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Thread: He Vs Boc

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    check it /this is my first time useing HE they were actually my opponenets and i think i used them to great effect

    He list

    Mage/lvl 2/sumtin that gave him another pwr dice and so i could choose my spells

    12 spearmen
    -full command
    10 archers


    5 Dragon Prices
    -Full Command

    20 Swordmasters
    -Full Command

    4 Shadow Warriors
    w/ Champ


    2 Bolt Throwers

    Boc list

    Great wpn/Choas armr

    Wargor bsb
    some standard that gave his unit poison attcks


    10 Gors 10 ungors/Full Command

    10 Gors 10 ungors/Music/Champ
    w/ bsb

    20 khornagors/full command

    1 Tuskagor Chariot

    Khorn Spawn of Chaos

    Set up
    bt=boly thrower
    Completely open except hill on south end and a tree to uper right of the hill

    boc Deployment

    left to right from my angle
    beast herd w/ general-Chariot-beast herd w/ bsb-spawn-khornagors

    swordmasters Spearmen mage Shadow warriors
    Dragon princes bt archers bt

    Boc Turn 1
    Generally all his units moved directly foward and he had no magic so my turn

    He Turn 1
    My movement was just aligning my Dragon Princes to squeeze threw the beast herds to charge the chariot and that was all for movement
    For magic the 2 spells i choose were arrow atraction and fury of khaine so i got both spells off and both were at the khronagors because 2 strength 6 hits arnt that friendly so Fury of khaine downed 1 but arrow attraction payed of as my archer bolt throwers and scouts let em have but only dropped 5 :realmad: and 4 being from the 4 scouts!so that ended my turn

    Boc Turn 2
    This turn he deemed my scouts a threat and set up a charge for them on his next turn as the rest of his army steamed foward The spawn rolled a 12 for its movement so it was dangeroulsy close so i would have to see to that next turn

    He Turn 2

    For movement everything started to get close as combat would definatnely ensue the following turn so i set up swordmasters to take out a beast herd but unfortunantely i forgot to charge the knights into the chariot o well a minor setback the chariot was still to far out to charge me so i turned to more pressing matters like moving my scouts back so i did that then Magic! This time i decided to take on the spawn so both my arrow attraction went off on the spawn and fury of khain on the khornagors i dropped a few then moved on to shooting were my bolt thrower made short work of the spawn and the archers killed some ungors and the scouts killed 2 more khornagors ( yeh go scouts&#33

    Boc Turn 3

    This turn his khornagors turned away from the scout to try and do away w/ the mage and bolt throwers and everything else moved up into charge range (haha arrogant beasts)

    He Turn 3

    Charge Time! The Hoeth charged the generals beast herd the Dragon Princes charged the chariot and the brave brave scout sacrificed themselves to save the bolt throwers and mage and charged the khornagors in the side Now to magic this time arrow attraction didnt go off on the bsb beast herd but fury of khaine did and dropped a few and the archers and bolt throwers to dropped a couple but unfourntantely they didnt run so theyd be charging my spearmen next turn...
    But close combat went well the knights kill the chariot and overran into the next county the scouts kill one and held and the swordsmaster did ok killin a few but the beasts killed two in return and it was a draw

    Boc Turn 4

    The only movement was the charge from the bsb beasts unit into my 12 spearmen and then on to close combat.The scouts again killed 1 but 2 of them were killed in turn noooooooo but the held! Not as great luck w/ the spearmen who were massacred and the beasts over ran into a bolt thrower. The hoeth and beast fought to a standstill but the swordmasters taking more casualties

    He Turn 4

    The Dragon Princes came back and set them self for a rear charge on the beasts fighting the hoeth. Everything else was in combat so magic, the mage couldnt do anything since everythin was in combat and same for the othe bolt thrower so on to combat. The scout finally gave in lost combat fled and were over run but they will be rembered and the khornagor unit will not forget since they where mostly whitteled down from 20 to 6 from them and others of course. The bolt thrower crew where murdered and the hoeth thankfully held for now.

    Boc Turn 5

    This turn saw the 2nd bolt thrower being charged and the khornagors trecking to try to get to the hoeth combat. And to that combat So any way to the battle that would generally decide the game if the hoeth held the beasts would be rear ended by the princes so the hoeth went first and only killed one beast and they returned by killing 5 this was not good so i picked up the dice and rolled snake eyes YES! so i held the boc player wasnt to happy so it was the final turn o and the 2nd bolt thrower crew was destroyed

    He Turn 5

    The Princes charged in the mage ran away from the beast herd while in the magic phase blasting them w/ fury of khaine but any way on to close combat as u probably predicted the herd was massacred by the princes and hoeth and they fled and where cut down

    Boc Turn 6

    This turn just had the beast herd that was fleeing rallied and the khornagors getting ready to accept the dragon princes charge

    He Turn 6

    The Princes Charged the Khornagors and the mage furied of khained the beast herd killing 6 and not leaving enough of them to secure a table quater so in closse combat the Dragon prince finished off the khornagors and securing that table quater secured the He victory

    The End hope u enjoyed it

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    Good report, I enjoyed it.

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    Good battle.
    But the Boc list should be changed in some parts
    (the battle standard bearer :hmm: )
    Why the hell a spawn of chaos in the army.
    More gors in the beastherd!

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