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    Yesterday I went over to my friend's house to play a 3 vs 2 game. It was Lizardman, HE (me) and Ogres against Skaven and Dwarfs. The opposing team both got 600 pts. to spend while we got 400 a piece. Here are the army lists (note: thought not exact, they are very, very similar to the armies fielded.)

    Forces of “Good�
    Lizardmen: - Large unit 16 of beefed up Saurus (+1 attack on the charge) as well as a Old One (or whatever a Lizardman hero is) with a great weapon
    - 1 Jungle Swarm
    - Small unit of Skinks

    HE: - Commander with Reaver Bow (3 Str. 5 attacks), Hand Weapon, Shield, and Heavy Armour
    - 3 Archers
    - 6 Swordmasters
    - 2 Rpt. Bolt Throwers

    Ogres: - 7 Ogre Bulls with FC, and Ironfists (7)
    - 6 Gnoblar Trappers
    - 1 gorger


    Forces of “Evil�
    Dwarfs: - 2something Dwarf Warriors with Heavy Armour and shields with a tooled up Thane.
    - 10 Miners
    - 1 Cannon
    - 1 Organ Gun

    Skaven: - 50(&#33 Slaves
    - 30 Clanrats with FC
    - 1 Warplock Engineer with a few magic items (not sure which)
    - 30 Plague Monks
    - 8 Jezzails
    - 8 Globradiers

    Note that not armies were not completely legal. The Lizardman player had a special instead of a core, but the other team was completely fine by this. Also note that the armies though they all add up to 1200 in total, may be a bit more or less than 400.

    Here's a picture of the deployment:

    (next post contains the events of the actual battle)

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    The forces of good won the role-off and we elected to go first.

    Turn 1 FoG:
    Our entire line marched as far as they could go, with the exception of the archers and Commander that moved their normal distance so they could shoot, and the Repeater Bolt Throwers which remained still. The Swordmasters swiveled and marched down the left side of the board next to the building. The Jungle Swarm did the same on the right side, making sure that it remained out of sight behind the buildings. Since we had no magic, we went on to shooting, and I managed to kill 4 dwarfs, 2 with the Cmdr, and 2 with one of the Rpts. The other Rpt. killed a few Skaven from the big Clanrat unit. Since there was no one in combat, it became our opponents turn.

    Turn 1 FoE:
    Their line advanced somewhat more carefully, making sure to stay out of the way of the Dwarfs mighty War Machines. The Clan Rats and Globradiers took the bait of my Swordmasters and started advancing towards them. The Jezail Teams moved up to get a better position, as they couldn’t fire with the Clanrats in front of the anyways. All the other units advanced slowly, with the exception of the Plague Monks who maneuvered to the side of the Dwarfs. In the shooting phase the Cannon targeted the Saurus unit and the Dwarf general guessed a near perfect range. However, he roled a bit too high for the artillery die and managed to kill only one of the fearsome lizard Warriors. Since the Organ Gun was out of range, and the Jezzails had moved, it again passed to our turn.

    Turn 2 FoG:
    The Ogre player roled to see if his gorger came this turn but it didn’t arrive. He then moved his Gnoblars out of the ruins in front of the advancing Dwarf Warriors, hoping to lure them close enough to be charged by the Saurus in the next turn. The Lizardmen advanced cautiously, not wanting to get too close to the deadly Organ gun. The Ogres on the right moved their max distance and came nearly close enough to charge the Clanrats in their flank in the next turn unless they reformed. I cautiously advanced my Swrodmasters down the right, and moved my archers and Cmdr 5� forward to allow them to get better shots. The Jungle Swarm advanced close enough to hopefully get a charge in next turn. Again I shot the majority of my firepower at the Dwarfs, succeeding in killing 5, enough to force a panic test which they duly passed. The other Rpt. managed to kill a single Clanrat, enough to loose them one rank, not that it mattered with so many… The Gnoblars threw things at the Dwarfs and did nothing at all, merely angering the Warriors.

