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    Lizardmen vs. Tomb Kings! 2500 points!

    Hey everyone just played my lizardmen for the 4th time yesterday against my friends tomb kings. It was a pretty intense battle I have to say, at the beginning my chances of victory seemed slim to none as I was getting destroyed by my opponents ranged units and magic, This is my first battle report, so bear with me

    My army:

    Slann, life, becalming cogitation, cupped hands, focus of mystery, focused rumination, BSB, discipline

    Skink priest, lvl 2, EOTG, cube of darkness

    30 Saurus warriors, hand weapon, shield, std bearer, mscn

    30 saurus warriors, spears, shields, std bearer, mscn

    10 skink skirmishers

    20 temple guard, razor stnd, halberds, shields, FC, ironcurse icon

    2x 5 cameleon skinks

    2x 2 units of sallies with extra handler

    My opponents:

    lvl 4 heirophant, earthing rod

    Tomb Prince, tali of pres, gw


    queen kalida

    20 archers w/kalida

    50 skellies 5x10 hw/shield

    18 tomb guard, halberds w/nechrotech and tomb prince

    1 war sphinx

    casket of souls

    3 chariots

    3 sepucrhal stalkers

    1 screaming skull catapult

    1 heiro titan


    I believe that's about everything, so onto the battle, my magic phase was not as effective as It usually is, and my rolls were down right bad. I deployed my skink skirmishers first on the far right of the table behind a big rock, my block of saurus with hw/shield on the far left, and the rest was in the middle. Sallies up front, as the table was pretty small and the terrain was tight.

    My opponent deployed his casket on the far left, along with his war sphinx in front, his catapult on the far right with his tomb guard in front of that. his block of skellies in the middle, along with the 20 archers to the right of that. His chariots were deployed to the right of his catapult and his heiro titan in front of his archer unit. I deploy one unit of chameleon skinks 12" from his casket, and the other 12" from his heiro titan, I can tell you right now, they didn't do much, as I really did place them terribly Turn one went to my opponent

    Turn 1 Tomb Kings

    He practically skips his movement phase, just charging my chameleon skinks with his sphinx, I stand and shoot managing to only do one wound, terrible rolls by me. He moves his chariots up about 4" and his tomb guard a bit as well, and its on to his magic phase. He rolls 5 and 4, channels nothing, but gets an extra dice from the casket.

    He attempts to casts neru's incantaion of protection on his sphinx, but I manage to dispel it, he then attempts a cast on righteous smiting for his archers...uh oh I thought, should I use cube of darkness? Well I didn't, instead I tried to dispel in and failed miserably. His poison archers now have multi shot with no penalty thanks to arrows of aseph.

    His remaining dice go into the casket's light of darkness spell(I think that's what it's called) he casts it on my saurus spear warriors and I manage to roll pretty low for my leadership and only lose 3 guys from that unit. Shooting now rolls around and he fires 60 arrows at my saurus spear warriors(poor guys) To my amazement he rolls terribly, and only manages to kill 6 guys! He shoots with his chariots and they bounce off my hw/s saurus. His catapult fires and kills 2 saurus but I pass my panic test easily.

    Combat rolls around, and my poor chameleon skinks bite the dust, and that ends tomb kings turn one.

    Turn 1 Lizardmen

    I move everything forward, creeping my 10 skinks on the right up around the rock in range of his sphinx. I make sure I am in visual range of his caster with my slann incase I need to pass a miscast this turn, and that ends my movement phase.

    Magic rolls around, and I roll 3 and 4, but manage to channel once giving me a total of 8 dice for my magic phase. I go to cast throne of vines, and it goes off with surprisingly no dispel attempt from my opponent, no IF so I can't blow up his caster this turn. I then cast flesh to stone, which my opponent fails to dispel, as well as earth blood and regrowth. Slann's are darn good! I bring back a total of 8 dead saurus! which I'm thrilled about.

    I completely forget to use my EOTG! doh, but I figure it's okay for just one turn, so long as I don't forget again. Shooting phase for me, I shoot at his sphinx with my 10 skirmishers and manage to do 2 wounds, my chameleon skinks fire at his heiro titan and only do one wound.

    Turn 2 Tomb Kings

    Still no aggression from my opponent, minimal movement he just inches forward slightly. He does charge my other group of chameleon skinks with his sphinx but I can't stand and shoot because I'm not facing him. Right into magic again, he rolls 3 and 2, and 2 from his casket, ugh he's sitting on 7 dice to my 3.

    He cast's incantation of protection on his tomb guard, I don't chose to dispel, he then goes to cast righteous smiting on his archers again, I throw all my dice at it and manage to dispel it...thank god for discarding his 6's. He uses his last 2 dice on kalida's magic staff, and he does 2 wounds to my spear saurus.

