dreaded comet finally came down with a massive impact range of 17
inches, hitting almost every unit on the left flank (apart from my
fire wizard who was safely tucked away. Suffice to say, it killed
almost everything it touched - my knight unit, his knight unit, 14
marauders, 12 warriors, my BSB (if I had left him in the unit, they
would have had 4+ wardsaves and probably come off quite alright) ,my
hellcannon, his heirotitan, his damsel (who had left her unit), his
It also hit my tzeentch lord, though I was quick to ward off one of
the hits with my charmed shield, and left him with 12 saves to make -
thanks to the excelent protection the mark of tzeentch provides,
however, he managed to survive with a single wound remaining! The
prophetess unit also took a hit but damage there was minimal thanks to
MR(2) and her blessing of the lady.
Whew... so now the magic phase could actually begin! He rolled a
healthy 18 dice, but spend alot of them trying to cast the seven
secret sigls of summoning to bring new wizards on the boards, with
fantastic forsight this would have likely suceeded but he forgot he
had it so failed the quite difficult casting roll of 25 with his life
damsel. His prophetess decided to magical duel with my sorcerer lord,
getting irresistible force, but fortunately his higher level (thanks
to the earlier power drain, she was now level 1) was enough to win the
roll off and she then had to roll on the miscast table, getting a 6
which was reduced to a 4 with the puppet. The dimensional cascade
sucked her into the realms of chaos, but her unit survived without too
much harm as her magic resistance lasted just the final few seconds of
her life..
In combat, the marauders were finally defeated by the knights, and run down.

Fulcrums: Chaos (2) Bretonians (1)

Turn 4 (chaos)

He decided to call it here - he was down to a single damsel with one
wound, and I was going to throw the full force of my magical phase at
killing her(which would consist of fireball barrage, two magical
duels, a dwellers below stolen by the third eye, and probably also my
zoat could have run 16" forwards to cast another dwellers below) thus
effectively winning me the game as he had nothing else that could
control a fulcrum and my sorcerers could teleport around the
battlefield out of danger, summon new units, or the zoat could
completely regrow any of my dead units with his lore of life dominance
spell (and also be safe from miscasts with the throne of vines and
infernal puppet around).

I think that, for a rare change, warriors of chaos have a game
breaking item in the form of the infernal puppet - miscasts happen frequently in storm of magic, and this item is really a bit
too powerful for people to be taking in a friendly game but if you are up against an opponent who really deserves a beating for his cheasy army list then
go right ahead.