    Turn 2 FoE:
    The Miners didn’t show up this turn. The Dwarfs declared a charge on the Gnoblars who elected to stand and shoot. The Clan rats reformed to face the Ogres, who would have been able to charge them in the flank in the next turn. Again everything else advanced slowly, making sure to stay out of the shooty things way. The Warplock Engineer tried to cast Warp Lightning (?) on the Gnoblars but rolled a dismal 4 on two dice. In the shooting phase the Dwarf general managed to guess near perfectly, as the cannon shot landed right on the first rank of Ogres. However, he rolled a misfire his role distance so he managed to kill only a single ogre. The Jezzails opened fire on the Ogres and managed to cause 2 wounds on one of them. The Gnoblars stood their ground, again throwing things at the Dwarven Warriors to no avail, and then got brutally crushed by the heavily-armoured Warriors. Not a single brave Gnoblar was left standing… The Dwarf player then roled an almighty 3 on his overrun role, putting him close enough for a charge form the Lizardmen Sarus in the next turn.

    Turn 3 FoG:
    This turn the Gorger did arrive, and he moved up right next to the Jezzails. The Bulls declared a charge on the Clanrats and easily made, killing three with their impact hits. On the other side of the battle, the Saurus too, declared a charge, on the Dwarfs who elected to hold their ground. Again the rest of the army slowly advanced; with my Swordmasters moving close enough to be able to charge in the Globradiers next turn. The Junle Swarm moved out of cover and right next to the Organ gun. My firepower focused on the Skaven slaves, simply because there was nothing else to really shoot at! They managed to wipe out more than half a dozen, which was merely a drop in the ocean of rats. Combat saw the Thane being killed (the Lizardman Oldblood managed to finish him off), and the Saurus killing another 3 Dwarfs. The Dwarfs managed to kill only a single Saurus in return, and lost the combat by 5. They fled out of the range of the Saurus who rolled snake eyes for their pursuit roll, into range of the organ gun. The Ogres brutally crushed the Clanrats, killing more than 8 of them. The Clanrats understandably fled, and the Ogres pursued into the Globradiers who unfortunately (for them) had one of two models in the Ogres path. All in all a very successful turn.

    Turn 3 FoE:
    The miners again failed to arrive, needing a 3+ and rolling a 1. The Dwarfs rallied as did the Clanrats on the very edge of the board. The Jezzails turned around and prepared to shoot at the Gorger. The Slaves moved forward, but the plague monks didn’t so they could stay out of the way of the Organ Gun. The Engineer, realizing his magic wasn’t going accomplish much this turn, moved backwards behind the Cannon where he couldn’t be picked off by my Commander. The shooting phase saw the Cannon over guess one of my Bolt Throwers and the Organ gun killing 3 Saurus, just one shy of the 4 needed to cause a panic test. The Jezzails rolled miserably, managing to cause only a single wound on the Gorger. Again the Ogres pummeled the offending Globradiers to the ground, wiping out every single one of them and overrunning into the recently rallied Clanrats. With such an ineffectual phase, the chances of the Forces of Evil winning became noticeably slimmer.

    Turn 4 FoG:
    The Saurus again charged the new rallied Dwarfs, while their smaller kindred, the Jungle Swarm, charge the Organ Gun which posed a large threat to the Saurus regiment. The Gorger viciously charged the Jezzails. My Commander remained still, having finally found a good spot in which to shoot. The Swordmasters advanced closer to the slaves, but out of the 10� charge range. My Archers, Cmdr, and Rpt Bolt Thrower killed an almighty 5 slaves, while my other Rpt polished off two Plague Monks. Combat saw the Saurus again besting the Dwarfs (killing 4) but the grim Dwarfs held on, hoping that their reinforcements would be arriving soon. The Jungle Swarms claimed one Dwarf, but the Dwarf crew in return slew one wound from the Swarm. The Ogres slaughtered their way through the Clanrats a second time, causing them to finally flee off the board. The Ogres followed suit, and would reappear next FoG turn. The Gorger killed only one Jezzail, but the Jezzails could do no damage in return, so the Gorger lost but since he is unbreakable he remained in the fight.

