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    31 (x4)

    2 meals, err... I mean battles, for the price of one!

    Hello once again!

    On Friday just gone, my little gobbo horde meandered down to the city GW, for they had heard that Drinx'alotl's Redneck Skinks were there with much food and fungus brew. At the mention of food, Grom whipped up his lads and his trusted shaman, Zzaplak, and they were off. When he got there, he saw Drinzxalotl's lizards milling about and looking off into the distance at some pointy eared, funny smelling gits... wood elfses! Turning to the lizard, he motioned his head in their direction and patted his great axe, and the lizard returned what seemed to be a smile as skinks melted into the forests to begin the battle.


    Gobbo force - 500 pts

    Heroes - Grom Gutzbursta - Goblin Big Boss, Light Armour, Great Axe.
    - Zzaplak da Mad - Night Goblin Shaman, Level 2, Itty Ring. (Rolled Gaze of Mork and Brain Bursta)

    Core - 26 night goblins, hand weapon, shield, full command, 2 fanatics.
    - 23 goblins, hand weapon, light armour, shield, full command.
    - 6 goblin wolf riders, spears, shields, musician.
    - 2 snotling swarms.

    Lizard force - 500 pts

    Heroes - Drinx'alotl - Skink Priest, Level 2. (Rolled Second Sihn of Amul and Forked Lightning)

    Core - 10 skinks, javelins and shields, brave.
    - 10 skinks, blowpipes, brave.

    Special - 6 Chameleon skinks, champion.
    - 3 Kroxigors, Ancient.

    Wood Elf Force - 1,000 pts

    Heroes - Spellsinger, elven steed, Divination Orb. (Rolled Tree Singing and Ariel's Blessing)

    Core - 12 Glade Guard.
    - 12 Glade Guard.
    - 12 Glade Guard.
    - 6 Glade Riders.

    Special - 3 Warhawk Riders.

    Rare - 7 Waywatchers.


    Deployment was as follows:

    Glade Guard -------------------------- Glade Guard - Glade Guard - Glade Riders - Warhawks

    Wolf Riders - Goblins - Night Goblins--------------------------------- Snots - Kroxigors - Skinks
    Skinks -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Chameleons and waywatchers deployed in forest in the middle of the table. My shaman was near the snots and kroxi's, while my big boss led the common gobbo's, Drinx'alotl was hiding behind a building (love lore of heavens!). The spellsinger floated near the glade riders.

    Wood elves deployed first, but lost the roll off for first turn.


    Allied turn 1

    My wolf riders failed their animosity check, as did the common gobbo's and remained on their lines squabbling about which elf smelled the funniest - a good start! So, snots moved up aside the kroxi's, and the night goblins move forward, eager to shove out their fanatic cargo! Zzaplak eyed off the warhawk riders and let them have it in the magic phase, a gaze of mork going through and causing two wounds, and the itty ring caused a further wound on the unit. The ensuing panic check failed and they fled off the table, securing the shaman's flank from long range threat.

    Wood Elf Turn 1

    The glade riders move up and towards the kroxigor flank while the waywatchers took a couple of shots at my goblins, killing a couple. Glade guards shooting at the kroxigors was ineffective at long range, and of the 2 wounds they caused, one was saved. Tree singing was dispelled in the magic phase, along with Ariel's Blessing.

    Allied Turn 2

    My wolf riders failed their animosity check yet again (some gobbo said something about another smelling worse than an elf, and then it was really on!) while Grom knocked some heads together and restored order to his unit. Kroxi's moved to within charge range for nect turn and the snots turned to face the approaching glade riders, eager to test their sharp bits on them. Zzaplak moved near the skink, who were behind the kroxi's and both of my infantry blocks moved in to control the centre. Our magic phase was effectively countered and shooting at waywatchers saw one fall to skink blowpipes.

    Wood Elf turn 2

    His glade riders moved in to a flanking position on the kroxi's while his sorceress remained slightly behind them and out of the unit. The bad part for him, was that this triggered the release of both of my fanatics... who promptly made it to the unit and took out 5 of the 6 glade guards - who passed the subsequent panic check. His magic phase was entirely dispelled yet again. Shooting saw 2 wounds on the kroxi's, leaving only 2 models. They passed their cold blooded panic check without skipping a beat. a couple more gobbo's died from glade guard shooting, while his way watchers charged into the chameleon skinks nearby. The end result saw only 3 models left per unit, and the skinks lost by one, but passed their cold blooded check to remain locked in combat.

