Battle Report Stem The Tide 2000 Pts High Elf Vs 4 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Archmage Helglen from Saphrey and Telerin the Sea Lord were busy studying a map in front of them. When suddenly, one of his followers, Ferelan came into the tent. My lord word has come by messenger, from the other battle fronts. What is it Telerin replied, The Forces of Krom and his chaos legions have broken through our defenses. The messenger said, they were outnumbered 4:1 they fought valiantly, but could not stem the Chaos advance. “Damn� says Telerin. These people in this Elven trading village have not be evacuated yet we must get them back to our ships. What is the estimated time of the Krom’s arrival. The messenger stated Krom’s forces should be here by morning, my lord. We did not come to battle the forces of chaos we are not prepared for this and our forces must hold so our people can safely reach the port. Telerin said, “We need to have lottery. Helglen said, “What?� I small force must remain and stall Krom’s forces. The remaining force will most likely be killed. Thus we will have a lottery to decide who stays. Starting with us he said looking straight at Helglen. With that he pulled 2 straws from the ground nearby and said take one Helglen. The one who draws the short straw stays and the other escorts the people back to the Port. Helglen drew the long straw, Telerin says, well get going and take our people to safety. I will keep half of our forces to remain, and battle Krom’s Horde.. Telerin left the tent to inform the rest of the troops, with Ferelan following behind…

    High Elf Force:

    Telerin - Sea Lord, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Shield, Bow of Seafarer Guardian Phoenix, Amulet of Purifying Flame – 240 pts.

    Ferelan – Commodore, Heavy Armour, Shield, Reaver Bow, Talisman of Protection – 126 pts.

    Tresmere – Mist Mage, Upgrade to Level 2, Dispel Scroll – 150 pts
    (Spells: Summon Oceanid, Walk Between World, Fury of Khaine)

    15 Lothern Seaguard, (Lead by Telerin) Spear, Bow, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command, War Banner, Champion(Sword of Striking) – 320 pts.

    15 Lothern Seaguard, (Lead by Ferlan) Spear, Bow, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command – 275 pts.

    15 Lothern Seaguard, (Lead by Tresmere) Spear, Bow, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command, Champion(Enchanted Shield) – 285 pts.

    5 Sea Rangers – 75 pts.

    5 Sea Rangers – 75 pts.

    Anrax - Great Eagle – 50 pts.
    Vicerice - Merwyrm – 200 pts.

    2 Repeater Bolt Throwers 200 pts.

    Total 2000 pts. (4 PD, 3 DD)

    Krom’s Horde

    Krom - Special Character SOC Book - 320 pts.

    Elric the Despoiler, Exhalted Champion Undivided, Great Weapon, Barded Chaos Steed – 120 pts.

    The Dark One, Mage, Undivided , Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Sword of Battle. – 170 pts.
    (Spells: Creeping Death, Unseen Lurker)

    Bloodspawn, Mage, Undivided, Level, Skull of Katam – 170 pts.
    (Spells: Dark Hand of Death, Doom & Darkness)

    5 Chaos Knights Chosen Undivided, (led by Elric the Despoiler) Barded Steeds, Full command – 275 pts.

    19 Chaos Warriors Chosen Undivided (Lead by The Dark One), Halberd, Shield, Full Command – 437 pts.

    5 Chaos Knights Undivided, Barded Steeds, Full Command – 215 pts.

    19 Chaos Warriors Chosen Undivided (Lead by Krom), Halberd, Shield, Full Command, War Banner – 482 pts.

    1 Hellcannon of Chaos-270 pts.

    11 Flayerkin, with wall creeper – 168 pts.

    10 Chaos Marauder Horseman Undivided, Warhorse, Flails, Throwing Axes, Shield, Full command – 235 pts.

    25 Chaos Marauders Undivided, Flails, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command – 200 pts.

    25 Chaos Marauders Undivided, Flails, Light Armour, Shield, Full Command – 200 pts.

    2 Chaos Spawns – 120 pts.

    19 Chaos Warriors Undivided (Led by Bloodspawn), Halberds, Shield, Full Command – 323 pts.

    1 Chaos Chariot Undivided – 120 pts.

    8 Chaos Marauders Horsemen Undivided, Warhorse, Flails, Throwing Axes, Shield, Full Command – 193 pts.

    Total 3998 pts (6 PD 4 DD)

