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    So today I played my first game with TK and in fact my first game of fantasy in 5 years.

    It was 2000pts vs. greenskins, and we only played 3 turns due to time shortage, and the game ended before any serious action even began.

    I used the 2000pts list that I'm still building up, so I had to use some proxies;

    LHP with Cloak, Staff, Jar
    LP with 2 scrolls
    TP in Chariot of Fire, GW

    12 Heavy Cav, Warbanner
    3 Chariots, Undying Legion
    2x 20 Bowmen, standard
    5 Light Cav
    2 Swarms
    3 Ushabti
    1 SSC
    1 TS

    He had something like this:
    3 big Ork blocks, 2 of them Black orcs I think. One contained Black orc general.
    2 big Night gobbo blocks with 2 fanatics each
    2 gobbo chariots
    1 ork chariot
    2 spear chuckas
    3x 5 gobbo wolf riders
    level 2 gobbo shaman
    level 4 orc shaman (got Stomp and Waaagh powers)

    He deployed the orc blocks in the middle with chariots between them and the two gobbo units on the flanks, with wolf riders up front. The spear chuckas were palced on a hill in the back.

    I also got a hill in the centre, so I put the SSC and a unit of archers (2x10 formation) there, the second archers (also 2x10) to the left of the hill, everything else on the right. LP joined the catapult crew, LHP joined the archers on the hill (I had to put the priests in units because of his Stomp power which can target anything on the table).

    I get first turn and mostly just readjust my position slightly, only the chariots advance outside my deployment zone and hide behind a handy forest, and the Carrion fly behind a hill in the centre of the field. He uses 2 of his 3 dispel scrolls to stop me from casting Smite on the SSC but in the end it gets through, but with the magic and shooting phases combined, it only manage to score 3 partials on the Orcs, killing none. The archers' arrows fall short.

    His light cav units speed forward, one unit onto the central hill (threatening my Carrion or even the LHP in the archer unit), another lining up a flank charge on the chariots, the third moving down my left flank. Everything else advances straight forward as fast as possible. Stomp scores 3 wounds on Carrion and 2 on Chariots (one of them on the Prince's chariot&#33, a magic missile kills 3 Heavy cav, another horseman dies from some bound spell missile. The spear chuckas score 2 wounds on Ushabti.

    After turn 1:

    Neither the TS nor the Swarms arrive. I move my line back a bit to get out of his chariots' charge range, while my own chariots turn to face the nearby wolf riders. The remaining Carrion move behind his line to march block. The LHP heals 3 heavy horsemen, the rest of my incantations go into Smiting. Undying Legion heals 1 wound on the chariots. The SSC scores a direct hit and killes 3 orcs in the magic phase, but scatteres wildly in the shooting phase. Concentrated bowfire kills 3 wolf riders from the unit on the hill and the rest flee. Chariots charge the wolf riders who promptly flee, and the chariots end up in the Spear chucks' sights.

    Chariots turn to face the wolf riders...

    ...while Carrion march block.

    He advances again. The Night gobbos on the right fail Animosity and move directly towards the Chariots, releasing the fanatics. One of them makes it into contact and scores 2 wounds. The spear chuckas fire at the Chariots and blow up the Prince's ride, and he sustains a wound while falling off his chariot. The nearby wolf riders rally and move back towards the chariots. The wolves on my left flank now come close enough to charge the leftmost archer unit on his next turn. I manage to dispel all of his magic, using one of my scrolls in the process.

    Night gobbos release fanatics:

    The TS is still on strike, but the two swarms emerge from the sands and attack the gobbos on the right (they were right over the marker, luckily the rear edge of their unit was closest...) The Prince (now on foot) charges the wolf riders. The Carrion charge one of the spear chuckas, and the crew flee off the table, the birds after them. The 3 surviving chariots manage to squeeze between the forest and the Prince/wolf riders combat to face off against the Night gobbos and a nearby fanatic. The heavy cav declare a charge against a wolf chariot and are actually in range, my opponent having misjudged the distance for about 1/2". He passes the fear test, meaning my cavalry are now right at his battle line and if I can run down the chariot, I'll be behind him. I target the second wolf chariot with two SSC shots, but they both fail to wound. However, the bowmen on the hill score 3 wounds on it and destroy it! The other bowmen shoot 2 of the 5 wolf riders on the left flank. Undying Legion brings the damaged Chariots to full health. The only thing he still has in charge range now are the 3 surviving wolf riders on the left. Close combat, finally! The Prince first casts Smiting and kills 1 wolf, then another 2 with his regular attacks. The 2 survivors flee off the board, and he pursues (to get out of the remainng spear chucka's sights for a turn). The heavy cav don't damage the wolf chariot and the gobbos actually kill a horseman, but I still win by 2 and he flees. The Swarms kill 4 gobbos and the greenskins flee. I don't run anything down, but now I have my big cavalry unit in the middle of his lines.

