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    V C vs Chaos [2000]

    Finally, my first game after knee surgery! Given permission to bear weight on my recuperating leg (dammit, if regeneration couldn't be rolled in real life!), I wasn't about to pass up a chance to leave the futon and the television behind for a battle with Chaos.

    This guy plays hopped up Khorne warriors, Chosen Warriors with the Mark of Khorne, and Knights that won't lose their frenzy no matter how hard you try, along with five flesh hounds. I don't know Chaos rules well enough to contest this, but he had an Exalted Sorceror of Slaneesh along with an Champion who was the general. Assuming the Champion was undivided, it should've been okay. (But then how did those warriors get the Mark if a general doesn't have it? Damned complicated Chaos rules!). This guy's known for interpreting the rules loosely, not intentionally I genuinely believe, but loosely nonetheless.

    I ran a Von Carstein army with a count, a thrall, and two necromancers. Two units of skeletons, one unit of zombies, a unit of Black Knights, spirit hosts, two units of dire wolves, and one large unit of ghouls.

    Turn one, Chaos.
    He's backed the knights up directly behind the larger unit of warriors. Both of those units trundle forward. So does the other unit of warriors. The Slaneesh sorceror on demonic steed darts off to my right. The hounds circle to my left. I negate all of his magic, and it's my turn.

    Turn one, Vampire.
    I position one unit of wolves to take advantage of the flesh hounds frenzy. Assuming the hounds tear my wolves to pieces, my ghouls are positioned to countercharge. The other wolves hold back, protecting the flank of skeletons with one necromancer. The skeletons with the general march forward, as do the zombies with the second necromancer. The spirt host move towards a flanking or diverting position. The black knights with thrall move within an inch of the chaos sorceror.

    Magic phase and three sixes for my first casting of Invocation! And a fantastic roll, bringing up 13 zombies behind one unit of Khorne, march-blocking his three main units and threatening one directly.

    Turn two, Chaos.
    Flesh hounds charge the wolves as intended, kill all six as expected, and overrun as hoped. All other units remain stationary, except the Sorceror who dashes out of harm's way. His magic compels my thrall to attack and kill one of his accompanying knights.

    Turn two, Vampire.
    Ghouls charge the flesh hounds in the rear, killing all five and elect not to overrun. A trade off of 60 points for 80 points, but more importantly, that flank was safe from any threat. The newly summoned zombies charge the warriors in the rear, and after another irresistable force and 12 more zombies during the magic phase, dodge enough damage and do enough in return to break the warriors! The knights run 8", and the zombies (dramatic pause) pursue 7". However, the warriors are now threatened on three sides with no support in sight. The other units move forward, positioning for charges.

    Turn three, Chaos.
    Strangely, he moves very little, aligning for charges from the count's unit and the knights. He rallied his warriors. Magic was not noteworthy.

    Turn three, Vampire.
    Zombies strike! Again a rear charge, along with a flank and front charge. We run his nelly butt down this time, allowing the necromancer's skeleton unit to Danse into the flank of the remaining warriors unit for another combat I got really lucky in. With no ranks and only one kill, the skeletons sent that unit scurrying for the table edge. Run, Chaos, run! Magic was uneventful, still no charges from the count or the knights who have gotten muddled up and marchblocked and hindered by the clumsy spirit host (that I never should've deployed in the middle).

    Turn four, Chaos.
    His warriors don't rally and hit the very edge of the field but hang on! His knights are blocked by my host, as are my own. His magic lures my knights into chasing their own tails and turning around.

    Turn four, Vampire.
    Feeling pretty confident, we position countercharges on the Chaos knights, turn our own knights around after the spell ends, and threaten the sorceror elsewhere. Nothing eventful in magic. A few skeletons come back, but he has dispel dice out the ying-yang. I do get a movement spell off, helping things out a bit.

    Turns five and six, Chaos. (It all gets blurry at this point)
    Warriors rally, drat the luck! THey reform and march back to block off the skeletons threatening his knight's rear. His knights decimate a unit of wolves, to overrun into my knights, soon inflicting 11 wounds! Even with the spirit hosts hitting them in the side, the CHaos knights tear my guys to shreds. But the spirit hosts will hold long enough for the count to get in on the action, and he's ticked off that someone skewered his favorite thrall. He metes out punishment, knocking the knight's down to half-size for at least that many victory points.

    His rallied warrirors locked up with a skeleton unit, supported by ghouls who run after one last round, and didn't do much.

    Points tallied up? A draw, slightly to his favor after he popped one necromancer with his sorceror. One more round, and he would have been mine! Grrrrr! I had him outnumbered and ready for charges from every side (well, more sides, but maybe not every side), but six rounds says the rulebook. And I never got to use the VOn Carstein Ring which everyone says is overpriced, ugh. Oh well, next Thursday is another battle, and I'll have to change things up a bit (and check on the Mark mixture bit, too). Maybe the Black Coach will do the trick. Hmmm...

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    first of I hope your leg gets better, having surgery on feet is also annoying.

    The army you played was illegal. The chaos rules state that with a undivided general you may mix marks, but there must be a mark on a unit before a character can have the same mark. So no slannesh sorcerer for him. The knights had the Banner Of Rage which is quite legal, but it only lets them re roll break tests and they won't lose frenzy if beaten in combat. personally the army was unfluffy and I would not play against it unless it was legal.

    But you did well fighting them, good luck to you and your next match.

    It's just a flesh wound!


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    Good Job.

    But I agree with the reply above. His army was illegal.

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