    Battle Field High Elf Perspective :

    Telerin surveyed the battlefield on the far side were two High Elf Monoliths directly across from each other. Telerin thought to himself those two Monoliths have welcomed many a traveler and now the army that would surely burn this town would come through them also. Telerin continued to survey and saw a Watch Tower, a clearing and then a long wall located on his side. He formulated a plan and then ordered his army to move out. The High Elves lucky enough to be chosen for this battle then followed his orders like a well trained machine.

    Deployment: (High Elf Perspective)

    High Elves:

    Near the edge of the battlefield a Repeater Bolt Thrower
    5 Sea Rangers on the left side of the Watch Tower,
    Vicer the Merwyrm slightly behind the tower.
    5 Sea Rangers on the top of the tower.
    Telerin and his Lothern Sea Guard Unit lined up 16 across
    Tresmere and his Lothern Sea Guard Unit lined up 16 across
    Ferelan and his Lothern Sea Guard Unit lined up 16 across behind the old stone wall.
    Great Eagle Anrax next to the wall
    Near the edge of the battlefield Repeater Bolt Thrower.


    Telerin took note of where every enemy unit deployed.

    10 Marauder Horsemen
    Followed by 11 Flayerkin on the right of the Monolith.
    On the left of the Monolith a Spawn.
    5 chaos Knights with 25 Marauders behind them
    Krom then lead his unit of Chaos Warriors
    The Dark One leading his unit of Chaos Warriors.
    Elric the Despoiler and his unit of Chaos Knights Chosen.
    HellCannon behind Elric and The Chaos Knights chosen.
    A Spawn on the left of the cannon.
    Bloodspawns unit of Chaos Warriors
    Chariot next to the other Monolith.
    8 Marauder Horsemen followed by a Unit of 25 Marauders.

    Telerin survey the enemy and suddenly a strange mist came onto the battlefield.

    Pre battle Mist Shooting:

    Ferelan notched his glowing Reaver Bow, without hesitation his unit of Lothern Sea Guard drew back their bow strings. It was amazing even though they were completely covered in the strange mist the chaos army seemed to glow illuminating themselves as targets. Ferelan unleased 3 quick shots at the unit of marauders across the battlefield and 2 of the Marauders fell. The remaining Lothern Sea Guard launched their arrows using Ferelan’s are targets. The screams of 7 more Marauders echoed are the arrows found weak links in their armour. Tresmere ordered his unit of Lothern Sea Guard to fire their arrows pierce the mist and 4 Flayer Kin had fallen. The Sea Rangers in the Tower opened fire at the Marauder Horsemen at the other end of the battle field and 2 Marauders were killed. The Sea Ranger unit on the ground fires a volley at the Marauder Horsemen across from them 1 was killed by the volley. Both Repeater Bolt Throwers opened fire, each one targets a unit of knights. 12 Bolts sailed through the mist, but none of the Chosen Knights were killed and only one of the Chaos Knights fell impaled. Telerin then drew his Seafarer Bow and launched an arrow toward Krom and his units of Chaos Warriors. As the bolt neared the target it grew to almost 5 feet long and impaled 5 of Kroms chosen warriors. The rest of Telerin Seaguard let out a cheer and launched their volley, but only one of Kroms chosen died.

    Then as suddenly as the mist appeared it left the battlefield.

    High Elf Turn 1:

    Anrax takes flight and lands next to the Monolith across the field close to the Marauder Horsemen daring them to charge. The Sea Rangers on the ground move forward cautiously and a followed by Vicer the huge worm like creature from the sea.

    Unfortunately, Telerin strategy for deployment means the enemy is out of range for magic and most of his solders bows and they will have to wait for the enemy to get closer. Both Repeater Bolt Thrower fires volley towards the Chaos Knights again, but both units are unharmed by the attacks. Telerin targets his Seafarer Bow on Krom’s Chaos warriors once again this time on one of Krom’s chosen falls. Ferelan, fires his Reaver Bow at the Chaos Chariot, both none of the magic arrow can damage it. Lastly, both units of Sea Rangers open fire on the Marauder Horsemen, but their arrows fail to do any damage.

