The field was set. The Wood Elves and the Bretonnians had joined an alliance to drive out the Eastern invaders of the forest. Their target was a rampaging horde of Ogres that had wandered too far into Bretonnia. The Bretonnians were caught off guard by the event, and enlisted the help of Wood Elves to route them quickly. Little did they know that a band of High Elves, intent on reclaiming an artefact long ago taken by the Wood Elves from them, had convinced the Ogres to escort them, with the promise of Bretonnian horse meat at the end of the pillage.

My army (ogres):
1x Bruiser: GW, HA, Wyrdstone Necklace
1x Butcher: Skullmantle
5x Ironguts: Standard, Bellower
5x Ironguts: Standard, Bellower
3x Bulls: AHW, Bellower
3x Bulls: AHW, Bellower
8x Gnoblar Trappers
3x Maneaters: HA, GWs

High Elves (ally):
2x Sorcerer (Death, High Elf lores)
25x Spearmen
20x Swordsmen
2x Bolt-throwers
8x Cavalry
2x Chariots

1x Paladin (with Grail Knights)
8x Grail Knights
9x KotR
9x KotR
6x Pegasus

Wood Elves:
1x Noble: w/ Terror (with Waywatchers)
1x Sorceress
12x Archers
12x Archers
4x Tree Kin
4x Tree Kin
4x Hawks
8x Waywatchers


Pegasus Hawks Archers Treekin KotR Archers KotR Grail Knights Gnoblar

Forest Foerst Building Building

Maneaters Spearmen Bolt Swordsmen Bulls IGs Bolt IGs Bulls Chariot Cavalry
Chariot Waywatchers

Turn 1 (allies): Watching the skies closely, knowing that the enemy had many fliers at hand, the Ogres and High Elves advanced as the Bretonnians prayed. The Cavalry on the right were terrified of the Waywatchers and charged 9 inches forward. The chariot on the left swung to deal with the challenge, and the Butcher (from the left IGs) left the squad to deal with them. The two squads of IGs and the bulls moved up. Magic was ineffective as everything was out of range, and the Butcher’s spells were dispelled. The bolt thrower on the right managed to kill two waywatchers.

Turn 1 (enemy):
The Crail Knights charged into the cavalry, causing them to flee back towards the table. They stopped just short of the Waywatchers whom had charged the chariot, that fled 6� away. Everything else moved closer, shooting being generally ineffective. The hawks moved halfway across the field, still behind their main line.

Turn 2 (allies):
The chariot rallied, and turned to face the Grail Knights. The Bulls charged the Grail Knights. Though having twelve attacks they failed to wound even once. The Grail Knights slaughtered them in return and over-ran to just in front of the cavalry that had rallied, and turned to face the knights. The Butcher managed to kill some more waywatchers, and the High Elf sorcerer with the spearmen (the general) killed a hawk.

Turn 2 (enemy):
The Knights and Waywatchers charged the Cavalry. All of their troops marched forward. The Pegasus knights sat behind the forest on the far left as the treekin moved up. The Cavalry were smashed into the ground. The unit of cavalry were smashed, and they chose to turn to face the oncoming units. The unit of bulls on the left were shot to pieces by advancing archers. The hawks charged the gnoblar, who stood and shot, killing a hawk. The hawks then loss combat, and were over-run by the gnoblar, overjoyed for killing such a worthy foe.

Turn 3 (allies): The left flank stayed put, knowing the fliers couldn’t see them. The Ogres stayed put, but the butcher cast regeneration on the right IGs (with my Bruiser). The two chariots charged the Grail Knights while the waywatchers were further whittled down by my Butcher. The Grail Knights received the charge, no wounds were dealt, and the combat continued. The High Elf magic was effective of the left flank at toasting some tree-kin, setting alight their woody frames, killing two.

Turn 3 (enemy): The right KotR charged my right Ironguts. Due to regeneration they did not deal a single wound, and in return the Ironguts slayed five of their number, forcing them to flee. The horses stumbled, and the ogres managed to catch them, and move into charge distance of the archers. The Pegasus knights on the left flew down and charged the Spearmen. Though we were expecting a massacre, the result of the combat was undecided, and both parties stayed to further force a possible advantage.

Turn 4 (allies): The right Iron-guts charged the archers, who fled. Some were then picked off by the shooting of my gnoblars, overjoyed at their usefulness in this battle. The regeneration on the Ironguts was dispelled, and in revenge my butcher charged the Grail Knights. The chariots and the butcher attempted to rout the knights, but only a single knight fell. In return one chariot was smashed to pieces by the Elf Lord. All parties remained in the fight. On the left the maneaters charged into the Pegasus knights, killing two. With the superior discipline of the Elfen spearmen, the knights fled from the fray, though were chased down by the spearmen. The Maneaters kept themselves under control and turned to face the tree-kin.

Turn 4 (enemy): The archers on the left shot into the swordsmen and killed 7 of them, causing them to flee. The treeking advanced, and the Grail Knights finally broke the combat. The news for them was not what they hoped. The butcher fled, but the Knights chased the chariot down to the right, unable to control themselves, taking them away from the battle. The butcher fled off the field of battle. In the middle of the field the knights of the Realm charged the leftmost Ironguts. Though they managed to kill an Ogre, the counter-attack was vicious, and six knights were eviscerated. They ran from the field, fleeing to the shrine of the Lady.

Turn 5 (allies): The Maneaters charged the tree-kin, tearing them apart. The Ironguts charged the other treekin and managed to tear down two of them. At this stage the Bretonnian and the Wood Elf declared defeat inevitable, and retreated to wait for larger numbers.

Overall I very much enjoyed this game. I was consistently worried about the fliers. Luckily, neither enemy player was particularly aggressive in their tactics with them. I was concerned about the cavalry and fliers being in range, and they were concerned about our devastating magic and my Ironguts. The High Elves perfectly complemented Ogres lack of rank, flanks and magic, and the Ogres complemented their lack of hard-hitting troops. Though the Bretonnians and the Wood Elves also gave each other hard-hitters and firepower respectively, I do not feel they complemented each other as well as us. Their downfall was their caution. They should have accepted some charges so as to return them. It was interesting that the flank I thought (as well as they) they would win (the left flank) was the one that held easily. After the Grail Knights charge I thought that rank would fall, but three Ogres and two chariots is not enough to beat such impressive knights.

I thought that it was nice that two of the “weaker� armies in Fantasy proved their prowess against two “stronger� armies. In the end the points they sank into fliers that stayed back and chose charges badly is what doomed them. I fully place all credit for that victory with my gnoblars. Though they only killed one squad, I believe those Hawks would easily have held up my Ironguts long enough to then be charged by more Bretonnians.