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Had a blast at Waaaghpaca. Bear, Rodge and Bastard put on a great tourney!!!
This will be from memory so might have some mistakes.
My list:
Arch Lector – Great weapon – Armor of meteoric iron – Dawnstone – Van Horstman’s speculum
Wizard lord – Level 4 – Seal of destruction – Crimson amulet – lore of shadow
Captain of the empire – BSB – Full plate – Banner of eternal flame
Engineer – pigeon bomb
30 flagellants – prophet of doom
19 handgunners – FC – Hochland Long Rifle
30 Greatswords – FC – 14 swordmen detachment

Game 1: Mike Ballard with deamons

His list:
Bloodthirster – armor of khorne – immoral fury
Herald of Tzeench – BSB – master of sorcery (forgot which lore)
Herald of khorne
Herald of Slaanesh
25 ish blood letters – FC
25 ish deamonettes of Slaanesh – FC
25 ish horrors of tzeench – FC
Fiend of Slaanesh
Fiend of Slaanesh
Scenario – Blood and glory (Breakpoint is 1 fortitude instead of 3) – major objective: remove at least half of opponents fortitude
I drove longer to get there so I got to pick table sides. There was a tower in the center but that was about it. I Deploy on the right of the tower and my opponent goes across from me. I get the +1 for the first turn and roll a one. My opponent also rolls a one and thus I get the first turn.

Turn1: I do my normal pussyfooting around with my units in ways that I could have also deployed (I always seem to do that). Try and cast withering on the blood letters but it gets dispelled. The first cannon aims for the bloodthrister and hits and wounds. He fails hit ward save and chooses to use his reroll token and fails again (you could donate to charity at $3 per reroll token but you could only use 1 per game). I do 1 wound and use my reroll token and do 4 wounds on the reroll leaving the bloodthirster on 1 wound. The other cannon also shoots at him and hits and wounds. He fails his ward again and the blood thrister dies before it got to move. Mortar fire kills 8 blood letters.

His turn one he moves everything forward and positions the fiends so they can charge the cannons next turn. Magic is insignificant.

Turn2: I pussyfoot around again (pussyfooting is a underrated skill in warhammer) so to block the charge lanes of the fiends to my artillery but still get lines of fire on them. The cannons each take a fiend of so the pussyfooting was unnecessary. Mortars kill more bloodletters.

In his turn he charges the blood letters into flagellants along with the deamonettes and the horrors advance behind those 2 units. I marter 2 flagellents in combat and he kills some 12. I kill the herald of khorne and do a wound on the herald of Slaanesh and kill a few more deamonettes and blood letters. I lose but am unbreakable.

Turn3: The greatswords move into position to charge the flank of the deamonettes next turn. I miasma the deamonettes to weapon skill 2. The cannons have nothing to shoot at anymore and the mortars kill 10 ish horrors dropping a wizard level. In combat the flagellant marter 2 again and I lose about 6 flagellants I kill some deamonettes and bloodletters but I hold.

In his turn he moves the horrors to flank my greatswords if they decide to charge the deamonettes (being flanked by horrors is not too scary though despite their name). In combat I don’t marter only 1 and after his attacks only 2 are left. I only kill a bloodletter and a deamonette. The blood letters are getting a little low but the deamonettes still have 15-20 left. I lose again but am unbreakable.

Turn4: Greatswords charge deamonettes in the flank and detachment gets ready to charge the horrors if they charge the greatswords. I miasma the deamonettes again but only drop their WS to 4. Shooting does nothing. In combat I marter my last 2 flagellants (they were going to die anyway and this way I deny my opponents that combat res. The deamonettes only get 4 deamonettes to attack and I lose 2 greatsword. The greatswords do a number on the deamonettes and kill the herald. The blood letters poof and there are about 6 deamonettes left.

In his turn he charges the horrors in the flank of the greatswords. Magic is insignificant again. In combat I do a wound to the herald of tzeench and kill a horrors with my guys on the flank. The horros kill a single greatsword and the deamonettes get whipped out by the greatswords. The horror lose another fewand I combat reform to face them.