    Chaos Turn 1:

    Krom looked around at his fallen warriors and troops across the battlefield. The he gave the order to move out. Both spawns moved forward one move exceeding far. The Marauder Horsemen didn’t take the bait of the Great Eagle Anrax and instead they moved to its flank and prepared there axes. While the unit of marauders behind moved forward almost encircling the large bird of prey. Bloodspawn lead his unit of Chaos warriors forward along with the Chaos Chariot next to them. Elric and his Chaos Knights moved across the battlefield towards Telerin’s unit while the other unit of Chaos Knights moved towards the Sea Rangers that ventured forward near the tower.. Krom and all the rest of the Chaos units moved forward trying to close distance on the Elves. Lastly, the large unit of Marauders Horseman moved around the Monolith and reform in front of it with the Flayerkin moving closely behind them.

    Bloodspawn successfully cast Dark hand of Death on Tresmere and his unit of Lothern Sea Guard. Two of the Sea Guard were crushed by the hand. The Dark One raised his hands into the air and pointed across the battlefield toward the lone Unit of Chaos Knights. They were magically lifted in the air and moved forward towards the Sea Rangers, but failed to move far enough to engage them. This now put them in charge range of both the Merwyrm Vicer and the Sea Rangers.

    Then the magical cannon opened fire on Tresmere’s unit, the cannon instinctively targeted Tresmere, but a brave sea guard warrior pushed Tresmere out of its path and took the round intended for Tresmere. As the round landed at total of 4 Elves had perished. The other elves almost flee’d the battle from the site, but stayed due to Tresmere’s leadership. The Marauders that encircled the Great Eagle let their axes fly, the Eagle tough hide protect it from all, but one of the axes.

    High Elf Turn 2:

    Vicer the Merwyrm slithers forwards and into the stunned Chaos Knights.

    Anrax was in pain from the axe wound and flies to the flank of the Marauders. The Sear Rangers move to the flank of the chaos knights. Both Tresmere and Telerin’s units change ranks still keeping as many troops in the front as possible, but preparing for the oncoming Chaos units.

    Tresmere then casts Fury of Khaine on the Elric and his chaos knights and Summon Oceanid, but the Chaos hold on magic is two strong and both spells fail.

    Elric’s bold move across the battlefield has made his unit a flank target for the Repeater Bolt Thrower by the wall. The crew targets the Chaos Knights and a fires a single bolt hopping to skewer them, but the bolt sails wide and misses. The other Repeater Bolt Throwers fire a volley and the Marauder Horseman that just moved from behind the Monolith and 4 Horsemen are impaled. Seeing this both units of Sea Rangers (Tower and on the ground also open fire 3 more Marauder Horsemen are killed. Telerin couldn’t believe his eyes normal Marauder horsemen would have fled from such an onslaught, but these Marauder Horseman were different. Telerin yelled we must stop the Chaos Knights preparing to charge everyone target them and fire Telerin’s Seafarer bow killed one of the Knights, and Ferelan Reaver bow also took one down but the rest of the arrows from all the elven units bounced off the chaos armour.

    Vicer the Merwyrm attacked the Chaos Knights bitting the head off of one and slamming another from his steed with it tail. In return, the Knights were able to wound Vicer. But magically the wound seemed to regenerate. The remaining Chaos Knight now broke and ran from the fearful Merwyrm. The Merwyrm is given a mental command from Tresmere to hold and it obeys its’ master.

    Chaos turn 2:

    Krom is angered at the fleeing Chaos Knight and when passing Krom swings his axe and decapitates him. Krom yells, this is what happens to cowards. The spawn near Krom seems inspired and move towards the Merwrym, but fails to reach it stopping right in front of it. The Other Spawn moves towards Tresmere’s units along with the Chaos Chariot and Bloodspawns Chaos warrior unit. Elric’s and his few remaining Chaos Knights move forward again, placing themselves in the charge arch of Telerin’s unit. The Dark One continues more his unit behind Elric’s Chaos Knights. Krom’s unit and the Marauder units behind him wheel and head towards the Merwyrm. The 2 remaining Marauder Horsemen move between the Repeater Bolt Thrower and Sea Rangers block sight to Kroms unit. The Flayerkin move up behind the marauder Horsemen. On the other side of the battlefield the Marauder Horseman move to the flank of the Great Eagle and prepare their throwing axes.

