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    Hi everyone,

    Whithout further ado, I present the results from my Saturday day of battling!

    Ardboyz vs DE

    My list

    Grimbog Elf-Ater (Black Orc Big Boss), Dead Ard Armour, Great Axe. 114pts
    Borgut Facebeater. 175 pts
    Grobnob Pansy-snikka, Dispel Scroll. 90 pts


    19 Orc Big Uns with choppa's and shields + fc. 180 pts
    18 Orc Big Uns with choppa's and shields + fc. 172 pts
    19 Orcs with choppa's and shields + fc. 142 pts

    Orc Boar Chariot with extra crewman. 86 pts

    Effigy of Mork (or Gork). 40 pts

    Total 999 pts

    DE List

    Noble with Shield of Ghrond, Hvy Armour, Sea Drgaon Cloak and Sword of might, mounted in cold one chariot.
    Sorceress, level 2 with darkstar cloak and seal of ghrond.


    10 Warriors with repeater crossbows
    20 Warriors with spears and fc


    15 Executioners
    Lord's cold one chariot


    Reaper Bolt Thrower

    After winning the roll off for first turn, I decided to go first. Marching forward I decided to push the lads through both of the 'passes' between the woods and rocks. The first turn's shooting and magic that followed only managed to kill a few of the boyz, impact was minimal.

    The next couple of turns were very similar in nature, so have been skipped! Now, the lads get stuck in, so first of all, the chariot crashes into the repeater bolt throwers while the other unit blocks get stuck into the executioners and spearmen. Borgut challenges and hacks apart the spearmen's unit champion while the rest of the unit try their best to emulate him: result, combat won. The combat vs executioners was drwn, a few casualties on either side, and they made their ld check ok. Needless to say, the warriors with repeater crossbows were beaten in close combat and run down, resulting in the chariot running off the table in pursuit.

    The next turn got ugly, with the executioners combat being joined by the DE lord's cold one chariot... luckily I passed all of my Ld checks and took too many impact hits (6&#33 and the lord's s5 attack weren't too pleasant either! After I tool downa few executioners, I was beaten in combat and run down by the lord's chariot, so one hero and unit gone! Damn!

    Getting on to the final turn, my chariot came back and faced his repeater along with my two blocks of infantry, while the remaining 7 or so executioners turned about to face the coming green tide in their turn... the result? A draw!

    Ardboyz vs Lizardmen

    My List
    As above

    Lizardmen List


    Saurus Hero, burning blade, spawning (+1 a on charge).
    Skink Priest Level 2


    16 Saurus Warriorrs w/ hand wpn + shield + fc.
    10 Skinks with blowpipes


    16 saurus Warriors w/spawning (+1 a on charge), spears, shields + fc.
    3 Kroxigors

    Lizards go first and march on in a full frontal assault, I march up to meet them, confident that my numbers will win the day, setting up charges the following turn with a few units. First turn's magic, skink priest casts second sign of amul... and miscasts. Consulting the table, he rolls double 6... no more magic after this spell goes thru with irresistible force! Woo-hoo! Skinks came around and killed one orc, but the following turn, I zapped them with magic which saw them flee off the table edge and out of the game!

    Next turn, Kroxi's charge into combat, kill 1 orc and I kill one kroxi. I won by lots and overran the lizards. On my turn, thinking myself out of range, I held off on the charges, and the lizardman player declared charges... both saurus warrior units were in by millimetres! Damn! The unit that was charged byy the blassed spawning saurus warriors and hero broke and fled, and were run down, the centre held and stayed in combat, a few casualties on either side and I ended up winning combat by two.

    Next turn, I turned and moved my successful orcs after slaying kroxi's while the unit engaged in combat with the saurus warriors in the middle broke through them and overran them as well, ending up next to the newly turned orc unit. My chariot moved around to the one remaining unit's flank, readying for future charges.

    The next couple of turns saw me position units on front, flank and rear, and the charge on turn 6 (after Borgut challenged and cut down his saurus hero) was absolutely horrendous, not one saurus warrior survived! No CR required!

    So, this was a massacre for the Ardboyz.

