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    Vampire Counts Vs Dark Elves

    After a bit of a poor showing in my first outing with the vampire counts (almost completely tabled by bretonians - despite having TWO terrorgheists to tear through their high armour saves) I made some adjustments to the force and was lucky enough to get a second battle just two days later.
    His army is not fully accounted for, but I have everything I could remember here and I am sure any dark elf players amongt you will be able to spot what might have been fitting into the gaps I have missed.

    Vampire Counts.

    Strigoi Ghoul King
    -sword of bloodshed
    -dragonbane gem
    -red fury
    -potion of strength

    Spells: Invocation Of Nehek

    -level 2
    -book of arkhan
    Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Vanhels Danse Macarbre, Curse Of Years.

    50 Zombies
    -command group

    50 Zombies
    -Command Group

    30 Skeletons
    -full command



    3 Vargheists

    3 Vargheists

    5 Hexwraiths

    Corpse Cart

    Dark Elves:

    Supreme Sorceress, Lvl 4, focus familiar, steed, unknown equipment.
    Spells: Sould Steal, Black Horror, Doombolt, Bladewind

    Master, BSB, Ring of hotek, something making him s5, unknown other equipment.

    Assassin, manbane poison, repeater crossbow, unknown other equipment.

    25 Spearmen
    -full command

    25 Corsairs
    -full command

    25 Black Guard
    -full command


    Repeater Bolt Thrower

    5 Dark Riders

    5 Dark Riders

    10 Shades


    Units of dark riders take up position on both flanks, bolt thrower
    sits on a hill on the far left. Corsairs, spearmen and blackguard go
    in the centre. Sorceress starts in the dark rider unit on the right
    flank. Shades and assassin deploy in a building, about 12" from my
    Vargheists take up flanking duty, on either side of the board. Blocks
    of zombies form a meat sheild for the skeletons, corpse cart and
    hexwraiths behind. Terrorgheists guard flanks of these blocks.

    Dark Elf Turn 1:

    The Dark Riders move forward at full speed, eyeing up the vargheists
    for target practise. The central blocks of troops and hydra move
    forward at full speed. Sorceress , wary of the vicious temprament of
    the vargheists, and
    detaches herself from the dark riders to hide behind the building
    containing the shades.

    A full power (double 6) magic phase for the evil sorceress sees her
    set about the undead army with destructive fury. Doombolt hits the
    right terrorgheist for two wounds, bladewind kills three hexwraiths
    but the noxious vapours of the corpse cart provide a slight
    distraction to her casting of soul steal and the weaker necromancer
    was able to prevent her taking a heavy toll on the zombies(was cast on
    a 26, but with the -1 from balefire I was able to match that value and
    stop it).

    The dark riders fire a volley into the vargheist units. On
    the right flank one vargheist takes two wounds but the left ones prove
    to be too tough to hurt and survive unscathed. .
    The assissin makes his presence know, firing three poisoned arrows
    into the terrorgheist causing two wounds, one of which is regenerated
    (though I discovered when I got home that manbane poison has a cap of
    strength 6, so he should have been wounding on 4+ instead of 3 ) . The
    shades unleash a volley into the beasts tough hide and manage to put
    one more wounds.
    The Bolt thrower threw forth 6 finely crafted shafts at the left
    terrorgheist but the tough hide of the monster repels all damage.

    Vampire Turn 1:

    With a bloodthirsty shriek , the Varghiests charge both units of dark
    riders who brave the charge and fire yet more bolts into the bestial
    vampires. On the left flank one dies to stand and shoot, the other
    unit takes a woun, but both reach their prey with murderous intent.
    With a moan and a groan, the Zombies shuffle forward slightly. The
    Terrorgheists rotten wings carry them airbourne once more- the full
    strength one to attack the hydra and the wounded one landing behind
    the high sorceress.