    Bloodspawn tries to cast Dark Hand of Death on Tresmere unit again, but he tried to invoke to much power and the spell goes wrong Bloodspawn seems dazed and confused. The Dark One tries to cast Unseen Lurker on Elric and his Chaos Knights, but the spells is stopped by a scroll from Tresmere.

    The Hellcannon opens fire on Tresmere unit, but the round lands wide. The Marauder Horsemen throw their axes with deadly accuracy towards Anrax and the Great Eagle falls to the ground with 3 axes in its body.

    High Elf Turn 3:

    Telerin’s unit changes ranks again, preparing for the charge of Elric and the Chaos Knights Chosen. Tresmere mentally commands Vicer to move away from both Krom’s and the Marauder unit and towards the Flayerkin to scare them away. The Sea Rangers move next to the Repeater Bolt Thrower an notch arrows.

    Tresmere tries to Cast Ocean id, but miscast and the all his magic is drained.

    Both Repeater Bolt Throwers fire a single bolt targeting the Chaos Chariot and Spawn, both bolts missed their targets. Telerin and his unit target the Elric’s Chaos Knights Chosen, the Seafarer bow kills another Chaos Knight, leaving only Elric and the unit champion remaining. Ferelan unit and Tresmere unit target the Chaos chariot Ferelan’s Reaver Bow severely damages the Chariot, but the normal arrows bounce off the armour. The Sea Rangers in the tower rain arrows down on Elric, but none penetrate his armour. Finally, the Sea Rangers protecting the Repeater Bolt Thrower fire and the 2 remaining Marauder Horsemen, but fail to cause any wounds.

    Chaos Turn 3:

    Flayerkin are not phased by the large snake like beast heading their way.

    Elric and his unit Champion charge Telerin and his unit. Telerin and the Lothern Sea Guard let their arrows fly, but they fail to cause any wounds. The damaged Chaos Chariot charges Tresmere and his unit. The Flayerkin now realized the size of the Merwyrm and hesitate to charge. The 2 Marauder Horsemen charge the Bolt Thrower in from of them. The Spawn charges into the Merwyrm from the flank.

    On the other side of the battlefield the Marauder Horsemen that just killed the Great Eagle turn around and ride full gallop towards the other Repeating Bolt Thrower. Bloodspawn has still not recovered from his miscast, but his unit decides to move forward following the Charging Chaos Chariot and he follows. Krom now wheels his Chaos warriors back towards Telerin and the Sea Guard. He then commands the Marauder unit behind him to engage the Merwrym. The Dark One then tries to cast Unseen Lurker on the unit of Marauders, but the spell is stopped by Tresmere. The Hellcannon fires at the Lothern Sea Guard unit and Ferelan using the wall for cover, but the shot lands to the left and misses.

    In Close Combat, The Chaos Chariot slams into Tresmere Lothern Sea Guard unit and crushes 3 elves on impact. The Chaos Warriors and steed killed 3 more. Tresmere and the champion were the only one able to fight back, but failed to wound the chariot. Tresmere unit was in trouble, but stayed to continue the fight due to the encouragement of Telerin nearby. Elric and the remaining Chaos Knight Champion finally get into combat with Telerin’s unit. Elric issues a challenge, Telerin was going to accept, but before he could the Sea Guard Champion stepped forward instead. Elric attacked furiously, the Sea Guard dodge or parried Elric’s attacks except for 1. That attack mortally wounded the champion and he fell to the ground. The Chaos Chosen Champion attacked Telerin, but Telerin was to skilled and parried every attack. Telerin hit the champion several times, but all of the blows were turned away by his armour. The Sea Guard unit struck back with its spear, but they failed to hit. Elric and the Chaos Knight Champion were being overwhelmed, so broke and ran from combat. Telerin held commanded his unit not to follow and to hold their ground. The Spawn and Merwyrm did battle the spawn landed several hit with its tentacles, but failed to wound the Merwyrm, in return the Merwyrm lashed out with its teeth and bite the spawn twice. Finally, the 2 Marauders Horsemen attacked the Elf crew of the Repeating Bolt Thrower and killed both of them before they had a chance to strike back.