    Allied turn 3

    Guess what. You know how my wolf riders failed their animosity check on turns one and two, and they haven't moved all game? No change - they failed it and squabbled on turn 3 as well! At least they're consistent, right? Everyone else passed and marched up, the gobbo block veering towards the chameleon / waywatcher combat, while the night gobbos motored towards the glade guard units way on the other side of the table. Skinks on the left moved into the wood where the waywatchers were to get at the glade guards on the other side of the table, while the kroxi's on the other flank charged the glade guards on the hill. Skinks moved up behind them and Zzaplak got a sneaky angle on both the remaining glade rider and the sorceress. The itty ring got rid of the last glade rider, while and the he unleashed the fury of a brain bursta ion the spellsinger. Her head promptly exploded and apart from the little red stain on the grass, was entirely removed from the battlefield. With once dice, Zzaplak also managed a gaze of mork on glade guards, killing 3 of their number! What a little legend! Sadly, the kroxi's were shot apart on their approach to combat with the glade guards, leaving the unit in tact. The combat between the waywatchers and chameleon saw 2 wiounds per side, resulting in a drawn combat with one model left in each unit!

    Wood Elf turn 3

    Nothing much to write home about here, he only managed to kill 3 night gobbos (6 vp to him!) the whole turn. The close comabt between the waywatcher and chameleon resulted in no wounds either!

    Allied turn 4

    "Animosity is my friend" I thought, as I pointed to the wolf riders and rolled the dice... woo-hoo, they can move, on turn 4, they can finally move! My snots and night goblins moved into charge range for a unit of glade guards this turn, and while I was tempted to not move the riders, I did, just to threaten the combat with the waywatcher and chameleons. The gobbo block veered to support the flank of the night gobbos, while the skinks move close to the glade guards on either flank to pepper them with poisoned stuff. Zzaplak failed to cast his spells, but his ring did cause a wound on the glade guards, Drinx'alotl got his forked lightning spell through and killed 3 glade guards, who remained on their hill even after their panic check. Shooting saw skinks cause enough wounds on both units of glade guards, who panicked and fled off the table. The close combat between the chameleon and the waywatcher saw the solitary skink fall to the elf's blades.

    Looking at the field, the elves only had 9 glade guard and one waywatcher left, and we came to an agreement to end the battle there.

    Result: a massacre to the allied forces! Huzzah!


    Grom was satisfied, gorging his fat gut on roasted venison, despite the nearby dead elf tench was very satisfying. Drinx'alotl's Redneck had found a rare case of Wood Elf #99 Moonshine which was being passed around the fire. The problem really began when Grom tasted a bit of moonshine while still being not quite full yet. The alcohol turned the little skinks into little walking roasted chickens and he tried to take a bite out of a drumstick. Quicker than his moonshine addled eye could register, the skinks vanished, but he knew they would be back... they left their moonshine! Stupid rednecks!


    Deployment was as follows:

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ Skinks - Skinks - Kroxigors

    ------------------------------------------------ Wolf Riders -Night Gobbos - Gobbos - Snots

    Chameleons went into a forest near my two infantry blocks. The lizards deployed first and won the roll for first turn and opted to take it. We decided to keep the same spells to keep the flavour of our first battle going.


    Lizard Turn 1

    Skinks and kroxi's moved full steam ahead while chameleons triggered the fanatics began peppering them with poisoned stuff, killing both of them . I dispelled the forked lightning that came my way and that ended the magic phase too.

    Goblin Turn 1

    Of all of the units that failed animosity, guess which unit failed? Go on, you'll never guess! Give up? The wolf riders! There was much fist shaking going on there, let me tell you! So, the night gobbos, common gobbos and snots moved forward while Zzaplak got into zapping position and cast a brain bursta, which was dispelled. The itty ring managed to cause a wound on the chameleons though, which was handy.

    Lizard Turn 2

    His kroxi's moved closed to my general's unit, ready for the charge next turn, while the skinks moved up with them on their flanks. Chameleons peppered the common gobbos, causing 5 wounds, but luckily, I managed to save 3 of them! I failed to dispel forked lightning, which caused a few wounds on the night gobbo's.

    Goblin Turn 2

    I passed all animosity checks and moved my wolf riders to threaten the skinks on the left, while the snots moved up to threaten the skinks on the right. Gaze of Mork failed to cast, but Brain bursta went through successfully, wiping out the entire unit of chameleons with the resulting wounds! Only at the end of the turn did I realise that my shaman was precariously positioned behind my gobbo block that was going to be charged by kroxi's... as was his priest.