    Shooting phase looks to be a lot less frightening for me this time around. He shoots at my spear warriors and does 6 wounds with 30 shots...what the heck?! He then does one wound to my hw/shield saurus with his chariots and his catapult misses my stegadon.

    Combat again repeats itself with my other unit of chameleon skinks dying horribly to the sphinx.

    Turn 2 Lizardmen

    I start by charging his tomb guard with my hw/s saurus, but fail my charge...I move my one unit of sallies in range of the tomb guard and the other in range of the heiro titan, with the archers behind him. Everything else moves forward, and I again bring my 10 skinks in range of his sphinx.

    My magic phase blesses me with 12 dice! My opponent did not dispel throne of vines either, things were looking up. I use my EOTG to give everything within 12" a 5+ ward save. I cast flesh to stone, no IF and my opponent dispels it with two 6' The rest of the phase goes really well for me, I manage to get off regrowth, shield of thorns, and earthblood, 6 more saurus warriors are revived this turn, yes! With 3 dice to spare I cast harmonic convergence with my skink priest on to my spear saurus warriors.

    During my shooting phase the sphinx finally meets his end with the final two wounds being delivered by my skinks. My first unit of sallies fire at his tomb guard and I manage to kill 6. The second unit fires at his heiro titan and I manage to kill one archer behind him and do no wounds to the titan.

    Turn 3 Tomb Kings

    He combo charges my hand weapon and shield saurus with his chariots and tomb guard, and moves up his 50 skellies in range for me to charge them next turn with my spear saurus. Magic comes up and he roll's a 3 and 2 again gaining one from the casket. He attempts to cast incantation of blades onto his tomb guard, but I dispel it with the help of my slann's becalming cogitation

    He then attempts to cast incantation of protection on his tomb guard, but I decide to use the cube of darkness to dispel it, and negate the rest of his magic phase by rolling a 5. It's now his shooting phase and he shoot's 30 arrows at my stegadon doing 4 wounds, ouch..He then shoots his catapult at my temple guard dealing 1 wound, and I pass my panic test with ease.

    My friend up to this point has forgot about his stalkers, but I allow him to roll to see where they appear, and to shoot with them. He appears in front of my salamander's next to my hw/s saurus and glaze's at them managing to deal no wounds to them but two wounds to themselves...bad luck on his part.

    Combat ensues, and we calculate impact hit's, because we forgot to do them earlier. 5 saurus die from impact hit's alone, and another 5 die from combat with the tomb guard and 1 dies from the chariots attacks. After some horrible retaliation rolls by me, I only manage to wound a chariot twice and kill 3 tomb guard. I lose combat by quite a bit, and fail my ld 10 re-rollable break test...twice...I flee and he pursues with his chariots, running down about 17 warriors, that stung a bit.

    Turn 3 Lizardmen

    I charge his 50 skeletons with my other block of saurus and then charge his heirotitan with my stegadon dealing 3 wounds to it with impact hits. I move up my skinks in range of his casket of souls to fire, and reform my temple guard and charge his chariots. I then turn my salamanders to face his tomb guard and move up my other unit of sallies within reasonable proximity of his archer unit.

    During the magic phase, I roll a 1 and a 2, and channel nothing, I give my unit's the 5+ ward with my stegadon. From there I manage to cast flesh to stone on my saurus spear warriors, and then fail to meet the casting cost of earthblood, ending my magic phase promptly.

    During my shooting phase, I do 2 wounds to his casket with my skink's, and 5 more wounds to his tomb guard with my salamander's. I shoot at his archers, but misfire twice and eat a couple handlers and flee after failing my panic test.

    During close combat, his chariots fail to do any damage to my temple guard unit, and I wipe them out in one turn, I then reform to face his tomb guard unit. my stegadon does one wound to his heirotitan, and it manages to do no damage back and loses his final wound to combat res. His 50 skeletons deal 1 wound to my saurus, and I manage to deal 6 wounds back to them, he loses combat res and another 3 or 4 skellies.

    Turn 4 Tomb Kings

    He charges my temple guard unit with his tomb guard's, and also charges my salamanders with his stalkers, that ends the movement phase, and we move onto magic. He roll's double 4's and get's an extra 2 dice from his casket. He casts incantation of blades on his tomb guard hoping to give them a better chance at killing blow, I manage to dispel it luckily.

    He then casts the incantation of protection on his tomb guard, and I don't chose to dispel it. From there he throw's all but 2 dice into incantation of righteous smiting, this time going for the boosted spell on an 18+ giving all friendly unit's within 24" an extra attack, I fail to dispel it, and my opponent seems to have only been rolling 5's With his last two dice he dispels my throne of vines.