    High Elf Turn 4:

    Telerin performs a rank change with his Sea Guard they now form 3 ranks of 5. He tells his men to prepare for the oncoming attack. The Sea Rangers dodge around the Merwyrm and spawn doing battle and prepare fire at the remaining Flayerkin. Tresmere was once again stopped from casting spells and was becoming very frustrated at his failures.

    The remaining Repeater Bolt Thrower opened fire at the Marauder Horseman galloping towards them. Of the 6 bolts fire 3 struck their mark leaving only 3 Horseman left, but these Horsemen were determined to take down the Bolt Thrower and continued forward. Ferelan and the Lothern Sea Guard behind the wall also fired at the Marauder Horsemen, The Reaver Bow claiming 2 dead while the last Horseman fell off his warhorse with several arrows imbedded in him. The Marauder unit nearby continued forward ignoring the deaths of the Horseman. Telerin drew back his Seafarer bow and fired it towards Bloodspawns units of chaos warriors the bolt impaled 4 Chaos Warriors and the Sea Guard brought down another, but urged by Bloodswan they continued forward. The Sea Rangers in the tower and on the ground opened fire on the Flayerkins, 2 of the strange monstrosities fell from the arrows.

    The Chaos Chariot was now bogged down and fighting the remains of Tresmere’s units of Sea Guard. Both Chariot Crew attacked Tresmere, but he showed his elven agility and avoided both attacks. One of the Chaos Steed tramples a Sea Guard under it hooves. Tresmere and the Sea Guard couldn’t hurt the Chariots, its body made of some chaos warped wood. Tresmere was about to break, but urging from Telerin nearby made him hold his ground. The Merwyrm Vicer bite down hard on the Spawn it was fighting and crushed it in its teeth. Then spits the vile remains onto the ground.

    Chaos Turn 4:

    The Marauder unit and Flayerkin near the now terminated Spawn fear the large creature, but know if they flee Krom will kill them anyway and so the charge the large worm like creature.

    Realizing what Krom had done to the other Knights that fled Elric and his Knight Champion Rally when they get near Krom.

    The remaining Spawn moves towards Ferelan and the Lothern Sea Guard behind the wall. Both the Dark One and Krom’s Chosen Chaos Warrior units move towards Telerin and his remaining Lothern Sea Guard Unit. Having avoided combat for the most of the battle so far Faralen now draws the attention of Bloodspawn and his yells takes out the Elf unit behind the wall. Bloodspawns unit and a unit of Marauders both move towards the wall. The 2 Marauder horsemen return and line up behind the Sea Rangers prepare to throw their axes. Bloodspawn summons a Dark Hand it flies towards Ferelan’s unit, Ferelan looks towards Tresmere for help. Tresmere give a look that Ferelan knows means their will be no help. The large hand crushes 4 of the Sea Guard. Tresmere feels sorry, for not helping Ferelan but knew he must prepare to stop the forthcoming spell. The Dark One summons a magic wind elemental and targets it towards Kroms unit the elemental begins to pick up Kroms and his Unit and move them forward, but with his last magic remains Tresmere barely stops the elemental.

    The Daemon Hellcannon opened fire and its round lands right onto of Ferelan and his Seaguard. Ferelan is pushed aside by and warrior from behind, and round land on the brave warrior and other Sea Guard instead. 3 More Seaguard perish, but under Ferelan’s leadership the warriors hold their position. The Marauder Horseman unleashes their axes and 1 Sea Ranger is struck in the back and killed.