    His Night gobbos rally. His main block of black orcs wheels to face my cavalry, the rest of the army advances as fast as possible. A fanatic streaks through the Swarms, causing 2 wounds. He focuses all his power into getting the Waaagh spell off, but fails. He puts 2 wounds on the Chariots again with the remaining spear chucka.

    We had to stop at this point, and just as things were getting interesting

    My casualties: Prince's chariot, 2 heavy horsemen, 1 Carrion, 2 further wounds on the Chariots, 2 on Ushabti, 2 on Swarms, 1 on Carrion.

    His casualties: 1 wolf chariot, 10 wolf riders, 3 orcs, 1 spear chucka.

    Second game, 1 week later:

    Well, my second-ever game.

    I used:
    LHP, Cloak, Jar
    LP, 2x Scroll
    TP on Chariot of Fire
    3 Chariots, Undying Legion
    2x 20 Archers with standard
    2x 5 Light Horsemen
    12 Heavy Horsemen, Warbanner
    1 Swarm
    3 Ushabti
    3 Carrion
    1 Scorpion

    He used something like:
    General on Cold One + 5 Cold One Knights
    5 Dark Riders
    20 Spearmen
    15 Executioners
    10 Crossbowmen
    2 Bolt throwers
    2 Sorceressesesses (I know how to start spelling Sorceress, I just don't know how to stop&#33

    See pic for deployment. The obelisks in the top right are ICFB markers for the Swarm and Scorpion. DE take first turn.

    Turn 1: he advances with his combat units and lines up the Cold Ones for a charge. The Dark Riders zoom down my right flank. One of the Sorceress's magic missiles kills a fistful of Archers from the unit on the hill. A few more are felled by crossbowmen while the 5 Dark Riders wipe out one of my Light Horse units. The bolt throwers fire a bunch of missiles at my SSC, killing one crew.

    I fudge around in my deployment zone a bit, trying to force his Cold Ones to charge the Light Cav and overrun into Carrion or Ushabti. Then I'd just have to force through one Urgency and get a flank/rear with the Chariots or Heavy Cav... I draw out 2 Dispel scrolls (one to go) while trying to incant Smiting on the SSC. The Archers on the hill shoot at the Executioners and kill one. The handful of bowshots from the Light Cav, Chariots and the first rank of the archer block on the left actually slay a Cold One rider.

    Turn 2: The funniest thing happens. The Cold Ones fail Stupidity, ruining the carefully laid plans of both players. He advances with the rest of his units, the Dark Riders making it to the edge of my hill. He has crossbows and magic missiles aplenty. He kills two Light Horsemen and whittles down my archers to under half strength. And I have a feeling that I won't be able to spare any incantations to heal them...

    But now it's my turn. Realizing that Carrion have a 360d line of sight, I declare a charge on his Dark Riders. He fails his test, meaning he'll be hitting me on 6s. The Tomb Swarm emerges on target and immediately charges one of the bolt throwers, and finally my Heavy Cav declare a charge against the skirmishers in the woods to the left of the Cold Ones - sounds strange, but I knew what I was doing. Indeed, the scouts fled, and now I was in a position that would allow me a flank charge on the Cold Ones if I could only get one Urgency through. In case I failed, I put the 3 surviving Light Cav right in front of his Cold Ones to stall them.

    I indeed manage to Urgency the Heavy Cav and charge the Cold Ones' flank. In the shooting phase, the SSC targets his Exectutioners, but due to a freakishly lucky scatter the pile of skulls lands right on top of a Sorceress! This should make my Magic phases a breeze. In the end, even the Executioners don't come away unharmed, losing a model to my archers again.
    The Carrion slay two Dark Riders and suffer no wounds in return, but the bastards hold their ground. The Swarm kills one warmachine crewman, but due to high ground the bolt thrower wins by 1, causing a wound on the Swarm. The Heavy Cav never even manage to wound, so we don't even get to the 2+ armour save part.

