Warhammer Warbands. I like this. Small, evil and potential to be applied to Warhammer Ancients for Barbarian/Dark Age type armies as a cross between bitg battle and skirmish.

I fielded 12 skellies with command, six dire wolves and a Vampire Thrall in my capacity as a patrol of some sylvanian Count.

My opponents hadDark Elves, three cavalry with missile fire, three flying things, three scouty sneaky shooty things, and a bunch of Elfy witch female folk whose Captain commanded the lot of them

I was a bit scared at first of this highly mobile and flible force, whereasthe skeletons are slow, and my objective was to assassinate the enemy commander.

His objective, as I later found out, was to get a third of his starting strength into my deployment area. I wish I had had that one but things started looking up for me. With this army comes the ability to raise fresh undead troops, so many more skeletons rose for the ground to block Elvish lines of attack or to strengthen units. So even though I lost troops I could win th efight with bigger numbers.

My opponent, I think trying to makethe game interesting for me rather than just avoiding me, attachewd with his Dark Riders. They did more damage but lost the fight, but didn't break.

The shooty sneaky things got involved with a newly minted unit of skellies and didn't do much. The flying things attacked my main unit, got bounced even though they hit in the flack, went unstable an dvanished, leaving me with a chance to hit the enemy commander's unit.

Again they did more damage but the huge numbers agains them caused them to flee, but they didn't get far and the wolves overan them.

So I won but with better dice rolls by my opponent and him stepping up to make a game of it he could have won with no blood spilled.