Hey hey all - new to the board, though now an 8 year veteran of Warhammer. Gotten back into Fantasy for the first time in a few years - and coming up in November at Warhammer World is a 1,000 points doubles tournament. Me and a friend were champions of 400 point 40k doubles for two years, back in 07-08, back when Sisters armies could field Inquisitors, and 6 Death Cult Assassins at 400 points, and when the Dark Angel codex didn't suck. Good times.

Played my first two games of Fantasy in a while today, down at GW Oxford. I think I'll be keeping a running comentary here of my games, in order for people to see how I did wrong or right, and give advice, as well giving me a chance to evaluate my games better - much easier to do so when you can read it, rather than see it.

I'll add new games to this thread, until the tournament - then I'll make a new thread for that. If my partner feels like posting some Skaven games, or if we get some double games in before the tournament, then they'll go here too. So, without further ado...

My army list is as follows - if I change anything, I'll mention it in the particular game.

Sorcerer Lord, Charmed Shield, Biting Blade
245 pts.

Exalted Hero, Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Tzeentch, Book of Secrets, Dragonhelm, Ironcurse Icon, shield
190 pts.

15 Chaos Warriors, Mark of Tzeentch, shields, musician, standard bearer with Banner of Battle
303 pts.

32 Marauders of Chaos, Mark of Khorne, musician, standard bearer
202 pts.

5 Chaos Warhounds
30 pts.

5 Chaos Warhounds
30 pts.

Total: 1,000 pts.

--GAME 1-- Ogres

His army: 7 Bulls, 1 Butcher with Hellheart, 4 Rhinox Riders, 1 Stonehorn

Went for Shadow on both casters. Pendulum, Pit of Shades and Okkam's Mindrazor on my Sorc. Lord, Miasma on my BSB.

Deployed my Marauders opposite his Stonehorn, everything else opposite the rest of his army. Sorc lord with Marauders, BSB with Warriors.

Turn 1

Ogres move forward, Stonehorn towards Sorc Lord + Marauders, Bulls and Rhinox Riders towards everything else.

Moved Warhounds in front of Rhinox Riders, hoping to bait a charge out of them, thus blocking his Bulls + Butcher from charging at the same time. Baited a charge from the Stonehorn with my Marauders, moving as close as possible.

Magic phase: Triple 1 on my first cast from my Sorc. Lord, sealing his magic for the rest of the turn. Miasma on Riders, dispelled instantly.

Turn 2

Rhinox Riders charge, obliterating Warhounds with Impact Hits alone. Overrun, fall short of Warriors by an inch. Stonehorn charges Marauders, and loses all but one of his wounds, killing 8 in return. Marauders lose combat, and thus Frenzy. His magic did nothing again.

Charge Rhinox Riders with Warriors. Warhounds charge Bulls. Magic - roll double six on Winds. He uses Hellheart. BSB gets sucked into the Abyss due to Book of Secrets, along with 6 Warriors. Sorc Lord takes Str 6 hit, which his Charmed Shield discounted. Marauders kill the Stonehorn, wheel to join the fight on the right hand side of the board.

Warriors deal two wounds to the Rhinox Riders, who deal two more in return. Win combat, Rhinox Riders flee. Attempt to restrain, fail. Pursue, don't catch, provide flank to Ogre Bulls. Warhounds very dead.

Turn 3

Bulls charge warriors. Rhinox Riders rally, and turn around. His magic does squat once again. Bulls kill 4 Warriors, Warriors do 2 wounds in return. Warriors flee, and are eaten by Ogres.

Marauders move towards flank of Bulls. IF on Pit of Shades - which scatters off the Rhinox. Magic level reduced to 0 by miscast. Well, balls.

Turn 4

Rhinox and Bulls move into position to take charge from Marauders. Marauders lose two models to magic.

Marauders charge Bulls, take 6 wounds, deal 4. Sorc Lord deals 2 wounds against Butcher, who fails to hurt Sorc Lord. Bulls lose, but hold.

Turn 5

Rhinox flank charge. Warriors mostly die. Sorc Lord + two friends flee, and are ran down. Game over.

--GAME 2-- Dwarves

His army: block of Longbeards with GW's, block of regular troops with HW+S, rangers, runesmith and Thane BSB

Spells: shadow, once again. Miasma, Withering and Pit of Shades on my Sorc Lord. Miasma on my BSB.

Deployment: Hounds in front of my army, Marauders to the right, Warriors to the left. BSB in Warriors, Sorc. Lord in Marauders.

Dwarves set up opposite, but with rangers 12 inches behind my troops.

Turn 1

Warhounds turn and run up to the rangers, standing 3" and 6" away from them respectively. Both other units walk forwards.

Magic phase: IF on Pit of Shades. No scatter. 16 Longbeards and his Runesmith die. Sorc Lord explodes, negating the hit on himself with Charmed Shield, killing 5 Marauders. Miasma lands once on the regular dwarves, -1 Movement.

His turn: moved the 4 remaining Longbeards, and the 20 regular guys towards my army. Rangers kill one unit of puppies with a round of shooting. Second unit panics and flees.

Turn 2

Warhounds rally. Rest of army move forward again, now within 6 inches of his units - Warriors opposite regular dudes, 32 Marauders + Sorc Lord vs. 4 Longbeards. Pit of Shades goes off again, but scatters off the regular Dwarves. Miasma the regular dwarves twice for a total of -4 to all their stats.

His turn: both his units fail charges on my guys - Longbeards due to horrible dice, regular guys due to being Move 1. Rangers murder other unit of puppies.

Turn 3

Warriors charge Dwarves, Marauders charge Longbeards. Miasma twice on regular unit, for a total of -4WS. Withering fails on Longbeard. One Miasma caused a miscast, resulting in both my characters taking damage from Str 6 lightning bolt.

BSB calls out Thane, promptly slays him - 4 attacks, 4 unsaved wounds. Thankee dice gods. First ever EotG gives me +1 Attack. Warriors kill a few regular guys, but not enough to break their Steadfast - Dwarves stick around. Sorc Lord gets 2 kills, Marauders lose 1, in return for dealing 7 wounds to the two remaining guys.

His turn: march Rangers closer to me.

Rest of the game

My army marched towards him. Pit of Shades and Miasma both get IF's, the end result being only 6 rangers left to deal with my 20-ish Marauders by the time they reach them. Slain to a man in one round.

Total victory points for the Dwarves: 60pts.
Total victory points for Chaos: 1,099pts.