Vampire Counts vs. Lizardmen 1000 Pitched Battle - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Vampire Counts vs. Lizardmen 1000 Pitched Battle

    My firest battle with Vampire Counts and i was very excited to try them out. I played my friends Lizardmen (were both sort of feeling our armies out) so we played 1000 standard game.

    Vampire Counts

    Lvl 2 Necromancer General w/ Book of Arkhan = 125 pts

    Lvl 2 Necromancer w/ Staff of Damnation = 140 pts

    Lvl 2 Necromancer = 100 pts

    20 Skeletons w/ Full Command and Light Armor = 225 pts

    2x 25 Zombies = 300 pts

    Banshee = 90 pts

    I wanted to go magic heavy and my armies premise is to hold back, raise lots of guys and new untis for supporting charges, than use my charge spells and item to zoom forward and counter-attack.


    Scar-Veteran w/ Topek and Quetzl Spawnings, Sword of the Horents and Enchanted Shield = 157 pts

    Scar-Veteran w/ Light Armor, Shield, Quetzl and Sotek Spawnings = 124 pts

    10 Skins w/ Blowpipes and Scouts = 70 pts

    10 Skinks w/ Shields and Javelins = 60 pts

    3 Kroxigors = 174 pts

    15 Saurus Warriors w/ Full Command and Spawning of Quetzl = 210 pts

    15 Saurus Warrios w/ Full Command, Spawnings of Quetzl and Sotek = 270 pts

    I later found out he was 65 pts over and I was 20 under. He went for an all out attack army because he thought his magic list was boring plus he'd never won with it.

    Terrain and Deployment
    I had a small woods and a tower behind me which I didn't use. He placed a hill in the middle of the table and a forest behind him which he didn't use. He deployed all 12" up and curiously his cheaper Saurus unit was deployed behind the hill. His best unit was deployed straight away from my forces with the Kroxigors and their Skink screen next to them. The Scouts his to my right in the tower. My Banshee was on the right to scream at the Skinks and all the Undead were in a tight supportive formation on my left. The Necros all his behind them. He received first turn and for my spells everyone got Invocation and Hellish Vigour......weird.

    Turn 1
    Kroq-Mar bellowed at the line to advance. He could see amny shambling dead things on the horizon and they'd come to far into his home. His warriors all raced forward to do battle and La-Quor's squad prepared to peek over the hill in their front. The forward Skins raced forward, blowing darts at a ghostly thing but they all seemed to sink inside of it with no harm.

    Vampires Turn 1
    Vargash looked over his charges, his flith encrusted robes brimming with hidden power. He had come to far to be stopped by puny lizards and by Nagahs he would see their corpses added to his army. The Zombies and Skeletons held tight, preparing for battle as the Banshee floated towards the troublesome Skinks. Feeling his powers over the dead rising, he and his brethren animated corpses for the coming conflict. The Skeletons were colstered by eight more bodies and the Zombies added eleven to their number. Pleased with his summonings, he smiled evily as the thrice-damned soul unleashed her scream which stopped three Skinks hearts in their chest.

    Lizardmen Turn 2
    Kroq-Mar gazed with hatred as the ground split and long dead adventurers clawed into the dead things units. They had to be cut down before they overwhelemed the temple! Continuing the advance, Kroq-Mar prepared his unit to for bloodshed. La-Quor was having trouble navigating the steep hill and reinforcements were doubtful. Even as they bellowed their challenges, the Skinks rushed forward to stab the ghost, but all their swipes fell inside her. Balefire in it's eyes, the ghost crushed to Skinks in her icy grip and they fled from the battlefield.

    Vampires Turn 2
    Seeing the bulky lizards near, Vargash gave the order for advance. The Skeletons advanced toward the lizards with huge bronze axes, ready to hold them up and prevent them from having their way with his minions. The zombies stayed put as a devious plan flooded Vargash's brain. The Banshee again floated towards the unit of lizards that had advanced unheeded, the other unit was making slow progress. Once more summoning his dark powers, the Skeletons added seven to their number and the smaller zombies saw 9 more raised to fight with them. With the Krixigors almost upon his Skeletons, Vargash quickly thumbed through his sacred tombe, and dark words of power animated his servants with speed. Swords held high they crashed into the little lizards. As the blood was spilt, the Banshee's cry pierced the Saurus unit and five servants of the Old One's stirred no longer. Casting his gaze to his Skeletons, he saw they had butchered many reptiles and they had not lost one ancient warrior. Surrounded and fearful, they fled but ran swiftly enough to escape the Skeletons blades. Suprised by the butchery, the huge lizards had been engaged before the could charge and combat began anew.

