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Thread: Aos(vc) Vs He

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    ok this was a 2k battle where I decided to take my chances and don't go on much magic protection... also wanted to try a BtB
    This is my first battle report so bear with me


    I had
    1 vampire count with book, ring of night, walking death and earthbind(with Graveguards)
    1 thrall with flyed hauberk, wolf form and great weapon(right of my last zombies)
    1 thrall wiht sword of unholy something + earthbind ( with my right militai)
    1 Wight lord BtB with screaming banner. and heavy armour (with the middle levy)
    15 militia standard
    15 militia standard
    5 dire wolves
    5 dire wolves + scout
    17 Levy with standard
    17 levy + standard
    23 grave guards with banner of barrows and full command
    Black coach
    and 8 Ghouls
    + 3 gravemarkers

    he had about
    1 prince with sword of leaping gold and armour of gods(with swordmasters)
    1 captain with swordmaster honor (with big spearmen group)
    1 captain with something dunno really( with basic knights)
    1 mage and something that gave him +1 power dice (alone in the forest at his left)
    about 6 dragon princes with standard
    6 of these basic knights
    2 great eagles
    2 units of 17 spearmen I think
    about 20 spearmen with full command
    one big unit of dunno maybe 25 swordmasters with full command
    2 chariots


    I had all my infantry on the middle like this : militia - levy- militia- levy
    on my left flank I had the Graveguards and the Black Coach
    on the right flank I had 5 direwolves and 8 Ghouls
    my poor scouts that didn't have any good palce to deploy due to the bif battleline deployed in my own zone on the left flank

    His was something like
    middle was: chariot- swordmasters- spearmen(small)- spearmen(small)-chariot- spearmen(big)
    his left flank was protected by a great eagle and the basic knights
    on his right flank he had the dragon princes and the other great eagle

    1st round (VC goes first)

    I started to march my scout units straight forwad tot he other side into a forest where his mage where hiding. didn't have enough move to charge but got rpetty close. the rest of the army didn't advance more then maybe 2" I wanted to replanish
    my numbers to get full ranks at the gravemarkers as much as possible
    Magic count casts IoN and raises some new skellies. gaze of Nagash dispelled. added to the zombie units with my gravemarkers so both had the full number of ranks. my 3rd gravemarker that almost was in his zone tryed to raise some crossbowmen but was dispelled.

    HE turn

    his troops moved forwad in a steady direction. his great eagle on the left side flew to marchblock my graveguards and chariot. the other didn't dare to do much cuz of my ghouls that guarded the right flank. His wizard moves out of the forest from my wolves and the knights on his left reform to be able to charge my wolves(idiot)
    his magic didn't do anything. he fired his arrows but didn't do anything either

    2nd turn (VC)

    didn't move much I charged his chariot on the right with my thrall with wolf form
    and the graveguards and coach moved forwad as fast as possible. I was getting ready to answer to his main charges next turn. magic didn't do much got a few more models but nothing big. used book to get my Graveguards a forwad) the thrall killed the chariot with his S7 and covercharged past his units.

    charges was many. his strategy was based upon getting as big battle as possible and creating a huge CR so multiple of my units suffered due to crumble rules. his chariot charged my zombies at the left while swordmasters and small spearmen group charged the skellies and charing them making that they are in contact with the zombies too( this is what I call using the rules to the max) the big spearmen group along with dragon princes tried to do the same thing with my other too units but only got the zombies. the middle skeletonsgroup where uneffected. griffon on the left tried to charge my chariot but failed test so couldn't do anything same with the other griffon that tried to get my wolves on my right. also on my left the normal knights with commander charged my graveguards

    combat was ugly. his chariot managed to kill 4 with impact hits and the crew got another though somehow the skellies hurt it 2 wounds back. the swordmasters managed to kill 2 zombies and the scary prince with A7 S6 killed 5 zombies . spearmen killed 2. zombies killed one spearman. with ranks and other bonuses lost the combat with 8 and lost 7 models in both units thanks(?) to BtB.
    other spearmen regiment with dragon princes won combat with 2 thanks to the vampire killing spearmens as bugs. the graveguards with generl did much better against the charge. he killed 3 but lost 2 in return, lost and ran but was chaught and killed. (fear the power of the graveguards)

    3rd turn (VC)

    counter charged his spearmen that fought with swordmasters with my skellies and BtB got on his flank. my graveguards turned to be able to help with the big battle next turn. chariot not doing much moving forwad to get into better position. scouting direwolves chased after his mage that keept running around. and vampire thrall charged his lgreat eagle on right that fled. magic replenished most of my ranks with IoN and gravemarkers also killed the mage with Gaze of Nagash. ( he had saved 2 dices to dispell my book to keep my graveguards from charing. but I never used it )

    Combat looking much better this turn . as much as possible aimed at the spearmens (they are easy CR) not much killed on eitherside but I won cuz of my flank charge and his Swordmasters broke( !!! ) and got chased and killed (hurray)
    there the battle was as good as won. not much left for him to do.

    when he gave up he had only managed to kill one of my Direwolve unit. and ending in a SUPER massacre. with him not having anything left on the field

    well I was lucky sometimes but still....
    I have enver lost against HE so I can't understand whats the fuss about them.
    I was suprised though I thought he would sue about 4 bolt throwers and a mage lord atleast (as he always do)

    well Good battle I think


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    Just wond'ring from where the heck did you get the Ghouls. There is nothing even remotely alive in the Army of Sylvania.
    Use Light, Beasts, Metal instead of Heavens
    NecroLords: Use at least one Death Mage
    Brets: Use Peasants&Damsels
    Skaven: Don't use Skryre SAD

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    haha LOL
    you are right they couldn't have them. haven't thought about it :hmm:
    well they never saw combat anyway but still. LOL

    but batswarms are alive in AoS

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