Orcs & Goblins [2200] vs Lizard [2000] & Vampire [2000] - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Orcs & Goblins [2200] vs Lizard [2000] & Vampire [2000]

    We showed up that the store expecting 6 players and found ourselves with only 3. We all wanted to get a game in, but we had only brought lists of 2000 as we were expecting 6 players. A little talk and and we came up with a scenario to make a 3 army battle fun and somewhat equal.

    The Orcs raided deep in Lizard territory and unknown to the Orcs they captured a sort of "Temple of Life." This temple had a fountain beneath it and all those that drank from the water would heal wounds as if they were a troll!! The Slann are desperate to retake the water of life and they strike a bargin to imbue an item with magic for the Vampire Count.

    **All Orc units would get 4+ Regeneration rolls like a troll.

    Ork Forces:

    Black Orc Big Boss on a Wyvern
    Orc Shaman on foot (level 2)
    17 Black Orcs with command and extra hand weapon
    20 Boyz with command
    1 Savage Orc Shaman on a Boar (Level 2)
    8 Savage Orc Boar boyz with spears and a shield
    1 Night Goblin Shaman (Level 2)
    20 Night Goblin shotbows
    20 Night Goblin spear, sheild and 3 Fanatics
    25 Goblins with Spear, shield and light armor
    1 Gonlin Wolf Chariot
    2 Rock lobbas
    1 Drunk Giant


    Big Slan Lord on a thing carrying him (level 4)
    1 unit of Coldone knights
    2 huge 30+ units of skinks
    1 unit of 20+ skinks
    4 (i think) of their standard warriors (Saurans?)
    1 unit of royal guard
    no war machines

    Vampire Count:

    Vampire on a mount
    Necromancer on foot
    8 Undead Knights
    A swarm of 5 vampire bats
    8 undead wolves
    1 unit of 40+ Zombies
    2 units of 40+ Skeletons
    no war machines

    The terrain has a Temple in the Center of the table with walls around the temple. There is a Gate off-set to the Lizards and a break in the rear wall towards the Undead. The Lizards and Undead are approaching from the table corners.

    Orcs set-up:
    1. Rock lobbas are quickly built and placed on top of temple.
    2. Savage Boars guard the gate.
    3. Night Gobbo spearmen take a corner facing Slann (3 fanatics here)
    4. Black Orcs hold the side facing the Slann guards and crack units.
    5. Shortbows on the Roof.
    6. Shamans on foot take the corners of the Roof.
    7. Shaman on boar roaming were needed on the ground.
    8. Boyz, Gobbo's, Giant and chariot set up facing undead.

    Turn 1
    Boyz break out in a Fight as the Boss tries to keep them from climbing over the wall!!
    Lobba swings way wide and makes a big hole in the ground.
    Lobba misfires in Gobbo fashin and is out next turn.
    Shamans fire Brainburta's and take out a few stands of bats.

    Skirmishers fan out in front of each army.
    Cold one knights heading towards the gates of temple.
    No artillery so shooting was Nil.
    Undead add like 14 troops to their units!! Held back Dispell Dice for Slann in case he tries to hurt my troops.
    Slann fires off a Fireball at my Black Orc Boss. His Amulet glowes Green and reflects the spell back at the Slann lord! Wham! killer rolls and he takes 3 wounds and almost dies! lol
    Undead lumber forward, wolves skirt the edge flanking and the Batz are moving straight at my line.

    Turn 2
    Fight on the wall is settled as the Boss cracks some skullz.
    NG shortbows manage a kill a skink.
    Lobba veers off 10 inches!! BUT lands smack in middle of undead Knights! Kills like half of them!! wahoo! lol 2nd lobba is repaired.
    Shamans kill more batz. (I know they are lobba hunting)

    Undead advance and flankers flank.
    Slann move up and I stop their movement....Fanatics.
    3 x Fanatics shoot out, 2 fall short but one hits and goes through 2 close units.
    Undead start raising dead and I counter it.
    Slann throws more fireballs and I dispell them.