Turn5: Detachment charges the horrors and after all the attacks the horrors are all dead leaving the BSB on 1 wound. The BSB needs snake eyes to stay alive but it doesn’t matter since even if he would survive he would be at 1 fortitude and thus break. We don’t even roll it. I win with the major objective 4-1. Mike was a great guy. A bad matchup for him to draw a 2 cannon list when having a bloodthirster but he was in great spirits and we had fun and shared a beer or 2 and hung out chatting a lot during the weekend. Second game to finish out of 37 games so lots of time for hanging out and drinking.

Game 2: Jake Bromley with Warriors of chaos

His list:
Sorcerer lord of Tzeench on a disk
Exalted hero – BSB
3 Trolls
5 warhounds
40 ish marauders of khorne with greatweapons
20 ish warriors of khorne with halberds
5 knights of khorne

Scenario: The man of intrigue needs to deploy the objective marker within 8” of the center of the board. If you have your objective marker in within 8” of the center and your opponent does not you win. If neither or both have it you draw and if you never deploy your marker at all you have a major loss. The marker can be destroyed by completely covering it with a unit after taking dangerous terrain tests. Major objective: deploy the marker within 8”.
The field was pretty open. The scenario is per battle line. I get the first turn.

Turn 1: I move my flagellant forward in range to deploy the marker but you can’t deploy when the man of intrigue marches. The greatswords move forward a little too. He scrolls the withering on the warriors (where his BSB and man of intrigue are at). The cannons both shoot at the helcannon. Both hit and wound but both only manage to kill a crewmember (damn those handler rules). The mortars kill about 8 marauders.

His turn he moves everything forward and the sorcerer flies to my right flank. I scroll gateway on the greatswords but do not destroy it. In shooting he lands the helcannon shot on the greatswords and kills 8 but they pass their panic.

Turn2: His sorcerer is now within 13” from the flagellants but if I charge him I won’t be able to deploy my marker. I do it anyway since fleeing is a big risk for him to flee of the table and that gateway can really wreck my army. I fail the charge move 3” way from the center. Magic is fairly insignificant and the first cannon misfires and misfires again on the reroll of the engineer but can only not shoot this turn and is fine. The other cannon hits the hellcannon and wounds but again only kills the crewman. The mortar kills a warrior and the other one kills more marauders (22 left). At least it now has to pass a LD4 check to shoot.

In his turn he charges with the knights into the flagellants and loses one in the forest to a dangerous terrain test. The rest moves forward and he deploys his marker behind his unit so I can’t get to it. Since he didn’t make a marker he used a dice as his marker (I made a 50mm which was the largest you could make it so it is harder to destroy). His sorcerer moves behind my hangunners so they can’t shoot at him. Magic is brutal. He rolls 8 power dice and throws 4 at gateway but fails to cast it by 1. Then he uses his reroll to reroll one of the dice and he gets it through since the 1 became a 6. I dispel it with all my dice and he uses the other 4 to cast treason on my greatswords killing 12. Only 10 greatswords left of the original 30. Shooting doesn’t happen as the helcannon rampaged. In combat I marter 2 and the knight kill a lot of flagellants but the flagellants kill 2 knights. He wins combat and the flagellants don’t care.

Turn 3: That sorcerer has to die because he going to take me apart with his magic. The greatswords charge the marauders and the detachment does a supporting charge. They both make it in but the detachment has to stay 1” from the warriors so only 6 swordsmen can fight instead of the normal 10. I cast enfeebling foe on the marauders and reduce their by 2 (still str4 with greatweapons) but the miscast reduces the wizard to level 2 losing miasma and enfeebling foe. Still a dangerous charge since I have 10 greatswords a BSB and arch lector (total of 16 attacks) VS 22 marauders with greatweapons (total of 33 attacks. Shooting sees one cannon miss the sorcerer on the disc. The other hits but he wards it with his 3+ ward save. The mortar scatters and does a STR 3 hit on him but fails to wound. The other mortar scatters too. I use my engineer to reroll and the scatter and get a direct hit. I wound the sorcerer and he fails his 3+ ward. I do 3 wounds on a D3 and kill him (long odds to do that with a mortar). Pigeon bomb lands on my engineers own head kills a cannon crew member and wounds the other engineer but not himself (I forgot where else this happened so I probably won’t mention them all but this happened 3 times during the tourney, needless to say the other engineer is pretty pissed at the engineer with the pigeon bombs). In combat the knights only kill 2 flagellants (both from the horses) and thanks to the marter I do 5 wounds on the knights but he saves them all. In the greatswords combat the swordmen and the BSB go first as they don’t have greatweapons and they kill 3 marauders combined. His marauders kill only 6 greatswords after saves and I kill another 9 marauders. I have 6 more kills a banner, charge, rank (swordsmen) and BSB. He has 2 shots at snake eyes and fails both allowing me to pursue past the warriors and towards his marker and run his marauders down. The swordsmen combat reform in front of the trolls and warriors.