    The Marauders and Flayerkin strike out and hit the Merwyrm with repeated blows, but the thick hide easily turns away the attacks. In return, the Merwrym swipes it’s massive tail and 4 Flayerkin and knock through the air backward into the High Elf Monolith crushing them against it’s stone. The Marauders outnumber the Merwrym and begin to surround it. The Chaos Chariot crew attack Tresmere and one of their halberds wounds him in the arm. Tresmere and the few Sea Guard left attack back, but failed to penetrate the chariots armor. Once again Tresmere units hold, but how long can they last.

    High Elf Turn 5:

    Knowing his units will not be able to stand up to both The Dark One and Krom’s chaos warrior chosen units. Telerin makes a desperate decision he issues the charge towards the Dark Ones unit hopping to break them and overrun away from Krom and his unit. The Lothern Sea Guard and Telerin charge towards the surprised Dark One and his unit of Chaos Warriors.

    Faralen’s unit of Sea Guard change ranks preparing for any charges, by the enemy.

    Tresmere attempts to cast any spells are thwarted, by both Chaos Mages.

    Faralen knows he is being flanked the Bloodspawns unit, but hopes the wall will occupy them long enough for an escape. He yells allow we must take down the Marauder unit in front of us it is our only means of escape. The Bolt Thrower nearby fires a volley hearing his commands and 3 marauders fall dead. Ferelan fires his Reaver bow also killing 3 and the Sea guard kill one as well., but even as they are almost cut to half size from one volley of arrow, the Marauders sternly continue forward fearing Krom’s wrath. The Sea Ranger saw one of their own taken down by a throwing axe and fire at the 2 remaining Marauder Horsemen 1 it unhorsed by an arrow. The Sea Rangers in the tower fire into Krom’s unit, one arrow lands in the weak link of armour and kill a warrior.

    Telerin and his Sea Guard crashed into the surprised Dark one and Chaos Warriors, Telerin issued a challenge, The Dark One stands idle and looks at the unit champion. The champion boldly steps forward and accepts the challenge by Telerin. The Challenger is over quickly and Telerin lands all his attacks and finishes the champion with 3 mortal wounds. Telerin looks at the Dark One and says “You will be next�.. The rest of the Sea Guard were inspired by Telerins, swordplay and strike at the Chaos Warriors landing 3 blows, but they are not able to penetrate the Chaos Armour. In return, the Dark one and the remaining Chosen Chaos Warriors kill only 1 Sea Guard. The Dark One begins to issue the retreat, when his eye’s look with Krom’s he knows if he retreats he’ll be dead and orders his unit to stay. Telerin knew it was almost over now since he failed to break the Dark One and now Kroms unit was preparing to charge them in the flank next turn.

    The 2 Chaos warriors in the chariot continue to be frustrated, by the skill of Tresmere. The Chaos steed tramples one of the Sea Guard Beneath the hooves. Finally, one of the Sea Guards spears pierces the thick armour of the Chariot. The battle continues to be a stalemate. The Merwrym it overwhelmed by the numbers of Marauders, but continues to fight and catches 2 Marauders in its mouth crushing them. The Marauders fail to wound the Merwyrm, only the Wall Creeper remained of the Flayerkin, but he bore his clawed hands into the Merwyrm flesh. The large worm howled in pain, and the wound failed to regenerate. The Merwrym was not used to pain and retreated from battle, only to be chopped to bits by the pursing Marauder and Wall Creeper. Tresmere cried out in pain as he felt the sprit of Vicer pass on.

    Chaos Turn 5:

    Krom’s sees his chance and he and his unit charge into the flank of Telerin’s unit. The Marauders Charge over the Wall towards Ferelan and the Lothern Sea Guard behind it. Ferelan Reaver bows kill 2 Marauders and the Sea Guard kill 1, but the Marauder remaining reach the wall. The Wall Creeper and Marauder charges the few remaining Sea Rangers. The Sea Rangers fire a volley at the Wall Creeper but all miss. Elric and his remaining Chosen Knight champion charge Tresmere and his unit of Sea Guard in the Flank.

    The Chaos Spawn continues to move forward towards the wall. The lone Marauder Horsemen moves next to the tower and prepares to throw and axe at the Sea Ranger on the top of it. Bloodspawn and the Chaos Warrior begin to cross the walls on the right flank of the Ferelan and the Sea Guard now fighting the Marauders.