    Lizardmen Turn 3
    Sensing safety once more, Skinks prepared to join the fighting anew. Snarling at his inability to stop the bolstering of the dead, Kroq-Mar charged with his hate filled brethren. As they quickened their pace and lowered their weapons, Kroq-Mar was astonished that he had underestimated the distance. Even as the dripping corpses were stepping forward to be killed once more his men slowed to a walk from fatigue. It appeared they would not have the upperhand here. La-Qor had finally reached the bottom of the hill and would soon join the charge. Out of the corner of his eye, Kroq-Mar saw the bone warriors swamping his sacred Kroxigors, their axes crushing but none seemed to stay down and blood soon spurted from various wounds on their scaly hides. Unable to take the frustrating bone warriors any longer they ran, easily outpacing the dead.

    Vampires Turn 3
    Seeing his Skeltons pursuing farther and farther away, Vargash assigned them to their fate as they charged into the small lizards again. Seeing the overeagerness of the Lizards leader, he sent both Zombie units to deal them death. Unafraid of the shambling corpses, they lizards readied their weapons. Feeling the winds of sorcery in his favor, Vargash bolstered the Zombies in all out attack as well as raising new Zombies behind the lizards, ready to charge unnoticed. Nodding to one of his brethren, the mages staff flashed and the Zombies went from shambling to a blur of motion and death. The Banshee was truely tormented this day and crushed the weakened souls of five more lizards coming from the hill. Spying the Skeletons jabbing once more into the lizards soft flesh, they ran again but this time they were trampled under many skeletal feet. They rushed intot he forest the housed the giant lizards and he sensed a rivalry soon to be finished. The zombies clawed and snapped at the warrior lizards and indeed three fell to their onslaught. Bellowing their rage, they answered back by felling many undead but still the numbers weighed in and they had to either fall back or be overrun. The fell back quickly and outpaced the Zombies, who raced after, eager for flesh.

    Lizardmen Turn 4
    Angry with his forced retreat, Kroq-Mar rallied his unit and saw the Krozigors prepare for one last stand as well. As things looked bleak, La-Qor bellowed a challenge and smashed into the closest dead things flank. Being slow as they were, many were tore limb from limb in sprays of gore. The aura of defeat hung over them and several more fell back into the ground but they were unmoved against all reason. Even if they must slay every corpse, they would not let the evil ones pass.

    Vampires Turn 4
    Even as Vargash sensed victory, the lizards rearguard had assailed his horde. "Nothing a little magic cannot sort out" he thought as he charged his powers once more. The Skeletons, well off into the horizon by now charged the giant lizards, whose backs against the wall had to fight or die. The remaining two zombie units crashed into to leader squad and he hoped he could magic them to victory. Sprinting his brethren closer to the fighting, they prepared to unleash their magics on their slaves. Uncounted more zombies erupted from the ground to reinforce the flanked horde and the rest were added to the crucial charge. Nodding to his brother once more, thst staff's powers were unleashed but he could tell it was now drained. Even as he felt disapoint ment in the loss of power, the zombies tore into the lizards, snapping down two valiant warriors before losing several of their own. Even though more zombies were dead the lizards, the numbers once again won the fight and the lizards fell back in a panic, tripping and running but before long they were all laid low without escaping. The skeletons broke the giant lizards through attrition and laid them low as well. A dark cloud hung over the jungle as the dead feasted.

    Lizardmen Turn 5
    Even while he slayed more dead things, Kroq-Mar had been overrun by the slow ones and even the might of the Kroxigors was no match for the renewing undead and their numbers. The flesh on his blade was multiplied time and time again to new things to kill but he couldn't kill fast enough. eeing no other way, he ordered the fall back to the temple. They would have their revenge.

    End Game
    At the end of the game he had a Scar Veteran and a half full unit of Saurus. I had only lost a small zombie sqaud, with had been raised. It seems like a slaughter because my opponent had only 3 dispel dice and this let me cast at least two Invocations a turn uninhibited. I simply won because I raised faster than he killed but the Skeletons made me laugh. The just harried the enemy off the board! Heavy magic against no magic defense is hard to swing. I was pleased with how the army played though.

    3+ saves are for newbies :)
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    Nice battle report. You could tell what was going on rules wise + it had some good description.

    Classic example of underestimating the power of Invocation on the part of your opponent perhaps? The smaller the battle the more lethal it is.

    Watch out next time you play I am sure he will take a bunch of dispel magic scrolls..
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    Nice report, & great luck with the magic.

    When magic does not work with counts, they don't do that well...

    Especially against Dwarves with Rune of Burning and Dispels.

    It all depends on who you play.
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