In his turn he charges the warhounds in the handgunners and they die to stand and shoot, then he charges the swordsmen with both the warriors and the trolls. The swordsmen run and get rundown by the trolls. The trolls get stuck behind a piece of impassible terrain while the warriors are still far so he needs a big charge with the warriors to get to my artillery. The knights kill more flagellants and the flagellants don’t do anything back. The hellcannon rampages into the flank of the greatswords. The arch letor makes way and he can only attack or stomp the arch lector. With his rerollable 1+ AS the hellcannon does no wounds and the arch lector does one but he is unbreakable. I combat reform to get more attacks on him even though that is risky since the hellcannon can then kill the greatswords and break the characters but it is the only unit that can take the marker away and it can’t do that while in combat.

Turn4: There is not much movement as I don’t have many units not in combat. Magic see me fail a mindrazor on 6 dice. I really needed that as it would allow my flagellants to finally kill the knights and next turn move and place the objective (if I place it now it will be 10” from the center). In shooting the cannon hits the warriors and kills 2 but I get a 10” bounce (which I was hoping for) and it bounces into the hellcannon that I couldn’t shoot at (I know it’s a little gamy but at least I aimed a good distance in front of the warrior unit and not exactly on top of the warrior in the second (back) rank) since it’s in combat. And the shot kills the helcannon and I am out of combat. The rest of the shooting just kills 3 or 4 warriors.

In his turn the trolls shuffle to the side to get from behind the piece of terrain but doesn’t make it and since trolls can’t take musicians he can’t swift reform either. The warriors reform to face the greatswords. In combat the knight and horses kills the max amount of flagellants (Good thing I didn’t marter) leaving only the man of intrigue (whom surprisingly enough does not kill the knights).

Turn 5: Since the marker is at a weird angle I decide not to risk swift reforming (there is always a chance you fail a reroll able ld9 and he only has a dice as his objective my arch lector leaves the unit and sits on the objective covering the whole dice passing the dangerous terrain and destroying it. I deploy my marker since my man of intrigue is facing 2 chaos knights in the next round of combat but I and 2” to far from the center. We stop the game here as nothing can change the outcome of the game anymore. A draw, my opponent got the major objective but I didn’t so a 2-3 draw. Jake was a great opponent. Very skilled player that doesn’t make mistakes and gave me a nerve wrecking game. We both have good and bad luck at places. I should have gotten the mindrazor off on the flagellants on 6 dice which would have given me a 4-2 win but at the same time I shouldn’t have killed his hellcannon with that big bounce which would have allowed his warrior unit to stop me from destroying the objective which could have resulted in a 2-4 loss. Fun and hard fought game. One of my 2 toughest games of the tourney. Jake has a justified reputation of being a great player.

