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    500 pt dwarfs vs gobbos

    this game happend happend due to a mix up with the boarder patrols on my part so we just decided to play it as a norm 500 and bear with me this is my first battle report.....

    dwarfs of kazzad grom

    thane drokki thundermane
    light armour great weapon hand gun
    mro gromril

    15 dwarf warriors
    heavy armour sheilds

    15 dwarf warriors
    great weapons

    two bolt throwers (hence my mistake)

    Ians night gobbos


    22 gobos
    light armour
    2 fanatics

    5 wolf riders

    1 doom diver


    the table consisted of a hill to the center right (from my veiw) with some bushes to the rear of my deployment and some trees in the gobbos deployment.

    he won the roll to deploy adn let me deploy first, but wiht out toing into details is formed like this......

    i placed my 15 HA/sheild dwarfs with my thane tagging along at the edge of my deployment neer the hill, the second unit formed to the firsts right one inch behind. the two bolt throwers set up by the hedges to my right

    the gobbos unit set them selves up in the open with the shaman covering their left flank. the wolf riders set up on the far left neer the corner looking at my warriors flank and the doom diver set up on the far side of the hill.

    turn one dwarfs

    i got first turn thankfully and marched my dwarfs towards the hill at my mighty 6" per turn pace. having nothing else to move i fired my bolt throwers at the doom diver but missed.

    turn one gobbos

    my foe began by first moving his wolfs at full pelt towards my warriors flank. then moving his gobbos he began wheeling and advanceingtowards my flank as well.
    launching his doomdiver at my bolt throwers he got a good guess but scattered horribly creating one goblin sized smudge on the ground.

    turn two dwarfs

    i wheeled my first dwarf unit to face the on coming threats on my flank and marched towards the wolf riders but i un wittingly moved within 8" of the gobbos, "wwwhhhhooooaaaa!!!", two fanatics flew out of the gobbos unit smashing through the wolr riders killing two and then into my 15 dwarfs killing 5 in total, making a panic test i passed. moving my second dwarf unit to threaten the goobos flank. when it came to shooting i fired my bolt thrower into the flank of the three remaining wolf riders skewering all three. then firing mr second into the gobbos unit i created a goobo shish kabab scoreing 5 kills

    gobbo's turn two

    one of the fanatics spun back through my dwarfs unit causeing a further three dwarfs to fly wildly off into the distance the second fanatic spun away from the battle towards my bolt throwers. not wanting to risk running though the fanatic in his path ian reformed his gobbos to take on the incoming charge next turn. both the shamans brain busta spell and doom diver failed leaving my remeaining dwarfs safe for this turn.

    dwarfs turn three

    deciding (probebly rather stupidly) to charge past the fanatic i took a further 2 wounds as i slammed into the gobbo unit while on the flank my other untouched warrior unit slammed into the gobbos flank. the first unit causing 4 wounds thanks to the thane killed 4 of the foul grobi while the second unit caused three, in return the gobbos struck back with two attacks but failed to hit the dwarfs. the turn resulted with 10 combat res in my favor and the gobbos ran for their lives only to be chased down by dwarfs.

    gobbos turn three

    not much happens here as the shaman fails once again to cast brain busta on the bolt thrower crews and the fanatics slammed into neerby rocks and trees the doom diver missed once again. at this point ian surrendered


    my dwarfs quite frankly had a feild day beating up gobbos as the two bolt throwers barly made any dent all game bacicly showing me that having that extra one dident even make a diff. but all in all a very fun game letting me have a small play test of some tactics ive been meaning to try out

    comments would be welcomed ^_^

    spambot kill tally: 79

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    Good Job

    Small games are fun too. Did he try to set up a flee and flank charge with the Wolves?

    With your hatred of him he could have put the wolves on the flank and then flee from your charge with his gobbos. You would have to follow because of hatred and he could get a flank charge. Be wary of this tactic next time and protect your flanks.

    Good Luck in Future Battles,


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    Was the gobbo player not a bit stupid using a hero level shaman against dwarves in 500pts. I must say that I really liked the dwarf list.
    "Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils." - Hector Berlioz (Musician: 1803 - 1869)

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    You didn't mention your Hatred of Greenskins. Don't forget you can re-roll misses in first round of combat with Greenie's.

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