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Thread: Vc Vs. De

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    I haven't even played all the armies yet, and this match was my first against a DE general, which means I don't know all of his unit/model names. So I'm going to describe them as best and succintly as I can.

    Today I played against a guy who I'd met just yesterday. He brought a Dark Elf army full of classic models, but none of them the hydra I'd feared. Wanting a little help the night before, I read the tactica that King Ulric had found and posted; I scanned most of it. Maybe I shoulda read a little more closely...

    I won table edge and first deployment but lost first move, and I'd never seen models scamper like those elves did. We were playing a pitched battle scenario.

    He fielded two bolt throwers, two units of ten crossbowmen with repeater crossbows, a unit of eight skirmishing scouts, and two cavalry units of five riders each, also with crossbows. These models formed all of his missile units and would prove my bane.

    For infantry, he had what I think he called Dark Knights, sixteen of them wielding halbereds with the general and another hero sharing the front rank. There was a large unit of twenty-five or so spearmen. A third unit of rank and file, twenty or so, sheltered a spell-caster, a female model.

    I led a Strigoi army, who was in a block of 25 skeletons that had light armor, shields, and hw's. All spellcasters were level two, and I took a power stone instead of a dispel scroll, probably one mistake right there.

    A wraith led the unit of grave guard, who were 21 strong with full command. They took heavy armor, shields, and handweapons, and not once did those killing-blow mothers ever see combat.

    I fielded another unit of skeletons, this one with shields and spears. To my far right were ten ghouls, and I also had two units of five dire wolves, a unit of four fell bats, and a unit of two ethereal hosts.

    His crossbowmen and bolt throwers proved effective as he began whittling away at my infantry units. His unit of scouts march-blocked my grave guard due to favorable terrain. This maneuver hurt since my GG never saw combat. He pushed his infantry troops towards me, leaving shooting lanes for his bolt throwers. Both of the Dark Elf cavalry units began winging around from each of the extreme flanks.

    On my turn, I detached the wraith from the GG so he could spread a little terror, almoset the only combat that I showed in. The wraith's abandoned unit trudged towards the closest enemy, taking one round of missile fire in the side from those damned scouts.

    I'd underdeployed to his strongest side, which was my left, so one infantry unit wheeled slightly and lumbered towards him. The other unit, the one with the Strigoi, my army's general, turned to deal with the advancing cavalry units advancing on their right. The Strigoi never saw enough combat, but when he did in a later round, it was beautifully devastating.

    The spirit hosts swarmed straight and did a good job protecting a block of spear-wielding skeletons. The dire wolf units branched out, racing ahead of the main troops.

    He went first and let loose with his crossbows and repeating bolt-throwers. You've all seen those fantasy movies where the sky fills with a hail of arrows so thick that the sunlight is blotted out. He dropped forty dice from those twenty crossbowmen, and almost seventy-five percent of those dice were hits. Skeletons clattered to the field. One bolt thrower thudded harmlessly into the earth, and the other took out five skeletons before crunching to a stop. One unit of his mounted crossbowmen popped off a few ineffective shots while the other continued advancing.

    The GG lumbered forward as their diverging wraith charged into the scouts. One unit of dire wolves charged his generals and got a couple of kills for their trouble, but were obliterated themselves as thanks. The spirit hosts continued to screen the unit of skeleton spearmen, and the Strigoi's unit trooped on towards the cavalry to their right.

    All three of my summoning spells failed, solely due to poor rolling. I used a bound movement spell for a slight field advantage with one unit of dire wolves. The Strigoi did manage to cast a continuous play spell that auto-wounded one unit of crossbowmen for three consecutive turns, eventually grinding them down to three. (The DEs passed their panic tests for the same three consecutive turns).

    His unit of cavalry that had been threatening on the right charged my Strigoi's unit, but he maneuvered his lead horses so that the Strigoi couldn't fight. Crafty, I'd never seen it before but after rereading the rules, I had to agree. Only the charging unit must endeavor to bring as many models as possible into contact, and that was only four since two rode behind. Strigoi Dave wouldn't see action unitl the next round, but he'd make those punk-ass elves pay in kind soon enough.

    The sky was less cloudy since one unit of crossbowmen was screened by the advancing spirit host, and the other unit's dice were not as brutal this time, though they still hurt. The bolt throwers did their damage. My skeleton units were dwindling.

    The GG sustained a couple of injuries from the other cavalry unit but trudged forward anyway, vowing revenge should they ever see combat, which you already know they don't. :realmad:

    The fell bats readied themselves to charge one warmachine, as did the remaning unit of dire wolves.

    I restored six skeletons to the Strigoi's unit and lost the other roll to a miscast, losing that model's spellcasting for the current turn and the next.

    The Strigoi did nothing so that his Curse of Years would stay in play, and it caused a few more wounds. Also he forgot to summon ghouls, a bloodline power and a tactic that could have stalled one of the bolt-throwers.

    The unharmed necromancer used the book of Arkhan to boost a unit, making a fatal mistake: exposing himself and another necromancer, both who'd been hiding between the center and right infantry units. They bite the dust next round.

    You already know what his crossbowmen did. His bolt throwers continuted their brutal work, too. The DE's right-most, cavalry lost combat to my Strigoi and fled, just beyond my pursuit roll. His Dark Knight unit had earlier engaged my spear-carrying skeletons and continued to brutalize them. That combat resolution alone cost me four more skeletons, added on to what the elves took out. The cavalry to my left took aim and peppered my grave guard once again. The scouts lost to my wraith and fled like squealy, baby, runtling elves.

    The remaining dire wolves and one remaining fell bat took out the warmachine crew. I had remembered to summon the ghouls but forgot to use them. The wraith slid behind another unit, which also passed its terror test.

    Magic was a joke since both Necromancers had been target practice.

    His wife called, ending the game with this round and a victory of at least 1100 points. Had we finished the game, I'd have been decimated, except for maybe the Strigoi unit which was near anything worth killing.

    I left with my tails between my legs and a bag of brown ballast that I'd bought as a "gratuity purchase" for using the gaming store's space for four hours. And I'll never run that army list again!

    Sorry for being so long winded. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Painting Videos--My Warriors of Chaos--WHFB Tactica Index

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    Entertaining. One of the things that appaled me was the use of Strigoi, had it been Nechrarch you would have owned! (*well, maybe). His Halberd unit is called Black Guard.
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    I just recently played a list very simaliat yo that and i kick his A**!! But thats because i play night goblins were there are like 300 goblins on the field. I had 6 warmachines , 4 chukkas and 2 lobbers and his crossbows and bolters couldnt match me.I landed a huge chunk of rock in his excutioners and slaughtered them with bits of elf everwhere. even though night goblins and common goblins for that matter fear elves this was no problemas i had HUGE units , 5 units of 40 goblins, 3 units of 20 and a 57 with a BsB,big boss, and SKARSNIK. Skarsnik is a special charator who kicks as. So in the end i had a couple hundred gobbos with all units apart from 2 chukkas because scoutsikilled there crews. \

    Sorry bout that but Skarsnik's Crooked Moon tribe dominates all people.

    Sorry on your lost, but have always avenged those pointy ear elves!!
    "Fight like gobbos"- Skarsnik

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