    Bloodspawn is furious at how slowly his unit is moving over the wall and summons and air elemental to help them. Tresmere is powerless to stop it. The elemental picks up the unit and moves them over the wall and onto the flank of Ferelans unit. Bloodspawn can now see the Bolt Thrower and summons a dark hand crushing one of the members.

    The Hellcannon lofts a shot towards the Bolt Thrower and it lands on top of it. Kill last crewman and destroying the machine. The Marauder throws his axe and hit one of the Sea Rangers on top of the tower in the head. He falls from the tower to the ground.
    Ferelan and the Sea Guard use the protection of the walls and avoid all the Marauders attacks but one. One of the flails wrapped around the wall and hit one of the Sea guard in the head killing him. In return, Ferelan pulls his sword and hacks down 2 marauders himself with his Sea Guard felling 3 more. The Marauders turn and flee from the wall, Ferelan and his unit follow destroying them and moving away from Bloodspawns unit now on the opposite side of the wall. Tresmere thought to himself maybe we will win this battle after all then he had a pain in his chest. When he looked down he saw a large greatsword sticking though it. He turned to see Elric smiling and that was the last thing he saw. 2 other Sea Guard we then kill the Elrics Chosen Champion and another trampled his horse. Tresmere was dead and all of the Sea Guard were wiped out. Elric and his champion celebrated the victory, by stamping on the blood stain elvish standand now on the ground. Krom issues a challenge and it is accepted by Telerin, Krom swings both his sword and axe in a brutal display, Telerin is struck five times, but the Magic Phoenix amulet he was wearing protected him from 2 of the blows. Even Krom was impressed with the skill this elf warrior had shown at parrying his attacks. Telerin thought to himself if I am going to die I’m taking you with me. He lashed out towards Krom, but Telerin’s wounds showed and he failed to hit Krom with any of the attacks. The rest of Chaos warriors in both Kroms unit and the Dark Ones unit killed 6 Sea Guard, in return 1 of the Chaos Warriors fell to a Sea Guard Spear. Now totally overwhelmed Telerin ordered a retreat. The few Sea Guard left and Telerin tried to flee, but were caught and slaughtered by Krom and his warriors. Across the battlefield the Marauders attacked the Sea Rangers, but the Rangers avoid their attacks. The Wallcreeper killed two on his own. The last remaining Ranger attacked the Wallcreeper and skewered him on his sword and killed the Wallcreeper and then turned ran off the battlefield fleeing to safety.

    High Elf Turn 6:

    Ferelan knew his units was the only Sea Guard unit remaining. He decided if he could stay away for a couple more minutes night would fall and he and his unit would be able to survive. He wheeled his unit towards the spawn approaching them. Hoping maybe he could slay the spawn and run in its direction, there by keeping out of charge arc of the rest of the chaos units.

    Ferelan and the Sea Guard fired at the beast, only the Reaver Bow arrows penetrated it, but it kept moving towards his units. The Sea Rangers on the top of the tower targeted the last Marauder Horseman and he topped off his horse with 3 arrows in him.

    Chaos Turn 6:

    The Spawn ran towards Ferelan and the Sea Guard, but could not reach them. Bloodspawn wheel his unit over the wall and turned toward Ferelan and the remaining Sea Guard Unit. Elric and his champion along with the chariot moved to put the Sea Guard unit in their charge arc for next turn. The Dark One wheeled his unit around and faced the tower where the few Sea Rangers remained. Krom and the rest of the Chaos units moved towards the Sea Guard also.

    Bloodspawn summoned a crushing hand from the ground and 2 Lothern Sea Guard were crushed. The Dark One sensed he could finish off the rangers in the tower, and poured to much power into his spell. The result was a blinding flash as the spell went wrong. The Dark One was racked with pain.

    The Hellcannon fired at the Sea Rangers on top of the tower the round landed right on top of it rocking the foundation of the tower and killing 2 Sea Rangers.

    High Elf Turn 7:

    Ferelan saw that night was coming after this turn they could make a break for it and make it to safety. If only they could hold a little longer they would be alive. Ferelan ordered his unit to back up to put some distance between the Spawn and all the other Chaos units bearing down on them.

