i just had a small battle with my chaos in a 3way game just for fun (not really counting up victory points and what not)
i was against ogres and lizardmen and they decided to gang up on me they had: 2x 2 leadbelchers, 4 bulls, 7 bulls with a bruiser, a giant
and the lizardman, 4 leadbelchers, 4 kroxigors, 2 units of skinks, a hero and then 10 chameleon skinks
i had small unit of knights, warhounds, furies, chariot, some warriors and then a hero

his chameleon skinks scouted to right next to my knights, he won first turn and killed 2!!
and didnt move, the ogre moved towards me, i charged the skinks with furies who got shot down and moved the warhounds infront of the chameleon skinks to block the knights out into the middle of the two of them.

lizardman didnt move again but shot the warhounds. The ogre moved in and shot my last 2 knights with his leadbelchers doing no wounds, the knights and the chariot charged his big unit with the bruiser we killed 3 ogres he killed the knights with his bruiser, we won combat res and the chariot overran them but ended up hitting the giant, my hero moved towards the chameleon skinks to take them out.

the lizardman moved in his leadbelchers and shot at my warriors he got 32 hits!! and left me with 4 warriors. the giant killed my chariot and they then decided it was over for me so started on each other, he moved his leadbelchers forward and shot at the skinks that were behind the lizardmans kroxigors (i wouldve shot kroxigors but thats just me) only killed 2 or 3. i charged his other unit of leadbelchers and overran and ended up right infront of the giant, warriors moved infront of the leadbelchers.

the leadbelcehrs charged me killed none, i won combat and overran, his hero failed his panic test and ran towards the board edge. the kroxigors charged the leadbelchers kileld them and then ran into the bulls and killed them. the giant charged and my hero won combat and ran it down 8-D, i then failed my stupidity test (helm of many eyes) for about 6 times in a row (we were playing till death)

my warriors got charged and killed by his hero, i was left with a hero who was desperately trying to outmanouvre 8 chameleon skinks and survive the many many shots they were firing at him. khorne must of been pleased with me because he most of survived there for 10-12 turns and when i finally get the charge all he does is flee from it and then rally nxt turn with his heros LD. but unfortunatley not even khornes favor can save you and eventually he fell 8-(
but we all had alot of laughs and were sure my hero resembled a pin cushion with the amount of darts in him.