Game 3: Tim Cornstubble with dwarves

I have played Tim before at a club challenge when he was very new to the game 2 years ago. His skills have improved vastly.
His list:
Rune lord on an anvil – 2 spell breaker runes
Thane BSB with 1+ rerollable save and greatweapon
STR5 grudge thrower with engineer
18 warriors with greatweapons and FC
18 warriors with greatweapons and FC
30 ish warriors HW/Shield with FC
8 slayers
16 crossbows with banner and musician and shields

Scenario: Everybody is a loser!!!! No matter what you did you lost the game. You could make your loss less bad by killing as much of your opponents army got you some points. This was scored on how much points you scored and not the difference. 0-250VP =0, 251-500VP=1, 501-1500VP=2, 1501+VP=3. You could boost spells once per turn by signing. So if you casted a spell you could cast the boosted version for the casting cost of the regular version once per turn. The opponent could add +5 to a dispel roll once per magic phase by singing too. Major objective: Sing at least once!
This was the meeting engagement rules and the person with the least facial hair had to deploy first. Even with my fake mustache I still couldn’t have more than Tim’s full beard.
In deployment only my flagellants end up in reserves. This is diagonal deployment. On my right is a huge lake. There is a pyramid in my deployment zone and a big hill close to the middle of the table. The rest of the table has some stone squares that we mark as walls. I put my artillery on the hill with the greatswords in front of it. Handgunners next to it with the level4 and the man of intrigue. He puts his anvil , cannon and grudge thrower on my right where they are hard to get to due to the lake. The crossbows are on the back edge with the slayers protecting them and the HW/S warriors are in the closest square of walls (perfect fit) with the BSB. Both units of greatweapon dwarves ended up in reserves.
He gets to try and steal the first turn on a 6 and does so (I needed that first turn to take out the anvil).

Turn1: Nothing charges, the slayers move up a little and both greatweapon units come on the table. Shooting sees the cannon miss my cannon and the grudge thrower miss fires and can’t shoot next turn and the crossbows kill 5 or 6 greatswords. The anvil tries ancient wrath and rune but fails and blows itself up despite using his reroll token (I think Tim felt bad about stealing the first turn).

In my first turn I move the greatswords into charge range and of the hill so the artillery has better lines of sight. The flagellants come on the table and go straight for the action which is still ways away. I sing to boost the withering but he easily dispels it by singing. Not much else happens. In shooting my cannon kills his cannon and the other cannon hits and wounds the grudge thrower but only does a single wound. The mortars shoot and kill about 8 greatweapon dwarves.

Turn2: Everything moves forward except for the warriors in the enclosing and the crossbows. Crossbow fire only kills a single greatsword and the grudge thrower still can’t shoot. No combat. His magic kills 5 pigeons.

In my turn the greatsword charge the warriors in the walls and the flagellants move forward as does the detachment. The handgunners move forward too as they can’t shoot at anything now. In the magic phase I cast miasma irresistible on the warriors and drop their WS by 1 (this does nothing for me). The miscast kills a few hangunners. Both cannons shoot at the grudge thrower and both do 1 wound so the engineer is still left. The mortars kill a few more warriors with gratweapons and the pigeon bomb kills a single slayer. In combat I challenge with the arch lector which he answers with his BSB, I switch stats and this turns into a greatweapon VS 1+ rerollable slapfest. We switch stats and the next 6 or so rounds of combat result into me doing 1 wound to him in the final round of the combat (so not going to mention that pitiful display again). The greatswords only kill 9 or so dwarves and the dwarves kill 5 or so greatswords. I win but he is steadfast.

Turn 3: Greatweapon dwarves charge detachment which flees and stops in front of artillery. The other greatweapon dwarves position to charge flank of the greatswords. Slayers move up too. Shooting sees 4 handgunners die to crossbow fire and the grudge thrower kills the engineer with the pigeonbombs with a direct hit. In combat the greatswords kil 5 or so more dwarves and the dwarves fill 3 or 4 greatswords. He is still steadfast and he holds.

In my turn the detachment fails to rally and panic one cannon and a mortar. The other cannon finally kill the grudge thrower. The mortar kills 6 handgunners. Magic see miasma fail. Combat kills a few more on both sides but nothing special.

Turn4: He charges the greatweapon dwarves in the flank of the greatswords and the other greatweapons charge the flagellants along with the slayers. Everything makes it in. The crossbows kill a single handgunner and combat sees 6 or so greatswords die and 4 or 5 more dwarves and 2 greatweapon dwarves. He wins combat but I am stubborn and pass. The flagellants marter 2 and kill all the greatweapons dwarves and slayers before they get to strike. I combat reform to face the flank of the greatweapon dwarves fighting the greatswords.