    Ferelan drew his Reaver Bow back and fired all three of the arrows penetrated the Spawns thick hide. It stopped moving and collapsed to the ground. The Sea Rangers that were left could barely see Elric and his champion, but both arrows landed just short of their target.

    Chaos Turn 7:

    Elric and his Champion along with the Chariot both charge Ferelan and his few remaining Sea Guards. Ferelan yells “Take down the chariot�. The Sea Guard unleash a small volley of arrows, but the Chariot keeps coming. Ferelan fires his Reaver Bow and one of the arrow knocks a wheel off of the Chariot. It tumbles and is destroyed. Krom and the rest of the unit are too far out of range but move towards the Ferelan’s unit. The Dark One leaves his unit and heads towards the tower hoping the Sea Rangers on top would now be in range.

    The Dark One Summons sprits and sends them towards the tower the vile spirits posses one of the 2 Sea Rangers left and he jumps from the tower to his death. Bloodspawn knows hope is very slim for Ferelan and the Sea Guard unit in front of him and so cast Doom and Darkness on the unit. Ferelan and the Sea Guard start having visions of being chopped to bits.

    The Hellcannon fires a round at the tower again this time the round lands on top of it the killing the last Sea Ranger and collapsing the tower.

    Elric issues a challenge the Sea Guard champion accepts and is cleaved in two pieces by Elric’s greatsword. Elrics Champion is slays 2 Sea Guard, Ferelan pulled his sword and slashed towards the Chosen Champion. The champion seemed unharmed, but then a stream of crimson appears from his throat and he fell from his horse. But the ill feelings from the sight of the rest of Kroms horde was two much and Ferelan and the few Sea Guard turned and ran. Elric gave chase, but Ferelan and his unit escaped into the town behind them into the dark of the night. Ferelan his unit found a small contingent of horses in the town and quickly mounted and rode them towards the port. As night approached Helglen had just finished boarding all of the elven towns people. He gave command to disembark from port. He knew that by now all of his friends were probably dead. But they fought well buying him time to get the people out of the town and back to safety they would all be remember and Helglen would make sure the Phoenix King would honor them and their families. Just as the ship began to leave people start yelling torch could be seen and 6 people on horseback came riding though the town. Helglen looked carefully at the figures. He could not believe his eyes, It was Ferelan and some of the Sea Guard. He ordered a dinghy to be sent to port and get them. As Ferelan and the Sea Guard left the dinghy and board the ship the town started to burn. But they had done it. They survived impossible odds and rescued the town’s people. Ferelan thought to himself. We will have our revenge Krom, you can count on it.

    Total Score: 1930. A draw High Elves (me) only needed 70 more points for a win, so close yet so far.

    Let me know what you think?

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    Cristo are you going to reply or not?

    Cristo I know your out there. No replies? Cristo was the Chaos army.

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    WOW, what a battle report just short of a win for the HEs, Dam you battle reports just get better and better.

    I have a small He army myself, i that magic bow that took out the chariot in the last turn is a dam bargian . can i just ask, what modal did u you use or did you just stick a bowpack on his back??.

    I hope to hear more if you have any!

    cheers and good luck with the other battles.

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    i'm extremely impressed with the skill of the HE player, he played one of the worst armys out there, the lothern sea guard, in a senario that is incredibly unbalanced to favor the chaos side. the HE player out maneuvered the chaos force, and picked it to pieces with shooting, but was only stopped by the sheer power of chaos close combat.

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    Eagletsi was High Elves
    Cristo was Chaos

    This was one of the most exciting games I played. I was constantly struggling of ways to survive and achieve victory. It's very imposing when you face that much Chaos.

    As for models:

    Reaver bow is just a standard high elf bow. But I painted it gold and put elvish marking all over it and a gold fishing string as the bow string.

    For the Searfarer Bow, I took an empire crossbow without the bolt. Then cut off my archers hand and attached the Crossbow. I then took a single bolt from a bolt thrower 5th edition bitz. And glued it onto the crossbow. It's not one of my best, but it looks ok.


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