    Turn 3
    Things are getting close and tight the way the Orcs like it.
    Both lobbas on line. One scatters wide and other misfires again!
    Send the giant over the wall (Didn't trip) and he slams into Zombies. Kills front rank, but they are 40+ strong and hold.
    Fanactic 1 Hits Cold one knights and kills one.
    F2 goes through unit and nearly hits wall.
    F3 The one that went through there ranks goes towards slann entry zone.
    Chariot thinks hard about charging but fail their nerve and freeze up!
    Boars charge remaining cold one knights and run them all down and slam into Suarens behind them.
    Shamans fire brainburta's taking down various troops.
    Black Orc charges slann line on Wyvern. They pass moral. Boss kills 4 and Wyvern kills one with tail. (Note: that is the last and only kill the wyvern makes the rest of the game!! He misses everything else the rest of the game!!!! lol)

    Zombies beat Giant due to ranks and banner but he holds still inflicting losses.
    Batz fly over and hit my one functioning lobba.
    Undead charge my Boyz and Gobbo's. Both loose nerve and flee.
    Slann miss Fanactics with arrows!
    Slann hold up and fire tons of arrows at my Black Orcs behind the wall. No kills.
    Slann turn to Deal with Boars.
    Magic sees Orcs Dispell a lot and not much else happened.

    Turn 4
    Orcs Rally fleeing troops on rolls of a 3 and 4! wahoo!
    no animosity.
    F1 Goes off board.
    F2 beside wall....spins and slams in slann unit again.
    F3 Goes further into nowhere.
    Boars break Saurens but fail to run them down.
    Boss breaks unit and Panic insues as another slann unit breaks and runs. Boss doesn't chase.
    Black Orcs and N Gobbos hold wall unopposed.
    Batz kill lobba and charge shortbows.
    Shamans 'eadbutt Slann lord but no wounds.
    Night Gobbo shaman explodes killing 3 gobbos, But hew regenerates! lol
    Giant jumps up and down......doesn't fall.

    Zombies fight Giant.
    Undead charge the rallied Orcs and they flee again and are run down! They never fought at all.
    Undead wolves cross wall on Flank of Black Orcs.
    Slann charge Boss and more slann Die.
    Skinks fill F3 full of arrows.
    Slann wheel to Face Boars flank.
    Many arrows at BO's but no kills.
    Magic see's the Orcs use up Dispell scrolls and block all otheres.....Lotz of Waagh!

    Turn 5
    No animosity.
    F2 Right beside my Boss and Boars!! Spinns between them and hits slann unit!! wahoo!
    Boss seeing the Boars about to be flanked charges Slann in rear.
    BO"s look at the Wolves on their flank and jump wall and charge skinks. MANY skinks die and they loose by 9. He rolls Snake eyes and holds!! If the skinks would have broke the BO's would have ran right into the Slann lord alone!!
    Shaman looks at the wolves inside the wall and Brainburta's them and kills all nine!
    Gobbo's actuall pass moral and charge skeletons. Gobbo's win but skeletons have no free will and loose a few models.
    Giant breaks on an 11 leadership check roll and rolls 3 Dice for a 4 inch move!! Zombies actually run the Giant down!! lol He killed like 30 Zombies over time, but was getting more added as he killed them. (Vampire lord has some item that lets them move better)

    Slann line collapsing hard.
    Slann lord sees BO's about to hit him and Cast Bear Visage on himself and charges Black Orc Boss that is fighting the Royal Guards. Black Orc Boss grins and sends Slann lord to the ground!!
    BO's break skinks and overrun into flank of another unit.
    More Panic in the Slann lines with the Lord down.
    Slann nearly wiped out.
    Undead puch in rear wall.
    Skeletons loose to Gobbo's again but hold and loosing a few more troops.
    NG shortbows beat bats.
    Magic is mostly dispelled as Slann lord is down and the Orcs are Full of Waagh!

    Turn 6

    The Attackers sensing defeat feel like ending it.

    I missed some details in there, but the results were a Orc Victory.
    The Slann were all but broken and destroyed. The Orc losses at the time were 20 boyz, 2 lobba's, 1 chariot, one giant and maybe 5 various troops/infantry.
    The undead lost 30+ troops, all bats, all wolves and half their knights.
    Regeneration played VERY little into the battle and with it removed the results would have been nearly the same. The MVP award goes to a Fanatic as he killed and caused more problems than you would have ever believed!! lol

    The Slann 3 dice leadership check rule saved them time and time again!

    Overall it was a VERY fun game and good sportsmanship was in the air. I would have liked to have finished off the undead, but time was against us.

    Last edited by Romulus; August 3rd, 2005 at 21:31.

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