    During his shooting phase, he fire's 60 arrows at my stegadon and kills it pretty easily, he then fire's his catapult at my fleeing salamander's dealing 2 wounds.

    During close combat phase, his tomb prince challenges my champion, and I accept, not the best idea. I manage to deal one wound to the tomb prince, but my champion dies when he retaliates. His unit manages to deal 2 wounds to my temple guard, and I hit back dealing 5 wounds, I had some pretty nice roll's during this combat. I win combat and 4 more tomb guard turn to dust, he's not rolling well anymore. Now our attention turns to salamanders vs. stalkers. I manage to deal 2 wounds, and he deals 2 wounds as well, the combat is a draw nothing interesting happens with that.

    His skeletons deal 2 wounds to my saurus warriors, but I hit back and deal 7 wound's to them, he loses combat once again and 5 more skeletons parish.

    Turn 4 Lizardmen

    I rally my fleeing salamander's and turn them around to get them back into the game, I move up my skinks to get closer to the casket. This end's the movement phase for me and we go into magic.

    I roll 4 and 5 for a total of 9 dice. I cast throne of vines and get irresistible force! Finally, being in range of his caster, I use up my cupped hand's and make him miscast, he roll's a 3, but uses earthing rod to re-roll his result, and manages to score an 8, only suffering one wound. From there I go on a casting spree, managing to cast dweller's below on his archer's killing 7 of them with some fantastic roll's and regrowth reviving a temple guard, and some more saurus.

    We move onto shooting, and I manage to finally finish off his casket with my skink's, honestly there wasn't much use of the casket in this game, it did manage to wound one of my skink's and a two of his archer's when it blew up. Going straight into combat from here, he challenges my slann, which I wasn't sure if he could. We went on with it anyways and my frog took a wound from his prince.

    His tomb guard deal another wound to my lizzies and I strike back dealing 3 wounds. I win combat res again and he loses some more tomb guard, onto the next combat. The stalker's deal no wounds to my sallies this turn and I deal one wound back killing another stalker and dealing an extra wound after combat res.

    His skeletons manage to do 3 wound's this time around, after an abundance of good rolls, but I manage to hit him back and deal 6 wounds myself winning combat again. Talk about a tar pit sheesh, I thought I was going to be stuck there forever

    Turn 5 Tomb Kings

    No real movement to be done means we jumped right into his magic phase. He roll's pretty nice and has 8 dice for his phase first attempting a cast on incantation of protection, thanks again to my slann, he drops a 6 and I dispel it fairly easily. He then cast's righteous smiting on his unit of archer's and again I manage to dispel it by making him drop his IF. He uses his last dice on kalida's magic staff and deals 2 wounds to my sallies, killing one and a handler and wounding the other sally.

    Onto shooting, he fire's at my sallies again and kills all but 2 handler's and wound's my salamander again. We go straight into combat and my salamander and handler's finish off the stalker's and turn there attention to the tomb guard. The tomb prince challenges my slann again and I accept hoping to save a wound this time to help towards combat res.

    He wound's my frog again, and deal's 2 wounds to my temple guard. I hit back and deal 3 wound's again leaving him with barely a rank left. I win combat res here and he doesn't have much left in terms of attacking units. My saurus warriors suffer another wound to his skellies but deal 8 back to them! Causing them to crumble completely and leaving me with just his archer's to deal with.

    Turn 5 Lizardmen

    The battle is drawing to an end and I can feel victory is within my grasp. I charge his archer unit with my saurus warriors, and move my salamander and skink's forward.

    Magic roll's around and I get 6 dice to use, I cast flesh to stone on my saurus block, and he dispels regrowth and earth blood, but I'm okay with that.

    There isn't anything for me to do during the shooting phase, so we go right into combat. Again he challenges my slann, and I just decline losing one of my temple guard in the process. I kill off his necrotecht and the rest of his tomb guard unit, leaving only the annoying challenge whore prince alive! His archer's deal no wounds to my saurus, but Kalida manages to get 2 wound's herself, darn you poison! I hit back and deal 7 wounds to his archer's and he loses combat res and a lot more skeleton's.

    The End

    From here my opponent concedes, and the lizardmen take the win! It was a hard fought battle, and I feel like my opponent and myself made some crucial mistakes that may have changed the tide of the battle many times. My chameleon skinks, didn't do as much as I wanted them to, I really wanted the casket out of my way earlier, but sadly couldn't.

    I also don't plan on letting myself get combo charged like that again >.< I should have used my salamander's more effectively and kept my unit's packed tightly together. All in all it was a really fun game, and I look forward to playing him again in the future. Thanks for listening.

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