    The necromancer chants the ancient Invocation of Nehek , raising
    zombies galore in both units (+11 to one unit, +9 to another) and two
    hexwraiths return to 'un'life, (one from the casting and another from
    the vampire lore attribute)
    The strigoi wordlessly casts invoccation of nehek, the magics flowing
    forth from his ancient and insane mind and raises even more zombies (I
    didnt keep a tally of all the raised zombies, but do rememeber one
    unit reached as high as 69)

    The full health terrorgheist screams at the hydra, dealing a crippling
    5 wounds to the monster, but its incredible regenerative metabolism re
    knits the damage caused in an instant and it remains at full health.
    The wounded terrorgheist feels a sudden infusion of dark magics
    coursing through its rank carcass screams and unleashes a hellish roar
    at the sorceress, killing her instantly (it rolled a double 6 on the

    The quick reactions of the dark riders allow them to strike first,
    even though they sucumbed to their fear - On the right flank one
    vargheist is wounded but they lash out with tooth and claw, slaying
    three to dark riders who stubbornly refuse to flee and hold. On the
    other side of the batlefield a vargheist is slain by the malicious
    elves, but it is all in vain as the entire dark rider unit is ripped
    to bloody shreds by the monstrous creatures, who overrun towards the
    bolt thrower.

    Dark Elf Turn 2:

    With a bellow of rage, the Hydra charges the terrorgheist who tried to
    inflict such auditory damage to it.
    The units roll forward even further, but declining to make a charge
    into combat as the zombies were under the effect of the corpse carts
    'vigour mortis' and would be striking first.

    Following the death of the socreress, Magic was no longer a phase in the
    dark elf army.

    sees more shots aimed at the wounded terrorgheist but it
    survives with a single one left.
    Bolt thrower lays into the vargheists closest and puts two more wounds
    onto one.

    Hydra and co put a couple of wounds onto the terrorgheist, who
    retalliates with two on the hydra - it loses combat and loses another

    Vampire Turn 2:

    Vargheists charge bolt thrower. Other vargheists and terrorgheist move
    back to get in range of invocation. Hexwraiths move through black
    guard, killing 4 in the process.

    Magic sees more zombies raised by invocation, as well as two more
    wounds healed to the terrorgheist closest (one with lore attribute)
    ring of hotek causes a miscast, which results in a small detonation,
    killing 4 skeletons and emptying the power pool.
    Shooting, unengaged terrorgheist kills two scouts ( we decided that
    since they were in a building, and there was no rule regarding such an
    instance, that they should get the -2 modifier added to the
    terrorgheist scream) one in combat doesnt manage to exceed the hydras
    leadership so does no damage.
    Combat, vargheists lose one to bolt thrower crew but inflict a wound -
    remaining man holds. hydra inflicts no wounds on terrorgheist but
    takes none in return.

    Dark Elf Turn 3:

    The spearmen and black guard decide that, even striking first zombies
    are zombies and their superior elven skill would see them clear,
    charging both into one zombie unit. The corsairs, likely upset at the
    prospect of such meagre opportunity to capture some slaves, charge the
    other zombies in a frenzied rage.

    The shades once again cannot penetrate the terrorgheist flesh, but the
    assassin demonstrates his superior skill, launching a highly accurate
    volley of venomous arrows which finally put the beast down for good.

    The spearmen and blackguard set about attacking with great enthusiasm,
    butchering a whole a heap of zombies (about 15-20 )
    and watching even more more die after the ferocity of their attack
    breaks the necromantic bindings on the putrid creatures and they fall
    lifeless once more (leaving just over 30 ).
    The Corsairs do what it takes to win combat, but after all the
    additional raised zombies have been slain the unit still numbers over
    50, and their work is far from over.
    The Hydra finally manages to work its heads in unison and kill the terrorgheist.

