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Thread: Vamps Vs. He

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    Hey, This is my first game of warhammer so...dont make fun of me. The vamps are attacking a high elf settlement and there army is there to stop the invation.
    20 spearmen- champ, standard, musician-250
    10 archers-120
    1 lvl 2 mage- 130
    VC- 495
    20 skellies-sheild-180 pnts
    5 dire wolves-doom wolf-60
    strigoi vampire-iron senews, summon gouls- 125
    5 zombies-30
    necromancer-lore of deat, lvl 2 wizard-100
    VC got the 1st and 3rd spells out of the lore of death
    HE got Walk between worlds and cure of arow attraction
    He got first turn(HE)
    basicly we cast and despell each other for rest of game so i wont mension the magic phase any more.
    Turn 1 HE
    he marched his spearmen up the middle and moved his archers in front of hill tried to cast curse of arrow attraction, Dispelled.
    VC turn 1
    I moved my skellies down the middle, my dire wolfs up the right flank and zombies through some woods on the left, tried to cast first spell of lore of death but despeald. summoned gould and rear charged, killed 1, my gould stayed alive and he did not fail LD test.
    HE turn 2
    moved archers on hill, tried to cast curse of arrow attraction, Despead, killed some skellies.
    VC turn 2
    moved skellies up middle moved around with dire wolves tried to cast with Necromancer- miss casted, rolled a 7 and he if fine.
    HE turn 3
    he assults my skellie squad with spearmen, he killes a few, i kill a few, he miss casted, rolled a 6, cant cast this turn or next. shoots my 5 zombies up with arrows, i run for rest of game.
    VC turn 3
    my dire wolves move into possition to rear charge the spear squad next turn my vamp kills a few his spearmen kill some and my skellies kill some.
    HE turn 4
    basicly we just fight in melle combat some more
    VC turn 4
    i rear charge him and fight in melle some more
    HE turn 5
    he finnaly lsot in close combat b/c i killed every man. my vamp is the only thing left from that squad and i have like 3 dire wolves left.
    VC turn 5
    i move twod his archers,
    HE turn 6
    shoots up my vamp, my vamp dies and he jsut cleans up the dire wolves.
    all in all, a good victory for the HE player. please have mursy, this is my first game and battle report.

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    ack, it could use some orginization. at the very least put a line inbetween each turn, it's all clamoured together. even though i'm trying to read this at 2 30 in the morning, i stand by that it's kinda hard to read. otherwise s'good, amusing lil battle even though i'm not really sure where everyone is on the board
    that's the thing about perfection, it can only get worse.

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