In my turn I charge the flagellants into the big center combat. Miasma reduces the WS of the HW/S dwarves again. The greatweapon dwarves all but the man of intrigue and 6 more HW/S dwarves die and due to the ranks of the flagellants they lose their steadfast and both units get run down. Only the crossbows are left and all he scored so far was an engineer. 4-1 loss to me (remember you could not win). Very fun guy Tim was great spirited despite blowing up the anvil turn one. A true gent!

Day one I end on 8 out of a possible 10 points.

Game 4: Michael Jordal with Lizardmen
His list:
Slaan – BSB - Lore of heavens – ethereal – extra dice – loremaster – always reroll miscasts
20 ish saurus FC – spears
20 ish saurus – FC – HW/S
7 chameleon skins
2 salamandars
2 salamandars
Scenario: Control table quarters with fortitude. Highest fortitude controls the quarter and the most quarters wins the game. Being down by 2 or more quarters is a major loss and the objective marker counts as 2 fortitude. Major objective: deploy the marker on the opponents half.
This is a rough list. Very scary. Michael is a great player and he knows his lizards. I get the first turn.

Turn 1: I move the flagellants forward and the greatswords also on the right flank. My magic see the withering drop the saurus with the slaan and the man of intrigue to T2. I shoot the cannons at Tetto’Eko in the saurus unit forgetting that he gets a look out sir. The first one misses and he passes his look out sir. I should have killed at least a salamander. They are much more difficult to deal with and will destroy my greatswords and flagellants. Dumb!!! The mortars kill only a rank of the unit of saurus and the pigeon bomb kill all but one chameleon skink that are ready to mess with my artillery.

His turn he moves everything forward. In the magic phase he uses Tetto’Eko’s ability to make all lore of heavens spells IF on any double after he rolled 10 for the power dice and a channel. He casts a normal comet on 5 dice and gets the IF but he gets is with a double 6 so he also miscasts which is a dimensional cascade but he rerolls it and just get the small template and loses all his other dice.The comet is placed in the middle of the artillery bunker. On the left the sallies shoot at the flagellants in the flank. He needs a 4 on the artillery to hit them but I luck out and they roll a 2 and a missfire. On the other side the salamanders kill 5 greatswords but they pass their panic.

Turn2: I move the flagellants forward and the greatswords with their detachment too. Magic didn’t do much and the commet didn’t drop. Shooting saw the handgunners do nothing to the sallies on the right and the cannon do 1 wound to a salamander on the left. The other cannon did 2 wounds to the steg and kill all the skins on the steg. With the withering still on the mortars kill all but 5 saurus scoring 2 under the hole hits on the slaan (he rolled a look out sir on the first on but failed the second one when I found out he is ethereal). The engineer dropped the pigeon bomb on his own head again hurting his buddy but not himself. The handgunners don’t do anything to the salamanders on the right.

In his turn the saurus with slaan and man of intrigue backed off and moved to the back edge. The steg and other saurus moved closer as did the salamanders. Magic saw the comet again not coming down. I use my scroll this phase and stop a chain lighting. Shooting sees the salamanders kill 15 ish flagellants and 12 ish greatswords. Still no combat.

Turn3: I move the flagellant forward without marching allowing to deploy the marker on my opponents table side. The greatswords and their detachment charge the sallies on the right and the greatswords make it but the detachment doesn’t. In the magic phase the comet comes down and kills both cannons, both mortars and both engineers. I cast a boosted pit of shades on the center of the table (about 8” from the slaan’s unit) hoping for a big scatter. I scatter 8” In the wrong direction but I use my reroll token to reroll the scatter dice and I scatter directly on the unit. Since there are still 5 saurus but none of them is the champ his slaan still gets his lookout sir and passes. The pit kills 4 of the 5 saurus (rolled 2 1’s of the initiative test) leaving only the slaan and the man of intrigue. In combat the greatswords lose 2 but kill the salamanders on the right.

In his turn the full saurus unit, the steg and the salamanders charge the flagellants. The salamanders hit the flank the the steg hits the front but the saurus fail. The slaan and the man of intrigue split up and the slaan moves to the marker but can’t get to it. The man of intrigue moves toward the middle of the table to deploy his marker but has a way to go. Magic buffs the steg and the steg and salamanders kill the flagellants but not before the flagellants kill a salamander.