    The one Knight able to fight back doesn't do anything either, so the Cold ones lose combat and flee, and of course I fall 1" short of running them down. - pictures, fluff, battle reports and modelling articles for Thousand Sons, Tomb kings and more! Updated 29th March 2005.

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    Turn 3: Naturally, the Cold Ones rally, and so do the scouts. My Cavalry seems to be in a bit of a jam. The Executioners, relying on some fancy banner, declare a charge on the archers from around 16" away and fail. I stop all his spells, but the unengaged bolt thrower fires at the SSC once more, killing both remaining crewmen. And that's pretty much it for his turn. The Carrion fail to scratch the Dark Ones and lose one wound from fighting and then another to combat resolution. Bugger. The swarm fails to score a single hit on the bolt thrower crewman and again loses a wound.

    It's either charge or be charged now, so my Heavy Cav is forced to declare a charge on the Cold Ones' front. The Prince aligns himself to smash past the Carrion into the Dark Riders. My entire left flank advances while the Tomb Scorpion finally bursts from the ground right in front of the evil corssbowmen. The combined bowfire of the Horsemen and Chariots kills one skirmisher. Then the Prince's chariot smashes into the Dark Riders, killing them all with impact hits. The LHP Urgencies the Ushabti tinto the spearmen and adds Smiting for some extra measure. An assassin pops up in the front rank, only to be clobbered over the head with a huge ritual blade. If I can only hit him once more in the combat phase...

    ...but of course, it was not meant to be. The Ushabti in contact with the assassin misses completely while the other two manage to slay one whole elf. In return, the Ushabti lose a total of 4 wounds. At least there's none in contact with the assassin anymore. The Scorpion kills two crossbowmen and of course fails to run the rest of them down, but the Swarm finishes off one bolt thrower, and the crew of the other one panics and runs off the board. Yay! Meanwhile, the Heavy Cav of course fail to even scratch the Cold Ones and lose 3 horsemen in return, but I still win CR. He holds.

    Turn 4: The Executioners finally manage to activate their banner properly and smash into the archers. To make a long story short: they end up overrunning into the Carrion.

    The Cold Ones kill a few more Horsemen while the Ushabti finally manage to finish off one rank of Spearmen. It's not enough to win combat though, and I'm left with a single Ushabti with 1 wound remaining.

    The Chariots align for a flank charge on the spearmen, hoping that the Horsemen can hold the Cold Ones for two more rounds. As if. The 3 Light Horsemen sqeeze through the gap between the two close combats and ride right up to the Sorceress hiding in the wood. The Prince gets ready to charge the Executioners' flank. The 3 Light Horsemen use their trusty bows and score two wounds on the Sorceress, killing her.
    The Chariots and the Prince all successfully charge. The Prince kills 3 Executioners while they focus on wiping out the Carrion. After combat resolution, the Prince and his Chariot are left with 1 wound each. The Chariots smash 4 Spearmen to pieces and the Ushabti runs down the fleeing survivors. The Cold Ones finish off my Cavalry and overrun into the Chariots' flank. Bugger it.

    Turn 5: With nothing else to do, we go directly to close combat. The Executioners execute my Prince while the Cold Ones wipe out the Chariots with ease and overrun into the archer block.

    Still determined to do what I can, I raise one Ushabti back to unlife and have the two charge in the Cold Ones' rear.

    And then I roll all 1s to wound. And that's it. The Ushabti are shattered to pieces, and then I can just wait and watch as the Knights slowly crumble the skeleton block. The Scorpion and Swarm discreetely retreat, knowing that they can't outmaneuver the Knights and Executioners.

    Game over.

    Yeah I double posted. Too many pics for one post. - pictures, fluff, battle reports and modelling articles for Thousand Sons, Tomb kings and more! Updated 29th March 2005.

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    Really good reports.the pictures are great.there are very few TK battle reports ontthis site so keep them coming!

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    yeah,very interesting battle report.nice that you put pictures in there.
    make sure you win next time he

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