    Lizard turn 3

    His skinks on the right charged my snots, and his kroxi's charged into my goblin unit, who promptly failed their fear check (hitting on 6's!). All lizard magic was dispelled and the skinks caused a whopping 8 wounds on my wolf riders, on 1 was saved, which meant the whole unit was destroyed! Oh well, at least I won't have to roll animosity for them again! close combat saw 2 wounds on my snots, with only 1 returned, so they stayed there(they're unbreakable!). The main combat saw the kroxi's inflict 5 wounds, and my goblins all missed, except for my boss, who heroically, despite quaking in his boots and looking away in fear, managed to wound one of the beasts facing him. This resulted in me winning combat by one, but the menacing lizards stayed in combat and I lapped two models around each flank. Phew!

    Goblin Turn 3

    I marched my night goblins to support the belaugered general's unit, and moved the shaman to target the unengaged skinks on the left. The skink unit was targetted with both a gaze or mork and brain bursta, the end result being a few smouldering scales on the grass. Close combat saw the skinks cause 3 wounds for 1 return, and importntly, the centre combat saw 2 wounds on the kroxigors and only 3 in return from the monsters. I wound combat by 3 and the beasts fled, causing the priest to flee as well at the sight of the large lizards hurtling towards him. Grom's girth must have slowed the unit, it rolled a measly 4 in pursuit and failed to catch them.

    Lizard Turn 4

    Both the priest and kroxigors failed to rally, and unfortunately the kroxigor's feld off the able edge, while the priest was a mere 2 inches away from his edge! The skinks finished off the snots and looked for fresh targets, the nearest one was unfortunately for me, Zzaplak.

    Goblin Turn 4

    I chased the fleeing priest as fast as I could, but he was still quite far away. I moved Zzaplak towards the infantry block's safety, but I fear it wuldn't make much difference, the skinks would still be able to shoot at him next turn. It all epended on the magic phase... and I failed to cast anything. With his remaining 2 dispel dice, he dispelled the itty ring's bound spell. Gulp!

    Lizard Turn 5

    The skinks formed a shooting circle around the shaman and he fell the the ground with many a dart in him. The priest rallied and zapped the ommon gobbo unit, reducing them to below half strength.

    Goblin Turn 5

    Seeing many of his boyz fall around him, Grom fled the unit for the larger numbers of themnight goblin unit. Which was another turn's move away. What I forgot about was the nasty spell of the priests, which could target any unit on the table - d'oh! Hoping that he'd forget, or miscast, I went on andmoved the night goblins into charge range of the skinks, while the common gobbos moved closer to the priest.

    Lizard Turn 6

    The skinks shot the common gobbo's again, whittling them down to a mere 9 models. The priest saw Grom move out of the unit and caused 2 wounds on him - enough to kill the tubby little gobbo.

    Goblin Turn 6

    Intriguingly, while the priest moved to safety, the skinks remained in place, hich meant that I could charge in with my night gobbo's! Needless to say, the skinks lost combat and were run down in the ensuing pursuit.

    The result: After all was taken into consideration, I was up by 100 VP, so it's either a draw or a very minor victory to me. Either way, I'm happy, it was a great game with many twists an turns.


    Grom taunted Drinx'alotl, waving the moonshine bottle in the air and cursing unrepeatable curses in the skink's direction. He pursed his lips and took a swig of the vile liquid, and suddenly the botttle burst apart as a lightning bolt struck him from above. "Ha! Is that the best you can do!?" he challenged, as his singed body, wavered, then teetered and then toppled over, not far away from the masses of laughing goblins. And with that final act of vengeance, Drinx'alotl slunk away into the shadows to gather his strength once again.


    I know it was a long one, but I hope you enjoyed the read!

    The iron crowned is getting closer,
    Swings his hammer down on him,
    Like a thunderstorm he's crushing,
    Down the Noldor's proudest king.

    Under my foot, so hopeless it seems.
    You've troubled my day, now feel the pain.
    - Blind Guardian

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    9 (x3)

    Very Nice... sorry to see the elves get their arses handed to them though... guess dem sissy gitz don't got the experience yet.

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    9 (x1)

    Well done Grimbog. It certainly was a moral victory to yourself. I should have targetted your general with the Kroxigors when I had the chance. Hopefully I get the hang of using skirmishers in my next few games.

    I'm looking forward to the rematch and am feverishly painting up my Saurus so that I have something with some punch that can stand up in a fight.
    Dwarfs 20/12/4
    Skaven 8/6/3
    Lizardmen 5/4/2
    Chaos 6/4/0
    Empire 3/1/1
    Wood Elves 2/0/1
    Bretonnians 0/2/1
    Orcs & Goblins 0/1/0
    Next Army - Tomb Kings

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