    DE vs Ardboyz (re-match)

    Ardboyz list

    Borgut Face Beater 175 pts
    Grimbog Elf 'Ater, Black Orc Big Boss, Sword of Might, Hvy Armour, Ench Shield. 114 pts

    19 Orc Big-Un's with choppa's and shields + fc. 180 pts
    19 Orc Boyz with choppa's and shields + fc. 142 pts
    5 Orc Boar Boy Big-Un's with fc + Banner of Butchery. 173 pts

    Orc Boar Chariot + extra crewman. 86 pts
    Orc Boar Chariot + extra crewman. 86 pts

    Effigy of Gork. 40 pts

    996 pts

    DE List
    As above, only 10 executioners, 5 harpies added.

    First turn honours went to the DE and they stayed put on their lines and shot at the ardboyz, only a few casualties, all was still well, except the harpies who flew to the middle of the table concealed behind some trees. I marched up to meet the cowardly curs as fast as I could.

    Next turn saw black horror go off and it was not pretty, but my lads mached on resolutely for a couple more turns, the only notable loss on my part was a boar chariot to reaper fire.

    Once again, I got to close combat, and my boar boyz charged his repeater crossbow warriors after taking a couple fo casualties from them, while a chariot plowed into the reaper bolt thrower. Both units brok and fled off the table. No more pesky shooting. I overran with the combats as otherwise I would have been charged by executioners and his lord.

    Black horror went off another time, but still my lads went on as they locked horns with spearmen and my boar boyz and chariot came back onto the table. The boar boyz were charged by the DE lord's chariot and the chariot was charged by executioners, both were destroyed.

    On the final turn, DE spears were reduced to under half strength and his lord positioned for a charge, but nothing else of note occurred.

    Result: Another draw!

    Ardboyz vs Chaos

    My list

    As vs DE above

    Chaos List


    Exalted champion on daemionic steed, chaos armour, shield, blood blade.

    5 Chosen Knights of Chaos
    15 Chaos Warriors with hand weapon and shields + fc
    15 chaos marauders + fc
    8 Chaos hounds

    Chaos Giant

    I took first turn here. I marched my infantry forward while hgolding back my chariot and boar boyz to deal with his chosen knight deployed opposite him. I moved my chariot a little wider and forward to be ready if the knights came forward. On his turn, his chaos knights marched their full allotment and his giant and the rest of the army came at the rest of my army on the right flank.

    Turn two saw the right hand chariot charge chaos hounds, grimbog and his big uns charge the giant and the other infantry block engage the marauders. Also, I declared charges on his chaos knights with both boar boyz and boar chariot... and made it in! Using my banner of butchery and chariots impacts hits, I killed 4 knights, and only suffered one wound in return. Winning combat by 5, the enemy promptly broke, fled and were run down. Woo-hoo, his general was in the bag on turn 2! I inflicted 3 wounds on the giant while is started jumping up and down on the ladz, and the marauders were broken by orcs in CC and fled too quickly for them to be caught (only rolled 4 for pursuit).

    The next turn, I continued combat with the giant, inflicting only 1 wound, but it jumped up and down, killed 3 and fell over onto the unit and caused another 2 wounds. I still won combat but the stubborn giant fought on, as a chariot positioned itself for a charge on him the follwing turn, and the remaining boar boyz spun about to charge the fleeing marauders, the other chariot also lined up the choas warriors who borgut's lads had turned to face. On Chaos' turn, he turned his warriors to face mine, and his giant got up.

    Following turn, a boar chariot plowed into the giant and killed it, while another chariot and borgut's lads charged teh chaos warriors. The boar boyz charged the fleeing marauders, who fled off the table edge. Borgut issued a challenge, which was met... he missed with his headbutt, but caused 2 wounds anyway. The Infantry's close combat was relatively even, but the cariot made the difference here, causing 6 wounds all up. When the dust settled, the choas lads had fled and were mowed down by the boar chariot's scythed blades.

    Result: Massacre!