Turn4: I move the greatswords closer to threaten the slaan going for the marker. The handgunners reform and detachment is pretty much out of the game. Magic sees me fail to cast anything.

In his turn he moves the slaan on the marker and destroys it. The Steg and saurus head for the slaan. In the magic phase not much happens. The man of intrigue moves forward again and is now 6” from my table edge. Next turn he can place the marker and then I will lose the game.

Turn5: I move forward with the greatswords despite the comet. The handgunners move toward the center of the board but since they are in a forest they don’t get very far and are still 24” from the center so can’t do anything. During the magic phase the comet doesn’t come down and I cast miasma on 6 dice on the man of intrigue. I reduce his movement to 1” and my wizard kills 3 more handgunners. No combat or shooting this turn.

In his turn he can only move 1” without marching and thus he can’t deploy the marker on my table half. The Slaan moves around a bit. The steg moves closer and the saurus go back to where they deployed to take that table quarter. In the magic phase the slaan gets another comet of IF and just takes a STR6 hit after the reroll. The comet is placed in front of the greatswords.

Turn6: The greatswords try to charge the slaan but fail. Right now it is a very close game. The top left table quarter is his as the saurus hold that. The bottom left is nobodies but he only needs to move the man of intrigue 2” and place the marker and it’s his. The top right is mine with 4 fortitude (general, BSB and greatswords) while he has 3 from his BSB slaan. The bottem left is safely mine with the handgunners. So in the magic phase the comet doesn’t come down. I throw all my dice at miasma as I need to reduce the man of intrigue’s movement 3. This is a long shot but if I don’t do it I will draw at best but probably lose. I roll miasma but he easily dispels it. Hmmm, no what the handgunners are 34”away and I have no other magic or shooting to stop the man of intrigue. Then I remember the hochland long rifle. He moved his man of intrigue so it just came out from behind the building. I take the shot with the hochland long rifle and hit on a 6. I roll to wound and it’s a 2, I think “damn”. Saurus are T4 so I needed a 4 to wound. Then I remember that that unit had the withering cast on it and was T2. Withering is remains in play so the man of intrigue was still T2 and thus the riffle shot wounded. He needs a 6 to save. Fails it and uses his reroll token but still fails it. One of the best cinematic moments in my warhammer “career”.

In his turn he charges the greatswords with the steg (I should have held here) and I flee. I stay within the table quarter. In the magic phase the comet comes down and kills all but one of the greatsword. Since the champ is still alive the banner dies and the quarter changes to neutral (now I have a draw at best again). He gets a wind blast off and pushes my unit into the other table quarter. End result: 1 table quarter to me, 2 to him. I have a minor loss but score the objective and he has a win but does not score the objective. 3-3 game. Very good player and a real nail biter. Fun opponent and a great game.

Game 5: Ben Cone with Orcs and Goblins
Ben Cone (better known as Conesy) has started his own podcast with Paul Wagner (who was at Waaaghpaca as a rules judge). We played a few weeks ago at a small tourney in Milwaukee and it was ugly. All I had to do was point at something roll the dice for the cannon and have him take it off. In 3 turns I shot the cannons 6 times resulting in the following death toll: Turn 1- Doomdiver & Pumpwagon, Turn 2: needed 2 cannon shots to kill one mangler, Turn 3: other mangler and chariot. Meanwhile the mortars lay waste to his units and the flagellants killed all the black orcs in one round of combat and ran down Grimgor.

I am actually not going to cover this game as Ben will probably cover it in his podcast. Go visit Wiscodice - The Warhammer Podcast from Madison WI
Ben was a great opponent and this was much more of an even game.

In the end I got 17 out of a possible 20 battle points. The guy that won best general had 18. So one short of being in contentions for the big axe. I only ended up 22nd overall due to low painting scores. I really need to paint more. But 22nd in a 74 player pool isn’t too bad. I had a great time and I highly recommend this event. The terrain was awesome and Ryan, Joe and Johnny run a great tourney.