    Vampire Turn 3:

    Waiting in the wings, the Vargheists charge into the flank of the corsairs.
    The Hexwraiths have insufficient movement to perform their special
    soul reap attack and so hold back to avoid dying to instability if
    they entered the zombie combats, instead moving behind the hydra to
    attack it next turn.

    The strigoi reanimates a few more zombies, after another
    miscast (and failed casting ) by the necromancer causes a calamatous
    detonation and blows up alot of skeletons and zombies (fortunately I

    had just moved him a little bit away from the Genera just in case) -
    The strigoi puts wounds back on the vargheist unit, raising one with
    the lore attribute.

    With the final terrorghiest no longer in the land of the 'un'living,
    the vampire shooting phase ends.

    The zombies in combat with two units are chopped down to just 5 men.
    The Corsairs are rocked by the power of the vargheists, who do 10
    wounds after attacks and stomps, but like wounded animals they lash
    out and wreak carnage upon the zombies, The newly resurrected
    vargheist dies to combat resolution, as well as one mroe zombie.

    Dark Elf Turn 4:

    Realising the severe danger the ethereal sould hunters pose to their
    prized creature, the beastmasters try to move it away from the

    Assassin and co switch their targets , now the terrorgheist is gone,
    and put some wounds on the skeleton unit.

    Spearman and black guard finally finish off the zombies they were

    facing, taking relatively light casualties from the encounter,
    the desparation of the corsairs force them to turn the heat up in
    their combat, and even though they lose more
    of their number to the vargheists are able to destroy them by
    inflicting a high number of wounds on the zombies.

    Vampire turn 4:

    The Hexwraiths, ready to claim the still beating heart of their quary,
    charge the hydra in the rear.
    The lone vargheist attempts a valiant assault, and charges the
    spearmen in the rear.

    Conjuring up the last of his reserves, the necromancer intones the
    words of nehek with unstoppable force, raising more zombies and
    skeletons, restoring his lost wound, but also the resulting power
    drain losing the last of his wizard levels.

    The dark elf master makes way to face the threat to his unit's rear, and
    striking with unnatrual speed the vargheist is killed before he can
    land a blow. Hexwraiths set about leisurely killing the hydra, safe
    from any retribution, and put two wounds on the
    beast. Corsairs continue to hack apart zombies, taking the unit down
    to around 30.

    Dark Elf Turn 5:

    Spearmen charge into the corpse cart, while their black guard brothers
    assault the zombies in the flank.
    Assassin and co finally come out of the building to join in on the attack.

    A few more shots are put on the skeletons, with some more casualties.

    Combat :
    The rotten hands, legs and other writhing body parts of the corpse cart
    claw and flail wildly at the spearman but the wounds caused are not
    fatal thanks to their light armour - it regenerates most damage done
    to it, but crumbles from combat resolution.

    Sadly we had to call it here, as the game had already over run beyond
    the session end, and decided a
    draw to be an ok result for us both.

    I suspect that, provided he didnt die to combat resolution, my strigoi

    was going to pulverise the spearmem, with his 8 rerollable and
    poisoned attacks, with red fury to get even more (should have averaged
    10 guys killed per combat round).
    This would have hopefully allowed him to break the spearmen (who were
    down to about 20 ), killing the bsb in the process, and then
    chasing after them to avoid combat in the following turns.
    Points wise, it was very close, he was leading when we ended but his
    hydra was as good as dead against the hexwraiths and if I had killed
    the spearmen and master then that would have most likely been enough
    to close the gap by turn 6.

    Last edited by Disk Rider; March 9th, 2012 at 16:08.

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    Good read, thanks for posting! I also play vampire counts and have a question for you. Are you sure you can ressurect models with the lore attribute? All it says is that one model regains a wound, I never interpretted it as being able to bring back a fallen hexwraith or vargheist.

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    Great read, I'm very happy to read about a decent showing by VC.
    I will drink your milk shake! I will drink it up!
    I just bought my wife a mini-van, the gods of Chaos have nothing on reality.

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