    Final battle: DE & Chaos (1,000 pts each) vc Ardboyz (2,000 pts)

    DE List
    As above

    Chaos List


    Exalted champion with mark of tzeentch.
    Chaos L1 sorceror level 1 with spell familiar


    5 Chosen knights of chaos w/ champion
    15 Chaos Warriors hand weapon + shield w/ fc


    Chaos Giant

    Ardboyz list


    Grimgor Ironhide


    Black Orc Big Boss BSB
    Orc Shaman (as above)


    25 Orc big Uns w/ choppa + shield + fc
    25 Orc boyz w/choppa + shield + fc
    20 Black Orcs w/ great weapons (Grimgor's bodyguard)


    2 Orc Boar Chariots
    2 Spear Chukkas + bullies
    Rock Lobba + bully



    I deployed in a refused flank, DE's deployed on the right flank, the few Chaos on my left and opposite me... a plan formed.

    Chaos took first turn and marched full pelt forwards towards Grimgor's own unit, the chaos warriors came around the forest they were behind to the same gap that the knights were going through. The sorceror cast green fire, and his exalted champion also cast a basic magic missle which I let through (it failed to wound) and then used a dispel scroll to dispel a spell with a was cast on a 15!

    With that over, the DE's marched forward while they opened up the centre for magic / shooting on my infantry units while the other units clamourned around the right hand forest clump, coming around a far gap. Magic was all dispelled (love the effigy) turn was over after a few shooting casualties (2).

    I moved boars and one chariot to the middle to get to the shooters fast, and one unit to the far right. I marched Grimgor and his boyz along with the giant and a boar chariot up the left flank towards his chosen knights.

    The choas turn saw his knights turn tail and flee from grimgor (my ruse worked) while his giant came in next to his chaos warriors who stayed put. He failed to cast 2 spells and the third failed to wound anything (red fire).

    DE turn saw more shooting and magic, taking out one boar boy and causing a wound on the chariot. His spearmen led a column of units (followed by executioners and his cold one chariot) around a far forest edge.

    I turned the block unit on the far side with the BSB to face the DE approaching and moved them closer... within charge range for his spearmen. My giant moved on the left hand board edge and Grimgor's boyz marched to the middle left, with the boar chariot behind them and Borgut's boyz follwoing. The boar boyz pierced the centre gap and the chariot followed close on it's heels, ready to charge the repeater crossbow warriors next turn.

    The chaos knights turned and moved forward a little, and the giant stayed put, no spells went off once again.

    DE turn saw his spearmen charge my orc lads and some shooting and magic on both boarboyz and chariots, both survives, however I only had 2 boar boyz left. Close combat saw me win and cause the DE to flee, I overran them and plowed right into his executioners.

    My turn, I stayed put on my left flank and moved my giant close to his Chosen knights flank. Boar boyz charged and killed his reaper bolt thrower crew, while the chariot made short work of his repeater crossbow warriors. Issuing a challenge to the executioner chapion, my BSB cut him to ribbons, causing 3 wounds for no return wounds. The boyz once again tore through the executioners and broke them, overrunning them and smashing into the cold one chariot, with his lord in it!

    Chaos turn saw both giant and chosen knights charge grimgor's unit. The warriors loomed closer. With the chaos knights at about 13" away amd the giant at about 11", I smugly declared a flee reaction... rolled the dice and got double 1! Grimgor and 700 point gone in one foul dice roll! Everyone passed their unit destroyed panic checks and went on sniggering at Grimgor.

    Meanwhile, my lads on the right finished off his lord in a chariot, destroying it and causing one wound on his lord in the process. He fled combat and was run into the ground under orc boots. The battle for the left culminated in the giant dying, and the chosen knights being reduced to 2 knights + the lord in combat, the chaos warrior minced in close comat down to 6 warriors and the sorceror fled due to terror from my giant on my last turn, meaning that he was a casualty.

    Overall result: Solid Victory to me again!

    Hope you enjoyed this guys, I know my lads did, now on to the dung shaping competition and BBQ! :lol:

    The iron crowned is getting closer,
    Swings his hammer down on him,
    Like a thunderstorm he's crushing,
    Down the Noldor's proudest king.

    Under my foot, so hopeless it seems.
    You've troubled my day, now feel the pain.
    - Blind Guardian

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    13 (x3)

    What a field day Good going!

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