    Turn 5 FoE:
    Again the miners didn’t arrive. On a 2+ the general rolled a 1. Lucky he ain’t. The Slaves slowly advanced, barely moving at all. The Plague Monks found themselves beside the Dwarfs, and angled themselves to where the Saurus would end up should they pursue and wipe out the Dwarfs. The Warplock Engineer moved out form behind the Cannon, closer to where the Ogres would appear on the next turn. The cannon tried to hit my Commander, but it misfired. The result was a 3, which meant that it couldn’t fire its next two turns. Combat saw the Gorger kill 2 bases of Jezzails, causing them to flee which, though the Gorger had to stay behind to feast on the bodies of the Skaven. The Saurus broke the Dwarfs, chased them down which took them into the Cannon. The Dwarfs surprisingly won the combat against the Jungle Swarm, taking off one wound and loosing no Dwarfs in return.

    Turn 6 FoG:
    The Ogres moved back onto the board where they could charge Plague Monks next turn, as died the Saurus. I charged my Swordmasters into the Slaves and the Gorger charged them in the rear. My “massed� firepower saw about 4 Skaven from the Plague monk unit killed by the very accurate, and very pointy Elven arrows. My Commander managed to take down the Warplock Engineer with his magical reaver bow (3+ to hit, 2+ to wound.) The Saurus destroyed the Cannon crew and overran off the board, unfortunately for the Plague Monks. The gorger killed 3 Slaves, while my 1337 Swordmasters slew 4. The one attack that the Slaves had hit, and then wounded one of my Swordmasters. This was extremely important. If I passed my armour save we won the combat. If I failed, then it was a tie and the combat would continue. I rolled and the dice came up a 6! Even with their rank bonus the Skaven lost and got chased down by my victorious Swordmasters, as well as the Gorger.

    Turn 6 FoE:
    The Miners moved onto the board at long last, lining up next to the flank of the Saurus. Since all that the FoE had left was the Monks and Miners, the Skaven player decided to charge the Saurus, hoping to break them and get some Victory points. Combat saw both Lizardmen and Skaven being taken down in the droves. The combat ended up in a tie, a bad thing for the FoE, as they would now be charged by the fearsome Ogre Bulls in the flank. The Jungle Swarm finally took down the final two Dwarfs, but before being reduced to just one wound.

    Turn 7 FoG:
    Turn 7 was the final turn and we pretty much had everything wrapped up. My Cmdr, archers and Bolt Throwers managed to kill the final few Jezzails. The Ogres charged the Plague Monks, and together with impact hits and the Saurus, killed over 20 (YES 20) of them. The remaining two survivors fled as fast as they could scurry, and managed to outrun both the ogres and Lizardmen.

    Turn 7 FoE:
    The 2 survivors managed to rally, which stopped us form getting some “much needed� (heh) victory points. The Dwarfs charged the rear of Saurus, but killed only one of the Lizards, and the Saurus killed one in return. The Saurus lost by one, but they managed to pass their leadership test.

    Final VP’s
    FoE: 60ish (more than half the wounds gone from Jungle Swarm, unit of Gnoblar Trappers, no other unit below half strength or dead)
    FoG: Over 1000 with banners.

    MASSACRE for the FoG!

    Final comments: Though the end results say something different, the battle was actually pretty close. I was overall extremely impressed with the Ogres who pretty much rolled the entire left side of the battle field. My Commander did pretty well, but otherwise my fire power wasn’t especially effective. I managed to thin the ranks for many units, but never killed enough to force a panic test. The Saurus unit did great as well, breaking the Dwarf regiment twice, and holding up to just about everything the FoE could throw at them.

    As for the FoE, the Dwarf player did pretty well, but he had a lot of bad luck, especially with his war machines. Normally when he bring them along there is a long line of enemy corpses as they advance up the battlefield. This game he had some unlucky artillery dice rolls. The Skaven player held up pretty well, but did very little damage. The Engineer was nearly worthless, but the one unit that I think really shined was the Slaves actually. He paid 100 points for a unit that distracted my Swordmasters for the entire game as well as redirecting the Gorger for the reminder of the battle.

    If you have any comments feel free to add them. I hope you enjoyed my (first) battle report.


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    Wow , sounds like a great battle , the forces of badness were a little unlucky.

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    Really sounds like a fun way to play, seeing as you can never be sure what the other players will do. Anyhow, great battle report and another victory to the high elves and their lesser allies.

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