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    Wood Elves versus Lizardmen [2000]

    We had just finished the first game, at 2500 points a blowout for the Wood Elves who routed the Lizardmen soundly. With his wife at a play and mine at a wedding in another state, we were ready for another.

    My WE pt list looked like this:
    Treeman Ancient at 400 pts. A monster with a Muster of Malevolents, a Pageant of Shrikes, and a Cluster of Radiants.

    Perhaps a sapling of the Ancient, a Branchwraith with an Annoyance of Netlings and a Murder of Spites, meant for challenges and obtaining overkill.

    An elven friend of the forest, a Spellsinger at level 2 with two dispel scrolls.

    8 Dryads x 2.
    10 GG
    4 Treekin and Elder
    12 Eternal Guard with full command and war banner
    12 EG with full command
    3 Warhawk Riders
    7 Waywatchers

    My Lizardmen opponent had the following:
    An Old Blood riding a cold one with 7 knights. A Scar Veteran with a large unit of Saurus. Another unit of saurus. Three kroxes shielded by about 20 skinks and their priest.. 10 skink scouts in the river. Three salamanders, hiding a skink priest. A single pesky swarm.

    The battlefield's layout was significant. I'll describe from my viewpoint. The playing field was large: 8 x 4 instead of the usual 6 x 4. We actually deployed over most of it. A large river ran from the NW corner diagonally for a little over three feet, ending in a marshy area that counted as forest for my elves. A large, moss-covered temple dominated the center east of the field. Another swampy forest was on the far side of the river, just beside the left-most unit of Saurus.

    Deployment looked like this:
    Slmndrs --- --- Kroxs --- Srs ---Srs --- Cld Ns ---
    --- --- --- --- --- --- Sknks Sknks Sknks --- ---
    Sknk Scts

    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- WWs ---
    --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Dryds --- --- ---
    Gld Gd --- --- --- Dryds Etrnl Grd Tr Kn Etrnl Grd Ancnt
    [on hill] --- Wrhwk Rdrs

    The skinks in the river broke through the water's surface, their scales glistening in the afternoon sun. They effortlessly slipped upstream, deftly lifting their javelins out of the water, felling a single dryad. Three salamanders slithered out of a clump of foliage, led by a skink priest and his totem of power, but their flammable breath remained beyond range. The kroxes and saurus marched boldly forward at full tilt, their glossy hides reflecting harsh beams of sunlight. Ahead of them 17 skinks screened three separate units. The Cold Ones menaced from behind the skirmishing screen.

    Sheltered in the cusp of a foreset, the Waywatchers shot poorly at the skink screen, dropping just two. But from another vantage point, the Glade Guard eyed the paddling enemy scouts and sank enough to force a panic test, which the skinks failed. The center WE army moved forward, wheeling slightly to the left. The ancient dodged into the nearest forested space and blasted the skink screen with his strangle roots attack, but they resisted their urge to panic. The warhawks dropped over to the east, positioning for a kamikaze attack against the skink priest.

    The salamanders edged forward, torching four dryads, and the fleeing skinks rallied. The other skinks launched their javelins towards my watchwaters, who were depending on the shooting modifers to work in their favor. -1 for soft cover in a wood, another -1 for being skirmishers, and another -1 for being sexy waywatchers in their leafy capes, all of which added up to needing 7's to be hit. And what do you know, if that joker didn't roll three sixes followed by two more sixes and a four to wound. Luckily the WWs didn't panic. Behind them lurked the kroxes, saurus, and cold ones.

    I knew his skinks would just flee if I charged them, so I held off for another round of shooting. The still-smoking dryads retreated into the trees, which would edge forward under the influence of the spellsinger. The WWs dropped a few more skinks, and this time the Ancient panicked the skinks into exposing the main lizardmen force with his strangling roots bursting from the ground. My army center mostly held its ground, edging forward to maintain a strong line. The warhawks moved to marchblock behind enemy lines, giving the archers time to work the ranks.

    The salamanders moved to strike the glade guard but rolled poorly and killed just two. His army line lingered behind the skink screen which was now inhibiting him as much as it did me. He fired at my branchwraith's dryads, killing two.

    Events heated up as the remaining dryads dusted the soot of their fallen comrades off their branches. From their forest cover, they charged out and into the salamanders, killing the bold priest and four handlers, sending the pack running. The spellsinger had retreated into the nearer eternal guard unit after being targetd by a thunderbolt. The Glade Guard released their arrows into the rallied skink scouts, sending them running again. The dryads led by the branchwraith surged into the skink screen, successfully redirecting off their flee into the saurus unit behind. The branchwraith challenged the scar veteran, emboldended with her annoyance of netlings and murder of spites, neither of which served her as the veteran rolled two sixes to hit and two more sixes to wound. She was toast as her ward save had no effect against the sword of might. The Ancient positioned for a flank charge on the cold ones. THe WWs rolled three ones to hit the remaining skink priest, whiffing pitifully.

    The skink scouts rallied, and as a result could not shoot. The salamanders fought a losing battle to the dryads which broke them but failed to catch the fleeing lizards. The dryads had caught hold of the salamanders by their tails, but the tails came off in their woody hands as the lizards skittered away. One unit of saurus turned to face the threatening ancient and the cold ones fled his thunderous attack, fleeing a good 16 inches westward. The other saurus charged the closer unit of eternal guard which thankfully held a war banner and had the tree kin one turn behind for a flank charge. The treekin returned the charge, breaking the vet's unit and overrunning into the kroxes, killing one and leaving two wounds, at the expense of just one wound in return, The other eternal guard adjusted to support the treeman ancient.

    The rallied skinks charged the dryads who by now had attacked the rallied salamanders, providing enough models to outnumber and kill off the dryads. The salamanders passed their leadership test and remained under his control. One saurus unit charged the treeman (who, in all fairness, had absolutely kicked butt in the previous battle, holding up the same ranked unit of saurus for three turns before getting support from wardancers and scouts that would wipe out the offending saurus--just a regular treeman though, not an ancient) who rather would do a single wound and then bravely bolt from combat. He barely outran the saurus who to their good fortune just escaped the charge arc of my eternal guard. The EG would instead position for a rear charge on the unit. The ancient failed to rally on his turn and was by then atop the pyramid, wondering just how far he'd have to run to make it safely to mama and his blankie. The cold ones rallied far away from the action. The remaining saurus unit duked it out with the EG and held its ground as the veteran hacked away with his maiming shield. The treekin broke the kroxes, only one left and it carried a wound.

    The salamanders had no targets and did nothing. The eternal guard in the back of the saurus pushed a draw but the ancient failed his third leadership roll on a rally attempt and sprinted over the temple. The veteran polished off the other EG and the treekin eradicated the kroxes.

    Another bloody battle, but this time swinging to the lizard's advantage. With their general rallied and a priest and a veteran still intact, the WEs suffered a major defeat, largely due to the panicking ancient who, despite his 1000 years of existence, had never seen anything quite so frightening as that one unit of saurus hacking away at his roots. The pansy! :mad:

    Anyhow, it was a fun game, and sorry for the errors in the battle report. There are plenty, many which you likely noticed and many more upon rereading.

    Official score: 1 and 1, with the tiebreaker next week!

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    Tough One.

    I do like the new Wood Elf list, but I think is some way Treeman were really screwed. When You spend that many points on an Ancient and he is only stubborn on a 9. I really think Ancient should be stubbon on a 10 and normal treemen stubborn on a 9.

    But with the right support they can dominate.


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